Addresses vanishing - address book doing odd things

I am running a 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro with 2 GB SDRAM - version 10.5.8 software. Yesterday, all y my addresses in address book disappeared. I was not syncing them up, I don't have a MobileMe account. I just opened up my address book and all the names and addresses were gone. I do sync up with my Verizon Palm Treo via the "MissingSync for Palm OS." But, I was not in the process of synching or backing up anything. Then just now, I noticed that suddenly all my addresses were duplicated - again, I had done nothing, clicked nothing accidentally. The only thing that I have been attempting to do is to create a new Smart Group with all my Friends in it. Is it possible that this is creating this odd behavior? I am about to repair permissions but I have never experienced anything like this - any ideas? Thanks.

I am also having this same problem. It first appeared on August 5, and since then I have "lost" the complete contents of my Address Book (2553 entries) a total of three times.
Originally I had sync'ing with MobileMe turned on (to update my iPhone) and was also sharing my Address Book with a colleague (read-only access).
After the first loss (which was on my MBP only, had not affected MobileMe), I was able to recover by turning off MobileMe sync'ing and using iTunes to recover my the Address Book on my MBP. I re-established MobileMe and had all three copies in sync.
The second loss cleared the Address Book on my MBP, also MobileMe and my iPhone. Apparently whatever had decided to delete had propogated. I had to resort to Time Machine to recover, and this involved physically copying the /user/library/application support/addressbook directory from backup to my HD.
(Interestingly, Time Machine will not restore my address book entries within Address Book. It looks like it will work, I can open Address Book and then enter Time Machine, go back to a point where my Address Book had entries, select all and Restore All, but I only get 11 entries restored. WEIRD ITEM #2. May be related? I haven't a clue.)
Last night it happened again. I have now stopped sharing my Address Book, turned off MobileMe sync and have sync'ed my iPhone with iTunes.
I'd love to know a cause for this problem. I've run Disk Utility to Verify HD, also Verified and Repaired Disk Permissions, then restarted and downloaded the current software update. There were disk permission problems found and fixed.
Do I have a corrupted Directory on my HD? If so, how can I check it?

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  • Address Book does not sync with "Truth"

    Hey all.
    I've been experiencing this problem for some time now. I'm syncing between Address Book, Entourage 2008 and my cellphone via iSync. Recently however, it seems that my Address Book does not sync with the "Truth" anymore. For instance, when I make changes to a contact within my cellphone, after using iSync, the changes appear in Entourage 2008, but not in Address Book. Likewise, if I import a contact's vCard into Address Book, it does not show up in Entourage 2008 or iSync back to my cellphone.
    I've tried resetting Sync History through both the button in iSync's preferences as well as terminal. That did not work. Neither did repairing permissions.
    Could someone help me please?
    Thank you!

    If you have developper tools installed, maybe you can take a look a Syncrospector, located in /Developer/Applications/Utilities/
    You should see AddressBook in clients list, with last sync data and registered entities (data types).
    You can also check if /System/Library/Frameworks/AddressBook.framework/Resources/ is present on your disk.

  • Address Book does not synchronize

    My Address Book does not update when I add a contact in Mail.
    It also does not sync with my iPhone. When I tried to replace the information on my phone, I ended up with all my contacts on the phone being wiped out! I don't use MobileMe.
    I went to iSync to reset Sync History, but no joy.
    I have created another user account, and added a few names in the Address Book to test this, and this does sync with my iPhone.
    So I think this is a problem isolated to Address Book in my user account. Can I reset it somehow, so that it links back to all these other programs?

    Found the answer in another post by V.K.
    delete the file homedirectory/library/application support/address book/AddressBook-v22.abcddb and the file /homedirectory/library/preferences/
    Once I did this it works again

  • My address book does not open when I click on the "To" bar in an email.

    I recently upgraded to Thunderbird 4.1.0. Since that time my address book does not open when I try to address an email from the "To" or other lines. I have to manually open the address book and cut and paste the address. How can I reconnect the address book to the email program?

    Thank you. You solved my problem. I appreciate it.

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    Address book does not save my imported contacts. After quitting and reopening Address book it does not show any contacts (with exemption of myself). Please help!)

    Were you able to resolve this?

  • What address book does iPhone sync up to?

    When I get an iPhone and plug it in to my PowerBook, which address book does it automatically hook up to? Entourage or address book?

    Claire W.,
    When you get the iPhone it uses SyncServices to get the data.
    If Entourage is syncing with SyncServices, your data is already in Address Book already. Entourage 11.3.5 or later is required. If you have Entourage as part of Office 2004, then you can update to 11.3.5 using the Microsoft Updater that came with Office.
    Other system requirements to consider are USB 2.0, and Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later.
    Hope this helps,
    Nathan C.

  • Address book does not start

    I must've deleted the wrong files when i cleaned up my HD for more space. My addressbook does not work at all. what do I do?
    PS: I am a complete idiot with these kind of things...

    Hi Leon, and a warm welcome to the forums!
    Really tough to tell if you don't know what you deleted... is it still there in Applications?
    You may have to Custom Install it...
    Custom installs in Mac OS X 10.4...
    "Here's a list of all the custom installation options available with Optional Installs.mpkg:
    * Applications
    o Address Book 4.0
    o iCal 2.0
    o iChat 3.0
    o iTunes 4.7.1
    o Mail 2.0
    o Oxford Dictionaries
    o Safari 2.0
    o X11"

  • Address Book does not save

    I am having problems with Address Book in OX Lion. 
    I am in the process of moving my contacts from outlook to address book.  I have copied the vcards to my mac and are adding the ones I want one at a time. 
    I have had several instances where the address book locks up and is non responsive and I had to do a force quit on the application.
    Secondly, when I add an address, new ones do not show up in email.  I added an address and then tried to address an email to that person and it did not appear.  Thirdly, I edited an existing contact to add phone numbers.  I then closed the application (command Q) and then re-opend it and neither the new contact or the phone numbers added to the existing contact apperared. 
    So my questions are:
    1) When does the content of address book get saved?  In my Address Book, the save menu pick is greyed out and command s does not work.
    2) When should I expect new content to appear to other applications like Mail?
    The lack of clear and consistant operation is giving me a real headake.  I have done hours of work on contacts to then discover most of my work did not stick. 
    Any education on how it works, or should work is appreciated. 
    Direct answers to my question is also appreciated.
    - Dave

    I visited the local Apple store in order to get support from a local expert.  They showed me how to export from Outlook as a CSV file and then import into the address book.  This is not as good as using vcards because you have to be very carefull with the mapping of fields.  I made a mistake with this and had to go in and manually edit each imported contact.  The vcards are formatted correctly from the start. 
    I am still looking for a resoultion to my original issue, or a simple fool-proof method of moving contacts from Outlook to Address Book.

  • Address book does not launch and does not sync to iphone

    When I had upgraded to 10.5.4, the permissions from my user profile got corrupted. Since then I have created another profile and rebuilt permissions. Now the address book is not launching, it just bounces in the dock and nothing happens. Also when I try to sync my iphone i get an error saying i don't have permissions to carry out a operation and it quits out. i think it has to do with the address book not launching. Is this a permissions problem or another quirky thing because of this 10.5 OS??
    Thanks in advance

    I'm not sure what you mean by your "user profile." Do you mean you recreated a new user account along with a new home folder?
    If you create a second account, can you launch the Address Book from that one?
    If you cannot launch Address Book at all, you may need to reinstall OS X.

  • My address book does not have an edit button.  How can I change my address?

    I am unable to edit any of the contacts in my address book.  The edit button is not there.  Just share and a plus sign.  Thanks in advance for your advise!

    First things first: you bought this iPhone second-hand from someone you know. That person must have used his iTunes account to activate the phone. Have you tried connecting your iPhone to your computer (Mac or PC, doesn't matter) via USB and have it recognized by iTunes on your computer? If not, you'll have to activate the iPhone first. iTunes will do that for you, provided the former user has notified Apple he has sold his iPhone to you. Then, there's the question of your mobile phone provider: iPhones are network-locked. You can't buy an iPhone from someone who's, say, an Orange customer, then use it on another network than Orange's (in the US, of course, that point is moot). Only way to unlock your phone is to jailbreak it, but it's risky, and frankly, I don't think you'll find a lot of info on this forum on the subject... First off, check on which operator network you friend was.

  • Snow Leopard Mail Address Book does no longer sort names

    I noticed that, after I installed Snow Leopard, the address book I access in Mail does no longer show entries sorted by last names although I set the the address book I access from the dock to do so and it works fine. I thought they're one and the same. How come there is this discrepancy and is there a way to resolve the issue?

    The Address Book application opened from the Dock responds to its preference setting for this sort. Quit Mail, and then confirm the sort you want to see in the AB application -- you can choose not only Last Name sort, but whether Last Name appears before First Name, as I am sure you know.
    Now relaunch Mail, and when you access from Mail it should now have the same sort you selected in the AB app. Mail is apparently picking up the preference setting in the AB app at the time it launches, and does not change that until you have quit Mail, and then next relaunch it.

  • Address Book does not respond, why

    Address book is stuck. I open it and it simply does not respond.

    So there is something wrong with permissions on your disk. I am not enough of a geek to do other than make the standard suggestions:
    Do all the disk utility repairs (even if this means booting off your repair CD), run all the daily/weekly/monthly scripts (I use Yasu for this), click your heals together three times and say "I wish, I wish, I wish..."
    If worst comes to worst, you could try
    1) Create a new user
    2) Copy ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook from the old user to the new user (by way of ~/Public)
    3) Open AddressBook in the new user
    4) If it opens and if the addresses are there, do an export
    5) Delete files until AddressBook opens in the old user with an empty address book
    6) import the addresses from the new user
    Obviously, I have never done this, and the steps above are an outline, not a recipe, but it might work.
    Good luck.
    Dual G5 + 15" MBP 2GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

  • Mail and Address Book: Does adding attachements always expand them?

    Lame subject heading, sorry, but I keep trying to use Mail, I'm trying to like it but I keep swapping back to Eudora 6.2.4 for it's straightforwardness and professional feel. I'd like to use Mail without the address book picture, and I'd like to just attach attachments without having them expand in the body of the email. Can this be done?
    Many thanks,

    The AddressBook picture does not get sent with your email. Unless the person you are sending to has the same pic as you in their address book for your card. T change open System Preferences >> Accounts >> and choose another picture or create a blank, if you want nothing in log in. (just create a plain jpg and paste it.)
    Or, on AB choose edit on "Me" card and delete the picture.
    ASA not expanding in the body of the email all jpgs "expand" if it is not muliti-page. You could send as plain text or zip the file.
    [email protected]
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  • Address Book Does Not Populate InfoPath People Picker Form Field in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari--only IE

    Since applying the December 2014 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server 2010, the Address Book in all of our InfoPath forms will not populate the People Picker field in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari--it only works in Internet Explorer. People can still use
    the address book to search for names, but when they click on a choice, the name doesn't get transferred into the People Picker field. It used to work in all browsers before we did the CU.
    The workaround we have been using is to have people type a last name, first name (or username) directly in the People Picker, click the checkbox icon, and then click on the name they typed (now with a red squiggly line under it and a message that no exact
    match was found) to select from the list of names in the resulting popup. The workaround is not intuitive, and many users stop when they see the red squiggly line, believing it to be an error. Please help. Thanks!

    Hi In, you'll experience various types of issues when not using IE due to lack of support for functionality. The following links seem to be related to your problem and might give you a workaround:
    cameron rautmann

  • Address Book Does Not Link to Faces, Button Grayed Out

    The import face from iPhoto button is grayed out and not active on my computer, is this new Lion feature not working or not yet acitved within Lion?  Here's a description of how the feature was supposed to work (see bold text description).  I can only browse for a photo or use the camera button.
    If you like to match faces with names, the new Address Book can now pull pictures of your contacts from your iPhoto library. Double-click on the picture box on a card, then click on the Import Face From iPhoto button in the lower left corner. You’ll be presented with a grid showing up to eight faces associated with that name in iPhoto—complete with dates those shots were taken—with the current contact photo (if any) in the middle. If you have more than eight photos of a contact, you can use arrows at the bottom of the photo pop-up window to scroll through the others.

    I have the same problem but only with a couple of my contacts.
    matt.sheppard is right about having to have matching names in both applications but I still have a couple of contacts, with matching names, that it won't let me access their "face" in iPhoto.
    Sorry not much help... :-/

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