Save text and read text

Hi all.
i have a requirement to copy shipment instructions text from delivery to shipment in struction text in shipment when a delivery is added to a shipment.
i can read the shipment text corresponding to the delivery using the fm read_text but when saving it to shipment i am facing a problem.
my shipment number is not geneerated at that how can i get the text read using read text to be seen in the shipment before it is saved.
is there a way out?'

Till the time it gets created you can not save text, because you need to have object name to pass into save_text function module.

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  • SAP SCRIPT Header text and Item text not printing in customized PO

    Hello Experts,
                          I have copied the standard MEDRUCK to ZMEDRUCK and customized the form according to the requirement.
    I want to print the header text and Item text in my form.
    For Header text I have used :
    Problem 1: The text what I enter in header text is flowing only when I hit on print preview without saving the form. Once I save the SAP SCRIPT  and click on print preview the field is appearing blank. I also tried to print the form, but the field is appearing blank even on the print out.
    Problem 2: For item text the field is concatenation of  EBELN & EBELP. Can anyone suggest me how to concatenate and fetch the text in item text.

        Im getting an error in my subroutine pool for i_xtline which is to fetch ITEM TEXT., It says its not a in any internal table nor defined as data. How can I proceed further. I have pasted my code below. Please check and revert ASAP
    FORM fetch_table_data TABLES in_tab STRUCTURE itcsy
                                 out_tab STRUCTURE itcsy.
    data xname like THEAD-TDNAME.
    data i_xtline like xtline.
    clear i_xtline.
    refresh i_xtline.
    CONCATENATE EKPO-ebeln EKPO-ebelp INTO v_item_text.
    MOVE v_item_text to ITEMTXT.
      CLIENT                        = SY-MANDT
        id                            = F01
        language                      = EN
        name                          = ITEMTXT
        object                        = EKPO
      ARCHIVE_HANDLE                = 0
      LOCAL_CAT                     = ' '
      HEADER                        =
        lines                         = i_xtline
       ID                            = 1
       LANGUAGE                      = 2
       NAME                          = 3
       NOT_FOUND                     = 4
       OBJECT                        = 5
       REFERENCE_CHECK               = 6
      OTHERS                        = 8
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.

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    Use Adobe Acrobat, not Adobe Reader.

  • Regarding subtotal text and total text

    Hi All,
    can any body provide example program for ALV total text and subtotal text both using REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPALY.  and
    using OOPS.
    @@@MODERATOR::    Please dont lock my threads.I have been searching since 2 days for this example and i tried with the provided examples .but they are not worked out ::
    FOr your information :
    Some of the links i searched in SDN:
    Re: SubTotal Text in ALV?

    Hi Naveen,
    If you are looking for specific Subtotal text in ALV Grid, then i think it is not possible.
    You can use SORT table to get sub-totals based on the columns that you display.
    Generally the record existing on the column based on which you sort the table, appears as the sub-total text automatically.....
    You can try giving Subtotal text in the LAYOUT as well and pass the layout to the ALV function module.
    Best Regards,

  • Item texts and header texts

    In which table item texts and header texts avialable.
    Edited by: Ramesh villa on Apr 11, 2009 4:49 PM

    For any queries (simple) recommended to search on group by entering simple search words of your quenry. You will find maximum solved questions.
    Re: PO header and item texts
    Syed Hussain.

  • Creation of short text and long text?

    We create short text by using oe_fnd_attachments_pub.create_short_text_document and oe_fnd_attachments_pub.add_attachment API and to create long text we use fnd_documents_pkg.insert_row .
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    Thanks and Regards

    Thanks for the help,
    I looked into the document and i got to know few things as to how short and long text are created, but can u tell when the records are inserted into fnd_attached_documents, because i can see that records are inserted into fnd_attached_short_text and fnd_attached_long_text, fnd_documents but i dont see any insertion into fnd_attached_documents, can u lemme knw how and when it is done?

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    When inserting text into a project template that I'm creating, what's the difference between inserting regular text (using the Caption tool) and inserting placeholder text?
    There's an obvious difference between inserting an image and an image placeholder, but when I use a project template that I've created, placeholder text and caption text behave the same way: I see the text on the stage, and double-click it to edit. So why go through the extra step of inserting placeholder text?

    Textbooks are educational books for use in schools and universities and the like. They are currently avaiable for purchase only in the USA. Textbooks have different contract clauses applied to them. Among them is an obligation on the publisher to offer textbooks that are sold in electronic form via other distributors in the iBookstore as well. Textbooks also have different (much lower) pricing tiers, and they must be made available via the bulk purchasing program. Textbooks must be authored with IBA (they cannot be ePub). I believe that textbooks also undergo a more stringent review process.
    Normal eBooks (not in the textbook category) can currently be sold in 32 territories (US, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe), and their pricing tiers provide for much higher prices.
    There is no difference in the widgets you can use in normal books and textbooks. The same widget set that is provided by IBA applies to both. In addition, a normal eBook can be published in ePub format and, therefore, authored with software other than IBA.
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    Dear Experts
                        PO header texts and item texts are stored in which table. please tell me the table name.
    Here i have configured PO version management. in that i want to control some sensitive fields change only version management will get triggered. it is done through  for this i have configured the sensitive fields in PO Print relevant changes. in that config the PO header texts and item texts table and field name is not exist.
    Now i have change the PO through me22n in header texts version management is triggered for this. i want to control this if some body change the po header texts and item texts version management should not triggered.
    is it possible.

    Try this  table STXH.
    Get the required information(input) for the function module 'READ_TEXT'.
            ID                            = 'ST'
            LANGUAGE                      = sy-langu
            NAME                          = thead-tdname
            OBJECT                        = 'TEXT'     
        ARCHIVE_HANDLE                = 0
        LOCAL_CAT                     = ' '
        HEADER                        =
            LINES                         = lines
           ID                            = 1
           LANGUAGE                      = 2
           NAME                          = 3
           NOT_FOUND                     = 4
           OBJECT                        = 5
           REFERENCE_CHECK               = 6
           WRONG_ACCESS_TO_ARCHIVE       = 7
           OTHERS                        = 8
        if sy-subrc eq 0.
          loop at lines.
            wa_HEADER_TEXTS-TEXT_FORM = lines-TDFORMAT.
            wa_HEADER_TEXTS-TEXT_LINE = lines-TDLINE.
            append wa_HEADER_TEXTS to lt_tmp_HEADER_TEXTS.
    Better take the help of abaper.
    With Regards,

  • Purchase requisition - Header Texts and Item Texts

    In Creating Purchase requisition if we enter the Header note text and Item text, in which table these texts will be stored.

    To see any text go to the detail of that text you will have a magnify button below that text click there you will get the stand text editor open.
    Click on GOT->Header it will give the information you need to get this text via function module 'READ_TEXT' they are sored in STXH.
    Points if find this helpful
    Yakub Shah

  • Display header text and item text in smartform

    Hi all,
    I have to display header text and item text of PO in smartform BBP_SUSPO.
    So how to do that.. I have to use 'read_text' Fm or directly i can get values from any table ???
    Thanks in  advance.
    Anagha Deshmukh

    Hi Amit,
    I have used inculde text that is avalable in smartforms to display header & Item text in this way
    For header :
    Text Name         Header guid
    Text Object       BBP_PD
    Text ID           HTXT
    Language          EN
    For Item:
    Text Name         Item Guid
    Text Object       BBP_PD
    Text ID              ITXT
    Language          SY-LANGU
    U can used this attributes in read_text function mdule also.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Anagha Deshmukh

  • Create mirror text and stroke text in AI Scripting

    Hello All,
    Please help me with the Script of creating mirror text and stroke text in Adobe illustrator scripting.
    Thanking you.
    With Regards
    Sawlay Singh.

    second: mark your answers as correct if you're helped, or at least come back and say "thanks"
    remember 'dinner for one'?

  • Header Text and Item Text for Sales Order

    Can any one help me on Header Text and Item Text............ ASAP.
    <b>STXH & STXL</b> 
    TDNAME :

    Hi Raghunath,
    Go to the text <b>in plain page mode</b>, and then you do via the menu '<b>GoTo</b>' -> '<b>Header</b>' and you get the parameters you need ( object, name, id, ...).
    Repeat this operation for each text.
    <u>Tips :</u> If you want to handle those text, use FM : READ_TEXT, EDIT_TEXT, and SAVE_TEXT...
    Hope this helps,

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