Combination exists in Master Data Table, but error occurs in layout

We are getting an error in planning layouts that state that a combination of Cost Center and Profit Center is not included in master data table for characteristic. I looked at note 1222910 that apparently fixes this issue, but we are on SP21 and the note was included in SP19.
Any suggestions?

Hi there,
That seems an issue throwed by the characteristic relationships.
Are you sure the profit center/cost center issued in the message exist in the master data?
It seems some how you're getting that combination of that profit center/cost center in the planning layout and the charateristic relationship is validating that.
See if you query has the valid combinations for the profit centers/cost centers in the filter and/or variables.

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    I have PLANT key value "0004" that exist in my master data target ZPLANT, but this value has never sended by my source system, it was added only when I loaded my Infoprovider.
    My problem is that  this key value "0004" haven't text, and I would like put automatiquely the text of another value '0005' for this value '0004'.
    I'm in BI7 for information.
    Do you have any idea please? ABAP, Start routine or End routine?
    Andcould you give me please the ABAP code to do that?

    Thank you for your answer, but the source system doesn't contain the value '0004'.
    Can'I add this value while loading ZPLANT master data from source system?
    If yes, How can'I do it, and How can I maitain (automatiquely not manually) the text of '0004' key value?
    The text of '0004' key value is the same as the text of '0005' key value'.
    Thank you.
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  • Master data table error in PC

    Hi Gurus
    i am trying to run a data transfer process for BPARTNER but when i do it it gives me an error...that master data table is already to go about resolving it..points not an issue

    Goto tcode SM12, give the user as * and then execute it & in the next screen search BPARTNER
    there it will show you the entries for locks on this infoobject if any....
    It will show you the user who locked, the process (Eg: Change Run or some other data load) which locked & so on....
    & then if needed delete locks....
    And then try starting your load...

  • Data exists in DSO New table but not in Active table

    I am loading data from one DSO to another DSO, in my target DSO I have 6 fields which 2 of them are mapped in Transformation and remaining 4 will be populated by Start routine and End routines. Before Activating I am seeing all 6 fields got populated in New data table but after activating I am only seeing the 2 fields in Active data table but not those that are populated through Start and End rouitnes.
    I have only one Key in my DSO, am I missing something here?please let me know.

    beside end routine, there will be one icon.
    click on that.
    you will see two options.
    select the option "populate values into fields with out active transformation rules"
    don't remember the words correctly but gives the same meaning...
    Activate the transformation.
    this will solve your problem
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  • Insert data in a user master data Table

    Hi every body,
    I've created a User Master data table named 'MyTable'. i want to add data to this table but there is an error which occur : 'to generate this. First Define the Numbering Series in the Administration Module'.  I want to add data to this table using C# code,  without using UDO.
    Is it possible?
    Thank you for helping me

    thank you for your answer.
    I didn't understand very well, i will ask the question in an other way.
    it is possible to insert records in a master data table by using the code C#
    I mean :
                usertable = _Company.UserTables.Item(tablename);
                usertable.Code = code;
                usertable.Name = name;
                usertable.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_ContCode").Value = ContCode;
                usertable.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_CardCode").Value = CardCode;
                lRetCode = usertable.Add();
    without encountering the problem of numbering series.

  • Field not being updated in Master Data table

    Hi guys,
    I'm pulling data from master data in BW... specifically 0ven_compc. I haven't added any new fields to this maser data table, and one field that I'm trying to pull is not being populated. In the master data table this field is blank, but in the PSA there are values. Somehow the values are not being loaded into the master data table. I've checked the transfer rules and communication structure and everything looks fine. Why is this happening?

    Hi Anthony,
    The problem may be that there is an inconsistency with the target master data infoobject. Please make a dummy change to the target infoobject (i.e you can change the description), save this change and then click on the activate icon. Please then check if the field is filled with the next load.
    If the problem still exists please let us know your BI version and support package level.
    Best Regards,

  • Customer master data table KNVV is missing

    Hi All
    I a trying to cancel the billing document using transaction VF11. System shows error as " customer XYZ customer master data table KNVV is missing"
    Please advice how to proceed?
    Thanks and regards

    Goto the T.Code "Se11/SE16".
    Enter the table name as "VBRK".
    Enter your invoice number.Execute.
    Check the value of "VKORG(Sales Organisation)","VTWEG(Distribution Channel)" and "SPART(Division)".
    Or you check the same in "VF03" screen also.
    Make a copy of the above three fields.
    Goto the T.Code "Se11/SE16".
    Enter the table name as "KNVV".Enter your customer number in "KUNNR" and the values of "Sales organisation,Distribution channel and division" into their respective fields.Execute.
    Check if there are any entries.The result should be no entries so that only you will receive this error message.
    If you created the customer with out sales area,while creating the order only it will give you an error message as "No customer master record exists for sold-to party XXXXXXX
    Message no. VP199".
    As the partners are defined in sales area data only.

  • CVC creation - Strange issue with Master data table of 9AMATNR

    Hi Experts,
    We have encountered a strange issue with Master data table (/BI0/9APMATNR) of info object 9AMATNR.
    We have a BADI implemented for checking the valid Characteristic before creation of the CVC using transaction /SAPAPO/MC62. This BADI puts a select on master data tab of material /BI0/9APMATNR and returns no value. But the material actually exists in the table (checked through SE16).
    Now we go inside the info object 9AMATNR and go to the Master data Tab. There we go inside the master table
    /BI0/9APMATNR and activate that. After activating the table it is read by the select statement inside BADI (Strange) and allows the CVC to be created.
    Ideally it should not allow us to activate the SAP standard table /BI0/9APMATNR. I observed that in technical settings of this table it has single record buffering as switched on. (But as per my knowledge buffer gets refreshed every 2 to 4 mins and not in 2 days or something).
    Your expert comment is valuable to us. Thanks.
    Best Regards,
    Chandan Dubey

    Hi Chandan,
                 Try to use a WAIT statment with 5 seconds before your select statment.
    I'm not sure whether this will work. Anyway check it and let me know the result.

  • Characteristic 0PROFIT_CTR: Time-dependent Master Data Table '/BI0/QPROFIT_

    Hello All,
    I want to release a infoObject 0PROFIT_CTR to Prod. But after releasing the TR it errors with the following messages:
    Characteristic 0PROFIT_CTR: Time-dependent Master Data Table '/BI0/QPROFIT_CTR' not buffered
    Characteristic 0PROFIT_CTR: Time-dependent Text Table '/BI0/TPROFIT_CTR' not buffered
    I went into these tables and also have set the buffering to ON and made them Fully buffered (Checked).
    But even then it gives me same error.
    Please help.

    Hi Harika,
    You are right, you will have to use SE14 in production system, just check that whether you have authorization to use it or not. If you don't have authorization then you can check with Basis team.
    You can execute SE14, then give table name and in the lower part of the screen Click on the option Save and adjust, and activate the table. Once this step is done you can re-import your request.
    Make sure that you do not delete data.

  • How to find the number of entries in a master data table

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to find the entries in 0CUSTOMER master data.
    BW>LISTCUBE>Data target: 0CUSTOMER and selected the fields that I need.
    I would like to know how to find the "number of entrees". I tried to run the SUM for a count field, but it is taking forever as there are huge number of records .

    Hi Dev,
    Go to the change/display mode of the info object (0CUSTOMER) in your case. Go to the Master data/Text tab. Here you will find the master data tables according to your settings (P orQ or X or Y). Double click on the table name and it will take you to the SE11 display. From there, you can check the number of records as you do in any transparent table.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks and Regards
    Subray Hegde

  • Abap code not working  - deleting based on master data table information

    I wrote a piece of code earlier which is working and during test we found out that it will be hard for the support guys to maintain because it was hard coded and there is possibility that users will include more code nums in the future
    sample code
    /M/CODENUM NE '0999' AND
    /MCODENUM NE '0888' AND.
    Now I created a new InfoObject master data so that the support people can maintain the source and code number manually.
    master data table - the codenum is the key.
    0999               IND01
    0888               IND01
    now I wrote this routine all the data gets deleted.
    tables /M/PGICTABLE.
    Data tab like /M/PGICTABLE occurs 0 with header line.
    Select * from /M/PGICTABLE into table tab where objvers = 'A'.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
    LOOP at tab.
    But when I chage the sign to EQ, I get opposite values , Not what I require.
    Cube table that I want to extract from
    /M/SOURCE                             /M/CODENUM
    IND01                                       0999
    IND01                                       0888
    IND01                                       0555
    IND01                                       0444
    FRF01                                      0111
    I want to only the rows where the /M/CODENUM = 0999 and 0888 and i would also need FRF101
    and the rows in bold  should be deleted.
    Edited by: Bhat Vaidya on Jun 17, 2010 12:38 PM

    It's obvious why it deletes all the records. Debug & get your answer i wont spoon feed
    Anyways on to achieve your requirement try this code:
          r_srce TYPE RANGE OF char5, "Range Table for Source
          s_srce LIKE LINE OF r_srce,
          r_code TYPE RANGE OF numc04,"Range table for Code
          s_code LIKE LINE OF r_code.
    s_srce-sign = s_code-sign = 'I'.
    s_srce-option = s_code-option = 'EQ'.
    * Populate the range tables using /M/PGICTABLE
    LOOP AT itab INTO wa.
      s_code-low = wa1-code.
      s_srce-low = wa1-srce.
      APPEND: s_code TO r_code,
              s_srce TO r_srce.
    * Delete from Cube
    DELETE it_source WHERE srce IN r_srce AND code IN r_code.

  • Which master data table to be used to get attribute value

    Hi all,
    I am writing  routine in update rule to get data for one master data attribute of master data 0customer.
    But I am cofused in choosing master data table to get data.
    There are two master data table in master data tab of  0customer characteristics.
    1. View of MstrDtaTbls  :-  /BI0/MCUSTOMER
    2. Master data tab          :-  /BI0/PCUSTOMER
    Suggest me which one to take .
    Although I have tried with 2 one and it is working fine.

    If the attribute is not time-dependent please use  /BI0/PCUSTOMER, else use /BIC/QRCOSTCTR.
    Just remember P table and Q table.

  • How are attribute and text master data tables linked in SAP R/3?

    how are attribute and text master data tables linked in SAP R/3?
    Most tables with attribute master data like T001 for company codes,
    have a text master data table T001T (add "T" to table name).
    When looking at the content of table T001 via transaction se11,
    the text are automatically joined.
    But for some tables there is no "T"-table (e.g. table TVBUR for sales offices
    has no text table TVBURT), but in se11 you get texts. There is an address
    link in TVBUR, but the Name1, etc. are empty.
    a) Where are the text stored?
    b) How does the system know of the link?
    Hope someone can help!
    Best regards

    Hi Thomas
    The master and text table are not linked by name, of course, if you see the text table, it has the same key fields of master table, only it has the field key spras and the field for description.
    The link beetween the tables is done by foreign key: if you check the text table TVKBT u need to see how the foreign key for field VKBUR is done:
    -> Foreing key with table TVBUR
    -> Foreing key field type -> KEY FIELD FOR A TEXT TABLE
    ->Cardinality-> 1-:CN
    It's very important the attribute sets for Foreing key field type, if it's KEY FIELD FOR A TEXT TABLE, it'll mean the table is a text table: i.e. that mean the master table is a check table for the text table, where the foreign key type is for text table.
    U can find out the text table of master table by SE11: GoTo->Text Table
    U can fined some information in table DD08L.

  • How to check the records in Master Data Table?

       I am trying to load the Master Data Table using the Flat File.Now how to check the records in Master Data Table?
    I done the following way:
    Info Provider->Info Object->Right Click->Display Data or Maintain Master Data
    But it's not showing the records.It's asking like CID from......To......
                                                                         here CID means customer id(characteristic).
    and showing some settings.
    Please guide me.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Sri,
    Go to T- code RSD1 and type your info object name and open the P- table in the infoobject then select execute symbol to see the updated  data in to master data info object.

  • Copying Master Data Tables

    Currently we have 0COSTELMT which is compunded to 0C0_AREA.
    Now I have to create ZCOSTELMT which is not compunded to 0CO_AREA.
    Also I have to create a new Cost Element Master table which is a copy of the existing Master table, except that Controlling Area is not included.  Duplicates in the source (two or more rows, from different Controlling Area, having the same Cost Element id) should result in one record.  The Cost Accounting cubes will then drop the existing Cost Element Master and include instead this new Master.  Any hierarchies built on Cost Element must also be attached to this new Cost Element Master.
    How do I create new master data tables which are a copy of old ones with some changes.
    Also how do I attach the hierarchies.

    How do I delete this attachment of datasources to 0COSTELMNT.
    Do I need to create new infopackages using the same datasources or should I create all three datasources too from scratch.
    I dont want 0CO_AREA in the new master data.
    Can you elaborate " transformations between original DS and new IO"

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