User tables default forms

I want to use the user tables default forms (after adding the user table in Uer Tables menu, it's generated a form to view that table: add, delete, update info).
I'd like to lauch this form from my add-on menu. I know how to do that, but I wonder if that MenuID of the menu depends on the SBO installation (on what other tables were added before in SBO). Also, I'd like to put Choose from list capabilities in that form. I know also how to do this (just like a system form), but I also don't now if the FormID is the same on each installation.
Thank you for your answer.
I hope I made myself clear.
Irina Stanca

You may try this to find the MenuUID of your UDT:
Start Saved Query through menuitem
Have you checked Application.ResourceData? I'm not sure whether UDT forms are considered system forms, though. Anyway, you should be able to get the FormID of your UDT form on the fly by iterating the Application.Forms collection and checking the Title property, which equals the UDT Description.

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  • User Tables form

    Is it possible to Add combo box in the existing field on User table form through UI API? I want to add combo box in UDT for selecting Item code.
    thanks in advance

    Hi Denis,
    The first approach I would try is a formatted search fired when Shift+F2 is clicked. Cheap and easy.
    In a user defined form, you could use datasources to get this. But in the default form I don´t think you could do it using datasources. Perhaps I´m wrong.
    If you are in 2005, you could try the ChooseFromList object to get what you need. More elegant, but more work.
    Hope helps,
    Ibai Peñ

  • Best way to link user form with user table

    Hi all.
    What is the best way to link an user form with a user table (with all of the functions, add, update...)? I have created a simple form, and the question is next:
    depending the type object of the user table (document, master...) i have facilities to imlement the basic operations in the form?  if i create an UDO i have the functions but i want to use the form that i created with a screen painter.

    Hi again i want add a new comment please.
    If i want do all functions (add,update...) of my form in my user table, and i want my user table is a <b>type document</b>? how can add new lines in my user table with objet <b>type document</b>? because when i make the instance i nedd to say what type of document is (item,order...) and when i do an add(), not add() in my user table. In what moment or how can assign that the add,update functions... affect in my table?
    Thanks again.

  • Search Facility in User Defined Object (Default Forms)

    I have created a User Defined Object in the Default Forms section and chose the 'Find' tickbox when registering the UDT.  Now I have populated the data into the UDO but I can't search for data in columns.
    Am I doing something wrong please?  Can this be done?

    Hi Vankri,
    Check the thread
    UDO Default form "find" function

  • How to catch events on user tables forms?

    Hi all,
    Is there any way to catch the events on user defined tables' form which opens from Tools-User Tables? The form Id we get is not unique so we can't initialize the form with that ID or put it in  an If  loop for pval.formUId.
    any clues?
    Thanks in advance.....

    Hi Binita,
    The UDT form should have a form type in the format:
    where xxx is the value in the TblNum field in the OUTB table (eg 110015 if the TblNum field is 15).
    Therefore, you can query the OUTB table for your UDT name and get the correct TblNum value and then calculate the correct form type for your table. If you want to filter events then you'll need to run this query as your addon starts and dynamically add the correct event types and filters to your addon.
    Kind Regards,

  • URGENT!!! Create a user form like SBO Default Form

    Hi every one,
    I would like to create a user form like the SBO Default Form, from an UDO.
    A form only with a Matrix, that I can Add, Delete e Update information from the matrix.
    I have tried the UDO Form Generator, but it didn't work.
    I'm desperate... 

    Hi Fran,
    Its quite simple, all you have to do is, to create a form using Screen Painter, the columns should be db data source bound and then, assign UDO for the same.  It will work fine.

  • Create user in a form

    I want to create a user in a form trigger such as Pre_insert or other trigger
    GRANT "CONNECT" TO :daten.oracle_user;
    GRANT "DBA" TO :daten.oracle_user;
    doesn't work when I compile. how can I solve the problem to create an user from a form??
    answers in german highly recomended.
    I use
    and I belive its an 8.i database version. but I am not shure

    Ok I tried it in a button-trigger and it worked.
    one more I learened:
    DDL (Data Definition Language) commands like CREATE, DROP and ALTER are not directly supported from Forms because your Forms are not suppose to manipulate the database structure.
    A statement like CREATE TABLE X (A DATE); will result in error:
    Encountered the symbol "CREATE" which is a reserved word.
    However, you can use the FORMS_DDL built-in to execute DDL statements. Eg:
    FORMS_DDL can also be used to create dynamic SQL statements at runtime. The FORMS_SUCCESS built-in can be used to determine if the last executed built-in was successful.
    I got it from:
    but thanks a lot!! your answer solved me the problem and after googling the meaning of "forms_ddl" I understood the technik
    robert koch

  • Default form value using sql with bind variable

    I wish to create a form based upon a table with a foreign key. I wish to add a field to the form that is an uneditable text field with a default value using sql of 'select name from other_table where other_table_id = ?' where ? is a bind variable defined by a hidden field which is the value of the foreign key identified at runtime. How can this be done?

    I don't think that will work. I have multiple people accessing the Portal at the same time with the same login (or lack of as public will be the most common user). I could set it easily enough as the value is passed to the form by a link object, so I could add it to the before page plsql block and set the value. But I am uncertain how it will behave in a multi-user mutlitasking environment.
    Maybe I should describe what I am looking to accomplish. I want to create a display above a form that will list static details from other tables (i.e. when editing a user's phone number, which is in one table, you want the user to see the person's name, which is in another table, and the form is based upon the phone table) ...
    Just as I am thinking about it, I thought of an idea. I could put some specific code in the before displaying page plsql section to query the database and use htp to output the information for data not in the table the form is based upon. I will try this and see how it works. It would have been nice to have just created a field that is not editable and had a default value, but this should work as well.
    Let me know if you see any problem with this or if you have any better suggestions.
    Thanks for the fast response.

  • Bug in APEX 4.2.4 User Interface defaults

    I set the user defaults in a table. I select to create a static set of values for a field. All is good. Saved and used in a form like a charm.
    When I go back to edit and add a new set of values to an existing List, I click on Add Row Button but nothing happens.
    the path is: SQL Workshop > Utilities > User Interface Defaults > Table Dictionary > Table and Column Properties > Column Defaults > Static List of Values
    Am I missing something? or is this a bug?

    I tried (SELECT ...) UNION (SELECT ...) as simple Interactive Report query in APEX and received "SQL statement needs to start with SELECT".
    What version are you upgrading from?
    I was able to do this in a Classic Report but it complained, wanting a unique key in the Interactive Report.
    select * from ((select 1, EMPNO from EMP) UNION (select 2, EMPNO from EMP))

  • Master Detail Wizard and User Interface Defaults

    Trying to create a master/detail form (on one page, no report).
    1. Wizard is giving the option to use User Interface Defaults for the master table, but not for the detail (I don't want to for either) - is this the expected behaviour? If so, why the inconsistency? Will/can this be changed in the future?
    2. Despite selecting NOT to use UI defaults, and entering new region titles, wizard is creating default region titles using the UI defaults. Is this a bug?
    3. Supplementary: Is it possible to get rid of UI defaults?

    I asked about this last month:
    Master Detail Wizard and User Interface Defaults
    with no response.

  • Error updating User Table (ODBC - 2035)

    Hello all.
    Im having a problem when I try to update an user table @tbldoc and @tbldetail.
    "This entry already exist in the following tables 'table' (@tbldoc)"
    First time I have this issue was using my UI addon, my form is auto managed... then I try to use the default user object created by SBO, but same error appears when updating.
    This issue never show up before, my addon work fine months ago. Now I have this error.
    I read that for the documents numbering, SBO 2005 have an option to restore numbering, but in 2007 is missing or doesn't exist.
    Can any one tell me how to fix this issue.
    Thanks for the help.
    Best regards.

    I am also facing the similar error message.
    I have created an Auto managed form and also within my add-on have provided an option to user to create record in that table(INSERT).
    Samir Gandhi
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  • Adding data into default form

    Hi All,
    I'm newbie to SDK. I've created an UDO for a user table of object type master data and Default form is created. now i want to enter data into that by using SDK. How can this be done.
    Thanks in advance
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    Edited by: jaideep amuloju on Apr 20, 2009 12:56 PM

    It's not clear to me what's you need to do.
    If you want to use UDO, for simple data editing, you doesn't need to use SDK.
    If your needs are more complex, I suggest you to build your own form with screen painter and with SDK write the necessary code for the addon.
    I can send you some example if you need.

  • How do I create new user table in program and then access it?

    I am writing an application where I check for the existence of user objects when the add on starts and run the setup if the objects do not exist. I can create the user tables and fields but after the setup completes these objects still are not visible.
    If the user objects exist when the add on is first run everything is detected correctly.
    When a user object is added in SAP the user is eventually prompted to restart so I suspect something needs to happen prior to the add on being able to use the new fields.
    Does the add on need to wait for the DI Server to perform some action? Do I need to just quit the add on's class and rerun it, disconnect and reconnect to the company, or get a new Application and/or company object?
    What I want to do is figure out a way for the add on to automatically run the configuration if the user tables and fields do not exist yet and then kick off the regular add on code. I haven't seen anyone else's code so I don't know what is recommended or required here.
    Thanks for any assistance!

    I found that the add on can validate the existance of the user fields if I disconnect from the company object, set the SAPbouiCOM.Application and SAPbobsCOM.Company objects to null, set the new application, context, and company objects, and reconnect once more.
    I still have to wait for the client to be restarted manually before I can run any of the form I added to the menu.
    So, I'd still like to know what the best practice is here. Should I just exit after setting up the tables and tell the user to restart SAP?

  • Crystal Report error trying to retrieve data from a user table

    I'm making crystal report application with VS 2005 and I need to retrieve data form a user table. I'm using Pull method, I configure the connection and parameters by code.
    I think that the problem could be the @ that is used to identify these tables. Please, if some body had this problem before and have a solution, please let me know asap.

    Hi Andrea,
    I had the same problem today. I upgraded from Crystal Version 8 to 11 and the problem was solved. Maybe it is too late for you, but I wanted to post the solution if anybody else has the same problem.


    Hi All,
    I have one User table (Defined as No Object) and what i need to do is a form with a matrix to Add/Update/Delete data in my user table.
    I already create the form and the matrix that already give me the user table data. But now i have several problems to solve.
    First I try to add a new row but this new row get the data of the last row in the matrix. What i needed is a blank row to add new data in the user table.
    Second, when i change data in matrix and do update in the form, sap show me the message that the operation is successfully done but the data in the user table in not updated.
    I am trying to do one forma like whe can find in Setup-> General -> Freight.
    Can anyone help me?
    Best Regards,
    Luis Duarte

    If ur dealing with a simple form like that U can as well use the direct table form, and just provide a FMS to auto matically fill the code and name. U can directly use the form by.. Tools-->UserDefined Windows
    Comming to ur problem.... when ur adding a new row clear the data sources so that u'll get a blank row.
    And for update the best thing to do is delete all the records in the table and again insert all the records directly from the matrix.
    Hope it helps,
    Vasu Natari.

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