Reverse one item after F110 payment

Dear ALL:
is it possible to reverse one item after F110 payment?
it seems when I reset and reverse the payment document for this line item, the table REGUH still has this line items record, if I delete the output for this , it will delete all the items, is it possible to delete the output of one item after f110_payment has been posted?
thanks very much

The other option is to use FBRA (reset cleared items) transaction.
You can reverse and reset a payment clearing document with this Tcode.
Please note, if there was more than one invoice included in the clearing, all those will be reversed.

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  • Editing Selection of items from F110 Payment Run

    Have a requirement to limit the selection of documents from the Payment run for a specific payment method to those items based on fields on the Sales Order and Sales order Billing Document For example, VBAK-KVGR1 = 'AE' .  
    Is anyone aware of a user exit or BADI that can be used to limit the selection of items in the Propaal and Payment Run for F110 payment items?

    I am sorry, I could not find any other user exit to meet your needs.
    You may consider the following options.
    Payrun program offers Free Selections - you have lots of fields from Document, Customer master - you can consider using them and write an user exit to populate one of those fields for your needs
    If you have SAP version ECC6.0, you have option to create implicit enhancement point in the standard program.
    Go with option 1, if that does not work, you can look at creating Implicit Enhancement points.

  • Open Items run (F110 payment proposal)

    Hi All,
    Can someone please help me with a problem that I am facing when running F110.
    We pay our vendors through F110 but also we have customers who we need to issue dividend equity check and their loan payout's. So when I do FB75 and create a credit note for customer and than I go FBL5N I see it there with other open invoices.  Than I go to F110 and do a payment run and it creates a check for the difference.  I don't want that to happen, I want the check issued for the credit amount that I posted in FB75.  Is there any way I can print checks for the credit memos only and not mess with the customer open invoices.  Please help if you know how to fix this problem.  Thank you in advance for your help.
    Happy Holidays!

    You have a couple of options (select whichever is possible for your current system config):
    First, you can specify different payment methods in cust. invoices and cust. credit memos. Then, in F110, specify only the cust. credit memo payment method, and the system should pick up only the credit memos.
    Secondly, if the payment methods can't be different for both the document types, and if there are not too many invoices open, you can block all the open invoices. This way, F110 will not process the invoices with the credit memos.
    Thirdly, there is a checkbox in the cust. master data (Company Code Data - Payment transactions) named "Single payment". Place your cursor on it, and hit <F1>. SAP says that "If this indicator is set, every customer/vendor open item is paid separately during automatic payment transactions. This means that open items are not grouped together for payment."
    Fourthly, you can define Payment Groupings (T.Code OBAP).
    IMG path Fin. Acctg. --> AR and AP --> Buss. Trans. --> Outgoing Payments --> Autom. Outgoing Payments --> Payment Method / Bank Selection for Payment Prog. --> Define Payment Groupings.
    You can then specify these groupings in the cust. master screen (Company Code Data - Payment transactions) using field "Grouping Key".
    Remember to assign points if found useful.

  • Bank sub account line item still showing as a open item after down payment

    1) i created a dwnpymt req using TCODE:f_37
    2) created dwnpymt for dwmpymt req using TCODE:F-29
    3) created customer invoice using Tcode:F-22
    4) clear dwnpyment req against invioce using TCODe:F-39
    now my question is when i create dwn pyment i used bank subaccount(cheq rec) to debit and customer to credit
    so after i cleared dwnpymt with invoice. the bank sub account line item still showing as a open item .
    i appreaciate your usefull inputs

    I hope you will be running manual or electronic bank statement at your company.
    The bank sub account that has been posted gets cleared when you run manual or electronic bank statement.
    Let me explain you in detail
    The entry that got posted during the down payment received from Customer--
    Check Receipt A/C Debit
    Customer A/C        Credit
    When you run the manual or electronic bank statement the entry gets posted as
    Main Bank A/C Debit
    Check Receipt A/C Credit there by clearing the open item from the Check Receipt A/C.
    Hope this helps you in understanding how the open item in Check Receipt A/C gets cleared.
    Good Luck

  • TP Document getting Payment Blocked after F110 Print

    Hi All,
    We're encountering an issue in F110 Payment Run:
    After F110 Payment Run, F110 Document Number has a Payment Block "A" when verified in FB03
    Normally this is not the case. Has anybody encountered this issue?

    After checking the tcode, the payment term has no tick-mark for blocking payments.
    Any other possible causes for this? I've checked the vendor master data?

  • IDOC error after F110

    Could someone throw some light on this kinda error after F110 Payment run….The error says “IDoc type could not be determined for the IDoc”
    Should I check anything in House Bank Determination.? Please help me resolve this.

    Hi Murali,
    I need to Create IDOC as soon as F110 transaction is run.
    In FI12 i have done Partner Profile configuration, and in WE20 i have created the Partner Profile sith PEYEXT-->PEXR2002.
    But i couldn't see any IDOC created?
    Please give me your answer / process on this
    It is very urgent

  • How to reprint a check after reversing partial line items in F110

       I have run the payment process by using F110, for one vendor. The proposal and payment made for 2 open items. After the cheque print, we have realised that we need to make payment for one line item only. First I have voided the cheque, then thru FBRA, I have reversed one payment doument out 2, the one we need not pay now. Please guide me how to reprint the cheque for the let out payment line item?
    Vendor Lines:
    1. Open Item 1 - INR 2000
    2. Open Item 2 - INR 3000
    After payment process both the lines are take for proposal and later completed the payment run also.
    Both the Open Items are picked for payment and lines are cleared. A cheque has been printed for INR 5000.00
    By using FBRA I have reveresed 2nd line item.
    Vendor lines:
    1. Open Item 2 - INR 3000
    2.Cleared Item 1 - INR 2000
    I have not cancelled the payment ID and second line. Now please guide me how to take print out of cheque for the cleared        ( Paid) line Item for IN 2000.

    It is a lot more convenient if you delete your current proposal and rerun F110 for desired line items only.

  • F110 payment run - split on invoice line item that exceed certain amount

    Dear expert,
    Now i want to ask is there any ways to configure F110 - payment run to auto checking on whenever the amount of one fi document is more than USD100,000 will auto split to second payment item.
    *i have already tick individual pmnt on tcode FK02 - change vendor master data (at automatic payment transactions column). This method will split all fi document under same vendor post with different posting document number.
    I would like to ask is there any way to configure auto split on the fi document (if the document is exceed some amount) for payment run.
    thanks and appreciate

    i have put distribution amount.
    Let say i put distribution amount USD100, after i run payment run, one account payable document will generate one payment document.
    As what i want is- if the ap document is USD 200, then the payment document will generate two payment document.
    Coz my enquiry is if the payment is excedd USD100 we need to assign to another tt payment as the TT is only accept maximum USD100 transfer.
    Expert, please advice on ur view.
    Thanks and appreciate much on ur previous help.
    Ng Chong Chuan

  • F110- payment proposal didn't pick up item

    Hi All,
    need your help
    User has created a payment proposal and when take a look at the proposal list, one item is missing which was suppose to be a refund to customer.
    This customer has 2 documents, only one document didn't get picked up.
    Also payment proposal parameter is stated as up to posting date 19.05.09 and this document pertains to 07.05.09. there is no payment block and this payment has mpayment method 'B' which is the same as teh selection criteria.
    exception list didn't show this as well..
    How to find out why it is not picked up..?
    thanks & regards,

    If the payment is selected in another payment run, and NOT PAID, then the account itself gets blocked and would not be selected in the new payment run.
    The concerned table is REGUS - note that this table is at account (vendor / customer) level, and not at open line item level.
    Now, onto the primary problem here - why a particular line item is not appearing in the proposal. There could be a variety of reasons, like:
    1. whether the said open line item is within the posting date that this payment run is picking up (you say you've already checked this)
    2. whether the said open line item has the correct payment method mentioned in it (you say you've checked this as well)
    3. whether the said open line item is due BEFORE the date mentioned as your next payment run date (because if, as per the payment terms of the line item, it is becoming due AFTER the date mentioned as the date for next payment run, then SAP will NOT pick up this line item for your current payment proposal).
    Let me know how you fare in this last validation.

  • After the Payment Run F110

    Hi All,
    I want to trigger a program immediately after the payment run F110, and this program should create a spool file with some output.
    can any one suggest me how to trigger this program after the payment run F110.

    use F110 - printout/data medium - lists

  • Open items (F110 payment proposal)

    Hi All,
    Can someone clarify what are open items
    1: invoices that are not cleared
    2: credit memos
    3:credit memos applied  to an invoice
    (When i run FBl5N credit memos are also shown as open items)
    Also when i run F110 payment proposal  it selects open items. Does it also select credit memo's?
    Any help appreciated

    1: invoices that are not cleared -  YES
    2: credit memos - YES, if not cleared against any invoice
    3:credit memos applied to an invoice - YES
    4:residuals - once you do the payment system create new invoice for balance , that will open item
    When i run FBl5N credit memos are also shown as open items - if not cleared against any invoice that will come under open item list.
    Also when i run F110 payment proposal it selects open items. Does it also select credit memo's?  - YES, which are in red , are called as open items...all the items in open will come in F110 proposal run

  • Trigger a program immediately after the Payment Run F110

    Hi All,
    How to trigger a program immediately after the Payment Run F110.

    In general payment media programs are executed immediately after the payment run.
    You can execute payment media programs using transaction code SA38 or you can enter appropriate variants for payment media programs in printout/date medium tab while executing payment run in F110 so that they are run automatically along with payment run.
    Edited by: M V Narayana Raju on Sep 18, 2010 2:40 AM

  • Incoming payment - post discount & small differencas a total as one item

    Hi Guru,
    When posting incoming payment cash discount and small differences are posted as one item for each open item.
    For example:
    Open item    discount    Small difference
    100               1               0.05
    200               2               0.10
    At posting SAP post
    Item 1   300  (to clear the open item)
    Item 2   1  (cash discount)
    Item 3   2  (cash discount)
    Item 4   0.05 (small difference)
    Item 5   0.10 (small difference)
    Is there a way that I can group ALL discount and All small difference into one item each ie
    Item 1   300  (to clear the open item)
    Item 2   3       i.e. 1+2 the total of item 2 and 3 above  (cash discount)
    Item 3   0.15  i.e. 0.05+0.1 the total of item 4 and 5 above (small difference)
    If so,  where is the setting??

    In general SAP clears on line item basis and posts line item for each clearing.  If my understanding is not wrong this is the standard behaviour.  This facilitates you to know each item that is cleared.  But please check the settings for clearing differences / charge off under business transactions/accounts receivable and accounts payable.  Unfortunately, I do not have a system handy to give you exact path.

  • How to clear Vendor Debit item Through F110

    Hi All,
    I have a new requirement,
    I have a vendor for which transactions are posted in multiple currecies, like USD & EUR.
    I have 2 invoices for this vendor, one is in EUR, and other one is in USD, along with this i have a dabit balance for this vendor which generated through a credit note.
    now when iam trying to make the payament for this Vendor thrugh F110, and try to clear the debit amount also, the system is throwing one error message saying that "Enter incoming payment method for the debit amount "(whici is in USD)
    Please let me know how to solve this issue
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Robert,
    This is the content of SAP Note 164835 as follows:
    SAP Note 164835 - F110: Clearing credit memos and
    Note Language: English Version: 14 Validity: Valid Since 29.05.2008
    When you execute a payment run, you select credit memos and invoices for a
    customer or a vendor, but the system does not clear them together. In the
    payment (default) log, the system may generate the error message FZ
    347:"...none of the payment methods defined can be used for these items".
    Other terms
    F110, SAPF110S, clearing, FZ 347
    Reason and Prerequisites
    The items to be cleared do not match in particular fields (see below).
    Therefore, they are not paid together.
    You can set a payment method only for either outgoing or incoming payments.
    This explains the error message FZ 347.
    - Payment run is executed with payment method U for outgoing
    - Credit memo is not cleared against invoice.
    - Invoice is paid with U.
    - Error message FZ 347 is generated for the credit memo.
    The following explains in general how to clear, and describes some options
    for eliminating errors. The logic of the grouping in the payment program is
    independent of the type of the documents (for example, invoice, credit
    memo, down payment, cross-company code posting).
    General information
    o You can pay open items together using the automatic payment
    transactions, but only if certain fields are identical. The
    structure ZHLG1 specifies these fields. Important fields are:
    - Currency
    - Receiver
    - Payment method in the item
    - Bank details in the item
    o Whenever invoices and credit memos are in different payment groups,
    you cannot clear them together, even if the credit memo contains an
    invoice reference. If you set a payment group for a business
    27.12.2010 Page 2 of 4
    SAP Note 164835 - F110: Clearing credit memos and
    partner (grouping key in the master record), then this is saved in
    structure ZHLG1 (field PAYGR). This way the invoice reference in
    the credit memo is overridden if they do not belong to the same
    payment group.
    o Invoice and credit memo must be due at the date of clearing. The
    due date of a credit memo without invoice reference (BSEG-REBZG) is
    the baseline date for payment (BSEG-ZFBDT), and for a credit memo
    with a fixed value date (BSEG-REBZG = 'V'), the due date is
    calculated in the same way as for an invoice. For credit memos with
    invoice reference, the due date of the invoice applies.
    o You cannot clear credit memos and invoices if the payment is
    supposed to be made using a payment method set for the POR
    Invoices are grouped with a POR number with the document number as
    an additional part of the grouping key so as to save the individual
    payment required for POR payment methods. Invoice-related credit
    memos for invoices with POR numbers receive the same grouping key
    as the related invoice. This ensures that the clearing is
    performed. However, you can no longer make payments using the POR
    payment method because this payment method allows only one item to
    be paid. However, you can make the payment using a different
    payment method.
    The POR procedure is only relevant for payment transactions with
    the Swiss Postal Service. Consequently, the relevant fields in the
    document and in the business partner master record are only of
    importance in Switzerland.
    What can you do?
    o Check the payment methods in the line items (field BSEG-ZLSCH). For
    clearing, these must be filled with the same value.
    o If you have entered a specific payment method for the items, then
    check Customizing for this payment method (transaction FBZP). The
    indicator "Single payment for marked item" should not be set there.
    o Check the field "Grouping key" in the master record of the business
    partner for payment transactions in the company code. If, for
    example, there is a grouping set according to assignment number,
    then the invoice and credit memo must have the same assignment
    number in the business partner line for clearing. Using transaction
    OBAP, you can define which fields of the key you want the system to
    use for grouping.
    o Check the indicator "Pay all items separately" (LFB1- or
    KNB1-XPORE) in the master record of the business partner for
    payment transactions in the company code. If this field is set,
    each open item for this business partner is paid separately.
    o If you have set the indicator "Separate payment for each Business
    Area" (T042-XGBTR) for the payment program (all company codes) in
    Customizing, check the business area in the items. They must match
    in this case.
    o Check the house bank in the line items (field BSEG-HBKID). The
    27.12.2010 Page 3 of 4
    SAP Note 164835 - F110: Clearing credit memos and
    values must also match for clearing. A document without house bank
    can only be cleared with a document with house bank if this house
    bank is defined in the master record of the business partner
    Make sure that the house bank from the payment program is filled
    for any reset clearing documents (see Note 159607).
    o Check the partner bank type in the line items (> Other data > field
    BSEG-BVTYP). These values must also match for clearing. You can
    specify the partner bank type in the master record of the business
    partner for general payment transactions.
    o For postings to one-time accounts, the address data is encoded and
    saved in field BSEC-EMPFG. The coding routine has been changed in
    Release 3.0E. Therefore, if you want to offset documents from an
    earlier release against documents from a later release (for
    example, after an upgrade) you need to check the contents of this
    field. These values must match for clearing. If this is not the
    case, the documents from the earlier release need to be reversed
    and be posted again. If reversal is not possible, contact SAP
    o If you do not clear using a payment method set with POR procedure
    (with or without invoice reference in the credit memo), then check
    the contents of the fields BSEG-ESRNR, BSEG-ESRRE and BSEG-ESRPZ.
    They must not be filled if you do not enter a payment method in the
    o If you set a separate payment for each payment reference (for
    example separated by a CID number in Norway or reference number in
    Finland) (FBZP > Paying Company Codes > field T042B-XKIDS), then
    the items for a clearing in field BSEG-KIDNO must be the same. Note
    that the Customizing setting (T042B-XKIDS) is effective only if
    vendors are involved in the payments. When you separate the
    payments by payment reference, also take into account that no
    outgoing payment can be generated for a payment reference for which
    only credit memos exist.
    o Check the structure ZHLG1 in your system. If you have inserted
    additional fields there, the line items must also match in these
    fields. Contact your consultant.
    Header Data
    Release Status: Released for Customer
    Released on: 30.05.2008 10:55:56
    Master Language: German
    Priority: Recommendations/additional info
    Category: Consulting
    Primary Component: FI-AP-AP-B Payment Progam / Payment transfer
    (DE, JP, US)
    Secondary Components:
    27.12.2010 Page 4 of 4
    SAP Note 164835 - F110: Clearing credit memos and
    RE-RT Rental
    The Note is release-independent
    Related Notes
    Number Short Text
    1084325 FSCM-BD: Payment method for invoice-related credit memo II
    305414 F110: Unintelligible grouping of documents
    197626 Partner bank category in RAs and payment program
    159607 F110: Reset clearing is not offset against
    143311 F110:Incorr.due date for cred.memo w/
    109233 F110: message FZ347 or several payment documents
    86578 Guidelines for F110 Payment Program (W/Check mgmt)
    33288 Payment methods for rental agreement
    22856 Customer credit memos are not paid
    20484 Payment program does not clear due items
    4904 Credit memo clearing or down pmnt clearing for POR

  • F110  Payment Run

    I am having a problem with F110 Payment run. It's showing the error as: 'Item cannot be paid due to inconsistent withholding tax'. I have done the payment run for the same vendor, same company code and it worked well. Later, I deleted one of the WH Tax type in Vendor Master. Has anyone come across this or similar issue?. What can I do to solve this?.

      I am not able to see the Deleted WH Tax info. when I run the RFWT0010. I tried to do the payment run after executing RFWT0010, but am not able to resolve the problem. I have run the S_P00_07000134(the 1099 report) a few days back(before posting the new Invoices). Do you think this has anything to do with the existing problem. And I have checked the config. again for the tax type, Tax codes and their assignments to Co.Cd. which everything seems to be correct. I tried to pay using f-53 which is showing the same error.
    As Hein said i tried to look in the Invoice doc. for the WHTax info.(I have the setting to do calculate the WHTax amount @ the Payment level). So, its not possible to delete the Tax code and make the settings in VM.
    As per suresh, I have checked the validity of the tax code its(1/1/2000-12/31/9999). And the tax type, tax code are assigned in the VMR.
    I am not able to resolve this. Has anyone come across the same/similar issue and resolved it?.

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