Creating a frame within a iweb page

I would like to create a frame within one of my iweb pages so that I can maintain the navigation menu while incorporating expose photo slide (or any other external page to be displayed within my page).
Please correct me if I am wrong but I don't think this is possible using iweb and must edit the source code.
Does anyone know if there are any templates out there I could just copy and past to get this done? i am simply looking to create a frame pretty much taking up the entire center of the existing page while leaving the navigation menu in tacked. Do appreciate the help!
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iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

You might want to take a look at this articel from Michael Wong:
It covers inserting a GuestMap using frames.

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    I came across Old Toad's Test site and was suitably impressed by the enhancements detailed on his home page. (I did not post the link as I did not want to breach any confidentiality).
    Q) How do I get scrolling text on an iweb page? By way of an experiment, I have copied the html code from old toads site into a html widget and then selected apply however the text simply displays, it does not scroll.
    I have no html experience apart from cutting and pasting code into the widget box and then selecting apply. What am I doing wrong, please can anyone help? Thanks

    The scrolling box is on this demo page. As I mentioned it will work with a text, pdf and Word document. I've not been able to get an rtf document to display nor a Pages document. But you can create pdf files from each of those applications and use the pdf version.
    If you can live with the default text that comes with using a .txt file it will not have toolbar at the top that a Word or PDF document will and be a lot cleaner. There may be a way to set the font to be displayed in the page but it can't be done in the text document itself. I've not figured out how do to that as yet.
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  • Jump Buttons within one iWeb page

    Good morning, I am wondering: Is there any way to create buttons in iWeb that give the viewer of the webpage the option, to jump from top to bottom, middle to top and bottom within the one chosen page? You know: To not tax somebody's index finger on the mouse. Thank you very much in advance for the life essential assistance!
    Finest regards,
    Maria Dolores Lopez

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  • Creating scrollable frames on a blank page?

    Hi all
    I've got a site on which I use a blank 1.0 "black" template as the front page. I have created a number of boxes where I put different text and pictures which change on a fairly regular basis, but I now want to make the individual boxes scrollable since 1) some browsers are not fitting the content in each box properly, and 2) I want to keep the box sizes constant and simply allow visitors to scroll up and down within boxes.
    How would I go about doing this? I use iWebEnhancer to insert html and iframes into some pages, so can tweak html if needed.
    Javascript would be a sweet way of doing it, although a simple html scroll bar would also be fine (and would probably avoid software issues on different computers). I just don't know what the coding to be inserted would be.
    The page is at if you want to see what I mean about having text boxes on the page. At the moment some browsers (FF on PC) won't show some pictures in the top left box, as it runs out of space, although FF on Mac, Safari and IE on PC all view it fine.
    Thanks for any suggestions - a few quick points:
    a) Re the slideshow mentioned on the page, I know it's not working - I forgot to run iWebEnhancer this morning (someone was bound to mention this
    b) I'm not a big fan of the blog templates.

    You can achieve this in several ways:
    If you wish to use an iframe, then within the first iframe tag you need to put in the 'source' of the frame, eg
    <iframe src="" width="640" height="380" scrolling="yes"></iframe>
    You will see that the src can be your own page, where you've put a simple text box with the text in, and uncheck the boxes 'include page in navigation menu' and 'display navigation menu'.
    The other method could be to use a textarea tag. Something like this:
    <textarea id="blah" readonly="readonly" rows="5" cols="10">your text here, blah blah blah</textarea>
    But looking at your original question, I just wonder if you are making things more complicated than they need be. Why not reduce the font size and/or increase the text box size and/or increase the inset margin dimension? Also do not try and put text right up to the edge of boxes because browsers do render sizes a little differently.
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  • Any idea how to "frame" another website into my iweb pages?

    Disclaimer - I'm fairly new at this, may be a rookie question.
    I want to allow info from another site to be shown & interacted with by the visitor on my iweb page. The purpose for this is to allow real estate listings (provided by a subscription-based third party) to be integrated into my site, allowing the visitor access to those listings, photos, etc, while maintaining the image & brand that I use to support/market my services. An HTML snippet is not available from the provider that allows for the level of access that I need, and once again the objective is to not direct the visitor away from my main page or from the site entirely.
    Thanks, guys - I look forward to your responses.

    Yes. See this demo page: Embed a Site Within an iWeb Page. It just takes iFrame code, the site's URL in an HTML snippet.

  • How do I use a frameset to another website within my iweb site?

    I am trying to figure out how to use frameset to view my online booking site within my site that I have created on iWeb. right now I just refer to a link but I would like to be abel to use the frameset to do it. I do have this code but not sure what to do with it.
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Frameset//EN" "">
    <title>Online Appointment Book</title>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <style type="text/css">
    body {
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;
    <frameset rows="90,*" cols="*" border="0">
    <frame src="upperframe.html" name="upperFrame" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">
    <frame src="mainframe.html" name="mainFrame" frameborder="0">
    I would appreciate any advice

    A Frameset is a separate, non-iWeb, webpage with the code you show.
    The upperframe.html and lowerframe.html are urls to whatever page you want to display.
    What you probably want is an <iframe>. You use it to display an external page within an iWeb page.
    The code is :
    <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="500" scrolling="no" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>
    You paste the code in the HTML Snippet. You have to change the width and height to reflect your situation.
    Note that an <iframe> is static. It does not change when the page it displays changs in width or height. To scroll set scrolling to yes.
    Sample iWeb page with <iframe> :

  • Issue using Super LOV within Skillbuilders Modal page

    I have an app that has an Interactive Report which opens a form using the Skillbuilders Modal page when you click Create button. Within the Modal Page I have a few items that are using the Skillbuilders Super LOV. It all initially works great but when my validations fire and there are any errors displayed, the Super LOVs stop working. So it won't allow user to search using the LOV.
    I have an example here:
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Apex 4.2.0, 11g

    I am using Firefox 17.0.6.
    It works fine in Chrome

  • How do you hyperlink a rollover to another page from within your iweb site?

    Ive made a bunch of rollovers for my iweb navigation bar. If youve created a rollover you know you have to link the images to a image hosting site. here as you would just normally drag and drop a image from your desk top. Because of the way iweb works, if you are using images from a image hosting sit, you can no longer adjust the characteristics of the images i.e. colors, size, and in this case the hyperlink. More specifically you cant change the hyperlink to a page within the iweb site.
    So the problem im trying to figure out is how to link the rollover to a page within my iweb site.
    now you can actually change the hyperlink of the rollover. however you must do this by adjusting the html within the snippet of the rollover. The problem i found is that iweb doesnt creat sub domains for each page. a entire iweb site with multible pages uses only one domain which is the homepage. so i cant just type a subdomain of another page into the snippet hyperlink because the subdomain doesnt exist.
    here is the link to my site. youll notice i did figure out a work around with the "contact us" button but its a huge pain in the butt. i had to create a new domain and a new site then attach the referal index.html to that new domain. todo this for every single button is very difficult.
    so i guess the bigger question is, is there a easier way to do this?
    perhaps if there was a way to create a subdomains like withing iweb for each page. but i dont even know if thats possible.
    thanks for you help.

    Because of the way iweb works, if you are using images from a image hosting sit, you can no longer adjust the characteristics of the images i.e. colors, size, and in this case the hyperlink.
    Then use  your own images. Then you can create them the way you want.
    Here's how I do it :
    And here's the menu in an iWeb page :
    And here you can learn how to do it. Follow the links to the How-To pages.
    You may have to learn HTML. CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, DOM and how iweb creates its webpages.

  • How can I create an internal hyperlink in iWeb? Would like to put an interactive menu at the top of a page.

    How can I create an internal hyperlink in iWeb? Would like to put an interactive menu at the top of a page.

    Do you meant a link to one of your other pages or to a location on one of your pages?  If it's the latter those are called anchors and iWeb does not support them.  However, there are workarounds for that.  See this blog: How to use anchors in iWeb.  If you don't have a lot of widgets on the page it can work fairly well.

  • Open previously created iWeb pages in iWeb

    I successfully created a series of simple Web pages using iWeb and would like to load my first Web page to make some changes. However, I do not see "Open..." or some other option in iWeb that would allow me to load iWeb created Web page in iWeb. I am a computer scientist and have created dozens of pages using various integrated development environments (IDS).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I successfully created a series of simple Web pages
    using iWeb and would like to load my first Web page
    to make some changes.
    If you have deleted your page from inside the iWeb app, you will not be able to edit it further.

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    I was creating an iWeb page, had been working for hours, I suddenly got a blank screen and it was gone. Can I recover my page?

    hmmm. it might be worth checking through the following document:
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  • Creating a table in the application pages and pasting it into iWeb 08

    I have learned today that if you create a table in pages and then copy and paste it into iWeb 08 it uses the the ORIGINAL entry in the upper left cell as the name of the png file that is created as the image for the iWeb folder.
    If that ORIGINAL name had a space in the name the resulting server can probably not link successfully the data in that png file.
    Solution: When you FIRST create the table in the application pages that you plan to copy into iWeb use a single word in that upper left cell -- you can change the content later but the "pasted" file will be that word.png.

    I use the class cl_xml_document to create XML documents.
    It has all the methods required to create XML documents...perfectly. It is fairly straightforward when you get into it...and you can produce very good xml files.
    also, try this little report...
    whilst this is not full blown XML example it may give some ideas or possibly the format generated maybe be enough for your needs. This is a simple test example of converting an ITAB into an xml type file and then it was sent to a server
    report zsjc2.
    data :
      itab   type table of sflight,
      l_xml  type ref to cl_xml_document.
      select * from sflight into table itab up to 1 rows.
      create object l_xml.
      call method l_xml->create_with_data( dataobject = itab[] name = 'ROOT' ).
      call method l_xml->display.
      data: v_uri type string,
            v_response type ref to  cl_xml_document.
      v_uri = ''.
      call function 'SWF_XML_SEND_VIA_HTTP_SERVER'
          uri                            = v_uri
          request_document               = l_xml
    *   USER                           = ' '
    *   PASSWORD                       = ' '
         response_document              = l_xml. "v_response.
    You can use other methods, additional to what this example shows, to create a true XML file. You need more coding - but the above example is just a 'quick and dirty' half waay house to get you moving along in one possible direction. I actually preferred using the class than transformations.

  • How can I access my IWeb page created on an iBook that has a crashed hardd.

    I can´t make changes to my iWeb pages from my new iBook. The iBook i used to create the iWeb has crashed and I did not have back up. Is there any way to access and make changes to my iWeb.


  • How to link a text box to an anchor frame in the master pages?

    Ok, as the title states, we are trying to figure out if it is possible to link a text box to an anchor frame in the master page. When you look at our Master Page layout, we have a text box in the upper left hand corner of the left hand page, this is used for our machine serial numbers. Then we have an anchor frame that automatically fills out the figure number. Let's say I have pages 2 & 3 (left & right), they have a S/N at the top of the page for the machine, then pages 4 & 5 have a different S/N. If I have to add more pages in between pages 2 & 3 (bumping the current 4 & 5 to 6 & 7), the anchor frame bumps to the next page, but the S/N text box doesn't. Is there a way to fix it so that they both move to the next page? Thanks for the help.
    P.S. I can include images and other info if needed.

    I have included a two pictures that should help me explain.
    Master Page:
    This is the master page set up, the "Page Text Box" has the flow set to "B" while the S/N text box has the flow set to "A". This setup is for our parts manuals, the left page is usually an illustration while the right page is usually a parts list. The text box, anchored frame & paragraph tag are empty in the master page set up. The "page text box" has a flow of "B" and the "S/N text box" has a master flow of "A".
    Body Page 1:
    When we create new pages, the paragraph tag automatically fills in the figure title on the left page, then we add an anchor frame within the text box to hold the illustration. You will notice that I added in a "test" serial number at the top of the page. Now if I need to go back and add two pages before this, the anchor frame, illustration and parts list will move to a new page, but the S/N text box will not. The "Before S/N TBD" would stay on the original page.
    This is what happens, the text box containing the illustration and the parts list "bump" to the next page, but the S/N text box does not. So the question we have is there a way to link that text box to the page so when we create new pages the S/N text box moves with the illustration.
    Does this help?
    Thanks for the assistance Error7103.

  • Copy iweb page into google apps

    Is it possible to publish a web page created in iweb into my website which is within google apps.

    Determine the width and height in pixels of your iWeb page.
    Divide by 72 to get the width and height in inches,
    To get centimeters, multiply the number in inches by 2,54.
    Create a custom page size in Page setup in Pages (Or any application).
    Use the numbers in inches or in centimeters.
    Add a blank page in Pages.
    Choose the newly created pagesize.
    Set the zooming of Pages to 100%.
    You now have a identical page size.
    Then copy paste all objects from iWeb to Pages.
    I do the reverse. I create a webpage in Pages and then copy/paste everything to iWeb.

Maybe you are looking for

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