Windows Vista installed, can't surf internet.

Running 10.6.8 on a 21 inch iMac Intel Core i5. Used Bootcamp Assistant in /Application/Utilities (presumably Bootcamp version 3.x) to partition, format and install Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit with SP 1.
Installation completed without problem. Vista up and running. Launching internet explorer results in error messages leading to something like "network adaptor not found." "Open devices to browse/install network adaptor." -or something like that.
Bootcamp assistant user's manual leads me to try running bootcamp assistant setup.exe from my OS 10.6.6 CD while running Vista. I used the windows finder to get to my CD and locate the "setup" application for boot camp assistant. Upon launch, bootcamp stops launch and tells me "windows 7 is required." However, I have all the requirements listed in the bootcamp user's manual. as shown here:
What You Need
Here’s what you need to install and set up Windows on your Mac: An Intel-based Mac computer CHECK,with:
a USB keyboard and mouse, or a built-in keyboard and trackpad  USING BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD AND MOUSE
MacOSXversion10.5o rlater(the latest versionof MacOSX is strongly
recommended) USING 10.6.8
a built-inoptical disc drive,or,ifyourcomputerdoesn’thaveabuilt-inoptical drive, a compatible external optical drive CHECK
For information on using your computer with an external optical drive, see the documentation that came with your computer.
all firmware updatesfor your computer. For information about updating your computer’s system software and firmware, see
page 21. CHECK
A Mac OS X Leopard installation disc, which can be either of the following:
a Mac OS X Leopard disc (included with all purchased copies of Leopard) CHECK
a Mac OS X Install Disc 1 (included with all Macs that have Leopard preinstalled)
At least 10 GB of free space on the disk you’re installing on  CHECK
Boot Camp Assistant (located in /Applications/Utilities/) CHECK
Windows XP Home Edition or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later, or Windows
Vista Home Basic CHECK, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate
FINALLY, I called Apple tech support. I explained that Bootcamp is telling me I need Windows 7 but the manual is telling me I can use Vista Home Basic 32bit. Tech said that beyond, installing windows, its a microsoft problem.
Please advise.

if you can't surf then you can't have installed Windows updates.
I would not expect BT or wifi or anyting to work
10GB was for XP, not later which needs 30-50GB, 10GB free temp space after install and cache built and page file and hibernation taken care of.
MS does not support anything older than Vista SP2 was my understanding.
Snow Leopard has Windows 7 drivers though even there LION has better driver support - for 7.
I'd say try 8 RP but there are too many issues for now with that.
Leopard is 10.5.x and was the last to support Vista.

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    I'd take the CD/DVDs that came with the Macbook, or a full retail version of Leopard, and place it in the drive and start the machine up holding down the C key until you see the spinning gear looking thing, then let go and let it boot up - it takes a bit of time.
    Then at the first screen, after it's booted, say continue, and at the next screen you will find a Utility menu at the top. Click on that and select Disk Utility and select the hard disk - usually the first item in the left pane of Disk Utility, from there do an erase, and at that time you can partition it, or let it be all one partition and select a format HFS +, or MAC OS Extended (Journaled), and give it a name.
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    That part was fine but I cannot get the drivers to load from my install disk (10.4.8).
    The Mac OS X 10.4 disks don't contain Boot Camp drivers. Insert a Mac OS X 10.5 installation disk and get the drivers from it.

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    ddwcmp555 wrote: I have a HP Pavilion Elite m9500Y and I wish to use a windows vista install DVD rather then the recovery DVD's/partition. When ever I boot to disk and go through the reinstall process, when I get to select drive it only has X:/ drive available. Is this some type of boot drive? Is it because of something RAID related? I would like to know how to get around this.
    Hello ddwcmp555, I'm not quite sure why you do not see any available disk\partitions to install Vista on.
    Here  is the link for the specifications for your system, and it shows the system shipped with a 750 GB hard drive and no Raid Array. It also shows the system shipped with Windows Vista Home Premium with Windows Media Center (64-bit) with Vista Service Pack 1.
    The X: partition is created during the start of the Vista installation, as a temp. partition to store the Vista setup files. When the setup completes successfullly, this X: partition is removed.
    Can you advise where you acquired the Vista DVD, and if your Vista DVD might be an upgrade version rather than a full version. An upgrade version would look for the original operating system, before proceeding with the installation process.
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    I have taken it back to the Apple store genius bar, but they say they don't see anything wrong. Well unless you use it all day and experience the problems when they happen, you wont see anything wrong. But there are lots wrong with it. But this would be the same store as I purchased the phone. And they backed up my old Iphone 4, but were not able to get anything to load back onto my new phone. So, I lost pretty much everything. But over time, some of my contacts have started showing up, although i am still missing over 800 of them.

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    For reading as Bugzilla is not a discussion forum. Not useful comments can create bug/email spam.
    Bug 1094013 - Bump the minimum subsystem version to 6.01 on Win64

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  • Can not turn on wireless after Windows vista install driver issue?

    Hi all,
    Not sure if this is the right place for the post, if not I apologies in advance.
    I have a Compaq Presario C700 (C730EM) on which the hard drive died on me, I brought a new one and installed Windows vista premium from disk (not a backup / recovery disk).
    All seems fine however I can not turn on the wireless, the C700 has a wireless button on the top left hard side (which has a red LED when not on). Normally you push this and it turns on (turns LED Blue) but nothing!
    I have commented wired and updated windows etc. and have tired to find wireless driver which I guess I’m missing? Not sure if it’s wireless driver missing or a keyboard driver?
    After installing a few drivers which I thought where right no joy!
    Can anyone help?
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    View Solution.

    You're very welcome!
    A beer sounds great! 

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    Had same message on my Laptop running Windows 7 and it updated and works fine.  I use Internet Explorer 9.
    Detailed Problem Description: Problem with downloading latest Adobe Flash update and viewing YouTube.  On PC running Windows Vista Home Basic SP2 32-bit OS, You Tube home page red banner at top said I needed to install latest Adobe Flash Player but even after installing, it does not work and will not play most videos in browser and shows black screen with message still asking to download latest version.  Seems to be rather random as to which videos it will play and which ones it won't, although there may be some common link (see examples below).  I thought it might have been HTML5 problem but I have successfully played HTML5 and Non-HTML videos through Adobe test site (Adobe Flash Player Help/Video Playback Issues) as well as Stage Videos. (Note: Had same You Tube messages when viewing on Laptop running Windows 7 but that updated without problem.)
    Ran Adobe Uninstall. Closed all other programs before reinstalling direct from Adobe (rather than You Tube link). No change.
    Ran all Adobe troubleshooting suggestions listed at tiveX_Filtering__if_you_are_using_Internet_Explorer_9_.
    Removed browsing data and deleted cache, checked that Internet Tools\Safety\Active X filtering was disabled (but in Internet Option\Security, Active X controls are enabled), disabled Hardware Acceleration, restarted computer but no change to You Tube viewing.  Re-enabled, but no change.  (WOULD LOVE ADVICE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE IF I SHOULD KEEP THIS ENABLED OR DISABLED.)
    I have updated graphics drivers for NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT- although had to do manually as NVIDIA auto system scan said "could not detect your GPU". Noted they said Windows Vista supports up to Direct X 10, but my system is running Direct X 11.  Had optional update message for "nVidia Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, Graphics Adapter WDDM 1.2, other Hardware NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT" on both PC & laptop.  Laptop downloaded fine. Tried to download on PC but was not successful. Error Code 80070103, possibly because system had already been updated? Current driver version - "Windows has determined that your current driver software is up to date".
    Running Norton 360 but it did not block or indicate any problems with Flash Player download.
    Problem URL: (red banner at top of home page says I still need to download latest Adobe Flash).
    Example of specific video that will not play:
    Example of specific video that will not play:
    Example of video that will play:

    Dear Chris,
    Thanks for reply.  I ran the recommened Adobe uninstall program so assumed it deleted whatever it should have, before installing new version.  When it didn't work I followed instructions in Flash Player help page (screen shot below) which said to delete the Roaming App Data/Macromedia/Flash folder and Roaming App Data/Adobe/Flash folder, which I did. 
    Below are screen shots of C:\windows\system32\macromed\flash files as they currently stand.  I have a fuzzy recollection that it was deleted at some point because I think I went searching for it during one troubleshooting session and it couldn't be found (but maybe I'm geting confused with the App Date folders?).  Anyway I presume these current files are all post-reinstallation as the dates are all 5 or 6 March (did them before and after midnight).  I'm on Australian time - not sure where you are. However, notice install.log date is 21/05/2010 and Flash Player Trust sub-folder is dated 6/09/2008.
    When I right click on the screen of both videos that will and won't play, I just get a list of options starting at "Copy video URL" down to "About HTML5".   So not sure what you mean when you say "For the videos that do play, when you right click on them what version of Flash Player is reported at the bottom of the context menu?" as I can't see any info like this.  Do I click somewhere else?
    If you are able to get the info you are after yourself, two videos that will work are: and
    Also, with hardware acceleration enabling or disabling, the only place I can find to do this is through the Adobe Flash Help page tiveX_Filtering__if_you_are_using_Internet_Explorer_9_
    and right clicking on the Flash Player info box, going into Settings and checking or unchecking the Enable box.  Do you know if there is another setting in my actual computer where I can do this and or there's some other setting I need to change?  There doesn't seem to be anything similar when I go through Conrol Panel - Flash Player.
    5. Delete all Flash Player browsing data
      a.. Click Start > Control Panel.
      b.. Double-click Flash Player.
      c.. In the Flash Player Setting Manager, click Advanced.
      d.. Under Browsing Data and Settings, click Delete All.
    6. Remove Flash Player cache
      a.. On your computer, select Start > Run. (On Windows 7, click Start and type in Search Programs and Files.)
      b.. Type %appdata%\Adobe and click OK.
      c.. Delete the Flash Player folder.
      d.. Repeat step 1 and type %appdata%\Macromedia.
      e.. Delete the Flash Player folder.

  • Windows Vista Home basic drivers for internet

    How do I get drivers for Windows Vista Home basic edition to work with Windows vista on my mac. Can't connect to internet on vista.

    for the obvious:
    After the Vista installation, did you install the Apple drivers from the OSX Leopard Installation DVD ?
    If not, boot into Vista and insert the OSX Installation DVD that came with your iMac.
    The Driver Setup usually starts automatically.
    All drivers needed are on that DVD.

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