Automotatic Message Determination:Consignment Settlement

I need some help in after doing the consignment settlement process:
After I run MRKO and settle the consignment once a month, I need to send a form to the vendor detailing the settlements done over the period of one month.
My questions specifically are:
1. What are the output methods for this form?
2. I think there would be several, if so, how do I configure email,fax etc.
3. Also, after I settle, I am trying to send the document to the local printer but I am getting the following error message
"No messages for initial processing exist". Can someone please explain what are the places I need to check to make sure everything is configured properly.
Thanks in advance ....

Thanks for your prompt reply. However this did not solve my problem. Please look at my comments below and respond:
1. What are the output methods for this form?
Ans: - SAP Standard output type is "KONS"
I am using the KONS, but I am unable to see email as an option. I see simple mail, but do not see email.
2. I think there would be several, if so, how do I configure email,fax etc.
Ans: - Use the appropriate transmission medium in MRM1/MRM2 for KONS
In MRM1/MRM2, I have configured my CoCode using the PI partner function with options 1(Transmission medium:Printer) and 4 (print immediately)
3. Also, after I settle, I am trying to send the document to the local printer but I am getting the following error message
"No messages for initial processing exist". Can someone please explain what are the places I need to check to make sure everything is configured properly.
Ans: - Go to MR90 and here in selection screen, specify the "Processing mode" as "2" i.e. Repeat processing or "3" i.e. Error processing and then execute and print it again.
*I tried mr90 and mr91 transactions with 1,2 and 3 options. But it still gives me the same error - No messages for first/repeat/error processing exist *

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  • Configuration Steps: Message Determination Consignment Material

    Dear friends,
    I have been stuck for the past two trying to configure the message determination for consignment material. I am totally lost...! I am planning to start from scratch again. Can one of the gurus please provide me with a step by step proceedure for message determination of consignment material and what are the things I need to be aware of for the vendor setting etc.
    I know I am asking a lot..but did not have an option.

    You just need to maintain the Message Conditon record for Output type KONS - In Transaction MRM1, with one of the Key Combinations Vendor / Compnay code
    All the Configuratioins are  standard only.
    Run the Transaction MRKO for Consignment Settlement , the message for Output maintained will be determined here.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Output determination for pipeline/ Consignment settlement

    Dear friends,
        I am not able to configure the message determination for the output type KONS for the pipeline settlement.
    Could anybody guide me what config needs to be done for this?

    You need to define output determination in
    SPRO --> Materials Management --> Logistics Invoice Verification --> Message Determination
    also you can maintain condition record for KONS in MRM1 Transaction.

  • Vendor Consignment Settlement - Invoice verification - MRKO

    Hello All,
    Can someone please let me know what I am missing in configuration, because when I try to settle via MRKO transaction get the message below. I have gone through configuration trying to figure out what I have missed. Since I don't see "settled" in the information text field it does not let me print any invoices. Just to let you guys know our system had all the KONS configuration deleted out. So I had copy them from our client 000. Please advise what am I missing. Thank you all for your help.
    I get this message:
    Consignmnt settlement: No message was found for partner 401170/compny code 1001
    Message no. M8443
    You are settling consignment or pipeline liabilities for vendor 1001 in company code 401170. For the information of the vendor, a document is created using the message determination function.
    System Response
    If no message record was found for a partner because of the message control settings, meaning that no output message can be created, no invoice  documents are created.
    In Customizing for Invoice Verification, check that the data for message determination has been maintained in such a way that an output message can be created for the vendors in the invoice document.

    Hello All,
    I have setup output type KONS in MRM1 - Key combination as CoCode, Vendor, yet I am still experiencing problems. Do I need to modify MR_PRINT FORM or the Program "RM08NAST" I have gone through these configurations to setup KONS output type since it was not in our sandbox system.
    Maintain Message Types
    Maintain Message Schemas
    Maintain Conditions - which is MRM1
    Am I am missing something else?

  • Consignment settlement and a vendor paper invoice

    Is anyone aware of a SAP solution that allows a supplier to send an invoice for consignment materials?
    If there is no known SAP standard solution, has anyone developed a customized process that would integrate the two?  

    You do not expect an invoice from the vendor for goods withdrawals from consignment stocks or a pipeline. Instead you settle posted withdrawals and return deliveries yourself and send the vendor a statement of the settlement. You can perform this settlement periodically in the background. The following documents can be involved:
    Credit memos
    Consignment settlement is connected to message determination. As a result, you can define a form in Customizing. A message record is created during each settlement. This message record completes the form. Depending on the system settings, you can send this form to the vendor immediately on posting or at a later time.
    If you want to change document header data for consignment settlements, use the Business Add-In MRM_MRKO_HDAT_MODIFY. For more information, see the documentation for the Business Add-In.
    Canceling Consignment Documents
    Cancel the documents in Inventory Management and start consignment settlement. The system generates a credit memo for the returned document. If the consignment prices have changed since the original goods receipt, post the credit memo in Financial Accounting. Clear the invoice and the credit memo in Financial Accounting.
    Consignment and pipeline settlement is not connected to the purchasing information system, because the purchase order history is not updated during consignment settlements.
    You cannot make any net postings during consignment settlement. This means that you cannot calculate any cash discounts. To take cash discounts into account, you must include these in the consignment price. This ensures that the cash discount is implicitly posted during the goods withdrawal and settlement.
    You cannot settle delivery costs.
    To process consignment and pipeline withdrawals, choose Logistics Invoice Verification ® Automatic Settlement ® Consignment and Pipeline Settlement.
    The selection screen Settle Consignment/Pipeline Withdrawals appears.
    Narrow down the selection by:
    Company code
    Document date
    Posting date
    Material document
    In the Selection frame, select the withdrawals that you want to take into account during processing.
    Only consignment materials
    Only pipeline materials
    Consignment and pipeline materials
    In the Processing frame, you can select whether you want to process withdrawals or return deliveries:

  • How does message determination work?

    I should print an consignment settlement with MRKO. How can I define different output type for different company? I guess I should search the solution in SPRO Material management - Logistics Invoice Verification - Message determination but I did not find the right way. Could anybody help me? Thank you in advance.

    you can make the different ouput types for each company in nace.
    nace is transaction code.

  • MRKO Consignment settlement against a PI partner

    I have a problem with the vendor the MRKO settles against. The scenario is that I want to settle the against a PI maintained in the vendor master (in the partner function) which is different to the VN that the MRKO run settles against because this is the vendor the info record is created for and the PO was created against.
    Please help

    Check the OSS note 451370
    The consignment settlement does not take partner function 'Invoice presented by' possibly stored in the vendor master into account but instead always creates the consignment invoice with reference to the vendor of the consignment goods.This vendor must be created in the relevant company code and purchasing organization.
    Other terms
    Reason and Prerequisites
    For the following reasons, the consignment settlement is unable to take partner role 'Invoicing party presented by' stored in the vendor master into account and can only create the invoice for the goods supplier:
    1. Normally, the consignment liability account is managed as a current account.The posting period and the vendor number are usually the sort and assignment criterion of the items on the account.Only by using this sort/assignment criteria can you determine from an FI point of view which consignment liabilities are created in a certain posting period for a certain vendor, and to what extent these were cleared by an invoice.
    2. The inventory management of the consignment stock is always executed for the goods supplier and the goods movements are always executed with reference to this vendor accordingly.The resulting posting of the consignment liability is therefore executed with the number of this vendor as part of the sort/assignment criterion.
    3. If the settlement of the consignment withdrawals does not then work with this vendor but instead works with the invoicing party assigned to this vendor, this would cause the posting on the consignment liability account to contain the vendor number of the invoicing party as a sort and assignment criterion, as the document only contains this vendor. Therefore, the postings could no longer be cleared and the documents could no longer be archived.It would also no longer be possible to execute evaluations via the consignment liability account for the determination of open items.
    For the above reasons, in consignment processing, you can only work with the goods supplier which must be created in the corresponding company code and the corresponding purchasing organization.

  • Consignment Settlement - MRKO issue

    Hi All..
    When i do a consignment settlement (MRKO) , SAP come up with an information msg
    "Consignmnt settlement: No message was found for partner XXXXXXXXXXX/compny c"
    and hence i am not able to settle the document.
    Does anyone of you have an idea about it ?

    Double check whether you create the vendor master data at the company code level?
    Good luck

  • Consignment Settlement By MRKO

    Hi Friends,
    I know the consignment process from Consignment Info Record to MIGO. But when I am about to settle the consignment by using the T.code MRKO, I am not succeeding. Although when I am executing MRKO, i am getting the list of Consignment Stock. Further how to settle it, I don't know.
    Plz help me out.
    Thanks & Regards
    Saeed Arif

    For doing consignment settlement we have to use MRKO. What are the necessary steps to be followed while dealing with this T.Code MRKO?
    For doing consignment settlement.
    you should have consignment PO ( item category K) with tax code
    Info recore is must with consignment
    when u received the good through movement type 101K no accounting do will generate. since it is not valuated materila ( it owns by the vendor)
    Transfer the consignment materila to own (movemetn type 411K ) or Goods issue to consumption( movement type 201K) ... now accounting document will generate.
    settele the the account through MRKO transcation.
    If you find error that messeage determination not set.... go the SPRP setting ..logistic Invoce verification > Messeage determination >>> maintain condition >>> create condition.... create for KONS
    Hope this will useful

  • Message determination in ERS.

    Hi Experts,
    I encounter an error message "No message was found for Partner XXXX (Vendor Name) / Company code XXXX" while doing ERS, and hence unable to settle.
    I have already maintained the message determination settings in MRM1 for Vendor partner VN and IP. Also assigned the printer / selected the Print immediately option.
    Vendor has ERS check and GR based IV check. Maintained the Tax code and Payment terms in PO.
    Please throw some light on this issue.

    Hi srinivas,
    it is working now.please check this blog.
    <a href="">ers in MM - message determination in LIV</a>

  • Message Determination-ERS

    I am trying ERS for a client.I have done all the Customizing settings, but while doing MRRL , I am facing the following difficulty :
    1.The log is generated for the settlements, but the 'X' for the postable indicator does not come in the 1st column
    2.The system says that "Message Determination missing for the Vendor & Co Cd".
    Message No:8446
    I cannot find the cause of this.I believe I have carried out all the necessary settings for Message Determination.
    Inputs are welcome

    check if you have correctly maintained the output condition records for ERS in MRM1 transaction

  • ERS in MM - message determination in LIV

    can you give me the configuration tips for sending message automatically to vendor on invoice settlements in automated invoice settlements through ERS.
    i wanted to send the message automatically through email and fax

    Hi srinivas,
    it is working now.please check this blog.
    <a href="">ers in MM - message determination in LIV</a>

  • Error in viewing Accounting Documents at consignment settlement

    When I am trying to do consignment settlement, I am encountering two errors, the screen shots of which I am posting herewith, After I am clicking on the documents created, its popping error  message "Document 5100000000 1010 does not exist in Fiscal year 2014". How to solve this error. I've maintained number ranges for the running year also. Still am not getting the solution for it. Please help.
    Sowmyesh Maniyar

    Considering you have all consignment setting and find condition record maintained in MRM1 t.code with your Output type KONS with Invoicing Party & Company Code
    Now check did you have Partner Function-PI(Invoicing Party) in your Consignment output type(message type) by using t.code:NACE with MR application and find consignment output type have Partner Function-PI(Invoicing Party) with Program,  routine,Form/ Smartforms.
    Also cross check you have Partner Function-PI(Invoicing Party) in  your Vendor masterin Purchasing organization data in Partner Function views.
    For message " Document 5100000000 1010 does not exist in Fiscal year 2014" .1st try to know difference between Fiscal year & Calendar Year . 2ndly ,check Fiscal Year Variant for your company code and then enter Document number 5100000000 with Company code 1010 with correct Fiscal year to check accounting entries.
    Biju K

  • New Printout message for Consignment Process

    I use MRKO for consignment settlement.
    However I created a new condition type ZKON by copy of KONS to print out the consignment document.
    In message schemas for message MR0003 (Consignment) I created a new line with priority for this new condition type:
    1     0     ZKON [Edited by: RMC on Nov 25, 2008 4:01 PM]     Consignment
    10     0     KON6     Consignment  EDI
    20     0     KONS     Consignment
    I created in MRM1 the condition type by vendor and company code.
    However when I'm trying to print out the document only standard condition type KONS is available and assigned to my consignment documents. No message for condition ZKON is generated.
    Can you help me on this? How can I have the print out for the new condition type?
    Edited by: RMC on Nov 25, 2008 4:02 PM

    You need to go to the transaction NACE and compare the set up of the output type not working to the set up of the output type that is working.  I recently had this happen and the set up was missing under PROCEDURES-> CONTROL.
    Another area to look at is the condition record when you set it up by company code or supplier... make sure the communications screen is set up as well. 

  • Error in Message Determination of GRN

    Hello Seniors,
    I have done configuation of message determination for GRN by this
    1. Maintain the Printer Name in SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Gen Settings->Printer Setting
    2. Ensured in SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Gen Settings->Item Print Indicator, 1 stands for Matl Doc print out
    3. In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Gen Settings->Print Version, maintain Print Version 2
    4. In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Maintain Print Indicator for GI/Transfer Posting Documents
    5. In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Output Determination->Maintain Output Types, for the Output types WE01, WE02 and WE03, ensure the foll:
    a. Default Values: Dispatch Time is 3 or 4 as per reqmt. and Tr medium is 1
    b. Print Parameter is 7
    6. In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Output Determination->Printer Det->Pr Det by Pl/StoLoc, maintain the Output device for all your Plants
    7. In MN21, for Tr Type WE, Print Version 3, maintain Print Item as 1.(Condition records)
    8. While doing MIGO, ensured that in General Tab, you get "3 Collective Slip" beside the Print Indicator and you tick mark the field.
    Now go to MB90 enter the output type as WE01, Tr m as 1, Sort or. 01, Pro.mode as 01, and executed. System outputted all the material documents that has to be taken print out.
    BUt after this i did a grn and tried to take prinout in MB90, it is not showing. It is just telling " No messages exist for intial processing". I tried with 2 in processing mode, but still it is showing tha same. Kindly solve please.

    Not this one the earlier one...
    Also did you check whether the GR is properly saved or not...and settigns are done properly or not..which you have given above...
    This is not smart form error...assign the smart form again...
    Also in the above step ie:
    4. In SPRO->Matl Mgmt->Inv Mgmt and Phy Inv->Print Control->Maintain Print Indicator for GI/Transfer Posting Documents
    Here you shd provide print indicator for GR doc....
    Here add for Particular mvt type 101,201,121,311 etcu2026 Maintain the Print item as 1--Material document printout

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