Adapter and set top box

Can we buy the adapter and set top box from Verizon or do we have any product available in the market that can be used to replace them ....

You cannot "buy" an STB or adapter, Verizon only rents them. As far as I know the only other option besides a STB is TIVO, but you'll still need to rent a Cable Card.
Do not waste your time and money buying one of those Verizon STB's being sold on eBay or anywhere else. Verizon considers all those boxes "stolen" and will not activate them.

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  • FiOS TV cutting out to snow, resetting TV and set-top box?

    Greetings all, I'm hoping someone can help here;
    I have a Motorola HD DVR 72161 (Verizon supplied) connected via HDMI to my Sharp Aquos LC-46D65U. Over the last few weeks, something odd is happening: after watching TV for a while, my picture will change to snow (no video input all of the sudden). I have to turn the TV and the set-top box (STB) off. When the STB goes off, it flashed the "du1" on the display. After about 10 or 15 seconds, the (turned off) TV makes a click sound. At this point I can power everything back on and it is working fine. 
    There is no pattern to this, though it sometimes happens more often (every 10 or 15 minutes) when watching a recorded program. It happens both day and night.
    Tech support reinitialized my STB yesterday, and it didn't seem to fix the problem. I changed the HDMI port on the TV this afternoon (moved the cable to a new port) and this didn't help either.
    Any ideas or help or suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks.  

    I have the same problem and have been through the same troubleshooting with FIOS support.  Unfortunately, I also have a Sharp Aquos (46D85U).  I was hoping this was a FIOS issue rather than an Aquos issue, but after reading your post, I'm not sure.  Perhaps it's a combination of FIOS and Aquos.  I did not have this problem when I had Cox cable.  It started as soon as I switched to FIOS.  
    Additional discoveries:  You can turn off just the TV, wait a few seconds for the relay to click, then turn the TV back on and the picture comes back.  Also, I just recently switched to the composite video output (Red, Blue, Green connectors) and the problem appears to have gone away.  The drawback is picture quality noticeably degrades.
    Sorry, I don't have an answer.  Any ideas from the smart folks out there?

  • New HD Set top box and Multi-room DVR

    I just activated a new HD DVR set top box, but it's not seeing any of the shows recorded on the other HD DVR set top box that I've had for over a year.
    Do I just need to wait for the new box/service to be recognized/activated with the hub (the HD DVR I had prior to now) or do I need to call Verizon to make sure they add the multi-room dvr service to the box I just received?
    Go to Solution.

    If you replaced your dvr that had all your recordings on it, you wont have any of those shows on the new one because they are stored on the dvr itself.   But maybe im misunderstanding you, are you trying to watch recordings on a 2nd dvr, the multiroom feature does not work from dvr to dvr you can only stream to 6200,7100, and  2500 series stbs.
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  • Recording a DVD with LG DVD Recorder and FIOS Standard Set Top Box

    I have FIOS Standard Set Top Box, a Sony TV, and an LG DVD Recorder. I cannot figure out how to record a TV program on my LG DVD Recorder. I have 3 remotes: a FIOS Remote, an LG DVD Recorder Remote and a Sony TV Remote. What remote/s should I use, and in what order?  Thanks.

    1) Connect coax (cable) wire from the wall to the RF input on the back of the STB.
    2) Connect coax (cable) from the cable out (might say "to TV/VCR") on the back to the STB to the cable in on the back of the TV.
    3) Connect composite (red, yellow, white) wires from the back of the STB to the input of the DVD player.
    4) Connect composite (red, yellow, white) wires from the back of the DVD player to the back of the TV.
    Let me know if any of those aren't possible based on your equipment. The SD STB (QIP 2500) has very few outputs so there are not a lot of options for a setup like this).
    In order to record a program, you will have to do the following:
    -Set the STB to whatever channel you want to record and keep it on. You will not be able to change the channel, because the DVD player will be recording whatever the STB outputs (the same feed the TV gets). With FiOS, it is not possible to have a DVD do the tuning for you, because it is an all-digital signal and most DVD players can only tune to analog chs 1-99.
    -Set the DVD player channel to "input" or something of the like. This will get your DVD player to show the signal from the STB.
    -Set your TV channel to composite input. This will show you whatever the DVD player is getting from the STB.
    -If you want to watch normal TV without the DVD player, you can turn your TV to Ch. 3 or 4 and get the feed from the STB without having to turn on your DVD player.

  • 3D Programming and 7000 Series set top box

    I want to watch ESPN 3D but the screens are split on my Panasonic 3D Plasma screen.  It is part of the Ultimate HD package but I have not been able to see it.  The technicians at Verizon give me a different story each time I talk to them.  One of the techs told me I need a 7000 series box to view 3D content.  Can anyone tell me if this is true or give me suggestions to make this work?  I also wonder if I need to connect the HDMI cable from the set top box directly to the tv via a 1.4 HDMI cable without going through my "non 3D capable" receiver or if a 1.3 HDMI cable will work like it does with my Playstation.  Thanks.

    I had the same problems. This is what you need to do if you haven't tried it yet. EPSN 3D broadcasts in 720P, so you have to go to settings and change your video settings to 720P, my guess is you probably have it set to 1080i. After setting it to 720p, then set your TV 3D setting to top and bottom and it should merge the picture. I would set the setting back to 1080i when you are done with watching the channel, the movies on demand I believe are 1080i and 3D setting side by side. Hope that helps.

  • Cameras and microphones in set top boxes

    Is Verizon currently deploying set top boxes with built in microphones and cameras for future use?   If so does anyone know what model set top boxes are so equipped?  If the hardware is not in the current devices when does Verizon plan to roll out the new hardware containing the cameras and microphones?

    Current Verizon STBs do not have cameras or microphones.  Even if future ones did, it's doubtful they would work.  Verizon can't get the basic function of their software right anyway, so I'm not concerned.

  • Airport Express and IPTV Set Top Box

    I want to connect an IPTV Set Top Box to my wireless router but my provider's STB doesn't have Wireless networking. So I though to connect it to my wireless network with an Airport Express.
    I made a scheme of how it would be connected:
    Is it possible to make this?

    The Ethernet port on the AirPort Express (AX) is ONLY active when the AX uses WDS to wirelessly connect to a network. Unfortunately very, very, very few non-Apple devices support Apple's WDS.
    So if your wireless router is another AX or an AirPort Extreme base station (AEBS), this is possible. But otherwise it is most likely not possible.

  • How to connect iMAC thunderbolt port to a cable TV set top box?

    I am moving to a house that will have combination TV-phone-Internet services delivered via cable (Optimum is the provider).  I understand that with my new iMac which has a "thunderbolt" port that I can use the iMac as a tv monitor and DVR (recorder) and watch live TV or recorded TV.  I think it is possible to record  TV shows either on the iMac's hard drive or the Optimum DVR.  Beyond that, I get confused because I do not understand the details of RCA cables, coaxial cables, HDMI connectors, etc.  Apple does not provide support for set top boxes (I called Apple), and Optimum does not provide support for Macs (I called them too). Since Apple is the party advertising the capability of watching TV on a Mac, I would think the burden is more on them to explain how that works, and maybe they have done so on their web sites, but I cannot find it so far.  I can understand that the cable company does not want to tell people how to bypass the need for their DVR equipment.  Before I go out and hire a consultant for a few hundred dollars to explain it, I was hoping I might find online some tips on how to set up a system at home.  No luck so far.
    Am I correct in assuming that wireless connections are NOT an option because a TV signal has too much bandwidth to work wirelessly?  (I do have a wireless router already.)
    If so and if I am using wires to connect the iMac, am I correct to think I want to use the thunderbolt port for best results?
    If so, what next?  What exactly is the adapter or cable I need and how do I plug it into the set top box?  There are several people in the household, and so I would want the flat screen TV monitor to work normally at times rather than only use the iMac.  Does that require several set top boxes?   I would think that this would be an issue for many people, and it seems to me that this forum would be an ideal place to get help.  So far the people I have spoken with say "well it depends on what you want to do and what your equipment is and for that you have to go ask ___________[someone else]"

    I do not understand what Apple TV is.  I have TV already.  When I look up "Apple TV" on the Apple website I see that is has been redesigned to be small in size but big in entertainment.  Since I did not know what it was BEFORE it was redesigned, knowing that is has been redesigned does not help me understand it.  Now it is smaller?  So it was too big before?  "Watch Netflix titles instantly."  But I can do that with my mac and an internet connection now.  So what is Apple TV that makes it a better or different way to watch Netflix movies?  "Best of all, Apple TV is just $99"  Sorry, but how is that the Best of All part?  My Optimum Cable is charging me $30 a month for TV.  But Apple TV's best part is it costs $99?  Is that per month too?  I also see that everything streams wirelessly to Apple TV, and all I need it so connect apple tv to my widescreen TV using an HDMI cable sold separately.  Now I am really confused.  I plug in a cable to get wireless streaming?  If it is wireless, why does it need a cable?  If there is a cable involved, how is it wireless?  Color me clueless.  I cannot find a straight forward description of what Apple TV is.  And so I don't get how that is the answer to my question.  Sorry for being so simple-minded.  Thanks for the suggestion and I will go research further to learn what is an Apple TV. 

  • Want to use FiOS TV via CableCARD - CSR insists I must lease at least one set-top box

    Started looking into subscribing to Verizon using a CableCARD-based tuner, since I don't actually own a TV.
    I did some research at and ran across this page (important parts in bold):
    A CableCARD is a device that provides access to certain encrypted High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) digital programs without the need for a Set-Top Box.
    CableCARD Features and Services
    What digital programs can I watch with my CableCARD?
    You can view all FiOS TV Standard Definition and High Definition digital channels to which you subscribe. You can also order certain Pay-Per-View events by calling 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966). Without a Set-Top Box, you do not have access to On Demand programming, the FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide, or other advanced features of the FiOS TV service.
    So far, so good. I logged into my account, selected a package, and started the checkout process - and then encountered an odd question: "How many set-top boxes do you need?", where the options were a drop-down list starting with 1 and scaling up. There's an extra $12/month charge (plus taxes, of course) for just one box, and more for other boxes. No way to skip that step.
    So apparently, according to Verizon's service rep... I need to pay $12/mo+tax for a set-top box that I don't need, and that will sit on a shelf while I watch Verizon TV through my fully-supported CableCARD adapter.

    sangs wrote:
    You don't need an STB or DVR, but here's the easiest thing to do - and I just did it, so I know it works.
    Get the STB or DVR along with the Cable Cards. Get everything activated and working - including the cable cards - then return your STB or DVR, either to a FiOS store or via UPS. Voila, you're done and using only Cable Cards. I only have two Cable Cards on my account. Good luck.
    I was considering doing this too. I originally had just a cablecard, then ordered a STB for another room. We don't use it so I wanted to return it. I can't!
    Brb going to UPS store.

  • Returning Set Top Box

    I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with returning equipment, particularly a set top box.
    I called Verizon on June 10th and told them that I wanted to return an HD box that we've been renting to save $9.99 a month. They said that would be fine and that I would be receiving a paid return box to mail it back to them. I received an email the next day confirming the order change on the 10th, but the billing estimate included in the email says my bill will be the same and an HD Set Top Box is labeled as "existing" for my account. Also, it's now the 14th and I haven't received the paid return box.
    Is any of this normal?

    pollihs wrote:
    I moved recently, and I requested a return shipping box to send back old set top boxes. I was told that there would be a paid shipping label included.   The box finally came, but without any kind of label or indication as to where to send the equipment. There is no store nearby to take the equipment, so mail or UPS would be much easier!  Any help out there?
    My experience is to take it to a UPS store, have shipped 3 or 4 boxes back to Verizon that way, worked great. The UPS store people should already know where to ship it, Verizon has a contract with UPS to handle this, and it should not cost you a thing.
    One thing I would do is keep the tracking number and track the shipment all the way to Verizon and save all of that info just in case there is a screwup within Verizon and the box does not come off of your account and they try to charge you for it.
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  • Returning old set top boxes

    I have 5 old set top boxes that I am trying to return to Verizon. The boxes that the new stuff came in are way too small for the old stuff. I have one return label and one too small box. I looked for a location to return but on line all the locations say the don't accept returns.   Any ideas?

    You can take them to a UPS store and they will pack and ship them to Verizon for you.
    Be sure to get a tracking number, a shipping receipt and record the serial numbers.  There have been many reports Verizon not properly recording returned equipment.  Pictures of the STBs might help, too.
    Good Luck.
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  • New to FiOS - Set Top Box isn't showing time of day

    I just had FiOS installed on multiple TV's HD and non-HD.  All the set-top boxes don't show a time of day except the HD DVR.  Is there a way to set the others up to show the time of day?  If so, how?

    The new HD STB's do no have a display at all. cannot get a clock on the QIP7100-2 STB's
    Error exists between keyboard and chair.

  • How to connect satellite set-top box to Qosmio G50 using RCA video-in cable

    I want to connect my satellite set-top box to my Qosmio G50 laptop using the RCA video-in cable I received with the computer. (yellow, red, white RCAs and a Jack)
    Could you help me where should I plug this cable as I have not found any instructions in the users manual. (The user's manual list this cable on page 21, so it can be used for something somehow for sure!)
    (The set-top box does not have coaxial output, and I do not want to include another machine (eg. an old VCR) just to use coaxial connection.)
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Hi mate
    I found your other thread regarding this theme and it looks like you have answered this yourself.
    Thanks for that!

  • No variable audio output for Cisco CHS 435HDC set top box.

    Background:  Until the other day I had my stb connectected to a TV, using TV sound, with an HDMI cable.  The P265v2 remote volume control changed the TV volume.  No problems.
    My new TV & home theater system was recently installed.  We don't use the TV speakers.  While my first preference was to program the Verizon remote to change the volume on my Onkyo receiver, this did not appear to be an option on the remote's programming instruction page on the Verizon website.  Instead, I am directed to change a setting on the remote that makes the Verizon remote change the stb output volume vs the tv volume.  I changed the setting on the remote and ensured the stb box was set up for "variabe" audio output.
    Problem:  Using the stb variable audio settings, volume settings 1 through 30 produce the same volume.  (Volume setting 0 produces no volume, as one would hope.)  It appears the "variable" setting isn't producing a variable output as it should be on this unit.
    Thinking that maybe the receiver was complicating the sitation, I tried connecting the stb to the old TV and the new TV directly and had the same results.
    Now, while I am watching TV, I need to have the receiver remote at hand in addition to the Verizon remote.  It would be nice to have the volume be adjustable as it should be while using the Verizon remote.  I don't like the idea of using a seperate universal remote because then I would lose some of the functionality that the Verizon remote provides when watching TV, using the DVR, watching on demand, etc.
    I would like to know if this is a problem just with my unit, or if it exists with all of these units, which would hopefully be fixed with a Cisco/Verizon firmware update soon, hopefully.
    Thank you.

    soups230 wrote:
    Having same issues with hdmi and optical. Any fix to this.
    In order to control the volume on your home theater system, you'll need a FiOS TV Universal Remote that has the 4-buttons on the top for 'DVD', 'Aux'iliary, 'TV' and 'STB'.  The audio receiver would have to be programmed into the FIOS TV Remote, and controlled using the 'Aux'iliary button.
    Verizon's 4-Button Universal Remote Controls are available for purchase:
    a) online via
    b) at a local FiOS TV store (call first to check if they have them in stock).  For a list of stores:
    Presently, the default remotes for new set top boxes are the 2-button P-265 (newer version) remotes.
    Regarding a problem with HDMI/optical on Cisco 435 STBs, check out the following:
    Go to this webpage:
    Click on the link for 'Cisco CHS 435 HD DVR User Guide'.
    Open the PDF and go to page 22 for 'Connecting to a Home Theater System...'.
    Hope this helps!

  • Apple TV on Motorola Set Top Box Killing Wireless

    Thought I'd share this find.  Problem with set top box, not Apple TV.
    Just moved into this house.  Changed service providers from Comcast to Verizon.  Only change in setup between houses is set top box from SP.
    Verizon router/AP in home office (adjacent to family room)
    Family room
    Motorola set top box with Roku or Apple TV sitting on top
    External HD to left of set top box
    PS3 on shelf below set top box
    Soundbar and TV on shelf above set top box
    Immediately noticed in new house that when Roku was downloading data/video, the download was extremely slow and the rest of the wireless network appeared to go down.  The Roku was pretty much unusable.  I would see wireless signal and Internet connection bounce.  But it wasn't consistent, and I couldn't identify a pattern.  I used inSSIDer and Android wifi analyzer.
    So, I figured the problem was with my 1st generation Roku.  Thought maybe that the wireless radio was shot.  So I trashed the Roku and purcahased an Apple TV today.  Same problem!  Wireless and Internet bouncing.
    So, I moved the Apple TV off of the set top box.  I moved it to its own shelf on the TV stand.  All is well now!
    My conclusion is that the metal chassis of the Motorola set top box was doing something to the 2.4GHz signal.  I recall that my Comcast set top box was Scientific Atlanta.
    Also, I'm ultimately happier with the Apple TV because of its integration with my iMac, MacBook and iPad.

    It would need HDMI or the three component jacks to input to.
    DirectTV box has HDMI out but not in.
    Best is to see if your TV has the component video jacks or multiple HDMI and switch via your TV remote.
    For example my Bravia has 2 sets of component input and 3 HDMI inputs.
    Hopefully, you have a newer TV.

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