Can't connect LINKSYS router to DSL modem

I'm trying to set up a WRT54GS2 Linksys router with a D-Link DSL-2320b modem.  Have a Westell 6100 modem that is going bad, so I bought the D-Link to replace it. Originally had a D-Link router connected with the Westell, but the router overheats often and has to be reset.
I have been able to connect to the internet using the DSL-2320b modem only, but once I add the Linksys router I am not able to connect to the modem. The Linksys router came from a cable modem connection for which it worked fine.  I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that they both use the same IP,  I have tried changing the IP of the modem, but still having issues.
Any help will greatly be appreciated.  I'm still able to use my old setup to connect to the internet now, but the Westell shut down my phone line today and had to be turned off and back on.  I'm hoping to be able to replace this as soon as possible.   Thanks in advance...

Connect the Mode to the router on the Internet port and the computer to the router on the Ethernet port..If the IP address of the Modem is 192.168.1.x then,change the ip address of the linksys router to and power cycle the entire network and check...

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    I have a Mac connected to Internet via DSL modem. Just bought an iPad2 and need to know what hardware do I need to add wireless LAN so I can use iPad anywhere in the house. Will a Linksys router work with Apple? Can Mac be "hardwired" and iPad wireless? Probably stupid questions but I need to learn. Thanks.

    Bob Timmons wrote:
    Thanks for the info. You are correct. I was speaking in general terms here based on my experience with the two devices in day to day use, and not in terms of exact specifications.
    A better choice would have been to say that the "coverage" is about the same with the edge going to the Extreme....due to the newer mutliple antenna design.
    We sure could use more help on the forums. Hope that you will become a regular.
    Hi Bob
    RF is a minefield, but one that I have worked in for ages, the most critical factor in my experience is location, location, location!
    Better routers have more intelligently designed antenna systems, output power as I said is the same, radiation pattern (coverage) is dependent on antennas and physical location more than all other factors.

  • Can't connect WRT54GL router to Motorola Surfboard cable modem SB6120

    I can't connect my router (WRT54GL) to my new cable modem (Motorola Surfboard SB6120).
    Some info:
    1)  Cable modem works perfectly when connected directly to computer ethernet port
    2)  ISP is Optimum Online
    3)  Using Automatic DHCP setting on router
    4)  Using MAC cloning on router
    5)  I can access the router's admin screen from the PC
    6)  I can connect to the router wirelessly, but no internet access
    7)  I've tried powering down everything multiple times, still no internet access
    8)  I upgraded the router firmware to 4.30.14
    9)  The "link" light on the cable modem never lights up when connected to the router
    10)  This is very frustrating

    Dabug wrote:
    I've tried two ethernet cables, no luck.  On the router, I get lights for Power, WLAN and the ethernet port that the pc is connected to.  The "internet" light is not lit.
    When the modem is connected directly to pc the link is lit up, just not when it's connected to router.
    The internet light won't turn on as you need to plug something on the WAN port. And that should be the cable coming from the modem.
    When you connected your pc directly to the modem, do you get internet access?

  • Best Router with DSL Modem for use with AT&T DSL and Airport Express?

    I recently had my old 2WIRE from AT&T DSL service die, so purchased a new 2WIRE 2701HG-B. My old 2WIRE worked with my Airport Express, which is hooked up to my DVR for DirecTV use. The new 2WIRE apparently is not compatible with the Airport Express, so I returned it and purchased a NetGear Wireless-N 300 Router with DSL modem. While this one does work with the Airport Express setup, it runs very slow. This router has mediocre reviews, so I'd like to find a better one.
    I'd appreciate any suggestions for a Router w Modem that would work best with my AT&T DSL and Airport Express (802.11n) within the $100 - $150 price range. Thanks!

    Configure the Express as a bridge: Connect via "Ethernet", and set Connection Sharing to "off (bridge mode)".
    The switches ought not to be a problem, and I don't know why your router froze. The Express is simply another wired client, just like a computer might be.
    do I turn off DHCP on the router,
    No. Something has to provide routing functions so leave the Linksys alone.

  • Can't Connect to Router Manager

    I want to review the Router Statistics but can't get connected.
    I have typed in the address,
    Also tried via the Router Icon &  
     but get message "Can't Connect to Router"
    All other web sites are easy to get into.
    Any idea of why this problem is occurring?
    Go to Solution.

    Have you tried rebooting the Voyager or resetting it to default by pressing the recessed reset button.
    Are all the lights on at the front, and the correct brightness?
    Failure of the Voyager 220V power supply was fairly common, but any 12V regulated power unit will work, if it has failed.
    The Voyager range of modems were some of the best, I still have quite a few as standby routers and extra wireless points.
    There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
    BT Broadband customers - help with broadband, WiFi, networking, e-mail and phones.

  • Netgear Wireless-N 300 Router w/ DSL Modem on Verizon

    Before I spend any money, can anyone advise if Verizon DSL is supported with the Netgear Wireless-N 300 Router w/ DSL Modem?

    Well, answered my own question. Went ahead and got one. Only had to clone the MAC address from the Westell due to the screwed up DHCP scope that is used. Works like a champ.

  • EA6500 can't connect to Router after Time Machine

    Just got an EA6500 - updated to the latest available firmware.
    I've attached 2 x WD NAS and 1 x WD via USB to the unit.
    Everytime AFTER I finished running Time Machine on the MacBookPro (writing to one of the WD NAS), I can no longer login to the router neither from the local IP address nor the cisco cloud connect. The error message that I get (loosely phrased) is: can't connect to Router. Please ensure the router is connected to the internet.
    At this point, all the devices connected to the router (both wired and wireless) still can access the Internet perfectly. Only the router console is no longer reachable.
    Anyone else are having the issue?
    Any ideas on how to resolve it?
    Go to Solution.

    Contacted Cisco support and the person advised me to do a factory reset (eventhough the router is brand new with no customization!!). Regardless, it now works properly. Cisco Cloud Connect still works before, during and after a Time Machine session.
    "When in doubt, try turning the electricity grid off and on"

  • Can't Connect Though Router/Can through modem

    Hi everybody, I was hoping y'all could help me out with my problem.
    Yesterday I had a cable modem hooked up in my dorm room to my already installed TV cable. Everything was working great until I tried to install my WRT54G Router.
    I can plug in my laptop directly into the cable modem and get internet fine.
    I have my router set up and my computer can establish a wireless network connection to the router.
    However, when I connect to the router, I don't get internet.
    Here's what I have tried:
    *Installing newest firmwire
    *Installing Easy Link
    *Running CMD prompt to see if the router is working-Does work
    *Checking to see if it is a DNS issue(typing in googles IP address)-Didn't work
    *Installing the software on 2 laptops and 1 PC to see if it was a computer issue.
    *I even returned the router to get a new one without any luck
    I have installed 2 of these routers before without issue. What the heck am I doing wrong? Please help me out, thanks

    Always check the router's status page on to see the status of the internet connection. It will give you an error message when you try to connect and it does not work. You should check that.
    Also remember that wireless routers come in a very unsecure configuration out of the box. Anyone in your proximity can connect wireless to the router and make any changes to the configuration until you change the router's configuration password and secure the wireless network with WPA.
    Do any configuration through a wired connection to the router only to avoid configuring your neighbor's linksys router which he runs open.
    Some ISPs remember the MAC address of the device/computer connected to them to prevent users to connect with multiple computers at a time. A clear indictation of this would be if only a single computer can use the internet connection, i.e. neither the router or any other computer could.
    If this is the case, it sometimes helps to unplug the modem from the power and wait a few seconds and then plug it back in, followed by the router. Then the ISP accepts the router's MAC address on the line.
    If this does not work, you could also try the MAC address clone function in the router. This is done again on Search for the function on the tabs and clone the mac address of the laptop for which the internet connection works when it is directly connected to the modem. (there is a button which copies the address) Remember to save the setting. After the change you may have to connect manually on the Status page of the router.
    Another reason for this kind of problem could be that your modem is not a simple modem but also a router. If the modem and the WRT both use the network 192.168.1.* you have an address conflict and it won't work. It find out about this, you could connect the laptop to the modem and verify you have an internet connection. Then open a command prompt window ("Run..." and "cmd") and enter the command "ipconfig /all". Copy the output of this command into your next post. It will show what kind of connection and modem you have...

  • Connecting Timemachine to Verizon DSL modem/wirelss router

    How can I successfully connect my Timemachine to a Verizon GT704WG DSL modem/wireless router? Set-up I tried: The DSL line (reg. phone wire) is connected to the Verizon device. I connected the Timemachine to the router via ethernet. On my Verizon Network (loggin in via the browser) I can see the device connected. But the Timemachine keeps blinking Orange (error I assume). I cannot see the device via my MacBook pro in AirPort Utility (when trying to open TimeMachine). I also cannot click on manual set-up (option not available - grayed out).
    Question: Is it possible to connect Apple's Timemachine to another DSL wireless router via ethernet. Are there setting I must use to make the timemachine available, since the DSL router recognizes the device. How does one set this networking configureation up - or are there other devices I need as an intermitted relay - and will thise hamper troughput?
    PS: My DSL router does not have a firewall set-up for the connection to the Timemachine. I allowed all rules for the device. DHCP is dynamic.
    Any advice is much appreciated.

    Thank you Neturonboy for asking this question and thank you Tesserax for answering it. It's amazing that Verion's site has nothing about this; they do mention the Time Capsule, but nothing about this typical configuration. I have the GT784WNV model DSL modem/router, which is probably similar to yours. As soon as I turned Connection Sharring Off (Bridge Bode) and updated changes it worked.
    However, I couldn't find where to do this at first using Mac OS X Lion. Luckily, I had an older laptop, which had the more familiar looking AirPort Utility version 5.4.2 you're talking about. After I had switched to Bridge Mode, I went back to Lion's version and could easily see where this setting is located. In Lion's (10.7.4) AirPort Utility, click on the image of your Time Capsule (there is no "Manual Setup" button in Lion), then select Network (not Internet), then change Router Mode (not Connection Sharing): to Off (Bridge Mode).
    About Guest Networks:
    Note, if you have a Guest Network, then once you go to Bridge Mode, this feature is turned off; the whole Guest Network tab disappears from the choices under Airport (using the older AirPort Utility). Since these Verizon modem/routers are also wireless, your guests can access the network directly from  Verizon's router instead of going through your Time Capsule. Perhaps having a wireless router feature for your DSL modem makes the Time Capsule's Guest Network option redundant. You can get the network name, and other security information from the label on Verizon's router, but there is also a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature that looks like it might be useful for sharing your network. There's a physical button on the modem and there's a settings page on the routers' web browser accessible settings at I'm still looking into this.
    Good luck!

  • EA6900 Can't connect to Router error message from Linksys Smart Wifi

    Hello Everyone, I am having an issue where I cannot remotely access my router. I currently have Charter as my ISP and have internet connectivity when at home. I can also access my router through Smart Wifi when on my local connection. When I try to access remotely I get the "Can't connect to the router" error message. I believe that I have enable the correct settings on my router to provide this service. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Mike Carlin

    Thanks for the reply. ISP: Charter CableModem: Wish I could tell you at this point, but not at home and can't remember specifics. I thought that I did the association.  Is this what you are talking about?   

  • DSL uses USB port - how can I connect BEFW router

    DSL Modem connected to BEFW11s4 V.4 router and desktop computer connected port #1 to Ethernet card ...  wireless laptop and wired desktop worked fine.   Then Desktop stopped having a connection ...  wireless units worked fine.
    Swapped Desktop cable to port #2 ....  Port #1 light remained lit although nothing was plugged in to it.  Port #2 light didn't light ... and no desktop connection.  Wireless still worked.
    Connected DSL to desktop ethernet card ... didn't work (no router involved).
    Connected DSL to computer thru USB prot ... desktop worked fine   however I saw no way to connect router so wireless would work.
    I reset DSL, Router and deleted and re-installed the ethernet card .... reinstalled all software ...   no luck.
    Should I gather that I have a router failure in the wired area and the wireless still be working?    I'm at wits end      Any thoughts would be appreciated

    in rural area .. no doubt about wireless signal being from my router.   I deleted and re-installed ethernet card (HP computer -- ethernet part of motherboard ... not separate card).  DSL to ethernet card failed ...  "failure to connect".
    Used DSL to USB as a last ditch effort...   worked ...   but don't know a way to connect router if using DSL to Desktop thru USB port.
    Could ethernet part of motherboard have failed?  and rest be working fine?
    network connections shows ethernet card and 1394 icon.
    ethernet card doesn't show "yellow triangle" in hardware set-up ... but status doesn't show an IP address, subnet mask or default gateway .....   1394 shows no action of any sort.
    I may be hopeless ...   maybe a system restore might find what I'm missing??

  • Can't connect to router to configure and setup cd software crashes when ran

    I have recently been having a series of blackouts at my appartment. That last one seemed to have messed my router. I tried powering down everything and restarting it. When I do so the lights on the router and my dsl modem light up as usual. The problem is I can't seem to connect to the router via Also, when I run the setup cd the setup software keeps crashing stating Setup Wizard MFC Application has stoped working. I'am on vista ultimate x64. I think my pc is able to connect to the router just that I can't configure it or anything. Any one have any clue on what I could/should do?

    Sounds like the firmware might be corrupted. You need to perform a factory reset by holding in the reset button for 30 seconds which is located on back of the router. Wait about 2-3 minutes while the router syncs back up. Try to access the router by typing into IE's address bar. we need to get access so that we can perform a firmware upgrade @
    If all went well and you were able to get the firmware, you will need to perform another factory reset (follow the above).
    If you gain access to the router you should write down all your settings as the factory reset will erase all previous settings.
    Hope all goes well,

  • AirPort Admin can't find Linksys Router

    Someone gave me a Linksys BEFW11S4 "Wireless Access Point Router with 4-Port Switch", which appears to be roughly equivalent to an original (802.11b) AirPort Base Station. It's as ugly as most Windoze hardware, but I figure it might be useful to someone.
    I don't understand much about networking tech, but find that when I start it up (1) my AirPort menu sees a network named "linksys" which it can connect to (it's now checked, and I'm connected to the Internet through it and a DSL modem connected to it), but (b) it doesn't appear in AirPort Admin Utility, so I can't configure it (name the network, change password, etc.). Can anyone elucidate?
    PowerBook G4 17" 1.5GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   1GB RAM, 80GB HD, DVD-RAM SuperDrive

    It won't come up up in Airport Admin Utility. To configure the router launch a browser. Typically Linksys routers use as the admin address for their routers. Once there, use admin as the password to gain access. If it won't let you in you will need to reset the router to factory default settings. Check the Linksys web site for the router manual.

  • Can signal from ethernet cable from DSL modem be split? to AX and G4

    Due to desktop airport going blind to wireless base station AX, want to give it ethernet feed from DSL modem, same time as continuing to connect the AX base station which will serve other computers? What is the best splitter if there is such a thing (analogous to a phone or cable tv splitter)?

    There is a product you can use to share an internet connection, most likely
    w/ high-speed (dsl/cable) and it is generally known as a cable/DSL internet
    router -- some have 4 or 8, etc port switches. I'm not sure which one to get
    or exactly how they work. I did find some additional products and ideas in
    a search: [ DSL Cable internet switch router share internet ]
    They have wired models and also wireless ones. To retain your own AX
    unit, you'd probably want a (wired) ethernet model. I'd be willing to bet
    some of the wireless ones have a pass-through port so a wired computer
    could be used, too. There are several models out there; LinkSys and others.
    Best of luck in isolating the correct product and then configuring a system!

  • Can't connect to router setup page

    I have a WRT54G wireless router, version 2.1. It's been working fine for the last 3 years and suddenly the WLAN light is out and there's no communication between router & computer. I've tried resetting it (via reset button, and unplugging power) a million times with no results. A techie thought maybe I needed a firmware upgrade -- which I've downloaded, but now I still have to access the setup page to install it, which seems to be impossible. The page won't come up at all. (And when I went into the command prompt, it said my Default Gateway was -- which, of course, I've tried, but that won't come up either.) I've turned off firewalls and antivirus programs, thinking they might be the problem -- still nothing. Any suggestions/advice would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    You need to try again to reset the router to factory defaults.
    To reset your router to factory defaults, use the following procedure:
    1) Power down all computers, the router, and the modem, and unplug them from the wall.
    2) Disconnect all wires from the router.
    3) Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes).
    4) Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, then release it, then let the router reset and reboot (2-3 minutes).
    5) Power down the router.
    6) Connect one computer by wire to port 1 on the router (NOT to the internet port).
    7) Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes).
    8) Power up the computer (if the computer has a wireless card, make sure it is off).
    9) Try to ping the router. To do this, click the "Start" button > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. A black DOS box will appear. Enter the following: "ping" (no quotes), and hit the Enter key. You will see 3 or 4 lines that start either with "Reply from ... " or "Request timed out." If you see "Reply from ...", your computer has found your router.
    10) Open your browser and point it to This will take you to your router's login page. Leave the user name blank, and in the password field, enter "admin" (with no quotes). This will take you to your router setup page. Note the version number of your firmware (usually listed near upper right corner of screen). Exit your browser.
    If you get this far without problems, try the setup disk (or setup the router manually, if you prefer), and see if you can get your router setup and working.
    If you cannot get "Reply from ..." in step 9 above, your router is dead.
    If you get a reply in step 9, but cannot complete step 10, then either your router is dead or the firmware is corrupt. In this case, use the Linksys tftp.exe program to try to reload your router with the latest firmware. After reloading the firmware, repeat the above procedure starting with step 1.
    If you need additional help, please state your ISP, the make and model of your modem, your router's firmware version, and the results of steps 9 and 10. Also, if you get any error messages, copy them exactly and report back.
    Please let me know how things turn out for you.

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