Can I password protect my numbers spreadsheet on my iPad

I just purchased my first apple ipad2 and I do a lot of spreadsheets in excel, I bought numbers and need to password protect my file so other family members can not get to my files. Can this be done? If so, how?
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Not with the Apple Mail app.
There are two 3rd party apps that use webmail resources that allow secure accounts as well as multiple accounts;
For Gmail accounts use Secure Gmail, and for other accounts use Secure Webmail. Both are in the iTunes App Store.

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  • Is there a way to password protect a numbers spreadsheet in ios5?

    I have created a numbers spreadsheet in my macbook and then i protected it with a password to open. Then i have uploaded it to icloud as i need to be able to access it from both my iphone4 and my ipad2. Although the spreadsheet is indeed accessible from all my devises, i don't get asked for a password neither on the iphone nor on the ipad and the spreadsheet opens right away without any protection (it actually asked for my password once, the first time i opened it in my ipad and tha was it. Since then it opens without asking for the password)
    Why isn't the password i created in the macbook working everytime i open it in any of the other two devices?
    Is there any way i can have it working everytime one tries to access it?

    This is an iOS question in an OSX app discussion, but I'll give an opinion. iOS devices are personal, and can be passcode protected themselves. It's reasonable to assume that once the file is opened on that personal device, it will always open on that device without further verification.

  • How can I protect my data in numbers from unintentional user of my iPad by other family members? In other words, how can I password protect my numbers and other apps from apple computer company?

    I have other members of my family use my iPad for educational/recreational use, young children who may want to play kid games. I don't want them to accdently get into my data stored in the three business apps from apple. I would like to password protect these files.
    I would also like to log out of the email systems that I use, so some one else can use this device to access their own emails. By leaving my accounts open al the time, is really asking for trouble from a host of sources.
    I can't believe that the iPad is not designed to protect the privacy and data from prying eyes ... Un intuitional as it may be.
    Please fix this issue so I create my info on this device and enjoy it fully. Or tell me how I can protect my data.

    Thanx for your response. Any data stored anywhere should be able to be protected from stealing, malicious destruction or unintentional destruction. Theo ad an be stolen and without any kind ofpassword protection, the thief could get into your sensitive data.
    If Apple wants iPad to become a business tool that can be used with ideas, thots, data protected, then Apple needs to provide this protection to it's customers. Now it's unto the users to use it or not.
    I know iPad is being considered to be used by doctors, and can u imagine the confidentiality requirements of HIPPA rules... It will make this device not usable without data protection. I am sureweall have heard about hacking going on at all levels. It's surprising that this device's software is left unprotected.
    My iPad may be sitting on my desk and my 3 year old grand daughter would pick it up and start "playing" with it. That means I can't store anything on this machine that may possibly be changed.
    I have discussed this with specialists in apple stores, and those who have been around info technology understand my concerns and they may forward this request further up. They do not have the answer for it..... So far.
    I think data security should be everyone's concern... Be it a one person device or multiple user device.
    I hope that some responsible people at Apple would read this and provide the protection that will make this device lot more acceptable in the business world.

  • Can I password protect a numbers document

    Is it possible to password protect a document created in the "numbers" app.?

    Yes, for instructions please read this article:

  • Password protect a Numbers file

    Hello friends, I was wondering how to password protect a numbers file. I'm creating a financial report and only some eyes can see it. Anyway to force a user to enter a password before it opens is the goal. I appreciate your assistance. Gary

    I advice against using the built in password function for really confidential data.
    Apple has not specified what level of encryption is used, and it is possible that the encryption level is so low that any hacker can open the file.

  • Applying Password-protection for Numbers files?

    It looks great -- at first view. I grabbed my standard Excel file with all my misc. stuff in it, and hit the first snag. It was password-protected, so Numbers wasn't going to let me import it. Okay, that makes sense. So I figure out how to unprotect the file and manage to get it into Numbers. But when I went to apply a password requirement to open it, no joy.
    This seems to be a no-brainer to me, a must-have feature. But the Help tool couldn't find anything on it. If it truly isn't supported then what was supposed to be the Red Letter Day of finally getting rid of the last Microsoft applications is going to have to be delayed until Apple releases an update.

    KOENIG Yvan wrote:
    If someone protecting files send them to an other one, two formulas are available:
    - 1 - remove the protection
    - 2 - give the key
    The two are usable for an encrypted image disk.
    Yes, but that is not the case I am talking about. You talk about a sender who uses a Mac and knows that the receiver may have problems opening his files.
    I am talking about a PC user who sends out encrypted MS Office documents in the belief that all the recipients have MS Office.
    Example: Let's assume that you work for one of the big companies in Sophia Antipolis or for Carrefour in Antibes. Their management asks all the employees if they can read MS Office files. Everyone who says "yes" gets a confidential encrypted Excel file with pension calculations mailed to them. The other ones get the form in paper format. If you have iWork, you will have to wait for the paper version to arrive. You will have to fill it in on paper and you will have to verify the calculations manually. In some cases there may not even be a paper version available.
    And I am talking about the Mac user who wants to send protected data to a PC user. As the PC User cannot open a Mac disk image, the only solution I can see for an iWork user is an encrypted PDF, and that one will not be editable by the receiver.
    I am not saying that Apple has a duty to fulfill those requirements or that Apple should promote MS Office as a format. I am only saying that as long as iWork does not support password protection, some of iWork's users will have this kind of problems.
    But maybe we are not giving the same meaning to "file protection".
    For me it means "keep it from others view" aka "access denied"
    Maybe, for you, it means "don't give the ability to edit it" aka "read only"
    We give exactly the same meaning to the expression "file protection".

  • How can I password protect pdf files that intend on email

    How can I password protect a pdf file that I intend on emailing?

    Hi kimberlyb5119003,
    To password protect a PDF file, you need to use Acrobat. For instructions, see Acrobat Help | Security

  • Can you password protect pages folders

    When you create a folder in pages, can you password protect the folder, or it only that documents can have a password?

    Only the file can be password protected from within Pages. If you don't want the file to open on your Mac without the password, then do not check, “Remember this password in my keychain,” in the password dialog. Record your document password where you can retrieve it — in case your forget, or if using keychain, in case it becomes damaged.
    You can password protect (and encrypt) a folder that contains Pages documents, whether they are password protected or not.
    In Finder, press shift+command+U to launch the Utilities Window.
    Launch Disk Utility
    File > New > Disk Image from Folder…
    From the Select Folder to Image dialog, select the folder and click Image
    From the New Image from Folder dialog
    Image Format
    Compressed - folder will be read-only with no ability to add documents later
    Read/write - intuitive
    Encryption: 256-bit AES Encryption
    In the new password dialog, set your password
    You should strive for password complexity that shows strength as green
    Record your password where you can retrieve it.
    Again, the caveat about keychain as mentioned above
    A new disk image will appear with the name you gave it, and a .dmg extension
    Double-click for the password challenge
    The disk image will mount on your desktop just like an installer. Double-click to open.If you chose Image format as read/write, you can drag additional Pages documents into this open folder
    Right-click on the mounted image and choose Eject to close it
    You can edit Pages documents in-place in the mounted folder, but you will get a warning about space in the image container. If you want to increase the disk image size, open it in Disk Utility. It willl appear below the line in the left panel. Select the .dmg there, and from the Images menu, choose Resize…, and adjust accordingly.

  • I can no longer save a Numbers spreadsheet.  Why?

    I can no longer save a Numbers spreadsheet.. Why?

    I received the file you emailed.  Without opening the file:
    I can tell you that you were NEVER able to save the file.  This is a Microsoft excel file (which we know because the extension is ".xls").  Numbers can open excel files then you can save the file as a Numbers file OR you can export the file back to excel using the menu item "File > Export To > Excel..."
    Did you create the file in Excel?  If so you can continue to edit the file in excel.  If you double clicked the file and it opened in Numbers then you need to answer the question which application do you want to use (Numbers or Excel)?

  • Hey guys, how can i password protect my files in external hard drive? I want to access those files both from mac and windows PC!

    Hey guys, how can i password protect my files in external hard drive? I want to access those files both from mac and windows PC!

    If you want a cross-platform solution that doesn't require the use of third-party software, use an external drive with hardware encryption. The device will have either a physical key or a numeric keypad. I don't have a specific recommendation.

  • Can you password protect your mail so when you want to access any mail you must enter a password?

    Can you password protect your email so when you want to access any of your mail accounts you must enter a password?  In other words before I can see my mail I must enter a password.

    On Oct 10, 2007, Matthew Morgan answered this question (discussion is now archived). I wanted to inquire further to his comment:
        Matthew Morgan Los Angeles, CA
         Re: Password protect "Mail" 
         Oct 10, 2007 7:55 AM (in response to Chester Harlan)
         You could go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock and set a password to secure all your      personal data. 
    Matthew - in which program are our suggesting going to Settings?

  • Can you password protect an pdf Portfolio? Not a single pdf, but a pdf Portfolio.

    I know how to password protect individual PDF's. My quesiton is can one password protect an entire pdf Portfolio after assembling the Portfolio.

    I'm using Acrobat Pro 11.0.6, if it helps. I was able to find it at File > Portfolio Properties > Security > Security Method.
    This is what I was looking for, Dave. It prompts the user for the password when they try to open the portfolio.

  • How to password protect a numbers document

    I'm trying to figure out how to password protect a numbers document.
    My intention is to load this document onto a website, but only want authorized persons with the correct password to be able to access.
    Any ideas??

    bscaplan wrote:
    I am using Numbers 08
    And the Numbers User Guide, supplied with iWork '08, make no mention of password protection, which was introduced in Numbers '09.
    Looks like the best option is Wayne's second suggestion—open via File > Print > PDF > Open in Preview, then Save the resulting PDF document with encryption turned on.
    An alternate, if you want the recipients to receive a copy of the Numbers '08 file, and to be able to edit that file, you could enclose it in a secure disk image file.
    The basic procedure is to:
    Use Disk Utility to create a new, blank, sparse disk image, assign a password and save.
    Double-click the .dmg file (and enter the password when requested) to mount the disk image on your desktop, then Save a copy of your file to the (open) disk image.
    When done, eject the image, and upload the (encrypted) .dmg file to the website.
    Detailed instructions may be found in Disk Utility's Help files.
    Launch DU (found in the Utilities folder in Applications), click the Help menu and choose Disk Utility help.
    Go to the index, scroll to and click Security, then click a title similar to "Protecting confidential documents in a secure disk image." (a search on 'confidential' should also take you to a list containing that title.)
    My version of DU is old enough that sparse images hadn't been introduced, or I'd post a copy of the article here.

  • How do I create a folder for private documents which can be password protected?

    how do I create a folder which can be password protected please?

    You can do this by creating a protected disk image.
    Instructions here
    Or you can buy and use software like this one:
    The disk image option is free and easy to do.

  • I made a new folder for my photos for my iphone4, can i password protect it?

    i made a new folder on my phitos, can i password protect this new folder?

    No.  There are several apps that offer this.  Search the app store.

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