Signing a Document using Custom PKCS#11 and Hardware Token

I am using a custom PKCS#11 dynamic library and a hardware token to sign a document in Adobe Acrobat 10. I encountered this error when I used the Standard Text as the Appearance of the Signature.
Creation of this signature could not be completed. Unknown error Support Information: CDSHandler-657
If I use a custom appearance, the signing is successful.
Do I need to set anything else before signing the document? Everything works fine on Adobe Acrobat 11. I am using a Mac OS X 10.9 machine. The same error is encountered in Windows 7.
Is this a known issue in Adobe Acrobat 10?

My bad, actually I was not using Adobe SDK. I just loaded my custom PKCS module and tried to sign the document. Have you encountered this error?

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  • Signing a document using a plugin in different versions of Reader

    I am signing a pdf document with my own .cer file using a plugin. Everything works great in Reader 8, I've got a green check, it specifies that this is a valid signature and I can view the certificate. In Reader 9, however, I receive a huge question mark, but it still specifies that the signature is valid and I can view the certificate. In Reader X, the signature is "UNKOWN".
    How do I get rid of the question mark? Even if I delete the vector data for the drawing the question mark in the plugin, a big yellow question mark is still being displayed in Reader 9 and X.
    Thank you,

    Again, I know NOTHING about your plugin, your code, the certificate in question, etc.
    The ONLY WAY to get you an answer is for you to provide our support staff with the PDF in question, at least as a starting point.  Please open a support contract.
    From: Adobe Forums <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
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    Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 06:25:35 -0700
    To: Leonard Rosenthol <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
    Subject: Signing a document using a plugin in different versions of Reader
    Re: Signing a document using a plugin in different versions of Reader
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  • Signing a document using an image

    I can no longer sign a document using an image with Adobe Ready XI.  I have tried to "change saved signature" and click on the "use image" option.  It then requires me to save a copy but after I do so the box disappears and I don't have an option to browse for the image I want to use.  If I click on Place signature again it forces me to set up a digital ID. This happened after an update I did yesterday.  How can I use an image to sign and NOT a digital ID?

    Ok, here's what I've got:
    myCert.cer (certificate)
    myKey.pfx (PKCS12 keystore)
    With this two files I should be able to get the private key (from myKey.pfx), the public key (from the certificate)... and use this to sign the document.
    Can anyone help me to do that? (in Java Code)
    I'll apreciate any help...

  • Signing a document using an existing certificate

    Hi, I've been searching for APIs to digitally sign documents.
    I've successfully signed documents using Keystore and KeyPairGenerator (both of them work), but I haven't been able to use an existing certificate (a .cer file) to sign a document.
    Can anyone help me with this?
    An example code of signing a document using (for example) a certificate stored in myCertificate.cer would be really helpful.
    Juan Ignacio.

    Ok, here's what I've got:
    myCert.cer (certificate)
    myKey.pfx (PKCS12 keystore)
    With this two files I should be able to get the private key (from myKey.pfx), the public key (from the certificate)... and use this to sign the document.
    Can anyone help me to do that? (in Java Code)
    I'll apreciate any help...

  • Unable to sign a document using latest adobe reader.

    Hi guys,
    I've never had to sign a document using reader before so I'm really lost. I've downloaded the latest adobe reader version and created an adobe account. The form is enabled for reader and signatures as far as I can tell.
    I'm logged in while the file is open but under the right side tab "sign" all the options are grayed out, I also cant just click on the signature box like it mentions in the help vids.
    I've added a screen shot to show you what I mean.
    Thanks guys,

    Try updating the software, first? PKCS12 is the latest one.
    Also-- you have to make sure you have a digital ID stored in the computer (or through a server), or you can create one.

  • Binding a subtree using custom State- and ObjectFactory

    first of all a very short example to illustrate my idea. I know that it would be complete rubbish to store the kind of data in the example in multiple classes and ldap entries. Currently I'm working with much larger objects that must be written according to special schema definitions. This example is really only for illustration!
    objectclass ( NAME 'myperson'
                  SUP top STRUCTURAL
                  MUST ( cn $ sn ) MAY ( email ) )
    objectclass ( NAME 'myphoto'
                  SUP top STRUCTURAL
                  MUST ( cn $ jpegPhoto ) )
    class MyPhoto {
        byte[] photo;
    class MyPerson {
        String cn;
        String sn;
        String email;
        MyPhoto photo; // This is the really relevant line :)
    }Now to the question:
    Is it possible to bind multiple java objects with one call to bind and to get a subtree by using custom State- and ObjectFactory-Classes?
    Structure of the LDAP-Database
    dn: cn=John Doe
    {  cn=John Doe
       [email protected]   }
    dn: cn=TheLogo, cn=John Doe    // Child of cn=John Doe
    { cn=TheLogo              // The cn is the same for all MyPhoto entries
                              // its only use is for building the dn
      jpegPhoto=[some binary data]   }I tried to solve the problem with a kind of recursion. When my StateFactory is called to bind an Object of Class MyPerson it builds the appropriate AttributeList. Before it returns, it calls bind for the Object of class MyPhoto with the dn: "cn=TheLogo,cn=John Doe".
    Of course this doesn't work because the entry for cn="John Doe" doesn't exist at this time. Now I don't know what to do. A possible solution would be to create everything by hand, but then I wouldn't have to use custom StateFactories at all. But if there is a simple solution to my problem I would like to use my own StateFactory instead of having to implement a persistance manager on my own.
    I hope you understand what I want to do and why it doesn't work out. If you don't please ask and I will try to clarify.

    A provisional solution is to use an external controller. For this approach to work, each class has to provide the list of objects being part of its properties. I have prepared two interfaces for this purpose:
    public interface HasSubordinates {
    Enumeration getSubordinates();
    boolean hasSubordinates();
    public interface Storable extends HasSubordinates {
    String getIdentifier();
    Then, you can use the controller to recursively get the object "tree" and store it in the directory (either using objects that implement the DirContext interface or using StateFactories - the last one is the one I have used)
    The code for the Controller is the following:
    import javax.naming.*;
    import javax.naming.spi.*;
    import java.util.*;
    public class DatabaseAccessController {
    // Constants
    final static String ldapServerName = "localhost";
    final static String rootdn = "cn=juanluis, o=niaf";
    final static String rootpass = "secret";
    final static String rootContext = "o=niaf";
    private DirContext initialContext;
    private static Properties env = new Properties();
    static {
    env.put( Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory" );
    env.put( Context.STATE_FACTORIES, "database.PersonStateFactory:database.AddressStateFactory");
    env.put( Context.PROVIDER_URL, "ldap://"+ ldapServerName+"/"+rootContext);
    env.put( Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, rootdn );
    env.put( Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, rootpass );
    public DatabaseAccessController() {
    try {
    initialContext = new InitialDirContext( env );
    } catch( Exception e ) {
    public void store( Storable object ) {   
    try {
    store( object, initialContext );
    } catch( NamingException ne ) {
    private void store( Storable object, DirContext ctx ) throws NamingException{
    DirStateFactory.Result result = DirectoryManager.getStateToBind( object, null, null, env, null );
    Attributes attributes = result.getAttributes();
    DirContext new_ctx = ctx.createSubcontext( dn(object), attributes );
    if( object.hasSubordinates() ) {
    Enumeration subordinates = object.getSubordinates();
    while( subordinates.hasMoreElements() ) {
    try {
    store( (Storable)subordinates.nextElement(), new_ctx );
    } catch( Exception e ) {
    private String dn( Storable object ) {
    return "cn="+object.getIdentifier();
    This is an example of how it should work on two objects:
    public class Person implements Storable{
    String name;
    String surname;
    Address address;
    public Person(String n, String sn, Address addr) {
    name = n;
    surname = sn;
    address = addr;
    public boolean hasSubordinates() {
    return true;
    public Enumeration getSubordinates() {
    Hashtable h = new Hashtable();
    h.put("address", address );
    return h.elements();
    public String getIdentifier() {
    return name + " "+ surname;
    public class Address implements Storable {
    String street;
    int number;
    Attributes attrs;
    public Address( String s, int n) {
    street = s;
    number = n;
    public boolean hasSubordinates() {
    return false;
    public Enumeration getSubordinates() {
    return null;
    public String getIdentifier() {
    return street + number;
    And here it is the program that access to the directory:
    public class TestLDAP {
    public TestLDAP() {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    try {
    System.out.println("Creating controller...");
    DatabaseAccessController controller = new DatabaseAccessController();
    System.out.println("Controller created");
    Person person = new Person("Juan Luis", "Manas", new Address("Street in Madrid", 33 ));
    System.out.println("Storing object in the directory...");;
    System.out.println("object stored successfully!");
    } catch( Exception e ) {
    If you find a better way of performing the storage of complex objects in the directory, please, let me know.
    Juan Luis

  • Error while signing a document using API

    Hello. I'm using API functions to add a digital signature to a PDF document. While signing this document, I receive an error which looks like:
    com.adobe.livecycle.signatures.client.types.exceptions.PDFOperationException: ALC-DSS-303-001 Could not sign Signature Field MyField (in the operation : sign)
    Caused By: ALC-DSS-303-014 Subject name and the subject alt name missing. (in the operation : getSignerName)
    My source code is a straight copy/paste from the SDK Help. I can successfully add an unsigned signature field using API call, but I can't sign it. I can also sign my document manually from Adobe Acrobat Professional using the same certificate.
    I'm new in LiveCycle and digital signatures, so it might be some obvious reason that I just can't detect now.
    Could anyone help me, please?

    you can mail me directly to [email protected], and I'll try to help.
    no guarenty :-)
    [email protected]

  • After upgrading to FF 7. When I change my Privacy settings to Use custom settings and check ok, the changes are not saved.

    Using Win 7 sp1
    FireFox 7.0.1
    In Privacy Settings: When I change the FireFox will: to "use custom settings for history" and check ok, the setting isn't saved. After I close, then reopen the Privacy Settings tab, the setting for FireFox will: is back to "remember history"
    Thank you

    You can try to delete the cookies.sqlite and permissions.sqlite files in the Firefox profile folder.
    You can use this button to go to the currently used Firefox profile folder:
    *Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Director: Show Folder (Linux: Open Director; Mac: Show in Finder)
    You can inspect and manage the permissions for the domain in the currently selected tab via these steps:
    *Click the "Site Identity Button" (globe/padlock) on the location bar
    *Click "More Information" to open "Tools > Page Info" with the Security tab selected
    *Go to the Permissions tab (Tools > Page Info > Permissions) to check the permissions for the domain in the currently selected tab
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window.

  • To sign the document using pen tool in acrobat

    hi ,
            I have to draw in the pdf using pen tool in a particular textbox. what i want to do in when i click in the textbox
          it has to go to pdf comment in it, It has to select the Drawing markups and then select pen tool automatically.
             I want a path for it directly . so that a layman can directly click the textbox and pen tool should open . so that he can sign the document

    Actaully this code is printing a flower using ink tool. can to modify this
    code so that instead of printing it should display inktool by using which i
    draw my own sign or image etc.
      var inch =72, x0 =2* inch, y0=4*inch;
    var scaledInch=.5*inch;
    var nNodes=60;
    var theta=2*Math.PI/nNodes;
    var points =new Array();
    for(var i=0;i<=nNodes;i++)
         Theta =i*theta;
    var annto= this.addAnnot(

  • How to make reference wbs custom data carried to new wbs when using custom tab and custom table

    I created a custom tab for WBS elements by using user exit CNEX0007 and custom screen and put a table control in it.
    As table control's data has to be stored in a table I could not use append structure of PRPS.
    When I used reference wbs, PRPS custom fields were carried also but I could not find any solution to fill table control data with reference table.
    I need to get correspondence between reference number's and new id's key data. Is there any exit, enh. that I can store the relationship.

    I've used an enhancement point in include LCNPB_MF38.  CJWB_SUBTREE_COPY exports a table called newnumbers. Here you can find correspondances between copied WBS and new WBS.
    Exported table to memory id.
    And imported it in another user-exit. You can use proper user exit for your need.  ( EXIT_SAPLCNAU_002)

  • I need to digital sign a document using Acrobat Reader. Is it possibile?

    I am an IT Manager for a little city in northern italy.
    I have almost 50 clients with smart cards enabled for what concerns digital signage.
    I use flawlessy the software of the firm who provides the smart card. (
    This uses sha256 crypt, no problems about it.
    The problem I have is:
    The final file is a "p7m" envelope.
    I would prefer to use a "pdf" envelope. One only file.
    I tried to follow this video
    Simply it doesn't work.
    I have also a couple of Acrobat Standard.
    I can "pdf-sign" with Acrobat Standard 9.
    I am not able to do the same with reader 9 or X.
    There is a way to do it?
    Thank You.

    You can sign a PDF using Adobe Reader 9 or X, but the document must be "Reader Extended" to enable this functionality, This can be done using ADEP\LiveCycle Reader Extensions (server product) or Acrobat Professional 9 (Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader) or Acrobat X Professional (File > Save As > Reader extended PDF)
    For some more info...  or cb9aad9-7ffa.html

  • My Apple ID is incorrect in my iPhone. Did the " ID shown...signout...sign back in using correct ID and the incorrect ID is still appearing when I try to sign in at the Apps Store...Help!

    My question is this...My Apple ID that appears in the AppStore log in is incorrect. I have tried the recommended "Settings...Store...Tap ID shown...sign out...sign back in w/ correct ID/password multiple times.  When I go to the Apps Store to log in, the incorrect Apple ID is still displayed...have contacted Apple support numerous times and none of the suggestions offered have worked...Help!

    I had the same thing happen today on my wife's phone.  I couldn't find any answers on the support site and of course I could not get any help from Apple since my phone was old.  I kept digging and figured out how to fix the problem.  I opened the app store app and signed out of the old id and then signed back in using my new id.  It looks like this may have fixed the problem.

  • We have always used custom excel and other PDF files how do we build an app for ipad

    apart from the "mac" what else do I need as I only want 1 license of the resulting app and as it is an inhouse app paying a developer and getting volume license is too expensive.  Or is all extras in the dev pack issued by Apple

    it is only for myself to use in the business on a day to day basis
    The app is to collect 5-6 types of data that currently we have to write down each time we do certain processes with work
    current example new page new day so 300+ sheets per year with 1-3 lines of writing on
    initials of employee - product made - added ingredients batch numbers 4-5 columns - total made
    this type of capture should be ideal for ipad with scroll or number input and each day new form saves the planet as well
    our only issue is we have all custom programs and equipment based round XP pro systems and cannot go to touchscreen windows 8 with any of our old custom software hence going to custom app as keyboards are not possible in our industry due to hygiene issues unless stainless and silicon coated at $700 each

  • JTree selection problem when using custom renderer and editor

    I created a JTree with custom renderer and editor.
    The customization makes JCheckBox to be the component
    responsible for editing and rendering.
    The problem is that when I click on the node with the checkbox
    the JTree selection model does not get updated.
    Without customizations of the editor and renderer the MouseEvent would be fired and BasicTreeUI$MouseHandler.mousePressed() method would call
    the selectPathForEvent() method which would be responsible for updating
    the selection model. At the same time if I attach a mouse listener to the JTree (customized) I see the events when clicking on the nodes. It seems like the MouseEvent gets lost and somehow as a result of which the selection model does not get updated.
    Am I missing something?

    You probably forgot to call super.getTreeCellRendererComponent(...) at the beginning of your getTreeCellRendererComponent(...) method in your custom renderer.
    Or maybe in the getTreeCellEditorComponent(...) of the TreeCellEditor...

  • Trouble using Custom Template and Saving Resulting Document. Help!

    I created a Custom Template in Numbers '09. When I go hit "New from Template Chooser", there it is. I've tried entering info directly into the template, as well as duplicating it and entering info in the duplicated document. I can enter the info just fine, but.... Either way, when I'm done I do not have an option to Save, Save As or anything like that. I only see "Save As Template".....but it's already a perfectly good template. I don't want to Save As Template and create another template!!!. I want a named document saved, using the great template I already put together. Is this a problem? What's up? Why can't I do this???? Please help!

    I'm on an iMac running 10.7.5. (Afraid to go further  because I have FInal Cut Pro 7 and I'm very attached to it....I'm afraid to upgrade my OS and have FCP not work! I'm a pro and not so willing to go to FCP 10).  Anyway, I'm on an iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core  4 GB, 1333 MHz RAM.
    I'm running Numbers ''09 and don't have 13, so it's an 09 template entering 09 info. It's perfect. I run webinars and it contains all of the status for media and every detail of any upcoming webinar production. My goal is to open the template, enter the info, and save it with the name of the webinar client. Then open again, enter for another client, save, etc.
    It's just 09 all the way through. It says I can Save a Version or Save as Template.
    Should I open a template and then Duplicate so it's a fresh document? I do that sometimes in hopes of seeing an option to SAVE AS. Sometimes I open and Don't Duplicate, but just use the template. Either way I see no way of saving the document with the specific information for the client. I don't want to Save As Template! Who wants hundreds of templates running around that are all virtually the same except for the info entered within it.
    Am I missing the boat here?

Maybe you are looking for