Color Groups - Save/Export/Share without Kuler?

Why can't i just save a color group that i created in Illustrator CS5 and import it into another document?
Kuler only supports groups of up to 5 colors, and i don't think uploading a set of client-specific brand colors to the "Kuler Community" would do any good...
Maybe i have overlooked an obvious option, but i had hoped it would be as easy as saving custom brushes etc in Photoshop...
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ok it is simple create a document and delete all the colors swatches and and any brushes, symbols and graphic styles that use color. or if you wish all of the above stuff and save it as something like RAW file to the location that Mordy's blog located for you.
Now make a new document using that profile from the New Document dialog.
Now select swatches from the libraries available form the flyout or library icon on the lower left of the Swatches Panel.
Make your own swatches from the mixer or from Live Color and save them as a library (ase) or as an AI file to Swatches Panel in the preset Folder of Illustrator and give it your clients name.
Now make another document using the RAW File Profile you created before and then go to the swatches panel and from the flyout of from the swatch library icon on the panel select the Library with your clients name.
If this is confusing I will try and make a movie describing it.
I am trying to get them to add a feature so that when you make a color group you have an option to save it to this folder s well as with the document itself. I am hoping they will eventually add this to the Live Color feature would be a big help.
Now when yo

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  • How to get color group from illustrator into flash

    I have difficulties with the color management between Illustrator and Flash.
    I have the original vector files in Illustrator and would like to use the color groups, I have in Illustrator, also in Flash.
    One way doing it is using the Kuler.
    But I can not get the colors from Illustrator into Kuler.
    Can someone advice how to manage that process?
    Many thanks in advance!

    I'm fairly new to this having only recently started using these tools again after six years, but will try to help! Go to "Explore", find a theme you like and click the "Edit" selection when you mouse over it. From there you can edit it or save a copy of it as is as whatever name you wish. In Photoshop or Illustrator, they will now show up in Adobe Color Themes (Window > Extensions > Adobe Color Themes) under "All Themes" in the drop menu. In these apps (and others that are Adobe Color Theme aware), any themes that you favorite on the site will show up under "My Favorites".
    If you're using Fireworks, it's different as it still uses Kuler (Window > Extensions > Kuler).  Themes you save or favorite on the site don't automatically show up there, however you can search for themes by name, and if you select "Custom" from the theme group dropdown, you can enter up to four names that will show up in that dropdown menu and produce as many results as the window can hold for an individual term. For instance, I saved a theme as "Copy of Industrial Calm" which if I enter in the search box, the "group" is a group of one. However, if I just type "Industrial", the window fills with options, yet there are MANY more results on the Adobe Color site and you would have to be specific to get the right one in that window.
    Hope that helps.

  • How can I save and share movies to a flash drive in Premier Elements 9

    How can I save and share movies to a flash drive in Premier Elements 9
    mobile phones and other devices - only give for ipods and iphones
    export files for viewing on computer -  windows media etc
    I am experienced at burning dvds on the Adobe Premier Elements but new to sharing movies to a flash drive.
    Please help!

    Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 on what computer operating system?
    1. USB Flash Drive.
    Go to Share/Computer/ make your export choice.
    In the Save In field for the preset selected, browse to and select the USB Flash Drive
    2. Windows Media
    Share/Computer/Windows Media and select appropriate preset to get you .wmv file
    3. See Share/Mobile Phones and Players
    Remember you can customize the settings under the Advanced Button/Video Tab, Audio Tab, Multiplexer Tab of
    the preset selected.
    Please review the Premiere Element 9 Help PDF, Chapter 15, Saving and Sharing Movies.
    The above is an overview. We can go into more details after you review the above.
    Thank you.

  • Trying to export/share in a format readable by Powerpoint2010 when insert video

    Using Premier 11 Elements...... I'm trying to export/ share videos to my computer, then trying to insert them into a Powerpoint slide. It works fine if I use a raw WMV format straight from the camera, but they need editting. I'm doing the editing enhancing sound etc in Premier11 Elements, but when I "share' I can't find how to save as a .wmv format??
    When I choose Share>Computer>  I end up with MP4 files or XMPSES files... all will not function when inserted into Powerpoint. I get a message "media unavailable" after pasted. Or sometimes the message "Powerpoint cannot insert" this file format.
    How do I export as a .wmv?? the help info available says Premier 11 elements should do this!?
    thanks for any help you can give, I'm new to this and under a time crunch for work.

    Elizabeth B65
    Thanks for the great news. Glad the suggestions worked for you.
    If you want to take your Premiere Elements 11 Expert workspace Timeline to the 1920 x 1080 .wmv file for PowerPoint, the export from the following should insert into your PowerPoint 2010 nicely:
    Windows Media
    with Presets = 720 x 480 16x9 29.97
    Then under the Advanced Button/Video Tab, the essentials are:
    Video codec = Windows Media Video 9
    Encoding passes = Two
    Bitrate Mode = Variable Unconstrained
    Frame Width = 1920 pixels
    Frame Height = 1080 pixels
    Frame Rate = 29.97 frames per second
    Pixel Aspect Ratio = Square Pixels (1.0)
    The default "Average Video Bitrate" appears to be 1500 Kbps (kilobits per second). You can experiment with that later if necessary, finding the compromise between Bitrate, quality, and file size.
    By the way, the installation of QuickTime is a requirement for working with Premiere Elements. The first sign of its absence is its presets missing from the Publish+Share/Computer/QuickTime. Typically the program requires being run Run As Administrator or from a User Account with Administrative Privileges.
    Please let us know how else we might help.

  • PNG changing colors using save for web (CS2)

    Im having a problem with making PNG pictures when using the "save for web" function (this also happens in Image ready)
    I make an image in sRGB color space and chose "save for web" and set the settings, all looks fine and i save it as png8 or png24.
    Then when i view it in a browser the colors af "off" (desaturated) ??
    But if i chose "Save as" in Photoshop, and chose png, and save it that way, the color macth up and looks allright.
    What im a doing wrong ??
    I have made a test with to sets of colors / picture one with "websave" color and one without then save them "using save for web" in gif, jpg with profile, png8 and png24
    The gif and jpg goes well but the png's colors goes "off"
    I also saved the to files using "save as" and here the png's colors looks fine
    (Ther are also some screendums of my color setting, "save for web" setting and my screen profile if that can be of anny help
    Also! can anybody tell me this ?
    When using "save as" i cant chose what png im saving as ? (8 or 24) What type of png dos PS use when you save it like that ???

    Now I've read up on it, it seems the issue is indeed gamma.
    (I really appreciate the "that's impossible, you must be doing something wrong" comments, by the way. Not "hmm, I don't know," but actually "what you've described in detail isn't happening; you're imagining things." Super helpful.)
    Anyway the real question is: is there a way to stop Photoshop from including gamma data? It's apparently an optional portion of the PNG spec.
    The whole gamma thing is unfortunate, but the *really* unfortunate bit is that Photoshop includes this information at all, particularly in a Save for Web context.
    Most importantly, it seems this has been an issue for some time (Google "PNG Photoshop gamma"), and PNG is usually used for web, so why on Earth hasn't Adobe addressed this? Let's not forget that Photoshop is the industry-leading tool, and the Extended version costs $1000 by itself. The only options I've seen for saving as PNG in PS so far is sRGB conversion, bit depth, transparency, and interlacing. This whole gamma thing seems pretty unacceptable behavior, even by default.
    I'm looking into pngcrush; does anyone have a simpler solution to strip the gamma information? Of course, if there's a way to do this in Photoshop itself, please please let me know.

  • I Use the last FCX but  I have a prob when I export (share) to dvd the result is over 4GB for a single DVD is about 6 to 9 Gb for a short film of 1h so what can I do to fix this

    I Use the last FCX but  I have a prob when I export (share) to dvd the result is over 4GB for a single DVD is about 6 to 9 Gb for a short film of 1h so what can I do to fix this thnks

    These "Share" files are accessed and used by the Create Disc app.
    Create Disc is buried in the FCP X package.
    Applications>FCP X>Show Package Contents>Contents>Plugins>Compressor>Compressor Kit.bundle>Show Package Contents>Embedded Apps>Create Disc
    I'm wondering if having the Compressor Application on a Mac makes a difference to having just FCP X on a Mac and the use of the Sharing feature.
    I have Compressor loaded and find that DVD and Bluray burns from Share without any glitches as some are experiencing.

  • Saving color groups as ASE swatch libraries

    Is there a way to save an llustrator color group as an ASE swatch library? When I try to do this, the entire library, including all the default swatches are saved, whe  all I want are the particular swatches I've added to a new colour group. I want to be able to save swatch libraries for various clients, then be able to access them in InDesign and Photoshop as well. Or alternatively, is there a way to remove unwanted swatches from a swatch library once it's been saved? Thanks! (Using CS6 on a Mac running 10.8.4)

    Ask in the AI forum. Generally it works as it should, but there may some smart way or script to optimize your workflow.

  • Applying color groups to grouped art gets randomized

    Hey Guys,  I've been fighting with this issue for a bit over here.
    I have a collection of color groups, that I am applying to grouped objects,
    but every time I change out the color group, it randomizes the order which
    the colors are applied.
    In the kind of bulk work I'm doing, its really turning into an hours burner.
    The specific process I'm using (I've tried several different ways with the same result)
    1) Draw my art
    2) Group the art
    3) Create a new color group with my art selected.
    4) Double click the color group and recolor.
    5) Save the swatches
    ----- so far so good
    6) Double Click a different color group (or select from the Recolor panel)
    -- here the other color group (swatches) get applied, but every time I do it, the order of which color is applied to

    In Xara Designer Pro one can name colors, which means one can change the named colors--and all tints of colors associated with it, and change them. Not quite the same request as above, but it is an incredibly handy function. But I don't use it much as I don't do variations.
    A friend of mine does, though. He illustrates cars for large format printing to be framed by his customers. Ron Duke is the artist.
    Changing from the named colors is pretty quick. The above, with the exception of the roof and exhaust changes, takes seconds to change the body color and glass tinting.
    Take care, Mike

  • Create Gradient From Color Group

    I think it would be good to add a feature that allows you to drag a 'Color Group' to the Fill box or to the gradient window which then creates a gradient, evenly spacing each color in the group. This features is mainly for convenience and time-saving purposes. It allows for gradients to be created quicker as it saves the user from having to drag each swatch over to the gradient window.

    So that's a "no", then?
    Would it mean no if I said yes?

  • Illustrator closing/disapearing randomly during explorer save/export/open

    Hi everyone,
    This is a weird one, recently ive been having an issue with illustrator randomly closing with no notice and for no obvious reason.
    In short ive found it happens when the pop up window to save/export/open has been initiated or while I'm navigating through folders. Just incase which screen i mean is un clear, its this one in the picture;
    so as this window is opened everything dissapears, including the save window, no crash report, no sign of a program not responding......just nothing.
    look forward to hearing form anyone who has had this problem, losing work and it sucks!

    Nobody can tell you anything without proper system info or other technical details. And well, setting thumbnail size in Explorer  to "humungously large" certainly doesn't help matters.

  • How to turn of specific spot (pantone) colors before i export the document to pdf and these selected colours will not included in pdf...

    Hello, i have one question. Please help me with indesign... i have prepared photoshop document with pantone color in channel pallete... This photoshop file i have imported in indesign document and when i export it from indesign to pdf so color (pantone) overlay over cmyk... i have pantone color just for parcial paint not for proof for customer.
    For example: i need to disable all pantone colors before i export document into pdf file. It is very clear process what i need to do but without find some solution. I know about pallete preview in window/output/... in indesign but this do not fix it! Please help.

    Ok... i understand to overprint process... i have spot color (pantone) in imported image because of preparation to partial varnish... but i'm wondering how can i export the indesign document to pdf without the spot color which recolores my design recolored and i can't it send to customer...
    Only way how can i figure out is to delete spot channel in photoshop? This is very annoying and useless prosess
    i look at this threat:
    Photoshop images with spot channels in Indesign CS6 (layout question)
    and there is some answer to my question!
    I have maked a problem when i set the spot color in photoshop for parcial with some pantone pink color! and this was the problem! I haven't known that i can set white spot color (lab color) and use it in indesign invisible nad in exported pdf too!!! this is what i exactly want!

  • QuickTime - Save Export Settings -  script help needed

    Currently I am using Panther 10.3.9 - with QT PRO 7.02 - ( I do not want to
    upgrade to Tiger at this time unfortunately)...
    * MY GOAL: to be able to save export preferences in QuickTime pro.
    Since QuickTime does not seem to be able to save export presets... I
    downloaded the the script collection from
    From: Scriptable Applications: Quicktime Player
    and created export settings and tried ....
    Save Export Settings.scpt
    ... but the file that got saved will not open in QT PRO - OSX and wants to
    open something from old os9....
    what do I do?

    = = = (see scripts below)
    * here is my basic workflow ...
    - load a QuickTime movie
    - adjust the QuickTime movie export settings
    - save a test copy ( validating the settings)
    - run the "save export settings.scpt" with name "set1test"
    - open and run the "Export QuickTime movie.scpt" with the name " test movie"
    - run the new test movie - and when I check info - it does NOT reflect the desired settings...
    = = =
    One issue is - this line...
    export movie 1 to new_file as QuickTime movie using settings "set1test"
    ... It doesn't seem to care what the settings file name is - and if I change that name to a nonexistent name - it still exports the movie without an error.... Therefore it leads me to believe that it's not using it to begin with....
    - another issue is that the settings file "set1test" says it is the kind = "QuickTime settings document" - however it has a blank icon in the Finder - and there does not seem to be any way to open the file with QuickTime 7.02 - and it can to open something classic mode when I double click on it.
    = = = the Save settings script...
    tell application "QuickTime Player"
    if not (exists movie 1) then error "No movies are open."
    stop every movie
    set the target_file to choose file name with prompt "name & location for the QT settings file:"
    save export settings movie 1 for QuickTime movie to target_file with replacing
    end try
    end tell
    === the Export QuickTime movie.scpt
    tell application "QuickTime Player"
    if not (exists movie 1) then error "No movies are open."
    stop every movie
    set the movie_name to ""
    if (can export movie 1 as QuickTime movie) is true then
    set the new_file to ¬
    choose file name with prompt "Enter a name:" default name movie_name
    export movie 1 to new_file as QuickTime movie using settings "set1test"
    end if
    end try
    end tell

  • Is it possible to upload color groups from Illustrator CC?

    Is there anyway to upload a color group from Illustrator to Adobe Cloud and have it appear as a Color Theme? I can only seem to upload individual colors. Alternatively, is it possible to group individual colors that have been uploaded into a Color Theme?
    I am running Illustrator CC 18.1.1 on Mac 10.9.5 (Mavericks.)

    Upload? You should be able to tap and hold down on an image until the Copy or Save Image options popup. Tap Save and it should be saved to the camera roll album in the photos app.

  • Photoshop 7.0 - Problem Retaining Original Color Space After Export

    I just registered for this forum & would appreciate your input.
    I convert Canon RAW files to jpgs & always embed the sRGB color profile & color space in the converted files.. Once I open & edit one of these files in Photoshop 7.0 & save it, the color space is changed to Abobe RGB. I have tried many changes via Edit > Color Settings, but still the same results. I thought that the settings preset "Web Graphics sRGB Color Space" would do the trick - but it doesn't.
    If I go to Image > Mode > Convert to Profile & select sRGB for both source space and destination space for an opened jpg file, the sRGB color space is embedded in the saved file - even after reopening in PS, editing, and re-saving. Must I do this for each jpg I edit?
    Please educate me how to set PS so all exported files either retain the sRGB color space or have PS embed the sRGB color space upon export.
    Thank you.

    This is of course, an issue of permissions so there may be no solution.
    Absolutely not. Don't jump to false premature conclusions. As Noel said, it solely depends on detecting a previous install/ verifying the install media. Since the latter is out of the question, the first would be way to go, the point being that it merely looks for the respective registry keys in HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Adobe. Lucky for you, back then nobody cared to encrypt such stuff so it could be hacked in manually. Off hand I'm just not aware of the specific structure for the keys, though, but a little digging might turn up that info. In fact it would be almost identical to the ones for PS 7, which might already linger there just lacking the proper vlaues...



    Media cache files are not involved in the removal of the Adobe watermark from the project.prel file from a tryout.
    Just a re-enforcement cannot remove the Adobe watermark from a tryout "saved" exported product; whereas, you can from a saved/closed project file (project.prel).
    By exported product, I mean a burn to disc in the tryout or the Timeline of the tryout exported to a file saved to the computer hard drive.
    In the case of removing the Adobe watermark from the tryout project.prel, classically you delete the rendered files (Timeline Menu/Delete Rendered Files) in the purchased program. In no way is media cache involved in this. Some of us have found that there was an automatic removal of the Adobe watermark resulting from just opening the tryout project.prel file in the purchased program.
    Please review and consider.
    Thank you.

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