Updated my 4s to new IOS 5.1.1 software and ever since i have not been able to connect to wifi

I updated my iphone 4s to the latest IOS software, which is 5.1.1. Immediately after doing so i could no longer connect to me wifi!
I searched this issue online and found that many other people experienced the same problem due to the new software. I have no idea how to fix this problem. I am also worried that this problem will not be fixed until Apply releases a new software! Does anyone know when this will be? Also, if i take this issue directly to apple what is the likelihood that i will get a new phone without this issue? 

Some wifi routers seem to really have a problem with iOS 5.1.1 (and some with Apple stuff in general).
Try a soft reset (holding the home button and standby button simultaneously until the power off slider appears, then keep holding until the apple appears. Let go and let it reboot)
If you are connecting but aren't getting any actual data or a ridiculously slow trickle of data, try switching your DNS to or
If it was connecting to wifi before you updated your iOS but now isn't, it is most likely not a hardware failure.

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