Reset Cleared Items - for huge number of line items

Hi Everyone,
Is there any way where we could reset cleared items for one clearing document (cleared close to 19000 line items) aside from FBRA? Perhaps another program which can be executed in the background? We are timing out due to the sheer volume of data.
Are there any other options that we can explore?
Thanks and regards,

Hi Tony,
Unfortunately, it is not an executable program in background when we do SE38. Since it has no selection screens, we cannot setup a variant as well. In FBRA, you are only allowed to hit save as soon as you confirm that you want the clearing reset. It is during this time when we hit the time out.
We have thought of this as well but asking the basis team to extend the time out session would probably be hard to get due to stringent approvals needed.
Thanks for your advise.

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  • Reset Cleared Items - for huge number of line items (DUPLICATE)

    Hi Moderators,
    Can this be deleted please?
    Edited by: Jose Enrico Mangaser on Nov 3, 2009 8:23 AM

    Hi Jose,
    Get BDC recorded by an ABAPer which would not stop system on data load. This might be the best way.
    Chintan Joshi.

  • Reg: Maximize the Number of Line Items in Invoice Verification

    Hi Gurus,
                 For a Client who is dealing in Retail business,there is a necessity to maintain a huge number of line items at Invoice Verification level.Standard SAP has some maxium line items for each document type.Where are the control for maximum line items and how to increase that?

    At Billing-Country specific settings you will be able to maintain maximum 3 digit billing item no i.e 999.
    Any other suggestion.

  • Number of line items in each Invoice

    Hi Gurus,
    I have one requirement
    i need to display one column in the Report i.e. "Line items per eachinvoice" which should give the number of line items per that Invoice
    when iam using tcode 'FB03' at ECC - Document Display it is giving
    for Doc 1111 - 2 line items
    for Doc 2222 - 12 line items
    so in the report that column should display
    2 for Doc 1111
    12 for Doc 2222
    please guide me how to do this
    Thank you

    create a formula with constant 1
    and set the exception aggregation as Total, and set the reference char as Line Item.
    Make sure you have Invocie in the report.
    - Danny

  • How to Find Out The Production Order Number For The Sales Order Line Items

    Hi All,
    I want to know the number of production orders for each sales order line item. I know the sales order number .Can anyone tell me how the tables can be linked to get all the production order numbers for each sales order line item.

    I think it depends on your configuration. But check fields KDAUF and KDPOS in table AUFK.  or in table AFPO.
    Rich HEilman

  • Regarding Number of Line Items for Remittance Advice (REMADV)

    Hi all,
    We have an issue where the user tries to upload remittances line items. (More than 10,000 line items).
    We had come across a statement as "Only 100 remittances are allowed per day in SAP and 1 remittance can have only 10,000 line items each".
    However, we would like to confirm the same.
    Please let us know if SAP permits maximum of 10,000 line items only. Also let us know if there is any standard SAP functionality/Function module that confirms the same.

    I did all settings as told by you But still i am getting the same error Please specify the number of line items for the challans
    Is there any other setting needed before this or after this?

  • MIGO-sales order number and line item not validated for 501E mvt in MIGO.

    Hi All,
    In MIGO i am trying to post for 501E(specisl stock=order on hand) movement type, here i am entering the material and in the where TAb even if I enter wrong sales order number or wrong sales order line item number. the system allows to post .
    its not validating the material against the sales order number and line item number that is entered to check whether that material really exists in that particular sales order or not.
    is there a way to fix this?

    i dont think vvalidation is possibel
    as the system dont know whaich material is assigned to which SO
    as we r takeing the stock without PO
    if u want to validate then system can validate the quantity that is also with use of some user exit
    correct me if i am wrong

  • Number of Line Items Issue at the time of Payroll posting

    Dear All,
    While creating a posting document (Payroll posting) for FI, the maximum number of line item allowed is 999 where as I have 1464 line items. I am creating only one document based on Company code and it is giving me the following error, which is because of number of line item;
    Acct determination not defined for trans. HRA 1002  in chart of accts AGCA
    Message no. F5113
    An automatic posting cannot be created because the account determination for transaction HRA with keys 1002  is not defined in chart of accounts AGCA.
    System Response
    The document cannot be posted.
    Depending on the type of processing, you can hold the document and post it later. If this is not possible and the error cannot be eliminated straightaway in customizing, you must leave processing and enter the document later.
    Procedure for the system administrator
    Correct the account determination for the specified transaction. Proceed
    Please tell me how to create least amount of documents for posting?

    SPRO> payroll >Reporting posting payroll result to Accoutning > Activities in Account system >Assigning Accounts >Assign Technical accounts
    Here eneter 1001 payroll clearing account and next enter 1002 same payroll clearing account. by doing this it will allow document splitting.

  • How can find number of line item?

    HI All.
    I have one internal table it has PO number ,line item and quantity.
    Each PO number have number of Line item ,
    now i want find how many line item per Po number .I need find for line item for all Po number.please help me

    see the below code and i tested and it is working well.
    data : begin of i_ekpo occurs 0,
           ebeln like ekpo-ebeln,
           ebelp like ekpo-ebelp,
           end of i_ekpo.
    data v_count type i.
    select ebeln ebelp from ekpo into table i_ekpo.
    loop at i_ekpo.
    v_count = v_count + 1.
    at end of ebeln.
    write:/ i_ekpo-ebeln,v_count.
    clear : v_count.
    Reward points if it is helpful

  • Maximum number of line items

    Dear All,
    I am facing an issue in the maximum number of line items EBP purchase order.
    We are in SRM 4.0 using extended classic scenario.
    In EBP PO, if the number of line items is more than 50 then we are getting the dump error "Field symbol has not yet been assigned" when we try to display the PO in Process purchase order transaction.
    In process purchase order, if we click on the start after enting the PO number then it is giving the dump error. But we could able to display the PO by clicking on the details icon of the PO after searching with time frame.
    Dump error is occuring only when we try open the PO header node to see the list of items of the PO. Until the PO is having 50 line items we dont have a problem. If the PO is having 51st item then we are getting the dump error.
    Have anyone faced this issue? Please help me to resolve this.

    Dump error details:
    What happened?
        Error in ABAP application program.
        The current ABAP program "SAPLBBP_PDH_SEARCH" had to be terminated because one
         of the
        statements could not be executed.
        This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program.
    Error analysis
        You attempted to access an unassigned field symbol
        (data segment 32774).
        This error may occur for any of the following reasons:
        - You address a typed field symbol before it is set using ASSIGN
        - You address a field symbol that points to a line in an internal table
          that has been deleted
        - You address a field symbol that had previously been reset using
          UNASSIGN, or that pointed to a local field that no longer exists
        - You address a global function interface parameter, even
          though the relevant function module is not active,
          that is it is not in the list of active calls. You can get the list
          of active calls from the this short dump.
    Information on where terminated
        The termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLBBP_PDH_SEARCH" in
        The main program was "SAPLBBP_PO_UI_ITS ".
        The termination occurred in line 191 of the source code of the (Include)
         program "LBBP_PDH_SEARCHF10"
        of the source code of program "LBBP_PDH_SEARCHF10" (when calling the editor

  • Restriction on number of line items in an automatically generated document

    Hi all,
    As per my info, an accounting document must have a minimum of 2 line items to complete the document. At the same time an accounting document can have a maximum of 999 line items.
    My observation:-
    When I am posting depreciation using t-code AFAB, system is posting depreciation document (document type AF). While checking, I found that the system has posted around 16 document for a period.
    On further checking, I observed that the each document contains a max 100 line items.
    I am using SAP 4.7
    My Query:-
    a> Is there any way / place wherein we can restrict the maximum number of line items possible for a given docuemnt type or for all document types in the client?
    b> In case it is not possible to restrict the number of line items per document, what could be possible reason for the system behaviour wherein it is posting about 100 line items per document & thereafter starts a new document.
    Thanking you in advance
    Santosh K Agarwal

    I have been reading CIN. There I came across with a statement i.e. "There is restriction on no of line items to be in an Excise Invoice".
    where you read this i dont know
    but yes for outgoing excise invoice we can put limitation in sap cin
    as per incoming excise invoice i think no  limitation
    in path SPRO-tax on goods movemnet-India-basic setting-maintain excise registration here you can maintain this
    and yes this for india only for other country they may have different
    Kailas ugale

  • Last line item gets changed to first line item for cs01

    HI experts,
               I have writen a BDC for Tcode cs01.
    I am facing a problem in that.If sucppose there are 4 line items,
    the first three line itmes are getting uploaded correctly but the kast line item gets changed to first line item.
    below is part of my code.
    perform bdc_dynpro      using 'SAPLCSDI' '0100'.
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29N-MATNR' W_MAT-MATNR.
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29N-WERKS' W_MAT-PLANT.
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29N-STLAN' W_MAT-BOM_USAGE.
    *perform bdc_field       using 'RC29N-DATUV'
    perform bdc_dynpro      using 'SAPLCSDI' '0110'.
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29K-BMENG'
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29K-STLST'
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'
    perform bdc_dynpro      using 'SAPLCSDI' '0111'.
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'
      cnt = cnt + 1.
       ADD 1 TO COUNTER.
       ITEM_NO = 10 * COUNTER.
       OVERLAY ITEM_NO WITH '0000'.
       W_BOM-ITM_NO = ITEM_NO.
    perform bdc_dynpro      using 'SAPLCSDI' '0140'.
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'
    CONCATENATE 'RC29P-IDNRK(' var ')' INTO new_mark.
    PERFORM bdc_field USING new_mark W_BOM-BOM_COMP.
    clear new_mark.
    CONCATENATE 'RC29P-MENGE(' var ')' INTO new_mark.
    PERFORM bdc_field USING new_mark W_BOM-QTY.
    clear new_mark.
    perform bdc_field USING new_mark W_BOM-ITM_CAT.
    clear new_mark.
    clear VAR.
    perform bdc_dynpro      using 'SAPLCSDI' '0130'.
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29P-POSNR' V_CNT.
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29P-IDNRK' W_BOM-BOM_COMP.
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29P-MENGE' W_BOM-QTY.
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29P-MEINS'
    perform bdc_dynpro      using 'SAPLCSDI' '0131'.
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'
    perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'
    perform bdc_field       using 'RC29P-SANKA'
    V_CNT = V_CNT + 10.
      perform screen_data. " IS ALL ABOUT CALLING TRANSACTION......
    following is The input file format m providing.
    Material     Plant     BOM usage     Item No     Item Cat     BOM component     QUANTITY
    WRJN46106     4600     1     10     z     PURCHASECOST     10
    WRJN46106     4600     1     20     z     SOURCINGCOST     15
    WRJN46106     4600     1     30     z     INVRESERVE     12
    WRJN46106     4600     1     40     Z     INVRESERVE1     20
    in this the first 3 line items are coming correctly but the 4th one gets changed to
    first line item.
    e.g INVRESERVE1 changes to purchasecost.
    plz help.
    Thanks n regards,
    Ashmita singh.

    Hi Suneel,
    I hardly can't believe that. There must be an mistake by your own in the smartform itself. Would you please share some screens or better, the smartform-XML itself. You can pass out everything else and just share the table and a dataset to try this.
    I'm pretty sure that there is something wrong with the settings or even the loop itself. I never faced a problem like that or even heared about such things.
    I would love to have a look inside.
    Before you share it, create a new one with just the table inside and try it with the same data. Perhaps it is just of to much folders or something like that, so the generating comes in trouble.

  • Total Number of line items in FBL3N

    I would like to have total number of open items (entries) as on  12/31/2008 for all B/S accounts. I just want the number.
    I can go in BSIS and click on number of entris but I have 1000's of Gl account to know the total number of line item.
    Is there any way I can get the number of open entries for too many GL account.

    In the selection parameters choose / enter all open item managed B/S GL accounts and choose the report as below
    1 GL Account Balances (Totals & Balances )             S_ALR_87012301
    3.  GL Line Items                                        S_ALR_87012282
    4.  Statements for GL Accounts, Customers & Vendors      S_ALR_87012332
    5.  Document Journal                                     S_ALR_87012287
    6.  Compact Document Journal                             S_ALR_87012289
    7.  Line Item Journal                                    S_ALR_87012291
    8.  Display of Changed Documents                         S_ALR_87012293
    9.  Invoice Numbers assigned Twice                       S_ALR_87012341
    10. Gaps in Document Number Assignments                  S_ALR_87012342
    11. Posting Totals Document Type wise                    S_ALR_87012344
    12. Recurring Entry Documents                            S_ALR_87012346

  • Increasing the number of line items in PO

    hello fellow abapers,
    i have a query. i dont know if its the headache of the function ppl or the technicial person - which happens to be me - but i have to get this solved at the earliest.
    now ive made a PO for materials from the scratch and everythin is workin fine. except that out of the blue comes a PO with over 10000 line items. yes, thats right - 10,000 line items.
    so obviously an error was thrown by SAP. unfortunately the end-user did not think it necessary to take a printout or record the error message.
    anyways the error said something to the effect that it did not allow so many line items or somthing like that.
    now can anybody pls help me out with this. firstly is dhere any restrictions on the number of line items, and secondly, if thats the case how do i find a work-around.
    thanx a bunch

    The basis sets the maximum number of pages that can be printed by the user in authorization object S_SPO_PAGE.
    Please discuss with your basis guy.

  • Maximum number of line items in PO/SA....

    What is the limitation on maximum number of line items in a PO/schedulling agreement/Contract.
    Also what is the maximum permissible number of lines in a single accounting document possible.As far as I know there is a limitation of counter 999 meaning if an aaccounting document is generated after GR then it will only allow max 999 lines.
    Is there any other way to avoid this.Because in my case I have for several line items in PO and several pricing conditions with separate GL account.Now when I do GR and if a PO has many line items with about 4 to 5 conditions then for each line item there would be minimum 6-7 entries.
    How can this best be handled in SAP.
    I was being adviced to split the GR but is there any better way or is there any option like summerised acounting document ?
    Please suggest as this is most critical for me.
    Thanks in advance

    There is no limitation in PO.  But if you want, you can use following user exit;
    With regard to Maximum Number of items: There is a limit of (999) line items which can be posted per FI document. This is because the line item number (BSEG-BUZEI) field length is defined as (3) numeric positions, i.e., (999) line items.
    The most commonly used workarounds are as follows:
    (1) Implement FI summarization (per note 36353).
    (2) Cancel the original billing document and split it into smaller documents using different payment terms but actually with the same terms, in case of invoice verification.
    This will avoid the (999) line item limit for FI postings. Please also have a look at the note 117708 and 77161.

Maybe you are looking for

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