Activate BI Business Content in production system

Hi experts
I have a doubt, someone activated business content in production system, what are the consecuences in the future?
Are there any procedure to follow to activate business content from developement system and then to transport to QAS and PRS?
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what are the consecuences in the future?
Yes Its not advisable to activate the Business Content in Production server, because all the final Reporting Data will be fetched for the users from the same Production server and we should keep the system ready and available for all the time for the data loading and reporting.
If you are engaging the the system in activating the BC (hope you know that BC activation takes time and while activating it will lock all the dependent objects involved in it)
Are there any procedure to follow to activate business content from developement system and then to transport to QAS and PRS?
BC should be activated from Dev then Transport it to Quality testing activities user acceptance then transport finally to PRS.
Hope you know the steps for activating BC or else
Hope it helps

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  • Business Content for Product Cost by Sales Order

    We need to do reporting on costs associated to Sales Orders. The corresponding R/3 Area is "Product Cost by Sales Order" in Cost Object Controlling. We have looked at the standard cube for Cost Object Controlling (0PC_C01) but this cube only contain costs related to manufacturing orders, whereas we need to look at costs associated with sales orders after Result Analysis.
    Have you guys any ideas which content that might support this, if any?
    Many thanks!
    / David

    Hi Christian,
    please refer to SAP Note 584791: <a href="">BW-BCT-CO: Costs not extracted on sales orders</a>.
    Unfortunately there's no DataSource providing the data you need for your analysis scenario. A custom development is needed (<i>awful!!</i>)
    <b>Note 584791 - BW-BCT-CO: Costs not extracted on sales orders</b>
    In R/3, costs are posted directly to sales orders. The costs have to be analyzed in the BW system. In the standard system, however, this data is not extracted into the BW system.
    <b>Other terms</b>
    0CO_OM_OPA_1; 0CO_OM_OPA_6
    1. There are currently no DataSources for costs on sales orders in the standard BW Business Content. Unfortunately, there are currently no resources scheduled for a new development in this area either.
    2. Therefore, the DataSources and the Business Content must be created in the customer project within the framework of consulting as a customer solution concerning the generic extraction options of the BW Service APIs or function modules you have programmed yourself for extracting data.
    3. Technical background information about costs on sales orders:
    The transaction data is available in the following R/3 tables
    COSS and COSP - Totals records or COEP - Line items.
    This concerns records for the VB* object numbers.
    The master data of the sales orders is contained in the VBAK and VBAP tables.
    The 0CO_OM_OPA_1 and 0CO_OM_OPA_6 DataSources only extract costs for orders with master data in the AUFK table. These types of requests always have OR* object numbers. Therefore, these DataSources cannot be used for sales orders.
    However, you may be able to assign requests from the AUFK table (for example, maintenance orders or production orders) to a sales order through the AUFK-KDAUF table field.

  • Business Content for Production Orders

    Dear All,
    we are looking for a SAP standard scenario for our business scenario to get details per production order and workcenter.
    I found already Datasources 2LIS_04_P_MATNR (for production order header data), 2LIS_04_P_ARBPL (for production order operational data) and 2LIS_04_P_COMP (for production order component data), which contain the data we will need to be reported on.
    Unfortunately I'm not able to find any How-To paper or anything like this, where I can see, how these 3 Datasources are coming together in BW. For 2LIS_04_P_MATNR I found 0PP_DS01 in the business content. But I expected to find as well an DSO in the SAP content for the other 2 Datasources. I'm also wondering, if there is a standard cube, where these 3 DSO's are coming together later on to be the basis for the reporting.
    Does anybody of you have any standard documentation of this business scenario?
    Thank you in advance.

    Hi Peggy , There is no standard DSO or infocube available which reports on all the 3 data sources combined together.
    But there are standard DSOs ,infocubes like 0PP_O01 , 0PP_C04 which can be used in a custom multiprovider to draw reports of interest.
    For more details refer
    Hope this helps

  • Business Content for Product Cost Collector analysis - KKBC_PKO

    I have a user requirement to setup a report that matches the KKBC_PKO report in ECC.
    Is there any business content that can help me do that?
    Many thanks,

    I guess you shoud check out one of the 0CO_PC_* datasources. Check also the business content for applicaten controlling->product cost controlling. [BCT|]
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  • Business Content -is needed for QA and Production System

    I am working in BW3.5 system.
    BI content 3.5.3 is installed in BW Development system.
    Is it necessary BI content needs to be installed all the system like BW QA and BW production system.
    I am going to activate necessary objects only in BW Development environment. I am not going to activate anything in( Business content )QA /Production.
    I am going to move all the objects through Transports.
    Now our basis team saying that we have to install BI content in QA and Production.
    Please advise on this.

    Hi SAPBW D  ,
      Its customary to install the bussiness content first & start working wwith it . As far as qa,prod & Dev are concerned ,remember that though you transport from prod to qa & dev if they have to be available for use then they have to be activated . So activation of  at least the necessary objects is a must in qa & dev as well .
    -cheers !

  • Source System not collected with business content Activation

    I'm trying to activate some business content and have previously assign the source system (R/3). When I'm selecting an infosource and select as grouping in data flow before the source system is not collected.
    This is a new BW 3.5 connected to a ECC. It has to be silly but I don't know what else to check. I was surprise to see that the source system was created with the icon of a BW system. But I think that this is just because the ECC appart of being an R/3 system is also a BW instance.
    Well, any help appreciated and kindly rewarded.
    Alberto Sabate

    Thanks but,
    I have tryed multiple times activating my infosources selecting only one source system, all of the available or none at all. No matter what I do the system collects only the Infosource with the communication structure but does not go down to the transfer rules and assignment of the available datasource.
    I don't know what to do now. I'm obviously selecting the grouping with "in data flow before".
    I'm running out of ideas.
    Thanks all,
    Alberto Sabate

  • Activate Business Content PP

    Dear all,
    We want to activate the Business Contents for extraction of the SAP module PP. For example we have already activated DataSource 2LIS_04_P_COMP and so on. Right now we are unsure which RMBW-programs and additional jobs have to be activated. Does anybody have a guideline something like this to install these Business Contents fore using PP-extraction?
    Thank at all.
    Best regards

    HI Daniel, try to find your PP scenario in:
    [ Best Practices: SAP NetWeaver Business Warehousing - Scenarios|]

  • Unable to activate the DSO in PM Business Content

    I am trying to activate the Business Content for PM (Plant Maintenance). I was able to activate the cubes without any problem.
    But when I tried activating the DSO 0PM_DS01, the activation is failing while activating the DSO with the message. "You are not authorised for Infosource 80PM_DS01"
    Has anybody else also faced a similar error?

    After you get this message, run transaction SU53.
    In there you'll find if you are missing any authorization in your user profile. Send that screen shot to the Security/BASIS team and have them add the authorization.

  • Activate Business content - "In dataflow afterwards" or "Only necessary" ?

    Hello experts,
    I would like to activate the business content for 0FI_GL_1 infosource. I am not sure which method to follow. Can you please advice?
    Method 1
    AWB --> Business Content --> From the left most frame Clicked on "Object types"
    In the right most (3rd) frame set the grouping to "In dataflow afterwards"
    In the second frame expanded the "Info sources" and clicked on "Select objects"
    In the popup window, searched for "0FI_GL_1" and clicked on "Transfer Datasource"
    And then choose "Install" from the right most frame
    It activated lot of unnecessary stuff like Infosets, Multi Provider etc
    Method 2
    AWB --> Business Content --> From the left most frame Clicked on "Object types"
    In the right most (3rd) frame set the grouping to "Only necessary objects"
    In the second frame expanded the "Info sources" and clicked on "Select objects"
    In the popup window, searched for "0FI_GL_1" and clicked on "Transfer Datasource"
    And then choose "Install" from the right most frame
    Repeat the above steps for the all (Infocube, ODS, update rule, transfer rule)
    Thanks in advance

    Installing the BC is depends upon your requirement.Please see the folowing information regarding BC installment.
    <b>In Data Flow Before</b>
    If your start point is an InfoCube, all those objects that are in the data flow before the InfoCube, and are therefore necessary for providing data to the InfoCube, are collected. This includes, for example, update rules and InfoSources.  So that these objects can be activated, all the corresponding objects required for these objects have to be collected in addition. For activating an InfoSource, InfoObjects may also be necessary which are not contained in the InfoCube and have therefore not yet been collected. However, for these additional objects, the objects that come before them in the data flow are not collected.
    <b>In Data Flow Afterwards</b>
    For example, if your start point is an InfoCube, all those objects that are in the data flow after the InfoCube, and are therefore reporting objects that serve to display the data stored in the InfoCube, are collected. This includes, for example, queries and Web templates. So that these objects can be activated, all the corresponding objects required for these objects have to be collected in addition. For activating a role, additional workbooks that are based on other InfoCubes may also be necessary. However, for these additional objects, the objects that come after them in the data flow are not collected. These additional workbooks cannot be used for reporting unless they are transferred from the Business Content by some other means.
    In Data Flow Before and Afterwards</b>
    For example, when using an InfoCube, the objects necessary for activating the InfoCube are collected together with other objects that are required for activating those objects collected as well. This includes objects positioned both before and after the InfoCube in the data flow. 
    With the InfoCube, all incoming data streams and the evaluation string are activated. Both are then completed with data streams, enabling a complete evaluation in the workbooks.
    <b>Collection Mode</b>
    Collect Automatically (default setting): The data is collected directly when the objects are selected.
    Start Manual Collection: The data is collected only when you click on the  Gather Dependent Objects icon.
    Set the collection mode to Start Manual Collection. You can then select all objects without having to wait.
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  • Installing Business Content directly in QA and PRD or transport it ?

    We have been running a SAP BW Lanscapce (7.01 SPS7) for over two years.
    We have recently applied to our BW Landscace an additional add-on ; SAP SuPM (Sustainability Performance Management 2.0)
    Several thousands of new objects are delivered and we need to install the SUPM Business Content.
    A specific BC installation procedure is described in the installation guide, use the report report RSO_BC_INSTALL_ALL  and not the transaction RSORBCT.
    I intended to activate the SUPM Business Content directlly in DEV then QAS then PRD, as we did when we initially installed tthe three systems.
    The develpent team would prefer to tranfor the transport the newly installed objects fronm DEV to QAS and PRD. They told me that activating directly the BC in QAS and PRD might cause issue for certain objects like transformations. During activation certain objects receive a unique ID hence receiving a different ID in each system. This would mean that we wonu2019t be able to transport changes to these objects from dev and that each change would need to be applied directly in each system which is not acceptable.
    I am not confortable transporting thousands of new objects (even if they are collected in the same transport requests) from DEV to QAS and PRD.
    What are you suggestions ? HAve you already been confroncted to the same problem, having to install thousands of new Business Content objects on an existing BW system ?
    Thank you for your attention
    Best Regards

    Hi Shiro,
    There is one important thing that you should note down is, if you directly install the contents in production system and something goes wrong due to customization or any other thing then there is risk of recovering it and being production system I would say not to do that.
    Where as if you install the contents in development then you will have chance to do the unit testing properly and then send the contents to quality and prod after testing and modifications if required. The risk of failure with transport is very less if the transports are moved in correct sequence.

  • Error while activating the business content object

    Hi guru,
    We have installed a new BI system, and hence we need to activate all the business content object as they are available in delivery version.
    So as there was an requirement i tryed to activate the business content object ,that is 0mat (MATNR) material number,
    but once done with the installation when i try to find the object and display it
    that is i select the object 0mat , context menu and say display or change it does not show the complete screen as it appears for a characterstic and gives a error
    "_settings for material number conversion not found"_*
    so please help me out what is the problem

    Thanks Subash Balakrishnan for replying,
    but let me inform you that i already did that as i need to install this object and now the object is showing with green instead of grey,
    Now my problem is that after selecting grouping and collection when i go to infoobject menu under modelling and find out the object 0mat, it shows in green , but as i need to observe the properties of this object like data type , length etc , i select the object 0mat and right click and select display,
    then instead of showing me the object properties screen it gives me the error as mentioned above,
    so as you say it has to be in active versoin , but i can not view the normal screen which appears after creating any object ,
    now i hope my problem is quiet explanatory so please help me.

  • SEM business content

    Can anyone give some advice on the following: SEM 4.0 has been installed on our ECC 5.0 system. In client 000 many planning areas exists, however in the working client 020 none.
    How do I activate the business content in the working client?
    Kind regards,

    Hi Sat,
    The link you provided deals with activating Business Content in BW, but I have checked that and all cubes and queries have been activated successfully.
    But I didn't mean the business content in BW, but in ECC (more specific: the planning areas in BPS).
    Any ideas?

  • Missing Info Objects in Business Content

    the business content of our system has missing IO. For the Bank Analyzer there are missing 3 IO which are used for the cube etc.(IO are S20BPART,S21DFVAL, S40FTRAN).
    For me is this problem new and I want to now if anybody has experience with this type of problem. On oss I could not find anything, so what could be the reason

    Hello Henning,
    We had the same problem with BC 7.03. I guess it was support package 5. We had to open a customer message and got a corrected version which became part of the next support package.
    Kind regards,
    PS: Of course it were different InfoObjects. In our case it was something related to Production Planning.

  • Business content infoobjects are still in verion 2.x & 3.x

    Hi all,
    We have upgraded our system to BI 7.0 from BW 3.5, when we check customer created infoobjects thy look fine,but business content info objects show us version 2.x and 3.x, Why is it we need to do some migration for this.We used the latest version of business content available.
    Thanq all.

    As sanity check ,ar you looking at the business content which was already activated before upgrade??
    try to activate the business content from fresh now ,plain vanilla and see what it gets you.
    Hope it Helps

  • Business Content Contains IS InfoObjects ?

    Hi all,
    We are new to BI and are trying to activate some Business Content.  I have choosen 1 cube and selected only necessary objects. It looks like the cube contains InfoObjects that are for industry solutions such as Retail.  We don't use Retail so my communication structure does not match my transfer structure.  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?  Should all the different Industry Solutions exist in D status in BI?  Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Mark

    Usually you have to search for the relevant infocubes which is categorized in Business Content.
    Activating business Content should be done in the following way.
    Set the Collection mode "Start Manual Collection".
    In Grouping Select "Data flow before".
    You have to drag the 0PUR_C01 and push it right window.
    Click the Gather the Objects (it will look like "Execute" Button).
    By this you will get all the infoobjects,transfer rules and infsources.(I doubt whether you will get the ODS.If the update rules of 0PUR_C01 is based on ODS then you have to collect it separately.But I think this cube is updated directly.The problem is you don't know which is the ODS for a cube.You can get it from Meta Data Repository.)
    You can set the source system (Yellow Button next "CTO") by which your source system assignments will be over.
    select "Install in Background".
    You can check the Job overview in SM37 whether the installation is over or not.
    With this you will be able to do the Extraction.
    For Queries and Workbooks you have to select "Data Flow after" in the grouping.
    Look at the infocube and find any gaps are there and you can add those keyfigures and characteristics.
    Accordingly you should modify your datasources also at the R/3.
    First you have to load the master data and then Transaction data. If not you will find performance issues.
    Finally award points if I my suggesstions are working.

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