Scheduling agreements and batch

We have some customers that need to recive the same material-batch combination if possible due to the fact that then they dont need to recalibrate. So we thought that could be solved with scheduling agreements, but when i create the LD agreement and sets the batch, and schedulines any other orders will use that material/batch if suitble it does nott seem to reserve the batch, only the material. Is it possible to make the scheduling agreement reserve the batch so we dont have to handle this manually.


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  • Exit for role determination via exit for scheduling agreement and contract?

    I have a requirement to fetch the agents in run-time for PO,PR,SCHEDULE AGREEMENT, CONTRACT..
    For PO i am using EXIT : - M06E0005
    For PR release i am using EXIT :- M06B0001
    By using above 2 exits i am getting the agents at run-time...
    Same way i need the EXIT for SCHEDULE AGREEMENT and CONTRACT..
    if there is any EXIT for this please share with me..
    Imtiaz Khan

    Hi Imtiaz,
    Ideally you should have your agent determination logic in workflow itself instead of determinining them in EXIT.
    Can you tell me why you are determining agents in exit and how you are making use of it ?
    Also let us know how your workflows are getting trigger for all these documents.

  • Contract , scheduling agreement and service order

    Hi all,
          Can anybody tell me about the contract scheduling  agreement and when we can suggest our client to go for schedule or contract agreement ?
    Pls tell me elaborately .
    Also Pls explain me about service order and when can i go for service order . whether it is restricted to AMC ?
    Pls explain me elaborately.
    pls explain me steps for creating contract or scheduling agreement and service order..........................
    points to be rewarded.

    Contract is outline purchasing agreement where you have a contract with the vendor,may be a for a predetermined quantity or predefined value. So everytime you need the matl,  you need to make PO ref the contract asking for the delivery of the matl. In such instance when PO is ref with contract its called contract release orders or call off orders. So Process are ME01, ME11, ME31K with aggnrement type, ME51,ME21 & MIGO,
    Scheduling agreement is a long term purchase agreement, where you will keep issuing the delivery schedules whenever there is a change in requirement or at predetermined time intervals. The delivery schedule can be on hour/daily/weekly/monthly basis. SA is also an agreement with the vendor for the supply of matl, may be a quanity or value. The delivery dates will be maintained in ME38 ref the SA which are called delivery schedules.So you can maintain the delivery schedule and communicate the vendor on Forecase basis or JIT basis. And when you need some more matl then will only create SA deliveries using ME38. SA could be of 2 types:- without release documentation-system will transmit the delivery info to the vendor once you save the document.
    With release documentation- after creating the delivery schedules you need to create SA release using ME84.So Process are ME01, ME11, ME31K with aggnrement type, ME38 & MIGO,
    Service order or service PO is created with item Category "D" and an account assignment category as per ur requirement. U can not enter ur material here only u have to maintain short text of material. Example: You want to clean the boiler and u given contract to your Vendor. Vendor sends quotation mentioning that Rs.100/hr/Man head. Now how you will measure the cleaning activities of furnace? You can pay to contractor based on the hourly basis/ man head spent in cleaning activities. So in this case create the Purchase Order mentioning "Cleaning" in the short text in Item overview(Acc assignment ' K' or “C” or “P” and Item category 'D) and item details " Man Head" Service No , Gross price - Rs.100.00 and unit - hour ( or pick from Service master) and Quantity-number of hours spent by all man head.
    The steps to create Service PO are:
    1) Maintain Item Category as D & account assignment such as cost center “K”or slaes order”C”
    2) Keep material code field blank.
    3) Enter description of service & other fields in the PO Item Overview level. Press Enter.
    4) System will prompt you to maintain services at Item Level. Maintain your service master number / service description & other fields (quantity / rate /)
    5) Save the PO.
    For more follow the links;
    For more follow the link;
    Biju K

  • Creation Profile in Scheduling Agreement and Schedule LIne

    Dear Experts,
    Currently I'm working on Scheduling Agreement and Schedule Line.In standard SAP gives the provision of creation profile.I've gone through the SAP help documentation but I'm not clear on that.I've few doubts on creation profile.
    1. I've created a profile say XXXX for 14 days JIT and 6 months Forecast.And I maintain the same on Scheduling Agreement additional data.
    2.I'm creating delivery schedule respect ot Scheduling agrrement.
    3. I maintain the aggregation horiozon in creation profile as 10 days daily aggregation for JIT and 120 days for monthly aggregation for forecast.
    4.I run MRP for the header material and I maintain the necessary SA number in Source list.
    5. After MRP run I'm not getting the respective schedule lines for JIT and Forecast.
    6. What is the use of creation profile in Scheduling Agrrement and schedule line and is it determine ant schedule lines after MRP run.
    Please clarify me on creaion profile.
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Experts,
    I'm not getting any response regarding Creation profile which I posted last week.
    Can anybody explain me the use of Creation profile in Schedule line?
    From Standard SAP help documentation I'm not convince.
    Best Regards


    Hello Guys,
    I trying creating a scheduling agreement(SA) for vendor & material combination.
    I have created a Scheduling agreement in ME31L then maintained in ME38.
    In ME38 i have also mentioned the delivery date. when i am checking EKKO for Purchasing document , its created with the delivery date specified.
    My question is how to create a schedule line ? Do we need to maintain a source list of that material, plant and vendor.
    If we have the source list maintained, then what is the next step after SA is created and maintained.
    Do we need to do MIGO? because i tested by creating one SA in ME31L and maintained in ME38. I mentioned the delivery date as today and when i checked EKKO table the Purchasing document is created.
    Do i need to create a Purchase Order?
    If no then do i need to do MIGO? If i need to do MIGO, for what reference do i need to do MIGO???
    My client never maintained a Scheduling agreement, they want the scheduled lines to be created and sent to vendor and we need to receive  the goods on specified delivery date.
    Help will be appreciated.

    You need to make a distinction between the scheduling agreement (ME31L/ME32L) and the delivery schedule creation (ME38/ME84)
    With ME31L you create the scheduling agreement. In the scheduling agreement which is created for a vendor you maintain the parts that you will order at this vendor, the target quantity that you will order over a certain period and the price.
    In ME38 you use the scheduling agreement number that is created with ME31L to create schedule lines (manually). These schedule lines consist of a date and an quantity. This is the data that needs to be transmitted to the vendor and against which the vendor is shipping the ordered materials.
    Once the vendor ships the materials you post the goods receipt in Migo against the scheduling agreement number.
    That is the basic working of the scheduling agreement and the delivery schedule.
    Now some remarks.
    You need to set-up the required output conditions for transmitting the data to the vendor either via print, fax, email or EDI.
    You can do this manually in each scheduling agreement and each release but typically you maintain the output condition records.
    For scheduling agreement contract (ME31L) you use transaction MN07.
    For the delivery schedule (ME38/ME84) you use transaction MN10.
    In order for you to be able to post the goods receipt the delivery schedule needs to have been transmitted otherwise you will get a message that not requirement are found when trying to post goods receipt.
    Also the goods receipt can only be posted if the requirements are valid on the day that you are performing MIGO. This means if you would post GR today then the open requirements in the scheduling agreement need to be for today or already from previous dates. The system will not allow you to post GR for quantities that are only due tomorrow (if this is required a user exit needs to be set-up).
    If you want schedule lines created via MRP then you need to set-up a source list using ME01. You have to make sure that the MRP key is set to 2 in orer for the system to generate schedule lines and you also have to make sure that you have the correct MRP parameters set-up.
    You can use ME84 to transmit the delivery schedule lines generated by MRP if no changes are required. With the ME84 you can transmit multiple releases at once, however this transaction can not be used to make manual changes to the MRP proposal.
    The scheduling agreement offers lot's more possibilities but the above should get you going with the basics.
    Hope this will help you on your way.

  • Change Scheduling Agreement and Info Record using Bapi

    Hi Experts,
    Can anybody say how to change the Scheduling agreement and Info Record using Bapi.
    I use BAPI_AGREEMENT_MAINTAIN to change Scheduling Agreement .
    But it does not changing Scheduling lines.

    Please find the below link check the setting are correct or not

  • Same BO is getting invoked for Pur. Order, Schedule Agreement and Contract

    Hi All,
    My Scenario is like this:
    For Purchase order, Scheduling Agreement and for Contract the Release Statergy are same. For these three scenarios i have created 3 different workflow templates.
    My Purchase order workflow is working fine.
    My problem is :
    When i create a Schedule agreement or a contract, my PO business object is getting invoked and it goes to error.
    I have a doubt:
    For all the three scenario's they are using same number range, will this may be one of reason for the above problem???
    Kindly help me to resolve the issue.
    Thanks and Regards
    Balaji E.

    You can check this link:- (based on PO change) for more than 1 WF trigger)
    More than 1 WF trigger, could be that there would be a triggering condition that triggers more than 1 WF. Since further the conditions are not satisfied, this could lead the WF in error state.
    Let me know if u still face any issues..!!

  • Scheduling Agreements and relevant schedule lines configuration !

    Dear Sapients,
    I request you all to help me in providing the configuration steps for Scheduling Agreements and relevant Schedule lines configuration.
    Its urgent please help me !!

    Hi Sreedhar,
    Scheduling Agreement with Delivery Schedules
    An outline agreement that is created for one or more materials and outlines the overall expected quantity of the material(s) to be delivered to the customer over a specific period of time.
    The scheduling agreement is used as a basis for delivering a material. The customer sends in scheduling agreement releases, referred to as delivery schedules, at regular intervals to release a quantity of the material.
    The structure of scheduling agreements with delivery schedules resemble that of other sales documents in the R/3 System, in particular the standard scheduling agreement.
    Data that applies to the entire document appears in the header; data about materials appears at item level; and delivery dates and quantities appear in the schedule lines within the delivery schedule. Additionally, the system maintains a history that permits you to compare and contrast various generations of delivery schedules.
    Data in scheduling agreements comes from three sources:
    The customer sends in requested quantities and dates, normally by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    The component supplier enters data manually
    The system automatically copies data into the scheduling agreement from master records
    Please go through the below link for further information
    Please Reward If Really Helpful,
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Scheduling agreement and SUS

    Can anybody let me know,
    What are the steps involve in creation of scheduling agreement and distributing the scheduline lines to SUS.

    In R/3 go to transaction -->
    ME31L ---> Create Scheduling Agreement
    ME38   ---> Maintain Delivery Schedule
    ME84  ---> Create SA Releases
    Once this is done --> and all the configurations are in place , system will SEND
    SAR to SUS.

  • Tables for following scheduling agreements and PR data

    Hi All ,
    Please can you tell me table names if I want the following information
    1. Scheduling Agreement Created By, Amended By, Modified Date, Plant
    2. Req Created by, Released by, Cost center, plant
    Thanks in advance

    To view the fields listed in a table go to Tcode SE11 and enter the table name and execute
    EBAN  - Purchase Requisition 
    EBKN  - Purchase Requisition Account Assignment 
    Req Created by Table:EBAN Field ERNAM
    Released by- Table:EBAN Field FRGGR
    Cost center- Table:EBAN Field FISTL (Funds Center)
    plant-Table:EBAN Field WERKS
    For Scheduling Agreements following are the tables:
    EKEH    - Scheduling Agreement Release Documentation 
    EKEK    - Header Data for Scheduling Agreement Releases 
    EKET     - Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines 
    EKETH   - Scheduling Agreement Schedules: History Tables
    You will find the following list of fields in these tables:
    MANDT                          Client
    EBELN                          Purchasing Document Number
    EBELP                          Item Number of Purchasing Document
    ETENR                          Delivery Schedule Line Counter
    EINDT                          Item Delivery Date
    SLFDT                          Statistics-Relevant Delivery Date
    LPEIN                          Category of Delivery Date
    MENGE                          Scheduled Quantity
    AMENG                          Previous Quantity (Delivery Schedule Lines
    WEMNG                          Quantity of Goods Received
    WAMNG                          Issued Quantity
    UZEIT                          Delivery Date Time-Spot
    BANFN                          Purchase Requisition Number
    BNFPO                          Item Number of Purchase Requisition
    ESTKZ                          Creation Indicator (Purchase Requisition/S
    QUNUM                          Number of Quota Arrangement
    QUPOS                          Quota Arrangement Item
    MAHNZ                          No. of Reminders/Expediters for Schedule L
    BEDAT                          Order date of schedule line
    RSNUM                          Number of Reservation/Dependent Requiremen
    SERNR                          BOM explosion number
    FIXKZ                          Schedule Line is "Fixed"
    GLMNG                          Quantity Delivered (Stock Transfer)
    DABMG                          Quantity Reduced (MRP)
    CHARG                          Batch Number
    LICHA                          Vendor Batch Number
    CHKOM                          Components
    VERID                          Production Version
    ABART                          Scheduling agreement release type
    MNG02                          Committed Quantity
    DAT01                          Committed Date
    ALTDT                          Previous delivery date
    AULWE                          Route Schedule
    MBDAT                          Material Staging/Availability Date
    MBUHR                          Material Staging Time (Local, Relating
    LDDAT                          Loading Date
    LDUHR                          Loading Time (Local Time Relating to a
    TDDAT                          Transportation Planning Date
    TDUHR                          Transp. Planning Time (Local, Relating
    WADAT                          Goods Issue Date
    WAUHR                          Time of Goods Issue (Local, Relating to
    ELDAT                          Goods Receipt End Date
    ELUHR                          Goods Receipt End Time (Local, Relating
    ANZSN                          Number of serial numbers
    NODISP                         Ind: Reserv. not applicable to MRP;Purc
    hope this helps!

  • About selecting Scheduling Agreement and Forecast delivery schedule

    Hi Experts,
    i want to write a Report, with 2 parameters for the selection : Sold-to-party and Period
    For this Sold-to-party/Period, I want to list all scheduling agreement + Forecast delivery schedule.
    I already found the Function SD_VBEP_READ_WITH_VBELN to read all Forecast delivery schedule lines using Sales Doc.No. , but how can I select all Scheduling Agreement for the Period ?

    by selecting data from table VEPVG (Delivery Due Index) and using function SD_VBEP_READ_WITH_VBELN for each SD Document.

  • What is the difference between scheduling agreement and delivery schedule

    1. Can anyone explain me the difference between scheduling agreement output
        and scheduling agreement delivey schedule
        Will the both look same in T.code SP02 when seeing the output for a document.
        Can anyone send me for above ones in purchasing.
    2. when seeing the Detailed statement for rebate agreement,there is item number.
        In which table can we see the item number for rebate agreement

    If you have to deal with more complex situations, you can define a delivery cycle in the material master record in addition to the planning cycle. In so doing, you determine the days on whichthe vendor delivers his goods. The delivery cycle is entered in the material master record as a planning calendar in the Planning calendar field.
    You enter a delivery cycle if the delivery date (or the goods receipt date) depends on the day on which you order the goods. For example, you carry out the planning run and place your orders on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you place the order on Monday, the delivery is made on Wednesday, if you wait until Tuesday to place the order, the delivery is not made until Friday
    Where as Planning calander is Three character number (numeric or using letters) that specifically identifies a PPS-planning calendar. The difference between Planning calender and delivery cycle is If you have selected the MRP type "MRP" and have set a period lot-sizing procedure according to planning calendar, you enter here which planning calendar is to be used.
    If you selected the "time-phased planning" MRP type, the planning calendar that you specify here defines the delivery cycle. This specifies the days on which the vendor delivers the material. You can enter the planning cycle in addition to the delivery cycle

  • Scheduling agreement and GR

    Hello experts,
    I use purchasing schedule agreement I would like to build a report in which I can see for each schedule agreement, for each delivery (Goods receipt) the date and the quantity and how SAP split this quantity according to schedule lines compared to schduled quantity.
    I tried with SQVI, but I have no result yet.
    If someone can guide  me to build the query it would be fine.
    Thanks a lot

    This solution is not fitting to my expextation.
    I explain again :
    I would like, for each purchasing scheduling agreement, to see for each delivery (goods receipt) the quantity enter in stock and for which scheduling line it matches.
    For example, sometimes we can have one delivery wich cover more than one schedule line, it means that for each schedule line I expect to have one line per delivery till the quantity fit to the delivery line, and the date of the delivery.
    I would like to build it with a query if it's not available in standard Tcode.
    Many thanks

  • Return process in Scheduling agreement and correction delivery creation

    Hi Experts,
    I have couple of Questions:
    1) I want to know the return process in case of scheduling agreement, how exactly we should go about it.
    2) Regarding creation correction deliveries in the scheduling agreements.
    I enter in a valid scheduling agreement number into transaction VA32, click the "JIT DlSch" button, click "Corr. Delivery" button and then enter in a date and quantity.
    After I hit "Save" button, I am taken back to the initial VA32 screen and see the following message...
    Sched. Agr. w/ Rel. ####### has been saved (no delivery created)
    Message no. V1261
    Does anybody have any insight to why this is happening? Thanks in advance.

    Whether it is a scheduling agreement or sale order, in case of returns, you need to generate the following:-
    a)  Return Sale order or scheduling agreement referencing the parent billing document
    b)  Return delivery if goods are taken back in parent plant via VL01N
    c)  Credit note to customer via VF01
    d)  Excise credit via J1IH
    Last but not least, please spell the name correctly.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Sales scheduling agreements and subsequent sales orders in MD04

    We would like to use sales scheduling agreements. For planification purposes, we need that forecast delivery schedule quantities in the agreement, appear in MD04 transaction, so corresponding schedule line type has flag "Transfer of requirements" active. In customizing for the agreement type, subsequent documents are sales orders, not deliveries, as we need always to have a sales order. We need that when creating subsequent sales order by reference to the scheduling agreement, quantity required related to the agreement is reduced. Or, at least, when this subsequent sales order is delivered.
    Example: In the agreement we can have 1000 KG and 2000 KG as forecast, for different dates. If a sales order of  800 KG is created, then we will get a new line of 800 KG in MD04. Required quantity related to the agreement, should be changed from 1000 to 200.
    Another option would be that subsequent sales order and delivery don't appear in MD04 (so requested quantity is not increased) and then, when the goods issue is posted, the available quantity is reduced and also the quantity required related to the agreement. I know how to make that sales order item is not relevant for MD04 using  flag "Transfer of requirements" for the sales order schedule item type, but I don't know how to make that delivery doesn't appear.
    Edited by: CH Spain on Dec 28, 2007 1:08 PM

    In the given logic include another comment 
    If zfield value = 01, then allow creation of subsequent document.
    If zfield value # 01, then subsequent document creation should not be allowed.
    If AUART = Z sales document types then allow creation of subsequent document
    If VKORG  (Sales organisation) =1000 then allow creation of subsequent document
    If VTWEG  (Distribution channel) = 01then allow creation of subsequent document
    If SPART (Division) = 01then allow creation of subsequent document
    It wont affect if you change the copy control requirement routine,but instead of changing the copy control requirement routine
    use the user exit at sales order level only.

Maybe you are looking for