Change Tax Classification in Sales Order

Hi all,
I have a question about tax classification in sales order.
I know that taxable or non taxable is determined by a variety of key (by material, order type, departing country & destination country, etc).
I use Domestic Taxes as a key to determine taxable or nontaxable. To do that, I need to set up tax classification in customer master and material master, right?
Based on that combination, I can determine if it becomes taxable or nontaxable and if so by how many percentage.
Here is my scenario:
The customer and material I use to create sales order is set as taxable. So, when I create an sales order, the tax and its % is automatically presented in conditions.
But how do I do if I want to make only this sales  order be nontaxable?
I changed Tax classification from '1' taxable to '0' nontaxable in Billing Document Tab at Item level, but tax is still there in Condition Tab.
I thought taxable or nontaxable can be changed by this way. Am I missing some procedure?
Screen Field:VBAP-TAXM1

When you set the tax condition to your country and set the tax rate in VK11 based on the customer tax classification and material tax classification, it should pickup in the document.
How can it posssible to have tax for one document and no tax for the other. Tax is uniform, and it will be applicabe to all customers (certain exceptions also there). In any case the customer is not taxable ot material is not taxable, maintain the customer / material tax classification as '0' and don't maintain any condition rate for that.

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  • Change Tax code in sales order

    Hello Friends,
    We have a requirement for the tax code determination - There are two way determination of tax code in sales order
    -> From the tax condtion records
    -> From manual input of tax code in the sales order
    Could you please advice on how we can insert manually the tax code since the standard SAP not supports the requirement.  For your information, business case not supports to maintain condition recors for those tax codes to insert manually.
    Please advice
    Best Regards,

    During sales order creation, the tax classification from the customer master is proposed in the sales order document.
    In condition record, you maintain the tax code for this tax classification along with some other field combinations. Accordingly, teh percentage linked to the tax code will be decided as teh % of tax for the customer. This is the logic.
    If you want to change the tax code in the sales order, it is not possible. However if you really want to change it, you can achieve it by changing the tax classification of the customer in the sales order header. This is available in the billing tab of order header. The field is "Alternate tax classification". You can change the desired tax classification here. Correspondingly by linking the tax code to this tax classification in VK11, you should be able to change the applicable tax code in the sales order.
    In summary, you should change the tax classification in order to change the tax code which is linked to it.

  • Changing Tax Code in Sales Order

    Hi All,
    I've a requirement to change the tax code of MWST CT from normal value XX to a new tax code in sales order for few excpetion cases.
    For normal cases the tax code will always be XX for MWST CT in the sales order. However for very specific business need the tax code for the existing sales order needs to be changed to a new value. The need for changing the tax code always arise after creating the sales order.
    Kindly suggest the possible ways to meet this requirement.

    Changing the tax code in the sales order is not std sp procedure and I don;t think sp allow tampering with it either.
    The taxes are based on the combination for customer and material and I suggest that you maintain all tax codes at the material and customer level for all combinations possible and each customer is alloted one unique one.
    What are the possible reason why tax changes. It can only be the delivery address is changed. If the material iself changes then you may have to modify the sales order itself but if there is a change in the ship to party then....
    Now if the shipto party changes then you can always redetermine taxes in billing where the actual taxes will be redetermined based on the new conditions.
    If you see the tax line item in the sales order you will see that it is greyed out.
    You can change the excise duty but not taxes.
    This is the default where the condition type is prohibited from changing manually. But if you change the setting to Free or manual then you can change the value of tax bu the tax code will be as determined by the combination of material and shipto.
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  • Tax classification for sales order before ECC

    Hi expert,
    We have recently upgraded from 4.6C to ECC6.0 and noticed the following
    issue, please kindly advise. Thanks.
    The tax classification for one of the regular customer has always been
    maintained as ‘0’ (Tax Exempt).
    In 4.6C, in the sales order condition tab, the system will auto
    calculate and reflect the output tax amount automatically for this
    regular customer.
    However, in ECC6.0, with the same customer and material, the sales
    order will no longer auto calculate and reflect the output tax amount
    Nevertheless, if we maintain the customer tax classification field
    as ‘1’ (Liable for Taxes) before raising the sales order, or if we
    amended the sales order tax classification field manually as ‘1’, then
    the output tax amount will auto calculte and reflect as expected.
    We would like to know why is there such differences between 4.6C and
    ECC6.0. What should be the proper standard behaviour and if there is
    any actions required be get the system to perform as per in 4.6C?
    Please kindly advise. Thanks.
    Best Regards,

    I am sure you must have done some of the analysis already on these points but it does not harm to do it again: 
    1) Check the Customer Master and check the Tax Category of the Customer to make sure that it is maintained as 0;
    2) Check the Tax Record [MWST Tax Condition Type normally] for whichever tax table you are maintaining it for exists 
    3) Check in the Condition Tab in Pricing Details if you are finding the assess to the Tax Records happening for the Customer and Material combination.
    If you find any of these three as the smoking gun you should be good.
    I do not think personally that if the issue is only with one customer that this is an upgrade issue. Even otherwise, Tax related stuff has not changed in anyway between those versions.
    Get back to me if you have any questions.

  • Alternative tax classification  in sales order

    Dear All,
    For Some customers (credit memo) we raise sales order without any duty or tax. The procedure is go to item level billing tab page and there make alternative tax classification  zero. It is working fine for all the customer except one customer.
    I have checked UTXJ records - everything is fine.
    Can any one guide me what could be the reason behind it and how to resolve this.
    Thanks and Regards,

    The item level alternative tax classification is to maintain the tax for the particular document only.
    In this case check the customer master, tax classifications against the country, compare the same with the wroking one.

  • 50% tax calculation in sales order

    Hi everyone,
    I have maintain LST in custome master and material for 50% tax ,and also I have maintain condition record for 50%,But in sales order  tax is calculated at 100% tax.How I can get 50% Tax value in sales order.
    Example, basic price -  100
                   Bed                16
                   Ecess -            3
                   tatal              116.5
                   LST(3%)          3.5 (it is 100% tax,but I want 50% as 1.75)
    how can I get

    Maintain the Condition record with the combination of customer tax clasification and material tax clasification (50%) of LST 1.75%
    then system will calculate 50 % tax OW system will not caluculate automatically 50 % by mentioning the material Tax classification(50%)
    if you have any clarifications let me know
    reward ponts if helpful

  • How to change pricing Conditions in Sales order in change sales order bapi

    Hi Experts,
    How to change pricing Conditions in Sales order in change sales order bapi.
    I have used the 2 function modules bapi-changesalesorder and sd salesdocument change, But it is creating the new record , instead of changing the existing one, Could please assist regarding the same
    Thanks in Advance .

    HI NLN
      I have just tried on my system and managed to overwrite the existing price by passing the following parameters.
      <b>Import Paramters:</b>
         SALESDOCUMENT - Sales Document Number
         ORDER_HEADER_INX - UPDATEFLAG as <b>'U'</b>.
         LOGIC_SWITCH - Import Structure - Pass 'X' to LOGIC_SWITCH-COND_HANDL.
                         COND_COUNT, -> Condition counter same as KONV-ZAEHK generally it is <b>'01'</b>
                          UPDATEFLAG as <b>'U'</b>,
       Hope i have clarified your query.
    Kind Regards

  • Reports to track changes on Deliveries and Sales order

    Hi All
    Do you perhaps know of a specific report that could possibly track changes made to a Sales order and delivery at line item level.
    The problem is change log only logs the deletion of the line item but not the actual material number.
    Do we have to enhance existing reports to achieve visibility for deletion of line items.

    Hi Lakshi
    Thank you very much for that feedback the thing is that you can search that on an order per order basis and even when you get to the change log you will not be able to see what material number was deleted.
    That is the problem.
    Has anyone experienced this wher the requirement was to have a report to run so see what changes have been made to orders or deliveries that they could view wholistically.
    Kind Regards
    Kasavan Aboo

  • Tax calculation on sales order and invoice is different

    2007A, SP0, PL49
    The tax on a sales order does not match the tax on the linked delivery and invoice by 1 cent. We take payment based on the sales order amount as the delivery and invoice are done after the fact. Why is the tax calculated differently on the delivery/invoice? We would want it to always match.
    Item price = $111.04. Taxcode rate 13% has combination of 5% GST + 8% ONTAX.
    On Sales Order, ONTAX = $8.88
    On Delivery/Invoice, ONTAX = $8.89
    Can someone please explain the difference? Is rounding/tax calcualtion controlled by system settings per document?

    Something must be wrong with your Sales Order tax.  The actual tax would be 8.8832.  Round up to 8.89 is correct.  Do you have any SP, FMS or add-on been used?

  • How to prevent change payment term in sales order?

    My client not allow sales admin. to change payment term in sales order. How to do this? (by standard SAP functions or authorization)
    Thanks & Regards,

    Either you can run T.Code shd0 or apply User exits in the program MV45AFZZ - USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP to achieve this.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Change Item Category in Sales Order for KMAT materials

    How can I change item category in sales order/quote for KMAT materials?
    Currently in the sales order/quote, the item category field is grayed out for KMAT/configurable materials and I can change the item category.
    Please help me.

    Dear Ketan,
    I hav exactly the same problem.
    Did you finally succeed?

  • How to change material discription at sales order item level ?

    Dear Gurus,
            We have some requirement need to change material description at sales order item level , but in system it is in disable mode how to change that  into change mode in sales order item level?
    Thanks in advance

    Not possible in SAP Standard.
    Instead why not create a Customer Material Info Record in T-Code - VD51?
    Alternatively it the requirement to change the Description is only for few Sales Order then create a Text ID & Enter the Description in Text Feild. Then in Smartform program wrie a code which will check for Material Description in the Text first & if not found then take from normal material Description in Sales Order.
    But Customer Material info Record seems to be the best solution.
    Hope this helps,
    Jignesh Mehta

  • Changing the payer in sales order other then BDC, LSMW

    Hi Friends,
    We are working at BHEL,
    here we want to change the payer instead of old payer for all open sales orders is , is there any possibility to change the payer in sales order other then LSMW , BDC , those two are not helpful for us  because there is lot of incompleteness logs in my incomplete procedure,
    please suggest me to proceed further,
    Gangi Reddy.

    Hi Gangi,
    I have explained the CATT procedure, step by step, on 31/03/2007 for another mass updation requirement in the same forum with subject as 'Regarding Customer Master'.
    Have a look and let me know if you have further doubts.
    Rewards if helps.
    Nadarajah Pratheb

  • Excise CIN amounts not updated in TAX field in Sales Order Pricing

    I am not getting the Excise Amount [CIN] i.e BED + ECS + SHE Cess in Tax field of Sales Order Pricing Procedure. only Sales Tax amount is showing.
    Plz let me know, where did I go wrong in the Configuration.
    Thanx in advance.
    with best regards

    What you have said is correct with regards to condition record creation, excise rate picking and its calculation.
    On clicking the "analysis" button in pricing screen (Sales item details --> condition -->) try to analyse for each condition type
    we can resolve it
    Check within the condition type whether you have entered condition category = D, it must be like this
    Cond. class   =  D Taxes
    Calculat.type  = A Percentage
    Cond.category = D Tax
    In Pricing Procedure Activate "Statistical" Indicator, it will definitely appear in the tax field.

  • Changes carry forward from sales order to Purchase order in third partysale

    My requirement to carry forward the changes in sales order to Purchase order in third party sale and vice versa.
    As we know most of the changes we do in sales order,get refelected in purchase requestion because PR get created automatically from SO but PO we create manually in third party scenario.
    Now my requirement to refelect the changes (changes qty, request delivery dale,adding or delition item etc.) from SO to PO and text message from PO to sales order automatically.
    Please guide me.

    Thanks for reply.
    In third party PR gets created automatically but PO gets create manually.So changes get refelect in PR only not in PO.
    Can you give me the solution for completing this task.
    Thanks & Regards
    Jalaj garg

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