Reset Password email:  subject line and body

For an email that is sent from this page:
Home>Manage Workspaces>Manage Developers and Users>Reset Password
Question: Where/how can I change the subject line and message-body contents for this email

I would like to customize the subject line and body. for example...
Current Email:
Subject: Your password has been changed.
Body: Account password changed for user CXXXXX.
I would like to modify to:
Subject: Your 'Oracle Application Express' password has been changed.
Body: 'Oracle Application Express' Account password changed for user CXXXXX

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    I have created a form that can be submitted by e-mail. I would like the data entered into the form to populate the subject line and body of the email but have no idea of how to script this. I would be grateful if someone could have a look at the form and see how I can achieve this.
    For example
    subject line: Travel and accommodation form [Name] [EventName] [StartDate]
    Please open the attached travel and accommodation for for [Name] who will be attending [EventName] on the [Start Date]
    Here is the code for my button:
    <field name="Submit" y="219.075mm" x="139.7mm" w="34.925mm" h="6mm">
                <font typeface="Myriad Pro"/>
                   <para vAlign="middle" hAlign="center"/>
                   <font typeface="Myriad Pro"/>
                <border hand="right">
                   <?templateDesigner StyleID apbx2?>
                   <edge stroke="raised"/>
                      <color value="212,208,200"/>
                <bind match="none"/>
                <event activity="click">
                   <submit format="pdf" textEncoding="UTF-16" target=mailto:[email protected] xdpContent="pdf datasets xfdf"/>
    Please excuse my ignorance as not competent with XML so any help would be gratefully received. Have already tried some methods posted on here already but not helped.

    You should post this to the LiveCycle Designer forum here if you haven't already.

  • What happened to the subject line and body?

    Since yesterday I'm receiving emails (from friends) that contain only from/date/to information -- nothing else appears in the message. Does anyone know what this might be or how to fix it? I haven't upgraded or changed anything recently.
    Imac g4 usb2.0   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Nothing is in the message body?
    Were these messages received messages that were forwarded by the sender and if so, are these friends sending with an AOL account?
    With such a message open, at the menu bar go to View > Message.
    If Plain Text Alternative is an available selection, select it.
    Any difference?

  • "returned form...."statement email subject line & body

    How do I remove or edit the "returned form...." statement/text in the subject line and body of the email that is automatically generated with the email button?

    You will have to move away from the "submit form" event and run a javascript. I have attached the script below. Please note that it has a down side it will toggle your local email client by default. I am working on a script that will offer a selection between local and internet based email clients.
    // Change these address to the "to" address you want
    var cToAddr = "[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]";
    // Change these address to the "bcc" address you want
    var cBCCAddr = "[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]";
    //Enter what you want to display in the subject line and email body
    var cSubLine = "Form X-1 returned from client"; var cBody = "Thank you for submitting your form.\n" + "Save the mail attachment for your own records";
    //** Send the form data as an XML attachment on an e-mail
    // Build the e-mail URL
    // Change these address to the "to" address you want
    var cEmailURL = "mailto:[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]?Bcc=" + cBCCAddr + "&subject=" + cSubLine + "&body=" + cBody;
    cURL: cEmailURL,

  • Submit Form - Change Body of Email & Subject Line

    I have my submitt button working correctly on my form and going to the correct email addresses when the button is clicked.  However, the subject line and the body of the email are not stating what I want them to.  Is there a way to put what you want in the body of the email and subject line?  I am using Adobe Prof Version 9.

    This forum is for the Adobe FormsCentral ( which is a service that allows you to create, collect and analyze data using an online web form. You should ask PDF related form questions in the Acrobat forums:
    I'll move your post to that forum so you don't need to retype it. They can help you out...

  • I want to change subject line and save emails from others

    For instance my client may respond to an email question and I want to change the subject line because it includes an answer such as clients address, but I cannot figure out how to change the subject line and save it to my file folder I have for them.

    This add on claims to do that.
    There might be others but that is the first one that came up. I have never used it so I cannot speak for how well it works.

  • Email Subject Line - populating and customising

    Hi,  There was a forum topic called "
    Email Subject Line - populating - Business Catalyst
    in the last forum but I can't find it here...
    Did anyone find how to use tag's or customise the Email subject line for outgoing system emails? (E.g invoice, quote, workflows etc)
    I've tried some tags like order id but they don't work.
    The reason we need to customise the subject line is because we use gmail and all the workflows have the same subject so they link together and you can't tell how many emails there are therefore often miss some. Plus all our workflow and system emails seem to be going to our spam so I thought if we could make it customised it would help.

    I use gmail, I have thunderbird and this does not happen. The UI interface for google does but you can also stop it from doing that in the admin settings I believe.
    Sme other good email clients for mac and oc, paid and free.
    You can create folders for go gmail itself and email clients with sorting rules too.
    Do not recall seeing guides for rendering tags in the email subject, net seen that and been using bc a long time.

  • I forgot my password and follow the steps but my email did not received the reset password email

    I forgot my old apple password and I follow the steps for reset my password. But my frustration is when i login my email there was no email on resetting my password.

    I've never received reset password emails.
    Despite waiting 24hrs (as some forum posts had suggested it takes a bit of time to come through). So I created new account using a new email.
    But now I have the same problem on a different account, and still nothing received. I've checked spam folder and email server but nothing is received. Other emails from Apple have been received, when I added voucher and when I registered to this forum.
    So if anyone else has found a resolution I would be most interested also.

  • Email subject line problem

    I upgraded to Mavericks when it first came out. I have 5 email accounts setup in Mail. One of my Google accounts behaves oddly. When I create a new email, the subject line allows tyoing in a few (3-5) characters and then clears out and any new cahracters - up to 3-5 - are added, and then they are cleared out!
    I have to either switch accounts, type the subject line and then switch back or type the subject in the body then cut and paste it in the subject. Both of these work but are annoying. Currently on 10.9.1 and finding this to be more painful as I send 50+ emails from this account daily.

    the problem has been resolved with the help of user exist

  • Changin iPhoto Default Email Subject Line

    Is there anyway to change the default email subject line, currently set as 'x Great iphotos' when using iphoto in conjunction with my email client to some thing else.

    Yep it is that file. just replace
    in the following line with whatever you want as long as its in quotations eg.
    make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"photos", visible:true}
    I like the comment in the script-maybe Apple's internal bug reporting system needs to be looked at!
    -- We have been having problems with inserting images before the signature.  There seems to
      -- be some sort of bug with attachments.  Even iterating the images backwards and inserting
      -- the images at the "beginning" doesn't work for more than 1 images.  Strange.
      -- Anyway, we note the signature here, remove the signature from the message, and then
      -- set the message signature back at the bottom.
      -- Peter

  • Apple didn't send me reset password email

    apple didn't send me reset password email
    please in need help
    my email [email protected]
    please send me reset password email

    Nobody here can 'send" you a reset email. Nobody here works for Apple, and Apple does not monitor this forum. You will need to contact Apple Account Security:

  • Reset password, email has not been sent

    I got a new ipad yesterday, used my same password to download new apps for it, and I was told it was incorrect.  Couldn't remember question I answered and now my account is locked.  I have requested a reset password numerous times today and none have been sent.  How can I reset if none sent>

    You should go to this website and follow the steps to emailing apple.  Also in you computer if you have ever clicked remember password then go to spotlight and find keychain access.  Then look for your apple id double click it and check show password.  if not then just proceed to email apple about the issue they usually send a response in about 1 day.

  • How do I add the customer's name to Workflow Notification email subject line?

    How do I add the customer's name to Workflow Notification email subject line?
    I'm expecting that I need to add a tag, but I'm not sure what the correct tag would be, I have tried a few but it just writes the tag I inserted and not the customer's name.

    This is something you can not add at the moment. You can change the layout a bit of workflow notifications from the system but you can not change the subjects at this time to render a system tag like that.

  • How can I have the title of the document be in the email subject line automatically when sending?

    How can I have the title of the document be in the email subject line automatically when sending?

    It can be done if you use a script, like this one:
    this.mailDoc({cTo: "[email protected]", cSubject: this.title});

  • Customizing Email Subject Line

    Can the email subject line be customized when sending my form? If so how do you change it?

    FormsCentral doesn't send emails for distributing the form. You, as the form author, are responsible for distributing the form.

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