Satellite L770D-10J doesnt boot - Disk Read Error

My Laptop can't boot and it gives me the error Message:
An Disk read error as occured, press ctrl+ alt + del.
I did it a couple times and i tried to fix that problem because i have no Win7 DVD to boot from, i tried to reset the BIOS to its standart options, and now it wants a Passwort from me.
I didnt even enter one so i wont know it.
After 3 tries the System shuts down and i have to re-start my Computer.
Now i have an extern harddrive but i cant try to boot from it because my Laptop wants that Passwort.
To enter BIOS or Menue i also need this passwort.
I really need help, if you know anything please contact me with "TOSHIBA LAPTOP SUPPORT". My garantee ran out already.
Sorry for that bad english, its not my native language.
Thank you for helping me.

I guess you are talking about the BIOS password.
This BIOS password can be deleted by authorized service provider available in your country.
I have no idea why an BIOS password appears if you did not set it in the past, but fact is that unknown password cannot be deleted by common notebook user. The BIOS password is an very important security feature and only authorized persons are able to delete it.
Here also the information from Toshiba:
Regarding the disk read error:
Im not quite sure what disk do you mean exactly but in case the installed system cannot boot up, I think that HDD is faulty and needs to be replaced. After such replacement you would need to install the system again. The easiest way to install the system is the usage of Toshiba recovery disk because all Toshiba tools and drivers would be installed together with the Windows system.

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  • Satellite M45 with disk read error

    My Satellite M45 has hung with a "disk read error" on reboot. I have tried cntrl-alt-delete but to no avail. I am loathed to use the recovery disk since it will reformat and I have a feeling my hard disk might be fried anyway.
    Has anyone any knowledge on how I can restore this disk inexpensively?

    If you can't boot normally, hit the F8 key during boot up and see if you can get into Safe Mode. If not, running the Recovery CDs maybe the only option.
    I would try to run the Recovery CDs even if I thought that the drive might be fried. What is the down side? If it works, you have a working computer. If it doesn't, you know that you were right and the hard drive needs to be replaced.

  • Satellite L305D-S593 - Disk read error

    My Toshiba Satellite L305D-S593 has suddenly shut off. At first I thought it had just over heated or something, but when I tried to turn back on it gave me a message saying disk read error press ctrl alt dlt to restart. I did multiple time to the same effect. So then I tried reinstalling windows I got lucky if it showed the installation screen once it did I followed the instructions for a clean install (I had to do this once before but for different reasons).
    Once it brought me to menu were I select a partition to install on I told it to do it on the main HDD after that and some loading time it told it was unable to complete the formatting required. So I redid the process and I noticed the the partition said it had 288GB of memory available but before this I only had about 40. So instead I clicked the format button and it said it could not complete the action because the disk is about to fail.
    P.S. My processer is a 64 bit AMD Turion dual core mobile processor, with 4GB of RAM

    In my opinion it has something to do with HDD itself I assume its a defective sector if Windows installation cant format the HDD properly. I mean before you tried reinstalling Windows the system could not start due to a disk read error. This would mean the files on HDD are muddled up due defective sectors
    Can you install Windows from Toshiba recovery disk?
    If it doesnt work too I would try to replace the HDD. Usually this is not complicated and can be done in 5 minutes.
    Furthermore you can check the HDD for errors with special diagnostic tools like Drive Fitness Test. Google a little bit for such tools, they are freeware so its no problem to find them. ;)

  • Satellite Pro L300 - Disk Read Error

    Hey, Lee here.
    I'm currently having problems with my Satellite Pro L300,
    Everytime I try and boot it up, it will come up with a 'Disk Read Error, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to Reboot' this has been happening for a while, and i've tried using the Recovery Console with the 'FIXBOOT' command, but this isn't working, due to the fact that there is no OS installed. I've tried re-installing Windows Vista Ultimate, but it keeps giving me an error. Any help?

    To test the hard drive determine what brand of hard drive you have.  You can check the Bios/Setup to find out or run SIW or Belarc Advisor.  Go to that manufacturer's support site and download their Self Booting Diagnostic CD ISO image, create the CD using the Burn From Image option (see for more information on doing this), then boot to it and run the most exhaustive tests available.  If you have a Toshiba drive you will need to use the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test as Toshiba doesn't supply their own.
    If you don't post your COMPLETE model number it's very difficult to assist you. Please try to post in complete sentences with punctuation, capitals, and correct spelling. Toshiba does NOT provide any direct support in these forums. All support is User to User in their spare time.

  • Satellite L300 - Disk read error so I can't start Vista

    Please can you help?
    Have a Toshiba Satellite L300. All i am getting is Disk Read Error occured, please press Ctrl Alt + Delete.
    How can I get it to boot up again. I havent a clue what to do next just keep pressing Ctrl Alt + Delete and it says a Disk read error occurred.
    I'm going round in circles in. Running Windows Vista Premium.

    Can you access the advanced boot menu if you press F8 after you have started the notebook? Then you could start the Toshiba HDD recovery option (select repair my computer).
    If you cant access the advanced boot menu you have to reinstall Windows Vista. Therefore you can use the Toshiba recovery disk if you boot from it.

  • Satellite L355 disk read error/no safe mode

    I have a Satellite L355 with Windows Vista. When I start my computer, it says "Disk read error, press crtl alt delete to restart".
    I do not have the recovery disk, but I did buy the Ultimate Boot CD. I have tried everything on there with no luck. It also will not let me start in safe mode. I press F8 at startup and it goes to a black screen with an underscore, and that's it.
    Any ideas would be helpful, I've tried and searched everywhere. Thanks.

    I don't know where do you live and it is not easy to send you some webpage if you don't understand what is written there. The fact is you need 2,5 250 GB SATA hard disc.
    How to replace the HDD you can see step 1 and step 2 .

  • GT780 Disk Read Error, Boots fine after 15-45 minutes

    I've been having a problem with my laptop for the past few months now. When I start it up I end up getting a disk read error but after a short time it seems to boot up properly. I will have this problem for a couple days and then the problem disappears for about a month then reappears for couple days then disappears for the same amount time. I've sent it in once but the problem started again about 1 month after it was sent back. Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be?

    Quote from: Svet on 12-February-12, 15:24:07
    looks like HDD has a problem

  • Disk read error when booting Windows 7 / White screen / Screen frozen

    I installed Windows 7 and Mac OSx on Dual boot.
    1) A problem arose when starting up. Sometimes the screen freezes after i have selected Windows 7 boot on BootCamp.
    2) Second problem, when booting the screen is white and doesn't change.
    3) Third problem, "Disk read error occured". This is the message that appears on the screen when booting Windows 7.
    4) Fourth problem, a blinking folder with a Question Mark on it.
    Please help with these problems.
    Thank you for your help.

    Windows insists that its Partition Map be set up the Windows way. No exceptions. If you use anything other than BOOT CAMP (or Open Source REFIt) to do the partition setup, it will not work.
    WARNING: If you allow Windows to Modify the partition Map directly, Windows will clobber Mac OS X so completely that will require a complete Mac OS X Re-Install. Windows in not a pleasant guest.
    Be certain you are using the correct version of BOOT CAMP to match Your Mac OS X, and check for which versions of Windows are supported under it.

  • HP Elitebook 8560w Won't Boot UP -- Disk Read Error Press CTRL ALT DEL to restart

    Hello. I have an Elitebook 8560w, that won't boot up. The screen says "Disk Read Error Press CTRL ALT DEL to restart".  The screen isn't all black...there are some random colored square pixels with a random flashing !, but it's mostly black.
    I've run the diagnostics and the F4 Hard Disk Test has passed everytime I've run it. I can hear the hard drive running, so mechanically it's okay (not sure on the logic side).
    The F3 Run-in Test fails under the Memory Test, it reads "Run-in test failed - Failed Memory Address 0x76B99000 Pattern expected - 0XFEFFFF Pattern Read - OxFFFFFF
    I tried a new 4GB DDDR RAM (removed the old one), and it hasn't helped. I should add before I changed RAM, it failed memory test and said "Disk Not Found".
    That made me think it was the hard drive, but the hard drive test has always passed.
    Any help would be appreciated. I'm lost. I have a new drive and ram coming from HP, but hoping I can salvage info on HDD.
    Also...the computer was set up with Windows 7 as new, but my company reimages everyone's computer and installs XP. So I'm not sure running the HP CD (assuming I can find it) would even help.

    Disk read failure and disk not found are classic signs of a hard drive failure. The memory failed the test, so it looks like this had two issues at once.
    The good news is that the right parts are on their way. If you want to save your data, do not use the recovery disks for the system. They will wipe the hard drive if it is still functional for them.
    With regards to retrieving your data, have you talked to the IT team yet? Most IT departments have a process for data retrieval on company equipment.
    If they do not have a process setup to do that, then you could try getting a notebook hard drive external enclosure. They usually run fairly cheap for a basic enclosure and that is enough to connect the hard drive externally to a different computer using a USB cable to copy data from it. This would work provided they do not encrypt the hard drive. If they do encrypt it, contact the IT team for their process as encryption limits the methods that are available.
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  • Error 25: Disk read error  -  pxe booting issue

    Hello All,
    Currently trying to install solais 10 via pxe on a virtual machine on local harddisk.
    Running in fully virtualized mode the "Error:disk read error 25"
    Also running in Paravirtualized mode i get an "Error: Boot loader didn't return any data!"
    Please guide me how to proceed.
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    Edited by: 816522 on Dec 20, 2010 9:59 AM

    Hi Herb
    I got a similar error for a PV image. While setting it up I had used dd command to increase its size to add a couple of partitions. It also has a shared disk attached for RAC usage. It was rebooting fine for the first few times. Now after a complete shutdown it is returning the boot error message as below:
    Start - /OVS/running_pool/882_szguestvm5_Sharon_RAC_N2
    PowerOn Failed : Result - failed:<Exception: return=>failed:<Exception: ['xm', 'create', '/var/ovs/mount/D56A962F3D1046B6AE4839A28EB72B96/running_pool/882_szguestvm5_Sharon_RAC_N2/vm.cfg'] => Error: Boot loader didn't return any data!
    File "/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/", line 57, in xen_start_vm
    File "/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/", line 69, in run_cmd
    raise Exception('%s => %s' % (cmdlist,
    File "/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/", line 113, in start_vm
    raise e
    Any help is appreciated.

  • Satellite P10-304 Disk Read Error

    Hi folks...
    I'm trying to upgrade my laptop HDD. I'm using an external enclosure and cloning software to clone the Toshiba HDD to a larger WD Scorpio drive.
    The clone has worked as far as I can tell, and I can actually boot it via USB from the external enclosure but whenever I install it into the laptop I get a Disk Read Error. The enclosure came with another Hitachi drive which I tried to the same result. I tried using the Product Recovery Disk with the new drive but it would not boot either, I tried the CD with the old drive so I know it works.
    Any suggestions as to what could be going wrong for me here?

    Will the new HDD recognized by the BIOS?
    How much disk space has the new HDD? Maybe the new HDD is to large for this laptop and it would be also interesting how much disk space has the old HDD.
    Furthermore I would make a BIOS update.
    This you can find on the Toshiba European website.

  • Disk read error on Satellite L650

    My Toshiba Satellite L650 will not start up.
    When I switch it on, TOSHIBA is display follow by disk read error, press ctrl+alt+del to restart.
    I did that and the same thing happens again. So far only F2 and F12 works , tried F8, it gives a loud continous beep then back to the same message.
    Can anyone help?
    Any suggestion would be deeply appreciated!
    Thanks in advanced!

    What HDD status is visible in BIOS?
    Is HDD recognized in BIOS? You will need to check the first BIOS page.
    Usually you should see the HDD and the HDD name.
    If the HDD isnt listed, then probably its faulty and needs to be replaced.
    Waiting for feedback!

  • VM will not boot after moving using Failover Cluster Manager - "a disk read error occurred......"

    My current Configuration:
    3 node cluster, using clustered shared storage and about 22 VM's.   The Host servers are running 2012 Data Center while all guest are running 2012 Standard.  The SAN is EqualLogic and we are using HIT Kit 4.5.
    I have a CSV that is running out of space, so I created another CSV so that I could move some of the VM's to a new home.    I tested this by creating a test VM, and moved it successfully 3 times.     I then moved an actual
    LIVE VM and while it seemed to move ok, it will now not start.   The message is "a disk read error occurred Press ctrl+alt+del to restart".     I moved the test VM and it failed as well.    
    I have read several things about this, but nothing seems to relate to my specific issue.   I have verified that VSS is working and free of errors as well.    From the Settings menu for the VM, if I select "Inspect" the drive,
    the properties all look fine.    It is a VHDX and both the current file size and maximum disk size seem correct.
    The VM's were moved using the "move - virtual machine storage" option within Failover Cluster Manager.

    Lets see if I can answer all of those and I appreciate the brain storming.   This really needs to work, correctly.
    1.  The Storage is moving.
    2.   VM's and SAN are on same device.
    3.  No, my  Clustered Shared Volume, CSV, is out of room, (more one that later)
    4.  No, I actually have 2 sans grouped together.   However, I'm moving the VM', form one CSV to another CSV on the Same san.  EqualLogic PS 6110 is the one I am trying to move VMS around on, and the other SAN not involved in any way except
    for it is in a SAN group is an EqualLogic PS6010.
    5.  No error During move, it took about 5-10 minutes, no error messages.   Note, I did a test and it worked GREAT 3 times.   Now both a live VM, and the test VM are doing the same thing.
    6.  No, the machine is not to large.   The test making was a 50 gig drive, just 2012 standard installed with updates.   The live VM was a 75 gig VM that was my Trend Micro Server, or anti-virus host.
    7.  Expand the existing SCV?   Yes I should be able to, but there is an issue there.   The volume was expanded correctly, Equallogic sees the added space, Fail Over cluster manager sees the added space, however disk manager only
    sort of does.    When looking at disk manager, there are 2 areas that tell you a little bit about the drive.   The top part and then the bottom part.   The top part only shows 500G, the original size, while the bottom part
    says that it is 1 TB in size.   I call Dell's technical support and after they looked at it I was told by the technician that they had seen this a couple of times and the only way to fix it was to move all the VM's to another CSV and delete the troubled
    CSV.   I thought about adding more space to the troubled CSV, but its on a production server with about 12 VM's running on it and I did not want to take a chance.   The Trend VM was running on CSV-1 and working fine.   
    I must admit that the test VM, was on CSV-2.    I moved the Test VM from csv-2 to csv-3 back and forth several times with no errors.   The Trend Server was on CSV-1 and was moved to CSV-3, however it failed.  Again, I then moved
    the test VM from CSV-2 to CSV-3 and it failed the same way.   I could not test the "TEST - VM" on csv-1 due to csv-1 not having enough space.
    8.   I did disable the network from the VM to see if that mattered it did not. 
    9.   I have not yet had a chance to connect the VHDX to a new VM, but I will do that in about an hour, hopefully.    Once I am able to test that suggestion I will post the results as well.
    Again, thanks for all the suggestions and comments, as I had rather have lots to look at and try.   I hope I answered them well enough.

  • Zt3000 disk read error

    everytime i try to start my pavilion zt3000 laptop i get a disk read error i have no boot or recovery disks and i cant find the right ones to order also i tried to run the hd self test: the quick and the comprehensive  it doesnt tell me if my hd works or not it just tells me its complete. is my hd fried? i just replaced the original and this one died within a month. my computer was working fine then i restarted it and this has been the problem since then  any help would be much appreciated thank you

    everytime i try to start my pavilion zt3000 laptop i get a disk read error i have no boot or recovery disks and i cant find the right ones to order also i tried to run the hd self test: the quick and the comprehensive it doesnt tell me if my hd works or not it just tells me its complete. is my hd fried? i just replaced the original and this one died within a month. my computer was working fine then i restarted it and this has been the problem since then any help would be much appreciated thank you .

  • "A Disk Read Error Has Occured" past 239 FSB?

    The title says it all.  I'm runnin an Neo Platinum 2 and when booting up overclocked past 239 FSB I get "A Disk Read Error Has Occured" and it asks me to reboot.  Is this as simple as my SATA being overclocked too far?  I was under the impression this board had an SATA lock, but I could be wrong.  Any suggestions on getting past this?  Or have I reached my peak?

    Originally posted by sarlen
    67 mghz?  That doesn't make any sense - giving it a try right now though.  The ram is tricky though, I hear Ballistix is unrealiable.  I'm doing 2.5-2-2-5 at 243, but nothing will make it run 255 for me (next step up to keep my cpu at 2.55).  I suppose 243 isn't bad, anyone have any ideas on getting more out of this ram though?
    my 3200XL doesn't even reach 210 with ras cas at 2 :/

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