Decimal places in the BCC field

I created a field in the xml to save a field of type double, but only allows up to three decimal places.
<property name="freight" data-type="double" column-name="freight" display-name-resource="freight" category-resource="categoryBasics" >
     <attribute name="propertySortPriority" value="50" />
with sql for the column freight
number(28, 20)
I noticed that this also occurs in other fields in BCC,
Is it possible to increase the number of decimal places for a property?

I created the view mapping as your orientations and looked like this
<add-item item-descriptor="itemMapping" id="AmImTest">
  <set-property name="itemName"><![CDATA[test]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="description"><![CDATA[AssetManager Test itemMapping]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="mode"><![CDATA[AmMmDef]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="viewMappings"><![CDATA[ivM1]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="formHandler"><![CDATA[AmFhDef]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="itemPath"><![CDATA[/atg/multisite/SiteRepository]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="name"><![CDATA[AssetManager]]></set-property>
<add-item item-descriptor="itemViewMapping" id="ivM1">
  <set-property name="propertyMappings"><![CDATA[propertyViewMapping=pvM1]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="attributeValues"><![CDATA[includedProperties=av1]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="displayName"><![[scopus.geralProperties]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="name"><![CDATA[ item View Mappi]]></set-property>
<add-item item-descriptor="attributeValue" id="av1">
  <set-property name="value"><![CDATA[id,name,description,freight]]></set-property>
<add-item item-descriptor="propertyViewMapping" id="pvM1">
  <set-property name="propertyView"><![CDATA[pv1]]></set-property>
<add-item item-descriptor="propertyView" id="pv1">
  <set-property name="description"><![CDATA[BIZUI Basic editor for double properties with more than 3 decimal characters.]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="attributes"><![CDATA[inputFieldMaxlength=pvAtrDef1]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="mode"><![CDATA[aMgrMmView]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="isComponentPropertyView"><![CDATA[false]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="isReadOnly"><![CDATA[false]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="type"><![CDATA[double]]></set-property>
  <set-property name="name"><![CDATA[SCO BIZUI with more than 3 decimal characters.]]></set-property>
Did I missed something?

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    Try the following..
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    hi Anil,
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    Since it's a Client-only issue, we can try starting Outlook in Safe Mode to determine if it's 3rd-party add-ins related:
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    If there’s no problem in Safe Mode, disable the suspicious add-ins to verify which add-ins caused this issue.
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    I can only speak to Yosemite 10.10.1  and Apple Mail 8.1 at the moment. You can simply press Command-Option-B while in Mail and it should toggle the setting. You can see the option in Mail by pulling down the "View" menu in the Menu Bar where you can simply tick beside "BCC Address Field."

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    On OSX 10.6.8 Mac Mail sent items do not show the Bcc field. Adjusting settings in mail/prefs/viewing/custom/bcc has no affect on Mail, ie Bcc still does not appear on sent items. Yet another example of Mac caring not a jot about the performance of versions of OS and software running on on older hardware. Anyone got a fix by any chance? Oh and fyi I need to see the Bcc in sent items to confirm sent email is attaching to Salesforece - when I see the Bcc I know I can delete it as a copy will be in SForce. Big thanks W.

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    I've attached screenshots of the default settings below. The settings are in '''Tools''' ('''Alt''' + '''T''') > '''Content'''
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  • Increase decimal places in the PO quantity and Price

    Hi All,
    Can the decimal places in the PO( ME21N) creation be increased more than 3 decimal places in quantity and price?
    I did changes in UOM's in CUNI, I increased the decimal places upto 14 but still it does not take more than three i-e., 0.001 maximum.
    Is there any other way to handle this?
    Request inputs on this.
    Note 569326 - ME9F: Customized decimal places are not taken into account........ found this OSS but this correction instruction is not for our pack level ECC 6.0
    Best regards,

    In case if you are already working in production remember that decimal places should not change. It will affect all previous data.
    For your problem best solution is make order unit as 1000. So that your problem will solve
    e.g. instead of 2.009 inr for 1 Unit use 2009 inr for 1000 unit.

  • Decimal places on the result row is incorrect

    Dear Expert,
    I met a problem that decimal places on the result row is incorrect.Anyone can help me?
    On key figure balance,we do the currencies translation,also we set the key figure should have two decimal places.
    We set a fomular to calculate the total result of Account A,B,C.
    (Total result = account Aaccount Baccount C).
    If we manually sum up the balance of account A,B,C displayed on analyzer,which are rounded to 2 decimal places,the result should be 601.25(100.61200.38300.26),but the actual total result executed by query is 601.24.
    In fact we need the result 601.25 instead of 201.24.
    I take the example as following:
    Account      Balance
    Account A  100.61
    Account B  200.38
    Account C  300.26
    Total result 601.24
    Thank you in advance.
    Best Regards,
    Edited by: Maggie Ma on Sep 25, 2008 9:17 AM

    your "problem" is, that BEx is not totalling the "displayed" values but the real values
    try a summation on the following in Excel:
    then format the cells to show 2 decimal places only
    do you see the result changing?

  • Formatting decimal places in the X Axis

    I’m having trouble limiting the number of decimal places in my X Axis on a 2 Axis plot.
    I am running a script file (SUD) that sets all the other parameters in the Plot. The “Report “ file is called up and then the script controls the functions.
    This is only a small section of the code. I haven’t found a command to set the Decimal place in the “help” page.
     ie: Call GraphObjOpen("2DAxis1_XAxis1")
        D2AxisXFormat    = " "
        D2AxisXAng       = 0
        D2AxisXRelPos    = "bottom"
        D2AxisXFont      = ""
        D2AxisXSize      = 2
        D2AxisXColor     = "blue"
        D2AxisXColorRGB  = 50266112
        D2AxisXAutoColor = 0
        D2AxisXBold      = 0
        D2AxisXItal      = 0
        D2AxisXUndl      = 0
        D2AxisXStrOut    = 0
        D2AxisXFrame     = 0
      Call GraphObjClose("2DAxis1_XAxis1")
    When I open the “Curve and Axis Definition” window of the graph on the report page ,and set the “Format:” function to display “d.dd” It seems the script is overwriting the format that I set.
    This is what I have now and would like to display only 2 decimal places in the X Axis. Can you help?
    Go to Solution.
    X-Axis Decimal places.jpg ‏17 KB

    Thanks Brad for you quick response.
    It kind of worked... I think I might have something else going on. Not sure what though.
    With the changes made in the script you suggested, the X-Axis has changed to two digits but now it displays  " 1.dd "
    Any thoughts where else I might have gone wrong?
    Thanks again
    2013-03-13_151027.JPG ‏12 KB

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    Hi, In Mavericks Mail , I can´t transfer the adresses direkt by clicking to the "to" or the Bcc - field ... ?

    Are you looking for the button on the To field? If so, it is on the right side of the To field (little blue + )
    Click inside the To field and it will appear on the right.

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    Check this link,
    same issue find in this.
    Hope it will help you.

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    1) 3456.89675 It's getting inserted as 3456.89
    2) 123 It's getting inserted as 123 (Instead i want this to be inserted as 123.00)
    3) 123.50000 It's getting inserted as 123.5 (Instead i want this to be inserted as 123.50)
    Can you please let me know how can i achieve it to insert any number(decimal or whole number) from the flat file as 2 decimal places in the custom table column.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • How can I search the BCC field of my sent mails?

    Does anybody know how it is possible to convince ( 4.6 under OSX 10.6.8 , in my case) to perform a search within the bcc. field of sent emails?
    Thanks for the advice

    I am running Thunderbird v 24.2.0 under Bodhi Linux (Ubuntu derivative).
    I click on the Address Book button to open my address book.
    Then I click Edit > Search Addresses.
    This opens a detailed dialog box called Advanced Address Book Search.
    First, I can choose which address book(s) to search.
    Then I can use a drop-down menu to choose various fields and search criteria, to build a regular expression for searching. It is actually quite comprehensive.
    The only problem for me is: Most of my key words are located in the "Other" field, which is not included in the drop-down list. Very frustrating. The information is there, but it cannot be accessed with this tool. (At least, I have not figured out how to do so.)

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