What is the use of FOLDER NODE in SMARTFORMS?

what is the use of FOLDER NODE in SMARTFORMS?
please explain.

By using a folder node and checking the 'protect' checkbox, everything in that folder will be page protected.
How to create a New smartfrom, it is having step by step procedure
Here is the procedure
1. Create a new smartforms
Transaction code SMARTFORMS
Create new smartforms call ZSMART
2. Define looping process for internal table
Pages and windows
First Page -> Header Window (Cursor at First Page then click Edit -> Node -> Create)
Here, you can specify your title and page numbering
&SFSY-PAGE& (Page 1) of &SFSY-FORMPAGES(Z4.0)& (Total Page)
Main windows -> TABLE -> DATA
In the Loop section, tick Internal table and fill in
ITAB1 (table in ABAP SMARTFORM calling function) INTO ITAB2
3. Define table in smartforms
Global settings :
Form interface
Variable name Type assignment Reference type
ITAB1 TYPE Table Structure
Global definitions
Variable name Type assignment Reference type
ITAB2 TYPE Table Structure
4. To display the data in the form
Make used of the Table Painter and declare the Line Type in Tabstrips Table
e.g. HD_GEN for printing header details,
IT_GEN for printing data details.
You have to specify the Line Type in your Text elements in the Tabstrips Output options.
Tick the New Line and specify the Line Type for outputting the data.
Declare your output fields in Text elements
Tabstrips - Output Options
For different fonts use this Style : IDWTCERTSTYLE
For Quantity or Amout you can used this variable &GS_ITAB-AMOUNT(12.2)&
5. Calling SMARTFORMS from your ABAP program
Calling SMARTFORMS from your ABAP program.
Collecting all the table data in your program, and pass once to SMARTFORMS
Declare your table type in :-
Global Settings -> Form Interface
Global Definintions -> Global Data
Main Window -> Table -> DATA
Written by : SAP Hints and Tips on Configuration and ABAP/4 Programming
At the end of your program.
Passing data to SMARTFORMS
formname = 'ZSMARTFORM'
if sy-subrc <> 0.
call function FM_NAME
if sy-subrc <> 0.
for Smartforms material
How to trace smartform
Re: Need FAQ's
check most imp link
step by step good ex link is....
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    You use this node to combine inferior nodes to logical groups
    The more extensive a form, the less clear the node hierarchy in the tree structure. To avoid this, you can combine related nodes under a folder node. When displaying tables, you can use the folder node to protect multiple table lines against automatic page break (see: Page Protection for Tables).
    Nodes assigned to cells of a template can be identified more easily in the tree structure if there is a folder for each line or column.
    Depending on the length of time by which the last date for payment has been exceeded, each dunning letter should start with a different introduction. Create a text node containing the relevant dunning letter for each dunning level and specify conditions to print only one of the nodes. In this case, it is a good idea to group the different text nodes together in a folder.
    Create a node of type Folder in the navigation tree of the Form Builder.
    Enter a unique name for the node and a description (for example, cells of the third line).
    To assign other nodes to the folder, use Drag&Drop to put them in the folder node or insert new nodes as subnodes.
    On the Events tab, you can activate a header and a footer area. For more information, see Printing Tables.
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    Text modules
    Text modules are used to centrally store texts that are used frequently in forms in the system.
    Text modules are included in forms using texts nodes. The text node can either refer to the text module or take its text. You can then change the text or add to it to suit the form.
    Text modules have the following attributes:
    They are client-independent
    They are connected to the transport system
    They are connected to the translation tools in the system
    The third attribute means that a text module can be uniquely assigned to a language using the logon language. When including a text module, you can also access translations of the text module, for example, to include an English text module in a German form.
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    (actually I currently dont have a CRM system so I could not try it out myself).
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    Oracle ATG Web Commerce - Configuring Databases and Database Access
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         JBoss comes with its own demo database, Hypersonic (note the datasource hsqldb-ds.xml in the /deploy directory).
    I am not sure how it's working in ur case.

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    My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music
    Other folders for downloads, pod casts, mobile applications are all in the iTunes Media folder, however the iTunes library database files are located in the iTunes Folder.
    The reason I ask is that I am re-doing my music collection and I set up the folder structure mentioned above, but iTunes re-arranded everything and copied all of my music into the iTunes Media folder.
    Anyone have any idea how iTunes does it by default?

    Here are typical layouts for the iTunes folders:
    If you have upgraded from version 8 (or earlier) to iTunes 9 (or later) at some point, then your media folder (everything inside the red outline) may still be called iTunes Music instead of iTunes Media. The extra Music folder inside the media folder is used if you have allowed iTunes to Upgrade to iTunes Media Organization (iTunes 9) or used File > Library > Organize Library > Reorganize files in the folder "<Media Folder>" (iTunes 10). Depending on your choices for Keep iTunes Media folder organized and Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library plus a little bug in which one build changed the name of the file storing the choice of layout it is quite easy for some of your files to be organized according to one layout and some the other.
    Assuming you're happy letting iTunes organize your files the following steps should tidy things up (should it be necessary):
    1. Select File > Library > Organize Library... > Tick Reorganize files in the folder "<Media Folder>" and click OK. Skip if this option is greyed out (already upgraded) or you prefer the older layout.
    2. Select File > Library > Organize Library... > Tick Consolidate files and click OK. This will bring any files currently organised outside the designated media folder into it.   NB This will create duplicate copies of any file that needs to be consolidated, and you will need to manually clean up afterwards. If space is at a premium try my scripts Unconsolidated to find out what would need moving and ConsolidatebyMoving to move rather than copy it.
    3. Select Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab, uncheck Keep iTunes Media folder organized and click OK.
    4. Select Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab, check Keep iTunes Media folder organized and click OK. This triggers iTunes into reorganizing everything according to your preferences.
    5. (Optional) Close iTunes, rename the folder iTunes Music as iTunes Media then restart iTunes. Check under Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab that the location has automatically updated. If you can't access the media for any reason just undo the folder rename.
    6. (Optional - Windows only) If Windows Media Player has ever had access to your files it may have liberally scattered folder artwork files about which iTunes won't tidy up when it reorganizes things, thus leaving behind a heap of folders with artwork and no media. I've written a script for cleaning this mess up called CleanDeadArt.
    PS If you really prefer the older layout, but it is already in the new one then edit the file called .iTunes Preferences.plist in your media folder and change the integer from 1 to 0 before doing step 3.

  • What is the use of this form?

    Hi all,
    What is the use of this form in include RV61B901?
    How does this code send any information to the program calling it? Is Sy-subrc global so that main program will know the reuslts?
    FORM KOBED_901.
      DATA : l_anzpk LIKE likp-anzpk.
      SELECT SINGLE anzpk FROM likp
                          INTO l_anzpk
                          WHERE vbeln = komkbv2-vbeln.
      IF l_anzpk NE 0.
        sy-subrc = 4.
      sy-subrc = 0.

    This form sets the value of sy-subrc(which is global) based
    on the value of l_anzpk.
    Greg Kern

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    Hi All,
             What is the use of up to 1 rows in select statement.
    for example
    SELECT kostl
          FROM pa0001
          INTO y_lv_kostl UP TO 1 ROWS
          WHERE pernr EQ pernr
          AND endda GE sy-datum.
    I'm unable to get in wat situations we hav to add up to 1 rows
    please help me out...

    Use "select up to 1 rows" only if you are sure that all the records returned will have the same value for the field(s) you are interested in. If not, you will be reading only the first record which matches the criteria, but may be the second or the third record has the value you are looking for.
    The System test result showed that the variant Single * takes less time than Up to 1 rows as there is an additional level for COUNT STOP KEY for SELECT ENDSELECT UP TO 1 ROWS.
    The 'SELECT .... UP TO 1 ROWS' statement is subtly different. The database selects all of the relevant records that are defined by the WHERE clause, applies any aggregate, ordering or grouping functions to them and then returns the first record of the result set.

  • What is the use of Alternative Calculation Type =2 and 4

    Dear Friends
    In pricing procedure in gross value, Net value for Item and Net value has Alternative calucation type is 2.
    What is the use of it?
    Without using it these value line are also fetching net value then what is the work of it. Please give me detail information with its effects in pricing condition tab page in sales document.
    Thanking You

    Arun biswal,
    Correct Biswal. We have at varoius stages within Pricing procedure the "net value" which is calculated. Not only the alternative calculation type "2" is used if you notice carefully they are stored as subtotals at various levels.
    For Ex Gross Value  --> Subtotal =1 --> Calc type = 2
    similarly for Net value for Item --> Subtotal =2 --> Calc type = 2
    Net value 2 --> Subtotal =3 --> Calc type = 2
    See, these are used to calculate the net value at various levels in pricing. The calculation Type has got a set of routines that will facilitate us in pricing. SAP has provided certain clauclated formulas or routines to facilitate us during calculation within pricing . Here the "2" is used for calculation without tax and store it as subtotal and display it or use it for further calculations.
    We can use this "netvalue" amount for further calculations. It is used for clarity purpose when you issue a statement to customer. (like Confirmation order) at various levels like discount amt involved, Freight involved, Rebate amount invloved.....
    Even without this Calc type or using sub total u can proceed....
    Finally we have  TOTAL  --> Subtotal =A --> Calc type = 4
    In the above line we have Calc type as 4, which means when you use TAX this calc type is used .
    Routines are used to facilitate your process....

  • What is the use of Serializable Interface in java?

    Hello friends,
    I have one dout and i want to share with u guys:
    Why Serializable interface made and actully
    what's the use of it?
    At which place it become useful ?
    It is not contain any method then why it is made?
    If anyone have any idea about this then please reply.
    Thanks in advace
    Jitendra Parekh

    t is not contain any method then why it is made?To point out to the user of a class (and the programs) that the design of this class is conforming to certain restraints needed for Serialization.

  • What is the use of Data packet dim with Virtual cube with services

    Hi Friends,
    Could anybody tell me what is the use of Packet dimension in Virtual cube with services , It cannot contain data persistently ,Just fetch at runtime,Then there is no Physical load happening,Then why it should be automatically created for this??
    Message was edited by: Pradeep choudhari

    Hi Maik,
    Unit dimension will not be created automatically until and unless you have keyfigure referning units..
    But my question is : Why should we have data pack dimension , which is useless in this case of Virtual cube with services.It should not be created automatically!! What do you say??

  • What is the use of Withholding tax identification number field?

    Hello SAP Experts,
    I posted this question earlier but had to close because of no replies from anybody. Posting it again to see if I am lucky to get some answer this time.
    Can someone tell what is the use of field Withholding Tax Identification Number? Does it help with the reporting? Where does it get populated on the report if given at vendor or master record or within the withholding tax customization for company code? What is the difference between creating it in the customization for withholding tax information for company code and vendor/customer master record?
    As per SAP:  Withholding tax identification number
    This is a number issued by the tax authorities per withholding tax type.
    This number must be specified in Customizing either:
    (a) As part of the withholding tax information defined for the company code, or
    (b) As part of the withholding tax information defined in the customer or vendor master record.

    Hi Pete,
    The only thing that I could check is the content used in US:
    See content of this field for US:
    LFA1-STCD1      Social security number
    LFA1-STCD2      Employer identification number
    LFBW-WT_WTSTCD  Withholding tax identification number for WT Type
    In order to populate it, please kindly check the following:
    The reason why you cannot fill in the field WT_WTSTCD in transaction
    Fk02 however you can do it in XK02 (Change vendor centrally) can be due
    to wrong customizing of the field status group.
    Kindly check the following:
    Finantial accounting -> Accounts receivable and accounts payable ->
    Define screen layout per activity (vendors) -> Change Vendor(Accounting)
    Company code data -> W/holding tax data, w/h tax 2 ->
    FIELD Withholding tax code,w/h tax 2 will be probably just available to
    display. Please, change it to optional entry.
    I hope I could be of assistance.
    Kind Regards,
    Fernando Evangelista

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