Want report title on the same page above the column names

I have given report title in the report header but for some reason it displays title on first page and data from next page on wards. I have also given a page break for the groups, is this the reason for getting  title on one page and dtata from next page?
Pls suggest me something so that i can have report title on the top and then data stating frrom the same page.

Expand the page header, move your column headings down, and put the report title at the top of the page header.
The title has to be in the PAGE header in order for it to print on all pages.

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  • How to develp a subreport in the same page of the main report and processed when is called

    SSRS 2012
    Hi guys,
    I am developing a report that includes a subreport.
    therefore The report is made up by 2 sections:
    1) Show a grid (several rows - may be 100 or more - and some columns). It represent high level info  (Each row represent a specific item)
    2) The user click on a Row/column (eg: Item1, to see details that must be shown as graph.
    Here the problem: Searching info about SSRS reporting for subreports, drilldown, nested report and so on, no ones accomplish the requirements for the following reasons:
    1) Subreports: NOT open in the same page. The user must <go back> to see detail for other items, such as Item 2....
    2) Nested and DrillDown: Process data as the Main report (they are hidden and displayed after user action). In my case this leads to performance problem, because: if the main report has 200 objects (it means 200 graphs processed and hidden at the same time
    for the main reports).
    3) DrillThrough and Subreport: The detail data are processed only when the user select the interested item in the main report. Here the problem: the report is shown externally.
    Please, it there any possibility to have a subreport (or anything else) to be executed in the same report as the main report and processed only when the user make action?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Fasttrack2,
    According to your description, there is a main report with more than 100 rows of summary information, when users click the item of the row, the report need to jump to detail information shows as graph. The problem you are facing is that you are not sure
    subreport, drilldown or drillthrough report should be used? You hope to set display detail information in the main report and keep high performance of report.
    In Reporting Services, each subreport instance is a separate query execution and a separate report processing task. Subreports are recommended when there are just a few subreport instances. We should not use subreports inside a group when there are many
    group instances, instead, consider using drillthrough reports. Drilldown reports process all data even when the data is first hidden. In order to improve the performance of the report, we can split drilldown reports into parameterized drillthrough reports,
    because Drillthrough reports do not run until a user clicks the drillthrough link in the main report.
    In this case, we can consider using drilldown or drillthrough report. In drilldown report, when we click a plus or minus button to expand or collapse a section of a report, the detail data will be displayed in place. By using drillthrough report, when we
    click the link in the main report, the detail data will be displayed, we can come back to the main report by click return button in the drillthrough report.
    Troubleshooting Reports: Report Performance
    Drillthrough, Drilldown, Subreports, and Nested Data Regions
    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.
    Best Regards,
    Wendy Fu
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click

  • Keep a paragraph on the same page as the previous paragraph

    I know I can keep a paragraph on the same page as the next paragraph but I need to create a paragraph style that keeps a paragraph of the same page as the PREVIOUS paragraph. Is there anyway to do this?
    I used to be able to do it using my "old" M$ Windows DTP package.

    Hi Possum,
    This works. Here is a screen shot from Pages with "Show Invisibles" (the blue spaces and paragraph marks):
    Line spacing is set in Inspector to add space after each paragraph without adding blank lines (it's better that way).
    Dish Title, all descriptions, Price and the blank line below are set to "Keep with following paragraph".
    Do not include the final blank line (which is really blank) in this linking.
    Type this in Pages. Copy everything and then repeatedly Paste. See if the new pages appear as you want them.

  • How Do I Sort a Group of Photos on the Same Page with the same Keyword Tag?

    I want to group similar photos on the same page with the same keyword tag.  I have tried dragging and dropping without any success.  Can anyone help?

      Create an album, then search using a keyword. Select all the photos produced by the search and drag them into the album.
    You can drag photos into any order in Albums and they remain in your chosen order.


    Hu Gurus,
    I log in to portal as user1 and go to a page and then log out of the portal. Then I try to login as user2, it takes me to the same page where the previous user was. It looks like it caches the page information. How can I avoid this. Please post a reply if you have some suggestions.

    Thanks for checking it, Jason. Yes, the cache settings are for 'Every visit to page'. That was the first thing I thought of. I have a feeling the problem has to do with a cache setting somewhere in our installation. For example, I'm still plagued with a few user accounts returning errors when I try to log in. The users aren't logged in, but when I click "Login" from the Portal Builder page, I see the same error...it's not even letting me get to a login screen. Thanks for all the help. It's great to get some feedback. In the meantime, we'll continue to track it down here.

  • How to make fields grow dynamically within the same page and in column wise

    Like the newspaper format: Where contents of news are shown columns wise.
    We need to make the fields in a page grow column wise within that same page.
    For example, in a page:
    Column 1 Column 2
    If the Column 1 is full with the fields in the page it should start filling the column 2 which is also in the same page.
    If the Column 2 is also full then only it should move to the next page and should continue the same scenario.
    Please suggest a better way to do this in the Adobe Output Designer.
    Thanks and regards,
    Gurunath V.
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    P.S: Please also mail to my e-mail ID.

    Hi Gurunath, if you steel need a solution on this problem, I think this could help:
    1- place two fields on the form (JF01, JF02), one under each other.
    2- Make two subform with them (Sline1, Sline2)
    3- Make the field JF02 expand on same subform.
    4- Modify the preamble in this way:
    ^define group:D_line1 \field$POSITION\reserve"0.333",in\subformSline1.\positionsave,"first_line"
    ^define group:JF01!OnOverflow \groupG_Sline2.\fieldJF02.
    ^define group:G_Sline2!OnBOF \positionrestore,"first_line"\positionright,"3.65",in
    In the data file put all the text in JF01.
    -The first line say:
    When JF01 is called, save it's y position (\positionsave,"first_line")
    -The second line means:
    when the text overflow JF01 put it in JF02.
    (cause JF02 overflow on itself all the remaining data is overflowed in JF02)
    -The third line means:
    if JF02 arrives at the end of the page (OnBOF), restore the saved position ( \positionrestore,"first_line") and move to the right of "3,65" inches (\positionright,"3.65",in).
    In other words, when JF02 arrive at the and of the age, the next field JF02 is positioned at the same height of JF01 and is shifted on the right
    Take care that in this way JF02 cannot anymore go o a new page.
    Hope this help.

  • Refresh the table found on the same page as the form

    Hi , I am doing an entry form where user will enter data that will be saved to the database. below is a table which consist of all the data entered by the specific user. When i submit the form the data is stored in the database. But the table is not refreshed. i Have to click on the header of one of the column to refresh the table how can the table be refreshed when i submit the data in the form ...
    Please help me

    define a value of the ID property of the button. Set the same value to the PartialTrigger property of the table (or if this doesn't do it, to the surrounding af:form element)

  • HT4168 epub: I'd like to create chapters for the TOC but don't want the new chapter to begin on a new page. I'd like it to begin on the same page as the prior chapter. How can I do that?

    How can I do this? I currently have my TOC chapters listed as Apples, Oranges, and so on.  But my text chapters begin something like this:
    I have "Apples" with header 1, "Oranges" with header 1, etc., so that very nicely in the TOC it is listing my topics as the chapters. However, within the body of the document, 1 appears on one page and "Apples" begins at the top of a new page, separated from "1"; 2 appears one one page and "Oranges" appears at the top of the next page (separated from the "2), and so on.
    Because of the way the book is structured, I need to have the chapter numbers on a top line and the chapter topic beneath it. (The book is further subdivided, such as 1.3a, 1.3b, etc.)
    What I would like is for the TOC to indicate my chapters as Apples, Oranges, etc., but for the chapter text to begin as indicated above.
    How can I do this?  Thanks.

    Peter, I styled the wording of the chapter title (e.g. apples) with my heading1 styling and my sub-chapter titles were heading2. The text is a different font, different color, different size, different everything.  It seems that the epub program has an automatic format to start a new page with each new header. That's what I'm trying to work around. (Originally I styled both the numeral and the chapter title as "heading 1" and it gave each a different page!)
    I am in the process of removing all headers and styling everything manually (which is how it was originally) just to avoid this problem.
    I'm having my e-book done through a publisher (this will be self-published), so I'll be giving them a .docx and they'll convert it to .html (filtered) then .epub. so I need something that creates my Table of Contents as I'd like it, without messing up the text of the book.
    I can give them a list of what I want in the Table of Contents, and have them manually do it, but the TOC may or may not come out how I want it to come out. My preference is to have something automatic. I wanted the sub-units (heading 2) in the TOC but that will never work since I have over 200 of them and it's too much for them to do manually.  It's a very slow process.

  • Appraisal Documents (WD UI) open the same page in the pop up browser.

    Hi Expert,
        I am using the business package for  Appraisal Documents. I got some problem on navigate to the new browser.
       When the user click on a link in 'Appraisal Documents (WD UI)' in should open a new pop up for Appraisal Document(HAP_MAIN_DOCUMENT), but It open Appraisal Documents (WD UI) again in the new pop up browser.
       I am not sure whether i did it correct or not. Below is the step that i did.
    - Copy Appraisal Documents (WD UI) page and Appraisal Document'(HAP_MAIN_DOCUMENT) to the folder.
    - Change system alias for pages.
    - Add Appraisal Document (WD UI) operation of Employee Business object to Appraisal Documents (WD UI) page.
    - Assign them to the role.
      Could you please suggest. If you have a document about using the page from business package please provide me
    Thank you in advance,
    Noppong Jinbunluphol.

    we kindly recommend you to re-check note 1600380 paying attention to
    point 1.2 which deals with the relevant configuration to ESS for
    flexible process.
    please notice per default role delivery two services two roles for
    Performance Management will be displayed. Both services are named
    Appraisal documents. The difference is that one service is for the
    Predefined Management Process employee access, the other one for the
    configurable/flexible Performance Management employee access. The ESS
    business package is set up in a way that all services/iviews are in
    default role delivery available and customer can choose which one to
    leave in (This is different to MSS where there is an standard role
    delivery and a hidden iview delivery. There the customer can choose
    whether or not to remove existing iviews in standard role delivery or if
    the ones which are hidden shall be made visible in the role).

  • When using photo mail with PS12 I cannot write text on the mail page above the picture.

    can not write text on top of picture when I use photo mail with PS12 after entering the email address

    Why did you post this in a forum for Acrobat?

  • Parameter screen and report in the same page?????

    Hi Gurus...
    Here is what i am trying to do ..I am trying to show the customization screen and the report in the same page
    1.the user selects some data from the lov ..
    2.Based on the lov selected field the below report should change ..
    like if the user selects PA in the lov the bottom should show all the data in PA ..
    This is possible in pl/sql calling htp calls ,But is there any way to do this in portal ????
    Thanks in advance

    Sorry I forgot to give you some sample code of the dynamic page.
    <H1>Example of A Dynamic Page</H1>
    In the above code this dynamic page is calling the customization form of a report called report1.

  • How to pass a parameter from a report to multiple forms in the same page

    i have a report and a lot of forms in the same page. The fact is that i want to stablish a link over a filed in the report which would make some information appear in those forms so that information could be updated. For example: i have a report with company names. Over those names i want to put a link. When the link would be pressed the forms would reflect the information about that comany. Is this possible to be done? how can i do this or something similar?
    Regards. Urko.

    Please see post Re: session state security
    It has been done for a single form in a page and can be extended to multiple forms as well.

  • Create a tree node and show the report on the same page

    I have created a tree for our organization and each node represents a unit. The top one is office level and followed by division and brach.
    I have created a reprot on the same page as the tree node.
    What I want to do is:
    I would like to click a specific node and the report shows only that node and bellow. So, If I click division A and division A has two branch. my report shows only those two braches that bellong to division A.
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you

    The only way it could work is using iframes. Now OBIEE 11g would not allow iframes inside it's dashboard. It offers a dashboard object called "Embedded content" which is a restricted iframe kinda thing but unless you get this object's id from generated HTML you can change it's content dynamically. Besides, such an implementation may break with next patch. So here is an idea.
    Create a HTML page with two iframes, left one will hold all the reports with links (you can always generate a list of reports through catalog manager, open it in excel and make HTML links from it) that open report urls (in the format of ./saw.dll?GO&Path=....) in right iframe (using javascript open.window method). Once that page is working, call this page from dashboard using an action link. This is slightly twisted approach but at least it would give you what you asked for.
    About making the report list dynamic, I am afraid there are no easy answers. OBIEE provides web service that will allow the users to query catalog to get a list of reports. You can try some basic JSP to access the web service and generate the list dynamically. But that is not something I can provide here.

  • Interactive report with detail sub-report on the same page

    Hi all,
    I'm fairly new to APEX, sorry if my question is too obvious. I'm using Apex 4.0.2 on top of Oracle 11.2.
    I have an interactive report listing the content of a table. Since there are many columns in that table I would the report to show only a few identifying columns and the complete record currently selected being displayed using another report in a separate region on the same page.
    The "Link Column" on the interactive report does almost that except that it jumps on another page; I would like to simply have a sub-report updated with the selected data instead of a new page displayed. Does anyone know how to do that?
    Thanks for your help,

    this sounds like what I normally do in my referential data.
    I use the wizard to create "form with report"
    I make sure that both regions (the form and the report) will be set on the same page number
    then I check/change the order of the regions (report first, form second)
    then I set the form to display in column 2
    P.S. the report only shows enough columns to recognize the records. the form shows all records

  • Subreport on the same page as main report

    I have a supreport designed to print on the same page as the main report.  The subreport is alligned with the main report in the design view, but when I print it, the columns do not align.

    Right click any field ( on the main report the subreport is just like a field)
    on the local menu select "Size and Position"
    in the dialog box set X to 0 leave all the other fields ( BTW is X non zero?)

Maybe you are looking for

  • File adapter-How to set line break in text file-split record into two lines

    Dear Guru's, I have to solve following problem with XML (with mulitiple records) to TEXT file scenario using file adapter. I have to output for ever ONE data record in XML always two identical lines in text file. Second line should have a little bit

  • Can't get rid of file in Trash

    I know that others have posted similar problems about the Trash not emptying, but this one seems peculiar (to me, that is). I dump a file into the Trash, so that it is the only file in there. I 'Empty Trash', as per usual. The original file is no lon

  • Testing movie on a remote machine (server)

    one machine is functioning as a server. on the other machine i run a swf file (test movie). i want it to function as if it is on the same machine. i get an error (504) Error opening URL 'bla bla bla......../flashlogin.aspx' is there any definitions t

  • Crash on quit when switching resolutions.

    In case there are others out there needing to switch resolutions and have a full screen app running on the desktop with OS X 10.8 and Director 12. I thought I would share this experience and offer a way of fixing it. If you use BuddyAPI to change the

  • Database link between Oracle Standard Edition and Oracle Enterprise Edition

    Hi, I am looking at setting up a data transfer process between an Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition database and an Oracle 11g Standard Edition database. Database links would be required each way. I heard once that this is not permitted as connecting Sta