Title Font Size in Final Cut Pro 6 for exhibition on movie theater sized screen

When editing a documentary and creating title cards (that play as part of the movie - text center of screen on black b.g.), lower thirds identifying speakers, and end credits (both single card and scrolling) are there some standard fonts and font sizes people use so the end result will not look too large when projected on a movie screen?
The titles are all from Final Cut Pro (a few from the Boris plug-in for FCP6) and there are no titles that move or that are created in Motion.
I will be able to make additional edits with the fonts sized for tv, streaming, DVD distribution etc. if I'm lucky enough to end up needing those as well.

If the titling is properly composed for the frame size, it will look correct when projected. That is, if it looks font is legible and in decent proportion in your 1080 timeline, it's not important whether the display is 30 inches or 45 feet; the proportion will not change.
In terms of font selection, medium or bold sans-serif fonts work well on all screens.  "Plain" fonts like Helvetica, Ariel, or Lucinda tend to work better than the more stylized fonts, but if style is part oif your message, be my guest...
hope this helps

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    This is the Final Cut Pro X forum. The software you want is not supported on any forum. Obsolete Intel technology is on the Final Cut Studio forum.
    Bottom line: modern camera formats are not available for PowerPC technology. You need to upgrade your hardware.

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    Well, Tom, I guess I'm just not as fortunate.  Anyone else have any suggestions?

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    Hi all,
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    Reconnect the offline media and life should be good.
    Still, the best solution is for everyone involved with the project to be using the same version of FCP/Color.

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    kristydrums wrote:
    Okay, this seems out of my league! …
    you haven't tried!
    you managed to handle FCPX, a highly professional edit-tool.
    What I suggested, is just 'basics':
    compose a few elements.
    Get inspired by other videos you notice around.
    To animate 'elements', use keyframes.
    To apply 'overlays', green-screen/color-key is a basic procedure…
    To prep stills, a designated pic-processor is of fundamental need… although, even MacOS built-in Preview.app allows creation of 'knock-outs'/transparency… in case, you're shy to invest a few $$ for Pixelmator.
    It looks maybe complicated - it isn't!
    Don't try it first time for some serious projcect… but creating your very own Xmas-scenery is a lot of fun… plus, you learn a lot about FCPX and its many hidden gems…
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    Catch some nice, own pics with your cam! … snowy trees, 4 candles and some cookies, a frozen window, illuminations in the streets, that crazy neighbour with his 50.000Watts of garden decorations .... Just add a charming title - done. Simplicity rules!  …
    Merry Chistmas!

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    The best and only format is mpeg2/m2v.
    The encoding rate for video is based on the length of the sequence in h/m/s.
    They should not be encoded in DVDSP, but exported as a self contained with current settings, no recompression and dropped into Compressor.
    Based on length and the type of footage, elect a preset for video and elect Dolby 2 for audio

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    Is there anyone out there using Final Cut Pro 6 that could tell me what they feel are the advantages of using FCP 6 for animation as compared to Final Cut Express 3.5?

    Okay, cool. I was gonna use that in the first place but I'm still learning it and so far all I know how to do on it is clean up the audio. I'm going through a Soundtrack Pro book right now and had to stop because I couldn't continue without a microphone. I'm getting that microphone this week and by the time I have the next batch of audio files to edit I'll know what I'm doing in Soundtrack Pro.
    Thanks for the suggestion, I was seriously coming back to this question to elaborate for the sake of bumping this.
    Oh yeah, if Soundtrack Pro is the answer, is it possible to bypass FCP on the way in AND on the way out?
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    apple they advs me to go to
    http://www.apple.com/universal/crossgrade/ and get
    the $199 upgrade of Final Cut Studio 5.1 Universal.
    Yes, this is what you should do.
    will this work on my g5 and my new intel mac "will it
    run faster on the intel mac after doing the upgrade.

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    Hi and welcome to Discussions,
    simply said: NO.
    Final Cut is an Apple product and only runs with Apples OSX system, not with Windows.
    There are similar programs for Windows, like Adobe Premiere, for example.

  • Which final cut pro for my emac?

    So I'm getting a bit bored with imovie's lack of multi layered video, and am wanting a program that can my emac can handle but that can do mutli layered video.
    Final cut pro/express was my first thought, but I really dont know which version i should get.
    Any one have any ideas?
    My emac is a 1.25 GHz model, with 768 MB of RAM.
    And for the record, I've got plenty of space for the movies on a 500GB firewire harddrive.

    I run Final Cut Studio 1 (FCP 5.1) on my eMac with similar spec to you (1GB ram though).
    And... it's ok.
    I believe that at least FCP 6 (Studio 2) will run on an eMac... BUT I don't know how "good" it will run. And, considering you can only buy it as part of FCP studio, you are paying for apps that will NOT run - ie Color and Motion.
    THAT said, FCP studio (current; FCP 7) is the only one you can buy from Apple today. And that is Intel only.
    My advice... to "try" Final Cut out - get Final Cut Express. Look on eBay etc for version 3.5 though, as I understand that version was actually better (more features) than the recent v4.
    FCE will give you a good feel of what FCP is about, and may well even be "enough" for your needs. Cheaper than finding a viable FC Studio option.

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    How would you be able to make a 3d model appear in Final Cut Pro or Motion and work, for cheap.

    Not sure what you mean by work or cheap but if you're looking to do 3D modelling on the cheap I'd suggest looking into Google Sketchup or Cheetah 3D- http://www.cheetah3d.com/. FCP X and Motion are not 3D modellers.

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    hey i have a macbook and have final cut pro 5 HD powerpc version and i was wondering will it work on my mac? isen't there a program called rosetta on the intel macs the lets the power pc programs work on the intel macs? help please.

    The question has come up daily since the Intel Macs were shipped so you might try searching back a few weeks for more definitive information and check the FCP marketing/upgrade pages for a clear explanation of minimum system requirements
    No. Your older version will not run on your new Intel Mac using Rosetta. You must upgrade to 5.1.1., the universal version.

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    This forum is for FCExpress, sorry.
    Jean-Pierre Claudel wrote:
    I ask for FCP ?? that is working under 10.6.8!!
    Try this forum:
    https://discussions.apple.com/community/professional_applications/final_cut_stud io
    Pretty sure FCPro 6 & 7 the last two versions are fine with 10.6.8.

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    Is there a way to use the window's video clip file in Final Cut Pro on a mac?
    If so, will there be a big loss in quality?
    many thanks for reading.

    Klay Pigeon wrote:
    for some reason after using those programs Final Cut was still not able to edit the file...would there be any explaination for this? or anything else we could try?
    There's only one likely reason, you did not use a setting that would produce a QT-compatible file. Provide that information and we'll keep trying.

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