Blackberry Virgin - Please help with these questions

Hi there
I have just received my Blackberry 8900 and have a few questions if anyone can help:
- Is there any way of having a clock display whilst the phone is on "sleep" mode. I use my phone to keep track of time alot so is there anyway of having the clock permanently displayed when phone is not in use?
- I cant seem to be able to send a contact by SMS which seems a bit strange. Usually with my old phones I have been able to click on the Contact and access a "Send contact  by text" option.
- The track ball I find a bit uncomfortable to use especially when having to click it, are there other navigation type pads on other phones rather than track ball?
- I am  not currently connected to internet and wont be until next week when my new billing system starts. Can I use IM without internet access?
Thats it for starters! Thanks in advance for your help

Please help me!! Nobody can help you unless you have shown the willingness to learn and are seeking help only where you are stuck.
My assignment is due in 2 days That doesn't matter to people over here.
hese are practice questions and not part of the actual assignment so dont hesitate to provide the answer!!Doesnt matter again. what you have posted here is a problem text without any effort on your part to understand it or implement it. That is an assignment to us and we did our Java assignments for our course work long time ago.
Bottom line - learn Java. If your course is not helping you with that, find a different course.

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  • Possible convert to Blackberry from Palm - please help with outlook questions

    I'm debating switching from a Palm Treo 800 (battery life is awful) to Blackberry Curve. I chose the Treo because of active sync with my work exchange server and ability to open Office documents.
    Currently, I sync my outlook mail, tasks & calendar with work, and my contacts & notes with my home computer. So if i follow your instructions for using BIS instead of BES (my employer only provides BES service for a carrier which is not mine ...), will I be able to sync manually with a cable to my work computer for  calendar & tasks and then to my home computer for contacts & notes?
    I have to decide THIS WEEK if I'm going to switch from Palm to Blackberry, so please hurry! The blackberry seems like it's a lot more fun than the Palm, and your support is much more extensive and user-friendly!

    Ok, so if both machines are Outlook based, I would not see a problem,
    You would need  2 DM programs one at work and one at home.
    For work you can specify sync for tasks and calendar, for home sync contacts and notes.
    Both calendars would have to be the Outlook calendar as default.
    You can the have the synced BB and would have the ability to backup on both machines, or better yet, back up on one machine to eliminate confusion. In case of failure, you have a backup of ALL data.
    You wouldn't have to convert anything because Outlook is fully compatible with the Desktop Manager.
    I don't see a problem.
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  • Please help with these 3d photo panels
    I download the files, open the fla, test the movie, and get the errors seen here:
    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong??
    Thank you.

    Please help me!! Nobody can help you unless you have shown the willingness to learn and are seeking help only where you are stuck.
    My assignment is due in 2 days That doesn't matter to people over here.
    hese are practice questions and not part of the actual assignment so dont hesitate to provide the answer!!Doesnt matter again. what you have posted here is a problem text without any effort on your part to understand it or implement it. That is an assignment to us and we did our Java assignments for our course work long time ago.
    Bottom line - learn Java. If your course is not helping you with that, find a different course.

  • Please help with these indesign Questions:))

    1. What happens if you hold down the shift key while creating an object using a frame tool?
    2. List 3 ways to add new pages to a document.
    3. List three ways to navigate a document
    4. How do you apply a master page to a document page?
    5. How do you set a vertical guide and a horizontal guide on a page?

    There's something screwy going on with Adobe's server. The OP's time
    stamp shows here (on NNTP) as 6:10 PM 10/1/08, which is correct as far
    as I can tell. Last night when I first responded it was 6:43 pm. My post
    shows up (again, on NNTP) as 10/2/08, 1:43 am, at which time I'm pretty
    sure I was peacefully snoring.
    7 hours ex post facto.
    Kenneth Benson
    Pegasus Type, Inc.

  • Please help with slicing question

    I'm new to FW and to slicing. I have tried to get all of the info from tutorials and the help that I could.I'm still confused.I'm trying to produce a multi page website mockup with FW using export to CSS and Images.
    I've submitted two other posts with 0 replies. I guess my questions were too broad? I've done some trial and error and tried testing with a simplified version of the multi page website mockup I'm trying to produce. See the simplified file here:
    The top area would be the header. The lower bar will have some nav tabs. The circle is to be a logo that if clicked on will take the user to the home page.. Below the nav bar is to be two columns with content.
    I have tried different ways of slicing this but cannot get the file to export correctly as CSS and Images. I also can't seem to include the logo as a slice with a link without getting the "overlap" problem. I have been beating myself against this for some time and have not had any success. Any help or advice on where to get help or any reply at all will be most appreciated. Thanks!

    Great, my entire message was wiped out. Here it is again:
    My comments are inline.
    On 2010-10-14, at 2:16 AM, markf12 wrote:
    Jim, thank you for your very helpful reply!
    Honestly I wouldn't even try to directly export this design from FW to a CSS based layout. I think I'd move a lot faster by exporting the graphics from FW and building the design in DW.<<
    This is what I needed to know. Being new to FW I was mistakenly assuming that I could use the Images and CSS to export a clicklable mockup that would also form the html/css basis of the 15 page site I'm designing. I thought that this was possible if only I could figure out how. I expected some pretty involved work in Dreamweaver would be needed. I now understand that for what I'm doing using the HTML and Images is what should be used. Then I develop the site in Dreamweaver using perhaps some images exported from the FW mockup, but not any html or css. Thank you for clearing that up for me! I knew i had some fundamental/core misunderstanding. The export to Images and CSS is only for very simple design.
    JB - It IS possible, but you have to design the site based on certain practices. Overlapping slices is one thing to avoid.
    . If you're new to Fireworks, you really want to keep things simple as  you learn the process. Regardless, a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS is  very important.<<
    Yes I'd like to keep it simple but this is a bit of trial by fire (pun intended) on a project. I have gotten books and other tutorial type stuff on html and css. I would not call my knowledge of it solid as I am new to it. i think I get the gist of it and am determined to become proficient. The only real way to do that is to actually create something/gotta start somewhere so.......
    JB - getting the "gist" isn't enough. If you do not have a solid grounding in HTML and CSS, you will likely run into trouble even IF you successfully export the design, because you will need to to edit and tweak the code once you're in DW. I'd recommend building your first sites "the old fashioned way" first, before trying to automate the process.
    David Hogue has created a great series of CSS export videos on the Fireworks Dev Center. I strongly recommend watching them. Likewise Michel Bozgounov has written an excellent article on setting up a Fireworks document for CSS export:<<
    I had viewed a number of  Dave H's tutorials. I somehow overlooked the ones that you provided a link to. I'm going to watch them straight away. I had read the Article by Michel B. also excellent. I have also read your excellent tutorials and watched your video training. I've gained allot from all of this.
    Thanks again for your help!
    JB - You're very welcome. Good luck.

  • Hello to all! Please help with the question from China!!!Thanks a lot!

    I am a real beginner on Java studing and I try to learn this all by myself.I had read some books translated from English format.But I dont think they were translated good enough.Sometime the meaning translated from English is totally different from what the Author want to express.So can you help to recommend some good English books for the beginner.I want to get start my studing on these books.Thanks in advance.

    I used Thinking in Java 2 by Horton. I see there's an upcoming edition covering the new version 5 of Java,
    In addition to the above I also bought The Java Programming Language by Gosling and others. It's not a tutorial. Instead it offers much in-depth information on why things are the way the are in Java. I didn't use much at first and found it quite impenetrable, but now I use it all the time especially when answering so called "I have a doubt" questions at this forum. -:) I think any serious Java developer should have a copy but not necessarily when starting out. The Horton tome will keep you busy for a while. And don't forget the on-line tutorials. If find the Swing tutorial especially valuable.

  • Please help with basic questions

    I hardly ever use flash, as i'm always ending up kicking
    stuff out of sheer frustration. Just like with Quark Xpress, in
    Flash there seem to be several 'layers' between what my intuition
    tells me should work, and the actual execution of the things i want
    to achieve. But nevermind, I'm just severely annoyed.
    I got 10 buttons, with a graphic as bottomlayer, and a number
    (1-10). Isn't it possible to turn the first button into a symbol,
    and then make copies where i just have to change the number? For
    now it doesn't matter if i copy/paste them or drag them from the
    library, when i copy the button and try to change the number in the
    copy, then the number in the 'original' changes as well.
    Do i really have to 'make' each button from scratch?
    This might seem like a very basic question, but i'm really
    bangin my head into the wall here. And theres tons og issues like
    that in Flash - for me at least - like if i say 'paste in place',
    things get pasted some random place on the canvas (anywhere but in
    place). If i convert to symbol, the referencepoint (or the point
    which it's supposed to rotate around) seems randomly choosen as
    well - at least it's never where i told it to be in the appropriate
    HELP! :-(

    Go to the library and there should be an arrow in the corner
    that gives you options. One option is "duplicate symbol." Duplicate
    your button and give it a new name, then make the changes.

  • Please help with these effects!!!!!!!!!!!(Bad Language inside!!!!!!!)

    I am trying to figure out how the editor accomplished having that border on the outside with the different colors flashing on the inside.
    Is it a certain way to layer the vignettes and colors. Also it doesnt seem like he's using a vignette. Like its sometype of border i don't know about maybe?
    Any other info about any effects used in this video would be greatly appreciated. I know he's using strobe light but that's about all i know. I really appreciate the
    time to read my questions and any answers would be great. Thanks in advance. Once again BAD LANGUAGE IN THE LINK! LISTEN ON MUTE!

    It's just a load of stacked layers - probably 30 or so off-the-shelf still frames of distressed film, grunge textures, etc. playing as loops, with rapidly-changing opacity and blend modes. If you watch carefully you see the same patterns of scratches coming round again and again. There's no inbuilt system in Premiere or After Effects to do it; people will either use a third-party plugin to render the distressed effect or buy a bunch of stock textures and make their own loops.

  • I'm lost- Please help with subscription question

    I want to subscribe to the 49.99 per month service because I see that I can use Indesign for my books, but will also need Illustrator and possibly Photoshop. Does this subscription give me access to all of these...? The materials I've seen thus far don't mention Illustrator specifically.
    Many thanks in advance for your help!! 

    Yes, you will get access to all of the products you mentioned and some more. Have a look at to know the full list of products you will get.

  • Please help with these dual monitor problem

    Well i am a final cut pro editor and i have a power mac g5 with 1.6 ghz.Its an older one but it runs great for what i need done. Anyway i wanted to go dual monitors so i went out bought a monitor and set it in place. However my graphics card only had 1 DVI PORT (Which had my main monitor on) and the other one was a ADC port. I bought a ADC to DVI-D and then realized it was the wrong one. Those Adaptors are very hard to fine, so i made up my mind a decided to forget that and get another graphics card. However i am not very good with that stuff and i really dont know which one to buy. Some others gave me a list but they were not the same as mine (slots didnt match)
    *Here is my card that i have now*
    Can someone point me in the right direction about going to best buy and picking up a new one that will hold dual monitors and still run motion at a good level.

    If you could find a real ADC to DVI-I adapter, it would work, but the Dr. Botts ADC to DVI adapter
    will not work with a DVI to VGA adapter. It does have a dual-link DVI-I connector, but the pins for analog video (and dual link) do not connect to anything. They use this connector because some non-Apple digital displays come with DVI-I and/or dual-link DVI plugs, when they only need DVI-D signals. The Dr; Botts adapter and (all others that I have seen) are only ADC to DVI-D. Even if they connect the dual-link pins from the ADC to the DVI connector, the result will be single-link DVI-D, since no ADC cards provide dual-link signals. There is no reason (other than cost) why an adapter couldn't connect the analog video signals from ADC to a DVI-I connector, but I don't know of any that do.
    From their web-page:
    "DVI Extractor II makes an ADC-compatible display out of virtually any third-party flat panel display"
    Note they say "flat panel".
    You need an ADC to VGA adapter. They are listed from $40 to $150. Still less than a compatible replacement graphics card, although you can get a card faster than you current one, if you pay enough.

  • Plz help with these questions

    plz help me in step by step process on :
    1.     Check who has access to transaction: F110 for company code 313 and 471
    2.     Check who has access to transaction SE16
    3.     Check who has access to create background jobs
    quick reply is highly appreciated..

    Hi Syed,
    I suggest that you ask your Security Administrator to give you this information.
    If you do not want to ask your security administrator then you need to look at the user information system via transaction SUIM which will give you this information via various reports. 
    You may want to start by looking at report Users by Transaction Authorisations and working from there

  • I need help with these adobe illustrator questions?

    Please help with the following questions. Thanks!!
    The keyboard short for selecting the direct selection tool is?
    The rectangle that shows the outermost dimensions of any box is called the?
    A floating panel can be placed on the panel dock by?
    The selection tool is displayed as a black arrow and is used to select, resize, or move an entire item.(true or false)
    One way to deselect an object is to click somewhere else on the document (true or false)
    A stroke is on the inside of a shape or object (true or false)
    The more text framed you use, the better your document. (true or false)
    The rectangle frame has a non printing X on it (true or false)
    To print preview a document, click on the Save icon on the standard toolbar. (true or false)

    I'm not sure if it's a good idea to go the route you go now.
    You are asking for assistance and – as I understand it – you are just trying to pass a class right now, but you don't know the answers to a lot of pretty basic questions.
    What's your purpose?
    I – as well as many people here – could answer all your questions. Also, I could provide some misleading hints which could cause serious trouble for you in case you would use them in your exam.
    You should go a different route.

  • HT201210 cont contact apple server error please help with ipad touch 4. im just fed up with apple please help me because why is it only apple with these kind of problems?

    cont contact apple server error please help with ipad touch 4. im just fed up with apple please help me because why is it only apple with these kind of problems?

    If you mean updae server
    Update Server
    - Powering off and then back on your router.
    - iTunes for Windows: iTunes cannot contact the iPhone, iPad, or iPod software update server
    - Change the DNS to either Google's or Open DNS servers
    Public DNS — Google Developers
    OpenDNS IP Addresses
    - For one user uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes resolved the problem
    - Try on another computer/network
    - Wait if it is an Apple problem
    Otherwise what server are you talking about

  • Please help with our project

    We are media students and we have an exam in a few hours.
    Could you please help us out with these question.
    1. A _____________is single occurence of a cast member.
    2 Two types of window in director, __________ window and
    3. Guides are ___________ or _____________ lines that you can
    either drag around the stage or lock place to asist user with
    sprite placement.
    4. __________ is used for navigation and user interaction
    5. A film loop is an animated sequence that is used as
    ________________ cast member
    true or False
    1. In tool palette default view combines elements from other
    classic and flash component.
    2. Director can perfrom any editing on digital video
    3. A director file can contain more than one movie script.
    4. Vector shapes an bitmaps are the two types of graphics
    used with director.
    5. A frame is an individual point of time in the score.
    6. importing media element is similar to importing

    Hi Preethi,
    SAP Mobile Infrastructure is a Java Framework for building offline (or occasionally connected) mobile applications.
    The framework runs on PPC 2003se/WinMobile2005 as well as on Win32 (XP/2000). It offers 2 ui paradigms: AWT or JSP.
    The supported java VM is the Creme 3.27(a) on PPC and java 1.3./1.4. on the win32 platform. The Creme 3.27a implements Java 1.1.8 API.
    To get info on how implement MI Apps please refer to the mobile dev. kit:
    As well you can check out the following track:
    New to this
    Rgds Thomas

  • How can I sync my iPhone on a different computer without erasing my applications? My iPhone was earlier synced with a PC which I don't use anymore. Please help with proper steps, if any.

    How can I sync my iPhone on a different computer without erasing my applications? My iPhone was earlier synced with a PC which I don't use anymore.
    On the new computer, I am getting a message that my all purchases would be deleted if I sync it with new iTunes library.
    Please help with proper steps, if any.

    Also see... these 2 Links...
    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device
    Syncing to a New Computer...

Maybe you are looking for

  • Bitlocker show problem

    i know my bitlocker password but when I insert the password bit locker show bitlocker not responding I have lost my recovery key how I can recover again any pathway to recover this

  • SXMB_MONI of file2file

    Hi All, I am not able to see any message in SXMB_MONI. I given all the selection creteria,but no message is displayed. i gone through the component monitoring in RWB, there i tested the CC monitoring, if's fine. how can i access the pipeline services

  • How to get back hosts file

    help me pls.. my iphone can't be update bcos file hosts deleted. i use mac OSX 10.6.8.. how to get back the file hosts?...thank...

  • ABAP Program global variable print at runtime

    Hi,   I have an abap program with more than 1000 global variables. I want to run the program and at a specific point show a report with names and runtime values of all the global variables in the program. Is there some system table which stores all t

  • Help! Need advice on how to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 7 Evaluation Copy: Build 7100

    I am on an HP Pavillion Media Center m8200m PC.  The computer came with Vista on it and did not come with any Vista operating system installation discs when I bought it.  I did make a set of two system recovery discs from this original Vista operatin