System failure, during call of function module RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST

Hi Team,
     I am working with BW and Portal Integration, with the Netweaver
2004s SP 11 version. I have a issue when i run the RSPOR_SETUP program
to test the configuration.
The error is on status 5 and 12, i get the following error:
System failure, during call of function module RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST,
and when i enter at the dev_jrfc.trc log file, i have the following
Exception thrown [Tue Jul 10 16:12:16,687]:Exception thrown by
application running in JCo Server
java.lang.RuntimeException: call FM RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST to ProgId
smxpedvc_PORTAL_EPD on host
with SSO not authorized: No login module succeeded.
        at Method)
Could you help me to solve this issue.
Thanks so much.

Have you checked the user that is used to connect from J2EE back to ABAP?
I had a similar problem, went into the Visual Administrator and found the incorrect password (or possibly outdated password) was being used to communicate back to ABAP, and updating that sorted out my problem.
Hope this helps.

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  • System failure during call of function module RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST in BW

    Hello All,
                I am doing configuration with BW and EP portal when we run the program (RSPOR_SETUP) in step - 12 Maintain User Assignment in Portal = (System failure during call of function module RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST) giving this error SSO is working fine.
    RFC connection is working fine with BW and portal
    When i execute the FM - RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST it is giving error (SYSTEM_FAILURE) and in Portal side log file it is giving below error.
    Exception thrown [Fri Sep 05 15:14:57,928]:Exception thrown by application running in JCo Server
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Bean RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST not found on host (Hostname), ProgId=EPP_PORTAL_SID: Object not found in lookup of RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST.
            at Method)
    Please help me find the solution.

    Hi Gurpal,
    Please go through the below SAP notes
    - Information broadcasting: No portal user exists
    - Inf. broadcasting: Changed RFC settings as of NW 04 SP11
    1135947 - Bean not found
    Hope this solves your problem.

  • Errors occurred during call of function module BUPR_EMPLO_DELETE

    when distributing employee data from (HCM) to (CRM) there is an error that appears in relation with the settings for the Business Parner:
    "Errors occurred during call of function module BUPR_EMPLO_DELETE
    Message no. R11335
    The business partner BAPIs were called up incorrectly. The indicator IV_X_SAVE was given differing settings when the modules were called.
    Within a LUW, the indicator must be consistently set or not set.
    System Response
    The indicator IV_X_SAVE should be set or not set once off. Up to COMMIT WORK the content of the field may not be changed, as problems will otherwise occur with the internal memory, thus leading to runtime errors."
    This prevents CRM to be updated with the changes. Kindly help me on the same.

    Hi Sai,
    This is too late to reply this post, but to let everyone know about the issue I am posting here.
    Start new UI session and put breakpoint at BUPR_EMPLO_DELETE and check parameter IV_X_SAVE everytime, till you get the error message. The parameter IV_X_SAVE should be same/consistent (either ' ' or 'X') in whole Logical Unit of Work. It should not change in between.
    I faced the same kind of problem and found that standard was passing IV_X_SAVE = ' ' and in our custom code we were passing IV_X_SAVE = 'X'. I changed it to IV_X_SAVE = ' ' and my problem got resolved.
    You can try the same. Please post the alternate solution if you find it.
    Best Regards,
    Rahul Koshti

  • Runtime error when testing function module 'RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST'

    I'am integrating BIW 3.5 with EP 6.0 according to the report 'RSPOR_SETUP'.I've carried all the steps,but an error on step 12 : system failure during call of function module 'RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST' is there .When I test the connection with function module 'RSWR_RFC_SERVICE_TEST', a runtime error is coming i.e. "<--Localization failed: ResourceBundle=''.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Hi Manoj,
    From this I can understand that a critical resource is missing which is required to start the RFC service in Reporting Services Web Runtime. This might be because of incomplete patch deployment. Deploy all the required software component archives related to component and then retry this... I think this should solve the issue.

  • Call RFC Function Module in R/3 via XI during Mapping

    I have an XI scenario where I have to fill the IDoc ADRMAS03 in XI and send it to R/3. Unfortunately the sender system does not provide the required address number (ADRNR) for the Business Partner, only the Business Partner number. Therefore I want to call a Function Module in R/3 during the mapping in order to get the ADRNR.
    Does anybody know which RFC-Function Module I can call in R/3 4.6c providing the Busness Partner number in order to get the ADRNR?

    no need for RFC lookup it's better to do as he wants
    (inside an exit in R3) - just my point of view
    don't use a FM just find a table with both values
    and create a select statement youself
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions"><b>XI / PI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</b></a>

  • Problem while determining receivers using interface mapping: "SYSTEM FAILURE" during JCo call. Bean SMPP_CALL_JAVA_RUNTIME3 not found

    We have a SOAP to PROXY scenario Which is in Production.
    We keep getting the Error:
    " Problem while determining receivers using interface mapping: "SYSTEM FAILURE" during JCo call. Bean SMPP_CALL_JAVA_RUNTIME3 not found on host XXXXXX, ProgId =AI_RUNTIME_XXX.
    We are using Standard Receiver Determination with single receiver without any condition. And no mapping being used in interface determination.
    What are all the possible situation where we face such as this issue in Production.

    Please check the SAP note
    # 1706936 - messages fails with error java.lang.RuntimeException Bean SMPP_CALL_JAVA_RUNTIME3 not found
    1944248 - PI unstable due to JCO_SYSTEM_FAILURE mapping issues

  • "SYSTEM FAILURE" during JCo

    Hi All
    I have developed Java mapping program where I am calling three BAPI in sequence and trying to map all three bapi data to single Target XML file or Multiple target xml files depends on the in coming data.
    Now I want these files name should be genereted dynamically .So I have used below  Dynamic Configuration code in my java mapping program.********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
         String currDate = new String();
         String currTime= new String();
         DateFormat dFormat=new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMdd");
         DateFormat tFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("HHmmss");
         java.util.Date date = new Date();
         TimeZone cetTimeZone = TimeZone.getTimeZone("CET");
         currDate = dFormat.format(date);
         currTime= tFormat.format(date);
         String pubDate=currDate + currTime;
         String ext=".xml";
         String event="-1_1-";
         trace.addInfo("********  Before  Dynamic Configuration ***************" );
         DynamicConfiguration conf =(DynamicConfiguration)container.getTransformationParameters().get(StreamTransformationConstants.DYNAMIC_CONFIGURATION);
                                            DynamicConfigurationKey key = DynamicConfigurationKey.create( "","FileName" );
         trace.addInfo("********  After  Dynamic Configuration ***************" );
         String tempFileName="NL09-"eventponum+ "-" pubDateext;
         trace.addInfo("The name of the file is  : " + tempFileName);
         conf.put(key, "tempFileName");
                catch (Exception e)
                     trace.addWarning("Error While creating File Name"+e.getMessage());
                     throw new Exception("Error While creating File Name",e);
    Now the problem is when I am using above code I am getting following error
    "SYSTEM FAILURE" during JCo call.
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:Stack>&quot;SYSTEM FAILURE&quot; during JCo call.
    Could please tell me why I am facing this problem only when I am using  Dynamic configuration code.
    If I dont use  Dynamic configuration code then I am not getting any error .But my requirement is to generate dynamic file name (Note I have tried with Variable Substution also, It is also not solving my problem as I need time stamp of ("CET") time zone).

    Hi Abhishek,
    Yes I have appended throws StreamTransformationException and imported the relevant StreamTransformationException class also.
    Here I am getting strange thing when  I am adding dynamic configuration code " SYSTEM FAILURE" during JCo call. But Jco cal is something to internal systems which does not relate to Dynamic Configuration.
    If I run my code with out any Dynamic Configuration code then it is running with out any errors.
    But I need this  Dynamic Configuration inorder to generate dyanamic file name.

  • "SYSTEM FAILURE" during JCo call. max no of 100 conversations exceeded

    Hi Experts,
    My scernario is : RFC->File Asynch
    When i do testing this scenario in Configuration (ID) -> tools-> test configuration  I got below error.
            Interface Mapping
    Runtime error
    "SYSTEM FAILURE" during JCo call. max no of 100 conversations exceeded / CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPCMRCV' : cmRc=17 thRc=45
    1) I have created incremented 100 to 300: Set the following environment variable CPIC_MAX_CONV=300
    2) In sender RFC communication channel i have all correct parameters like: gateway service,Program ID, client number, password, userid etc
    Pleas help me out.
    siva grandhi

    se this
    /thread/174978 [original link is broken]
    Look at SAP note 314530,316877
    set this enviroment Variables:
    set CPIC_MAX_CONV = 500 (WINDOWS)
    setenv CPIC_MAX_CONV 500 (unix)
    also check the rfc destination JCO_RUNTIME_JCOSERVER
    AI_RUNTIME_JCOSERVER. if u have any error in this RFC plz refer to this link
    ps:reward points if useful
    Edited by: Rodrigo Pertierra on Mar 26, 2008 11:59 AM

  • Calling RFC function module in other SAP system...

    I have a report on one SAP system and a function module on other system. The function module is RFC enabled. How can I call this RFC enabled function module from other SAP system in the report which is different SAP ?

    call the function module in orginal system in se38 ,copy the function module ,paste the function module in other system,and maintain destination here ,otherwise you will get short dump.
    here detination should be SM59 destination,this is case sensitive.
    Reward Points if it is helpful

  • Error when call RFC Function module in R/3

    Dear All,
    We are trying to call RFC function module CBIF_GLM1_PROCESS_ORDER_READ (This is not a BAPI and also not released ) in R/3 from XI system.
    we are facing the error "Error while lookup Exception during processing the payload. Error when calling an adapter by using the communication channel CC_PPPI_MES_RFC_Rcvr (Party: , Service: WCD_320, Object ID: 16563889b449328eac76caa6a3bc592e) XI AF API call failed. Module exception: 'error while processing the request to rfc-client: error while processing message to remote failed to parse BAPI response due to: Parameter with name RETURN not found.'. Cause Exception: ' error while processing message to remote failed to parse BAPI response due to: Parameter with name RETURN not found.'."
    This is the first time we are doing this configuration.
    Could you please let me know what woulbe the reason.

    read the original message
    We are trying to call RFC function module CBIF_GLM1_PROCESS_ORDER_READ (This is not a BAPI and also not released ) in R/3 from XI system.
    I am talking about the above Receiver RFC channel which you guys are using to call R/3 from XI. That where you need to change the commit parameter

  • Calling a functional module in SAP

    We have a require ment like we need to update the details in SAP by calling a functional module, the data comes from a legacy which deletes immediately after it sends to XI by using a webservice, It is XI responsibility to update the details. In case SAP is down , Can we preserve this message and update SAP as and when the SAP is Up.
    Please comment.

    Hi Prasad
    Thank you so much. It has good information.
    As Naveen Pandrangi's blog
    XI : RFCAdapter ReConnect Issue
    "when the end system comes up, calls from XI would be successful. RFC Adapter would now check the connection for every message instead of only once when the communication channel is updated."
    Here small question is what about the old messages that were failed due to Connection Failure or SAP down.
    Please try to comment.
    Thanks in advance

  • CNTL_ERROR while calling a function module from Java webdynpro

    I am calling a RFC function module from javawebdynpro app
    which inturn calls a function module performing BDC on CAPP transaction. When I run this from SE37 of the same system or a different system everything works fine. But when called from Java webdynpro app, it raises a CNTL_ERROR exception and creates a short dump.
    Any help on this is highly appreciated

    Good catch, BI Learner. This was exactly it: when assigning the values from SOURCEFIELDS directly to the import/export parameters, you have to make sure that the types are EXACTLY the same, otherwise it will not work (the routine stops with an error when calling the FM, but there is no dump).
    Therefore, to solve my problem, I created the declarations precisely as expected by the FM and assigned the values to these fields:
    " get the Production UOM
        IF ( SY-SUBRC = 4 ). " no records found
    " load the parameters
    " then you can call the FM
            PSOURCEVAL                = SOURCEVAL
            PSOURCEUOM                = SOURCEUOM
            PUSITM                    = USITM
            PTARGETUOM                = PRODUCTION_UOM
            PTARGETVAL                = CONVERTED_COST
            PARTNO_NOT_FOUND          = 2
            OTHERS                    = 3.
    " ... [do the rest]
    Thanks for your help,

  • Program making a RFC call to Function Module not working in background

    Hi All,
    I have an ABAP Program which is used to do a reconciliation check between the R/3 and BI system for Invoice Data. Please find below the details of the program flow:
    1.     Program counts the number of records in the DSO table and aggregates the Net_Value based on the date range (passed as parameters)
    2.     Program calls a Function Module (RFC Call) which counts the number of records in the R/3 table and aggregates the Net_Value for the same date range
    3.     Function Module Passes back the count values and aggregated Net_Value to the program
    4.     Program compares the count and aggregated Net_Value from EDWH and MSP systems and sends an email mentioning whether the counts match or not
    However we are facing an issue.
    Whenever, we execute the program in dialog mode, it works fine and fetches results within 5-6 minutes. However if we schedule the program to run in background (parameters through a variant), it gives no results even after running for over 3-4 hours. We tried figuring it out yesterday but could not come to any conclusion. Since there is a RFC call being to the function module, we were wondering if we need to specify some other parameter as well.
    Thanks & Regards

    RFC Call is a procedure for executing remote enables function modules. It is done via the 'Remote Enabled' radio button on the function module's attribute screen.

  • Call of function module "SUBST_START_BATCHJOB" by RFC failed

    Hello Guru's,
    We have the following Issue:
    In Phase PREP_INIT/JOB_RSUPDTEC we get this error from EHPI (Version 710-1)
    Checks after phase PREP_INIT/JOB_RSUPDTEC were negative!
    Last error code set: BATCHJOB RSUPDTEC FAILED: Calling RSUPDTEC failed - repeat phase.
    In the file PSUPDTEC.LOG are the following error:
    4 ETQ260 Starting batchjob "RSUPDTEC"
    4 ETQ230 Starting RFC Login to: System = "E11", GwHost = "sape11", GwService = "sapgw00"
    4 ETQ359 RFC Login to: System="E11", Nr="00", GwHost="sape11", GwService="sapgw00"
    4 ETQ232 RFC Login succeeded
    4 ETQ233 Calling function module "SUBST_START_BATCHJOB" by RFC
    4 ETQ234 Call of function module "SUBST_START_BATCHJOB" by RFC succeeded
    4 ETQ399 Returned JOBCOUNT='14230100'
    2EETQ235 Call of function module "SUBST_START_BATCHJOB" by RFC failed (error-status "27")
    2EETQ261 Start of batchjob "RSUPDTEC" failed
    In the Sysem we can see, that the Job RSUPDTEC was created by DDIC but not started.
    We can start (and finish) the job successfully as logged in DDIC.
    We don't know whats the problem. The EHPI stopped every time at this point.
    Need Help...

    Issue solved.
    In /etc/hosts the first entry was SAPE11.
    But it must be sape11, because the instance is sape11_E11_00.
    In SM51 we could see that
    sape11_E11_00     SAPE11     Dialog Batch Update Upd2 Spool Enqueue ICM     active
    We changed the entry and restarted SAP.
    Then the job can be started.

  • Call a function module from CRM 5.0 via ITS to FICA

    I want to call a function module in FICA (FICA is using sapgui) from CRM (IC-web) via ITS (Not integrated in FICA)
    Is it possible and how should this be done???
    If someone know how, please help

    generally RFCs should not have user dialogs.
    any how to handle your case, you need ITS and since FICA is a WAS 6.20 system, you need to have a ITS installed for FICA system, without which you cannot do that.
    alternatively you can mimic the functionality of the RFC by programming the same in a BSP and call this from CRM system

Maybe you are looking for

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