Bodhi Linux Arch-based build, need dev(s) and supporting team members

Hello forum,
     First, apologies if I have posted this topic in the wrong thread. I am writing to inquire as to whether or not there are any other Arch users and/or developers that would be interested in assisting Jeff Hoogland with his new distro, Bodhi Linux, and working on an Arch-based build. Bodhi Linux is a Ubuntu-based distribution that uses Enlightenment as the desktop environment and is focused on promoting the light weight, beauty, and speed of Enlightenment while remaining minimalist. Jeff has plans to release a Fedora-based version of Bodhi in the future, as well as an Arch-based build, but he would need some help, specifically with the OS disc itself. He can work on the Enlightenment side of things. Is there anyone interested in working on such a project? If you haven't heard of Bodhi Linux already, please visit

Greg_S. wrote:ANOKNUSA, you think it's wasted energy? "Throw-away distro" is it?
Sorry if this seems unduly harsh.  I wasn't trying to troll, but merely reiterating what others here have said.  The Bodhi Linux developers are certainly within their right to direct their efforts in any way they wish.  However, they have two serious conceptual flaws they need to consider and overcome:
1)  Are the devs planning on releasing both x86 and AMD64 versions of Bodhi?  Even if not, this still means that once the project gets going, they'll need to build the entire E17 compilation three times a week; if so, they'll need to do so six times a week.  This is very tedious and time-consuming for a group of people working in their spare time, with no financial backing or chance for compensation.  Naturally, it leaves very little time to maintain the rest of the repos, discuss/research/pursue further development, track bug reports, etc.  The latter is worth noting, since
2)  The devs will need to keep track of bugs and development roadmaps for three different distros, each with their own kernel patches, boot/init protocols, etc.  They'll need to build separate packages and "tune" separate repos for each spin, provide a forum(s) able to handle questions regarding each spin, with devs and moderators specializing in each spin.
This is an awful lot of work to simply "showcase E17 and give it the 'love' it deserves."  The Enlightenment devs are the ones providing the weekly snapshots on SVN; the Bodhi devs just package them.  If promotion of Enlightenment DR17 is the ultimate goal, it could be better accomplished by establishing and promoting a PPA for Ubuntu, a PKGBUILD or PUR for Arch, and a (name of unofficial repo here) for Fedora.  This would make an up-to-date version of E17 readily available, and require only promotion and packaging on the part of the maintainers.  Bug reports could be sent directly to the Enlightenment folks with no need for an intermediary, as well as to the appropriate distro, rather than sending them to Bodhi which must then check to see if the problem is one extant in the base distro concerned before applying efforts to fix the problem.  Just think: you get a bug report and begin to reseach it, only to find out it's a problem you inherited from Ubuntu which in turn inherited it From Debian [unstable].  Where does that leave you?  If you do manage to fix the problem, then the only decent thing to do would be to share whatever patch/code changes you made with the folks upstream anyway.
I ain't trying to be a killjoy here, and I'm definitely not trying to discourage the commitment and spirit of contribution the Bodhi folks obviously have; just the opposite.  Besides, it does look like you found at least one Archer willing to help you guys, so whatever ends up happening, I wish you all good luck with it.

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    I suppose this all lends itself well to a parable of sowing seeds on different types of ground.  Suffice it to say that being a successful farmer may have more in common with being a successful archer than one would first suspect.
    And in contrast to my initial answer of "No", I would be happy to help you get PKGBUILDs working for all the tools you would like to make available in the AUR or in a custom repo.  I also suspect many others here would be much more welcoming to this as well.

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    I google searched and in a forum I found a post about uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. I tried it. First time I started it up, it installed video download helper again, but then would not install any other extension after that. I tried numerous extensions I '''KNOW''' are working in Firefox 10.0 because they are working in Firefox over on my Win 7. Everytime I get a download error, either from the addons site or from the Add-ons Manager in Firefox.
    Someone told me on the Mint forums that I needed to add a subdirectory on a certain directory, so I did that. Didn't work.
    It seems Ubuntu disables the root, or cripples it, and I guess Mint does too. You can still use sudo when doing things in Ubuntu (and Mint I would assume, since it's based on Ubuntu) but you can't get true 'superuser' access as I understand it. But, I don't think this would have any bearing on the problem, or my search of the Mint forums would have come up with all kinds of threads screaming about this.

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    If you need some other tests, I obviously will do it.
    Last edited by streambinder (2014-10-29 14:12:18)

    Sorry, we can't help with "arch-based" distros as we have no idea what changes they have made. … pport_ONLY

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    Your Mac is too old
    To Airdrop between a Mac an iOS device
    System Requirements
    To see if your Mac works with AirDrop, make sure you’re in the Finder by clicking the desktop (the background area of your screen), or by clicking the Finder icon in the Dock. Then, check to see if AirDrop is listed as an option in the Go menu. If you don't see AirDrop listed, your Mac doesn't support this feature.
    In order to transfer files between a Mac and and an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
    your iOS device needs to include a lightning connector
    your iOS device needs iOS 7 or later installed
    your Mac needs to be a 2012 or later model with OS X Yosemite installed
    Your Mac and iOS device both need bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on. You do not have to be connected to a specific Wi-Fi network.
    To transfer files between two Mac computers, you need the Mac models listed below with Wi-Fi turned on and OS X Lion or later installed.
    Mac Basics: AirDrop lets you send files from your Mac to nearby Macs and iOS devices - Apple Support

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    That's all for now. Arch with Openbox and some setup rox.

    Dobrosslove wrote:
    I started to make Arch-based distro. I have fully installed Arch + Openbox.
    I have a couple of questions:
    - How can I make an ISO from installed system I have?
    - I haven't installed drivers for my graphics because if I respin it into a new system, users with nvidia graphics, for e.g. will involve with problems then. How can I avoid that, i mean, is there a script that will recognize graphics and download drivers for it?
    That's all for now. Arch with Openbox and some setup rox.
    You can check out Archbang GiT. Alternativly, you can even join ArchBang Dev-team. Choice is yours, would be happy to help.

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    From linux-btrfs mailing list today : … btrfs/3150
    Hello everyone,
    As Linus discovered, the new btrfs disk format in 2.6.31-git can be
    problematic if your FS gets forward rolled to the new format and you end
    up bisecting back to the old code.
    It would also be nice to have a way to run btrfsck on a root filesystem
    and do other assorted tasks.  So, I'm making live boot usb images for
    both x86 and x86-64.
    They should have enough to get your filesystems mounted and they also
    include git, gcc, make and enough to compile the kernel.  These are
    based on the Arch 2.6.30 distro with just the btrfs newformat code
    I've got the 32 bit image uploaded, and I'll queue up 64 bit overnight.
    If anyone is feeling brave, just dd the image onto a usb stick and
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    sekenre wrote:
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    An arch based bootdisk that's only 30MB? I've got a way to go!
    It says "Many utils are supplied by busybox" so I'd call it loosely based on Arch.

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    You are allowed to have the software installed and activated on two machines, but since you are scrapping the current one, you should deactivate the software on it if you are able to.... open the program and choose Help -> Deactivate.   If you are not able to access the machine to do this, then you should contact Adobe Support by chat or phone and have them do it.... Contact Customer Care
    All you need to do is install the software on the new machine (assuming it is compatible).  If you need to download PSE10 you can find it thru the following page...
    Download Photoshop Elements products | 11, 10
    You will need the serial number to activate the software.  If you do not have it at hand, you might be able to find it in your Adobe account online.
    To locate the serial number:

  • Help needed with Express and SQL Dev

    Recently was asked to make a sql server application work with Oracle. I have never worked with Oracle products and no one in my small shop has either. I downloaded the Express 10g onto a virtual machine on my dev server and oracle SQL Developer locally. I have no idea how to connect to the Express db on the prod server using sql developer. I have tried Basic and TNS connection types and all the errors are very cryptic. Any help is appreciated. Do I need to install anything client side to connect to the server?
    I figured it out. I had to use the Basic connection type and I DL'd the J2EE .
    Edited by: jt_stand on Sep 25, 2008 10:51 AM

    Had to use the Basic connection type and get the right combination of options. I can now connect to my remote Express server with my local sql developer program.

  • Major build needs power management options

    i recently acquired a mac pro 2008, 8-core 2.8. with the help of an atto r348 and a a kit from maxupgrades, i put in 6x1.5tb seagate barracudas raid 5, 2x250 es.2 raid 0. i also have 32gb ram from transintl, a evga geforce 285. originally i went with a a highpoint 4320, but it is not compatible with snow leopard, so i had to rma it with a hefty restock fee. then one of the seagates died during initializing the raid. now the gtx is dead. while waiting to get a new raid card, everything went passed it's time for a quick replacement from apple or newegg. evga wants to know if it's because there isn't enough power going to the card. they are trying to figure out a way to say i broke the card. supposedly all my calculations are way off and when the raid initialized and spun up together the card was fried.
    is there an app where i can monitor the power?
    how much power is coming from the 2x6 pin connector?
    is there a way to get more power in there?
    if i change the raid to a staggered spin up, does that effect performance and do i have to rebuild the raid?
    i also wanted to use a maxflow ram fan from maxupgrades but didn't have anywhere to plug it in. and i want to put in an airport card. so i'm really pushing it on power.
    also, if i do need to go and get an extra power source, anyone have any suggestions for a fan for the hdd's in the optical bay?
    i promise this is the last build i try to cram this much inside of a tower.

    Thanks for the reply patrickthebold, I haven't tried that. soon as I'm home from work I'll give it a shot, though I'm not sure what commands I could bind to simulate track back, play/pause, track forward. Hopefully nothing a bit of Google can't solve

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