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Hi Experts,
I'm using user decision step for manager approval, and in development server i've selected task as general task in task properties and everything was working fine in development server.
When above workflow development transported to testing server, the task properties are not transported. So, agent assignment is de-activated. And when i'm trying  to set general task attribute in task properties, its saying "Entry in outbound table not found" error message. Can anyone help me in resolving this.
Entry in outbound table not found
Message no. E0400
No partner profile (outbound parameter) could be found using the following key:
This refers to the key fields in table EDP13:
RCVPRN  Partner number
RCVPRT  Partner type
RCVPFC  Partner function
MESTYP  Logical message
MESTYP  Message code
MESCOD  Message function
TEST    Test indicator
Thanks in advance,
Siva Sankar.

Hi Siva,
I have always found that I need to go make change the agent assignment on custom tasks to 'General' as the workflows get transported - or you can investigate here:
As Jocelyn Dart has said:
Folks, This is an oldie but a goodie.
You need to execute program RHMOVE30 to add your General Task settings to Transports.
Enter your task numbers (you can enter a workflow and use eval path TASK_HIER to pick up all sub tasks) Select the Transport checkbox
On the second screen
Select all and press Add to Transport
Select all again and press Transport/Delete
You should get a message confirming they have been added to your change request.
You will see infotype 1217 entries on your transport request.
However your issue seems to be a different one.  I searched and it looks as though you need to check partner profiles using WE20?  Have you tried this?
Hope this helps,

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    I have assigned standard task as General Task in agent assignment but why there is a red flag beside the agent assignment property in task property like the image below?

    Hi Atiq
    Now that's concerning.....!!!
    This error usually shows up when the workflow is not able to resolve the outcome of the decision....no branch is there for the selected decision.
    Since, the standard workflow is also going in an error....this is something wrong...
    Did anyone play around with the standard decision task?
    I am not sure if this will help, try generating the task and standard workflow by executing the FM SWD_WFD_REPLICATE_FROM_9999 from SE37 directly. First, generate the task (give full task ID TS00008267 as the input and execute; and then the standard verification workflow in the next exec).
    Try and test again...if this works, generate your custom workflow again like this.
    The above is a pure guess and I am not sure if this will work.

  • Reset Automatic Workflow Customizing(SWU3) in Classify Tasks as General?

    Hello Guys,
    I have a problem when in SWU3 as part of post-processing after client copies, I have performed activation in the Classify Tasks as General so now all the items there are in green mark. I have learned from the workflow team that this should have not been done as it flooded every users mailbox with about 2000 tasks and they are also in the midst of testing so the sending of unnecessary extra items through not assigning tasks in agents led to very slow response/processing  in workflow inbox functionality as well as may annoy users inbox. Do you know how to set this back as the tasks will not be General but per agent? Desperately need your advice. =(

    I don't think SWU3 sets all the tasks to General task.
    As I understand it, a task will only be sent to all users if:
    1) it's a General task    and
    2)  "Terminate if Rule Resolution has no Result" is not checked for the task   and
    3) No agent was found for the task
    In your case I suspect "Terminate if Rule Resolution has no Result" hasn't been made use of often enough.
    Rick Bakker
    Hanabi Technology

  • General task doubt

    i have created a dailog task and made a general task in my workflow.
    i have done agent assignment through rule for this task.
    My Question is,
      is there any problem making task as genral task?
    Thanks & Regards,

    If you have made a task a general task - and the agent resolvement fails, the workitem will be send to <b>all</b> your SAP users. So in my opinion you should avoid this whenever possible, and if not - you should always make an effort of ensuring that the correct agent always are found.
    A solution I often recommend is to use your Security Roles as your allowed agents. By doing this you can ensure, that the agent receiving a task also is allowed to perform it,
    If you are using a workflow rule, this can be archived by flagging the "Terminate if Rule resolution Without Result".
    Morten Nielsen

  • Change standard task TS10407972 TotRejectSC to General Task

    In our current SRM, task TS10407972 is not marked as General Task and no default rule defined.   We are upgrading the SRM and mark this task as General Task.  Now we found that all the incomplete workitems of this task were forwarded to every users.
    What is the proper way to avoid this?  Thanks.

    Hi Masa,
    TS10407972 is not a general task before upgrade.  I also found that the workitem of this task did not forward to SC owner, it has no agent.  I can use SWI2_ADM to forward the workitem to agent as long as the SC owner is still valid.

  • Get trading partner profile identifiers

    Can you advise which function/expression in BPEL Process Manager that can be call to get the B2B trading partner profile identifiers? Because I have a use case where by I'm evaluating trading partner to perform specific logic.
    For example, I want to get the value of the identifier type "Name", the expected value would be "Acme".

    Hi Anuj,
    Your example is correct if the message receive from B2B partner link.
    However, my scenario is the reverse. I am receiving the message from a File Adapter partner link, then I need to fetch properties in trading partner profile for decision logic.
    Essentially, I'm looking for APIs that are used in the Oracle B2B partners tab. I want to call these APIs from BPEL to get trading partner profile details.

  • Regarding LSMW upload for General Tasks

    I am trying to upload a task header & item data i.e.PLKO & PLPO.
    For that I am using the standard LSMW object 0170 which is called <b>Routing</b>. But at the time of creating Batch Input session i am getting error
    No profile with entry tool for task list A 1 in session MPLAN_LOAD.
    So can anybody explain what is this all about.
    Or is there any convinient way apart from BDC to create General task along with multiple operations.

    You can try to load data using the IDOC method
    Message type : ROUTING_CREATE
    IDOC method works well for many complicated loads.
    reward points if this helps

  • OIM - 'Task Effect' in Process Definition - Task Properties

    Hi all,
    I am trying to understand the drop-down selection 'Task Effect' on the General tab of Process Definition - Task Properties.
    On page 7-18 of the Design Console docs it says:
    "When the disable action is chosen, all tasks associated with the disable action are inserted."
    Can someone elaborate on this? If I have four tasks, each with a Task Effect of 'disable', will they all fire if one of them does?
    Any hints, or documentation references, would be greatly appreciated. I am using OIM 9.0.3, btw.

    Once the process tasks has been executed you can not delete it.
    check these links for more info.
    Deleting a Process Task
    Re: Remove Unused Process Tasks from Process Definition for Export

  • General Task

    we have comments to be added after the manager rejects a workitem
    Comments are in a seperates step-and seperate task (general)
    the workflow routes to comments step as soon as the workitem is rejected
    so he can see the comments workitem immmideately
    after he rejects it
    but some times the rejection comments are sent to some
    person instead  of being sent to the person who rejects it
    please help
    thanks in advance

    hi Vikram thanks for the reply
    In the user descion step we have
    &Manager& as agent expression
    Manager is a workflow variable
    can we use the same agent expression in the Next step to resolve the issue
    2. can we know why and how these workitems were routed to Different users sometimes
    3.before making the changes you suggested i would like to express one doubt
    in the rejection comments Step which is after User descion doesnt have any
    agents in expression or binding
    but i can see green mark for Agents in the task properties.
    does it mean that agents are already assigned to it?
    4.with out assiging any agents and why some times it is routed the mager who executed the workitem

  • Follow up task without using the action profile

    Is it possible to create the follow up task without using the action profile? If so, please let me know how we can do that?
    as per the requirements, i have to the custom coding that will automatically create follow-on task triggered by status change on the all the transaction type. Please guide me how can we do that.
    Task details (task id, description), I'm reading it from the custom table.
    Thanks for your help.

    Thanks Naresh for the response.
    Not sure if I can use the CRMV_EVENT. Even I'm not aware how to use that. Let me tell what i am doing in the logic.
    - implementing the logic in the badi order_save (method - CHECK_BEFORE_SAVE)
    - get the header and item details using the FM CRM_ORDER_READ.
    - get the status of header / item from the output of CRM_ORDER_READ.
    - compare the status with the custom table (having info of hearder type, item type, status, tast id, task description etc)
    - if status is different, create the task using the details from the custom table.
    now i want to write the logic to implement the last step. Do we have any standard FM where I can pass the task ID and it will create the task? Please help.

  • Error loading file in the operation long text in the General task list

    Hi all,
    I couldnt upload the detailed check lists in the operations (operation tab) of the general task lists through the long text uplaod via Text->Upload->RTF---> .System is throwing the following Information...
    1.Error loading file " specified path with filename.rtf"
    Could you please give me any idea to eliminate this.The client is having the detailed check list for each and every operation with safety measures to be taken.
    Plz help.

    Hi all,
    It was an authorisation object missing and the problem got solved.

  • Problem with numbering of general task lists by creation thru LSMW - (IA05)

    I'm using a sequencial file to create general task list thru LSMW (Object 0490 which corresponds to TCode IA05).
    The numbering range for general task list groups is internal. I executed batch input and it works pretty well with the first general task list group, but every next fails, because the number of the previousy created task list stays in the user buffer and apears in the PLNNR field, so the system assumes I'm trying to create a new group counter instead of new general task list group.
    I explicitely set IBIPTLST-PLNNR = '' in field mapping - still the same problem. I also set user parameter PLN to be empty in SU3 and still no luck. I even turned off the historic data in local data tab of SAPGui, but the problem persist.
    Can anyone tell me how can I achieve it without changing the numbering range to external?

    From IBIP Help:
    Initial fields
    As a general rule, initial fields in structures are not transported into the corresponding screen field. In other words, fields that are blank are ignored. If you explicitly want to reset a field to the value "<blank>", you must mark the field in the batch input structure with the value !. This is the reset indicator, and means that a field is to be reset to its initial value.
    Try setting IBIPTLST-PLNNR to !

  • Copy General Task List from one service order to another one

    Dear Guru,
    I have the following questions:
    1- From a service order in IW32, how can I see the link between the operations and components?
    2- I want to be able to copy all the operations and all the components contained in a service order into another service order for a similar type of equipment. Can someone help me step by step on what needs doing?

    Hello Sebastian,
    Many thanks for your quick reply indeed on this.
    Now this is the catch: I know that I could create a new service order based on a previously created one using IW31, however in my department they are creating sales orders for equipments in the normal SAP SD flow.
    In one the material line they enter a service material which is converted into a ZC03 (Service order) when saving the normal sales order which creates automatically a Service Order number.
    Because they create a lot of those service order in that way, they want to be able to populate them with the same list of operations and relevant components all the time.
    If they would be using IW31 to make copies, they would have to cancel the previously generated service order deriving from the regular Sales Order in SD which we want to avoid simply because it alters the original sales document flow.
    1- I tried to copy the description of the task lists present in my service order thinking that would also copy the list of relevant and subsequent components defined for each task. The system has only copied the description of the tasks but not the components.
    Is there a way we could copy a list of general tasks to automatically have those coming with the relevant components?
    Please advise

  • Agent determination of 'general' task fails....

    I have  a task in the workflow which i have kept as general task
    I have attached a rule to it.
    when the rule doesnt return any agents, the workitem is sent to all the SAP users
    this is a very big problem, could you please suggest how to prevent that ?
    if the rule doesnt give any agents then the workflow should hang, it should go to all the SAP users.
    thanks and regards,

    Hi Imthiaz,
    I have already checked the workflow log and I  know very well why my workflow is in error.
    My requirement is that even if  the workflow goes into error,  this message entry should not be created.
    As per my knowledge, this is created in workflow administrators inbox due to setting in SWU3 -- Schedule Background Job for Work Items with Errors
    But it doesnt look like the above settings effects this message creation. There should be some setting somwhere right ?
    Also, it is only in quality system not dev
    Dev -- workflow goes in error -- no message seen
    QA -- workflow goes in error -- message seen in workflow initiators inbox
    please help.....
    thank you
    Edited by: dipti on May 6, 2008 6:30 PM

  • Is it possible to change Planning Plant in General Task list

    Hello Gurus,
    Is it possible to change Planning Plant in General Task list, ie. for eg.
    Earlier I have General Task list Group:22, Group Counter:1, with Planning Plant:0001 & now i want to change/update new planning plant 0002 instead of old 0001 in the same task list.
    could you plz suggest me, is it possible? & how to do changes?
    Thanks in Advance.

    HI Amol,
    Its not possible to change the Planning plant , You can delete that task list or you can put deletion flag on it, and go for new creation

Maybe you are looking for

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