The WiFi on my iPhone 4s will not turn on. I need to back up to iCloud in order to replace the phone. A worker at the Apple Store said that if I connected my phone to the computer, then I could back up to iCloud but it doesn't work!

Last weekend I went to the Apple store to replace my phone because the WiFi on my phone is nonfunctional. I need to back up to iCloud before I can replace my phone because I have information on there that needs to be saved. The worker at the Apple store said that, since I cannot connect to WiFi, I needed to plug my phone into my computer in order to back up. I went into iTunes and turned iCloud on, but my phone still will not back up to iCloud. So, I need to know exactly how to back up my iPhone to iCloud without WiFi?

salayer wrote:
should I restore from an old icloud back up from last month and see if my wifi comes on then?
Unfortunately, you can't restore an iCloud backup without using wifi so that isn't an option.

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