Any workaround for using Excel  2000 in 2004s ???

1. We have Excel 2000 and Windows 2000 standardized in the company and not upgrading to the Windows XP/Vista  in the immediate future.
2. Since the new 2004s BI tools do not support downloading to Excel 2000, we are looking for other options such as continue using  3.5 query designer.  But from the 3.5 Query designer "Display Query on the web", Publish to Portal or Bex Broadcaster links not working or erroring out.
Greatly appreciate your tips and suggestions for this scenario.

Hello PK,
   Do not try to find a workaround  to use excel 2000 with NW 2004s. This may not be useful as Excel 2000 is not supported by SAP for NW 2004s.
But you should be able continue using BW 3.5 tools. Please post the errors that you are getting so that members can help you.
Sheik Bilal

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    We've an X11 application, compiled for PPC, which runs fine with a G5 iMac on 10.4.8. However, it crashes with a segmentation fault on a MacBook Pro with 10.4.8 (running through Rosetta).
    Searching the web, we found that this seems to be a widespread problem for X11 apps running on Intel Macs with 10.4.8.
    Has this been submitted as an important bug to Apple?
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    A powerpc-binary program running under Rosetta can only load powerpc-binary modules...can't cross in and out of emulation within a single process. Perhaps your program is trying to load a module from X11 that is present as an intel-only binary? Rosetta is certainly no future-looking cure-all, just a stop-gap to allow one to keep using older stuff, and it is kinda fragile sometimes. If your target audience is both powerpc and intel machines, compile as a universal binary so it's native for everyone.

  • Any workarounds for the 2880 pixel size limit?

    I have a client that would like a Flash animation that's 5440
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    presentation. Flash won't let me make the stage any bigger than
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    I Googled it and found out that you used to be able to scale
    the SWF beyond 2880 in an HTML file, and it would show well using
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    The problem here is the legacy flash document size constraint of 2880 x 2880 pixels. Why is this limitation still in place? Most screen have landscape orientation and we have this square constraint that turns out to be a waste if you are developing for larger screen displays and anything that is 4:3 or 16:9. Something does not add up here. What if someone needs to make a dual wide screen HD show that measured 3840 x 1080 pixels? We can do setup documents at 3840 x 1080 pixels in PowerPoint, PDF, Silverlight (at least this is what I have read regarding Silverlight), but not in Flash. Why not?
    If Flash is a platform… then it needs to spread its wings a bit and embrace all the potential uses that are non-web. Flash represents multimedia delivery to millions, but shackling it to the 2880 x 2880 pixel limitation for a document size is problem for many people now and looming for those working toward have the flash engine as a core component in media delivery. At least give us a dual Wide screen monitor resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels instead of a square of 2880 x 2880 pixels – which no one really uses (at least I have not seen any sqaure screens lately). Hey, if Adobe decided to shave off on the unused pixels from the 2880 height (2880 – 1080 = 1800) of the format you get an additional 1800 pixels that could applied where it is needed – to the width of the document size… giving us a 4680 x 1080 pixel document. This could then be used for immersive simulation, game situations, and real-world wide-screen experiences.
    Sorry I don't have an answer, just the same question. "Any workarounds for the 2880 pixel size limit?"

  • Any workaround for - Like '%VALUE' to reference the index

    I have an index on Col1 but it is not referenced because i am making like '%value'
    where Col1 LIKE '%VALUE'
    this is a business request to search %Value and not Value%
    is there is any workaround for that ?

    Define working perfectly.
    Just because it's using an index doesn't mean it's efficient.
    One proper solution here is to create a function-based index to reverse the string.
    You could use the undocumented, unsupported REVERSE function to test but as a proper implementation you should probably implement your own reversing function.
    That way, instead of a leading wildcard, you end up with a trailing wildcard and you can use an appropriate index when suitable.
    e.g. something like
    CREATE INDEX i1 ON t1 (REVERSE(col1));
    SELECT *
    FROM    t1

  • I can use my appleID without any problems for using to download new apps in the app-store or Itunes - Problem: I can´t use my ID at facetime and Imessage - I´d like to add an EMail account on top to my mobile number. My password will not be accepted!!!???

    I can use my appleID without any problems for using to download new apps in the app-store or Itunes - Problem: I can´t use my ID at facetime and Imessage -
    I´d like to add an EMail account on top to my mobile number to use more this services. My password will not be accepted!!!??? I try it and i try it and i try ist, throughout the same problem. Whats on? The user help desk said, i´ve to reset and use the WLAN key new as well as possible - no way!

    Contact the App store for Apple ID help. Their support link is on the right of the App store window

  • Any prerequisites for using javascripts (JS) in SAP BPC 7.5NW (SP5)

    I keep getting evalution and parsing errors, every time I use a JS in my conversion files. It simple standard JS, like:
    Are there any prerequisites for using javascripts ??
    Is there anywhere I can debug these JS withing SAP BW ?
    Thank you,

    It works now. I have implemented the below code (ENTITY needed to contain the variable as well). The relationship profitcenter and entity is very important as it derives the relevant profitcenters from the profit center hierarchy (e.g. all profitcenters under the legalentity node).

  • Is there any workaround for URL & TABS

    Hi ,
    1.I have the following case mentioned at :
    URL region error when changing tabs
    2. I would like to know if there are any workarounds for this case, due to we urgently need this functionality.
    Thanks in advance
    Etay G

    The question on the post you referenced was answered thoroughly and has nothing to do with the subject of this post.
    If you have a new question, please post it here in full detail.

  • Is there any tutorial for using ARM cortex-A processors of Zynq for digital signal processing ?

    Hello, everyone.
    Is there any tutorial for using ARM cortex-A processors(such as A9 and A53) of Zynq to deal with digital signal processing  problems?
    Please tell me , thanks.

    Check below links

  • Apple iMac 24" 2008 , will this imac be any good for using xcode ? Thanks

    Apple iMac 24" 2008 , will this imac be any good for using xcode ? Thanks

    Hmmmm. .html

  • Is there any workaround for Bug 6644652 ?

    This issue is documented in DBAppTables GTC Connector at Known issues:
    "Bug 6644652
    Reconciliation of account deletion is not supported. In other words, if a record is
    deleted from the target database, then this deletion is not reconciled into Oracle
    Identity Manager"
    Is there any workaround that can be used ?
    Thank You in advanced,

    Today I ALMOST finalized my delete-recon (is for AD objects, but I think it may work in many contexts). As the pals said, you have to use the createDeleteReconciliationEvent method from the operations API.
    I had a big problem: I spent a day looking for a NullPointerException that was raised just when this method is called. I realized that there is not a problem itself, the exception was raised because I was launching from the Eclipse project! So, instead of develop all the stuff and then pass it to OIM, I had to maje the jar, put it into the ScheduleTask folder, and execute it with the Task Scheduler from the Design Console, or from the Admin Console.
    For a brief:
    1) make a class that extends com.thortech.xl.scheduler.tasks.SchedulerBaseTask
    2) implement the execute() method
    3) for creating the operator, you can call (tcReconciliationOperationsIntf)getUtility("Thor.API.Operations.tcReconciliationOperationsIntf") (getUility is inherited from SchedulerBaseTask)
    4) Make some Map object, with key/value pairs. Keys have to be the same as they appear in the Reconciliation Fields of the Resource Object, and at least you have to put the required ones. Call the method, the first parameter is a String with the RO ("Xellerate User", "AD User", "Exchange", etc).
    For example, you can make something like this:
                   HashMap hm = new HashMap();
                   hm.put("User ID", "drldap");
                   hm.put("objectGUID", "12345679");
                   try {
                        reconOps.createDeleteReconciliationEvent("AD User", hm);
                   catch(Exception e) {
    Hope it was helpful. Enjoy!

  • Is there any workaround for exporting 24 bit AAF of OMF in soundtrack?

    Soundtrack pro seems to have only 16bit AAF export function. Is there any workaround to be able to export a multitrack session in higher bit (24bit industry standard) resolution, in AAF or OMF format?
    I know Final Cut has 24bit AAF export funcion, but sending clips from soundtrack to Final Cut seems not possible. Only sending mastermixes to FC is possible. But I want to send individual clips to FC.
    Or any other suggestions are welcome for solving this problem.

    If Premiere offers you the option to use hardware encoding, then your card is recognized. There is normally nothing more to do.  If I understand you correctly, you are concerned that Premiere is not using the card.  There are 2 ways to check if it is:
    1. Install someting like GPU-Z (google it, it's free) to monitor the GPU. Start to encode something that will actually use CUDA cores, and you should see some activity reported, given as a percentage.  Keep in mind that CUDA is only used for some specific tasks (some effects, resizing) when encoding.
    2. Export a file that will use CUDA when encoding 2 times, once with hardware encoding enabled, and then with software only. Is there a difference in the time needed to complete the export?

  • Is there any workaround for log LNs in read-only env. UNEXPECTED_STATE

    I'm at 5.0.43 and encounter the same problem mentioned in The Berkeley DB Java Edition Package: BDB JE Library Version (Release 5.0.55) Change Log
    Fixed a bug that caused an exception such as the following, when opening an Environment in read-only mode. This occurred under certain circumstances when a clean shutdown (final checkpoint) was not performed when the Environment was last used by a read-write process.
    I have below 2 questions:
    1) I want to know if there's any workaround to this problem without having to upgrade BDB-JE.
    2) Just want to make sure we will not have data compatible issue if we have to upgrade to the latest version
    Thanks for your help.

    This is a transient problem when opening in read-only mode.  It does not cause corruption or a compatibility issue.
    If you open the environment read-write and perform a normal shutdown (Environment.close), then it should be possible to open the environment read-only again.
    However, it is possible that it could happen again if the read-write process exits without calling Environment.close.  The only way to guarantee it won't happen again is to always call Environment.close in the read-write process before opening it read-only, or upgrade to the latest version of JE 5.

  • Best workaround for using Gmail to filter POP spam?

    I have 3 POP email addresses and get hundreds of spam mails per day. Can't handle having to delete them manually on the iPhone. I tried setting my Gmail account to check my POP emails and setting up my iPhone with only my Gmail account. Now I get all my POP email without spam, but then I can only send using my Gmail address (which I never use and don't want to). Any suggestions for a workaround?

    And the answer is… [according to David Pogue], columnist for the NY Times:
    A Smarter Way to Fetch E-Mail
    I know everybody's sick to death of hearing about Apple's latest i-product, so I promise not to even mention its name in this newsletter. But as I was trying to get my e-mail set up on that cellphone, I stumbled upon a delicious secret feature of Gmail, Google's fast, free, fantastic Web-based e-mail service. This is a trick that can help everyone, whether you have a cellphone or not.
    One big drawback of the Mail program on Apple's phone is that it has no spam filter. That's not a big deal if your e-mail comes from AOL, Yahoo or Gmail, because those services have pretty good spam filters of their own. But if you have some other kind of account-like a standard POP account (provided by your cable company, for example), you may be overrun by junk mail.
    I kept hearing from people who told me how they solved this problem: "Oh, I just forward my mail to Gmail," they say. "Then I set up my new phone to check my Gmail account instead of my regular address."
    Well, all right; it's easy enough to make your e-mail program auto-forward incoming mail your Gmail address. But there's a huge problem with that setup: Now all of your messages appear to have come from you, the forwarder. If you hit Reply on your phone, the response doesn't go to the original sender; it goes right back to YOU! It gets sent back to your desktop computer (or whatever computer is doing the forwarding).
    Clearly, that's no good. So I asked my tech guru, Brian Jepson, if there's any solution-and he told me about Gmail's new Mail Fetcher service. My problem was solved in five minutes.
    In essence, this feature tells Gmail to fetch messages from your existing POP account, so that it all shows up at Better yet, Mail Fetcher offers you the chance to have outgoing messages stamped with your regular e-mail address. In other words, becomes a free, invisible mail processing center, leaving no trace of its involvement. The people you correspond with will never know that their messages, or your responses, went anywhere but straight to your computer and back.
    You can still check mail with Outlook, Mail, Entourage, or whatever program you're using now. But now you've solved the spam problem on your phone-and better yet, you can now check your regular POP e-mail-up to five accounts, in fact-at, from any computer in the world! Now, if all you want to do is keep in touch with e-mail while you're on vacation, you can leave your laptop at home.
    Here's how you set up this free, no-downsides arrangement. Suppose that your real e-mail address is [email protected]
    First, sign up for a free Gmail account at
    Once your account is active, visit Click Settings, then Accounts. Under "Get mail from other accounts," click "Add another email account." Fill the e-mail settings for your main address: name, password, mail server address.
    If you like, you can also turn on "Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server." That means that you'll also be able to check your mail from Outlook, Mail, or whatever e-mail program you use, just as you always have. The Gmail account will just be a backup, a secondary, Web-based way to do e-mail.
    As you complete the setup process in Gmail, a message says: "You can now retrieve mail from this account. Would you also like to be able to send mail as [email protected]?"
    Click "Yes, I want to be able to send mail as [email protected]"
    In other words, when you reply, your main e-mail address, not Gmail's, will be the return address. It won't matter whether you send from or from your phone; it will all look like it came from Outlook, Mail, or whatever.
    You can add up to five e-mail accounts this way, consolidating them all in one place-a very neat trick. Gmail seems to check for new messages about every five minutes, and there's also a "Check mail now" button.
    I know this is all sounds much more technical than my usual writings; there's no way around it. The bottom line, though, is that Gmail's Mail Fetcher system solves a big problem for smartphone owners, and-by making your mail available on the Web-another big one for travelers. Nice.

  • Any workarounds for not supported features of XML Schema

    We are trying to generate JAVA source code by providing a xsd.
    This XML Schema file has all sorts of Identity constraints & attribute wildcards.
    Due to the above reasons I am unable to generate the code.
    Are there any workarounds? If so Please share those.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Priti Ranka

    I am sorry I did not mention the tech. being used.
    I am using JAXB for the above task.

  • Workaround for using 1080/25p in FCE

    I shot some video on my Panasonic AGHC 151E in 1080/25p not knowing it was not supported in FCE. What is the best workaround for converting this footage into a format I can use on FCE? I am planning on importing it into iMovie then exporting a MOV, Then importing that into FCE. Is there a better solution?

    FCE can be made to work with 1080p25 media, assuming you're not mixing media. Make a 1080i sequence and in item, properties set the field dominance to none.
    Do NOT use iMovie. Any export from iMovie will degrade your media.

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    Hi! I got a hold of the Windows 7 RC (x64) Build 700?and since then have tried many different drivers (both beta and stable and even daniel's support packs)?with no result. At first when i reboot my computer i get a pretty bad sound at startup when i

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    Hi all, We have an  issue where a short dump is occuring in the standard transaction 'KS12' when we select a list variant created by us in the configuration. This dump is occuring only in production . In development and qualiy system there is no issu

  • 10.6.8 Broken Digital Audio Out

    After update from 10.6.7, digital sound worked. However, software such as EyeTV began capturing the digital audio port and keeping it. Quitting EyeTV would not release the audio to other programs. Other programs then routed sound to the internal spea