Duplicate Video Import Issue

I am running PPRO CS6 (6.0.3) on Windows Vista
I am having a duplicate asset import issue. Let me explain...
I have a couple of Premiere Pro project files with multiple sequences in each. In each of the project files I have the same source video files imported as the some of the sequences in each of the project files reference the same source video file.
So here it was is happening...I have a project file with sequences 001-025 in them and I have have another project file with sequences 026-050. I have 25 sequences per project to keep the project sizes smaller and more manageable so my system doesn't choke.
Sequences 014 and 015 in the first project file both reference "Video01.avi" which is located on my external F: drive. I want to import sequences 027-030 from the second project file which both reference the same "Video01.avi" file on the same drive.
I know PPro is intelligent enough to know when importing assets from another project file that shares the same assets as the project you are importing into, it knows to only import the dependent assets which are not in the project file you are importing into. I have done this countless times and PPro has correctly only imported the assets it needed.
However for some reason when I am trying to import the above mentioned sequences from one project into another it is bringing in a duplicate copy of the source footage necessarily. I can't figure out why it is doing this. The sequences it is importing both reference the identical file on the same drive, etc. And I am using the "Import Selected Sequences" option.
Thank you,

I think I have solved my own issue. As stated above when I was trying to import sequences from another sequence it was brining in a dup copy of the same clip in the sequence. I was able to successfully have it not do that.
What I realized was happening is that even though the source footage video file is identical in each project file, when I opened it up the clip in the source monitor I had different IO points set for each version of the clip in each project. PPro I am assuming imported the second copy to preserve the IO points on the second version of the clip that was being imported.
I simply cleared each set of IO points on each reference of the clip in the project file and I was able to import the sequences I wanted without bringing in an additional copy of the source clip. So now I just have one copy of "Video1.avi" in my project file instead of multiple.
Hope this helps someone in the future who may be experiencing a similar issue.

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  • Premiere Pro CS5.5 and H.264/AVC video import issues

    I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and using Premiere Pro CS5.5.
    I record HD videos using a Canon EOS 7D in .mov format. I don't have any issues importing these files to Premiere, but I do have problems with the convered equivalents. I'm currently using AVS Video Converter 7 to convert the original files to .AVI files.
    The main difference between the two versions (original and converted) is the bitrate and audio codec, but Premiere only imports audio when I drag the .avi file to it. What strikes me dumb is that a poor editor like Camtasia Studio has no problems reading the files (both the audio and video track), but Premiere does.
    I also have the MainConcept Codec Suite, but that doesn't help.
    Can someone please give me a better solution than telling me to convert the converted videos back to a format supported by Premiere? I would prefere jugling with codecs and make it work rather than spending time converting videos back and forth.
    Intel Core i7 920, 12GB RAM, nVidia GeForce GTX 295.
    Thank you!

    @Jim Simon
    I have 7D footage on my hard dive right now.  4.5 minutes takes up
    about 660MB.  Which is right in line with AVCHD running at 12 to 13 GB
    per hour.
    I don't know what kind of footage you got, but I download recordings from it daily and I think that entitles me to say I know better. Maybe what you've got isn't original 7D HD footage.
    As for the solution...what I'm saying is that the "best
    practice" IS the solution.  You're creating a problem by not following
    the best practice.  If you follow that best practice, you will stop
    creating the problem.
    I already have problems. To be more specific, I'm not looking for future advice, but for ways of solving the problems I currently have. Telling me what to do from now on won't help me import and use in Premiere the already compressed files.
    Well, nothing will be resolved by complaining about it.
    What you should be doing is to request this feature.
    I'm not complaining as much as I'm saying Premiere is really PRO.
    However, i am curious why MainConcept Codec Suite can't import your file.
    Have you tried using a different video container differnt than *.avi?
    Yes, I have tried a dozen, but to no avail.
    Most people using Premiere want to maintain high quality...not throw it away by using converters.
    I'm using native files too, it's just that I don't keep them that way for years.
    Editing native is seen by most to be a huge PLUS!
    Yes, I would say CPU-wise.
    Later in the evening I have found what seems to be the best solution to my issue.
    AVS Video ReMaker and MainConcept can do wonders together when it comes to importing compressed files to Premiere PRO. AVS Video ReMaker's MP4 export almost instantly converts files with no quality loss and very close to the source file's size, and these MP4 files are recognized as native clips in Premiere (with stereo audio track and clean responsive video) thanks to MainConcept. It is excellent! The only downside is that the CPU gets more stressed (about 20-30% more of a Core i7 920), but the compressed video runs smooth ([email protected]), needs no rendering and takes the same ammount of space as the source compressed file.

  • Premiere Elements Video Import Issue

    I am having issues importing a .mp4 video file.
    Working on Windows 7 64 bit laptop.
    File is 6GB on lexar usb removable device plugged into usb 2.0.
    Add media from device, get no valid data
    Add from folder, navigate and select folder, tells me to import to Organizer, but organizer won't detect file.
    Assistance please and thanks.

    Unfortunately the Dazzle is one of those low-end capture units that are pretty much made to work with the video editor that comes with them. Even converting the video won't make it more compatible with Premiere Elements.
    As I explain in my books as well as in the FAQs to the right of this forum, the best devices for capturing video for editing your PC are called DV bridges. The best value is the ADS Pyro AV Link, available for about $100 online.
    The video it captures load right into Premiere Elements and edit beautifully!

  • MPEG Video Import Issues (Not Trial)

    Hi Everyone,
    I am fairly new to PP CS3. Up until recently I have been using basic Video Editing tools. I have decided since I like video editing so much, that I am going to try and go into it full force. So I bought my friends copy of CS3 Master suite off of him (because his company bought him two licenses and he only needs one so I got it cheap) and away I go.
    So, with that in mind. Please be patient if I sound like noob because I am. I am a system admin, but when it comes to this stuff, I know very little compared to most of you I am sure.
    Right now I am just doing something really basic to get my feet wet. I have imported a bunch of Kids shows I recorded using my Media Center PC and want to make a compilation of just the musical scenes for my little girl. I have done this type of stuff with Pinnacle in the past but I seem to running into a weird issue.
    The video's are a standard MPEG 2 DVD compliant format. The capture card I use is a Hauppauge PVR 150 so it does the hardware encoding on the board.
    If I watch these files on my TV or in Media Player Classic/WMP/VLC they all look fine. The minute I view them in PP CS3 they get this weird distortion. It looks like digital artifacts from say a bad digital cable stream, except it is all colorful and such. Dare I say the "Technicolor rainbow" :)
    I thought at first that maybe it was just because the preview is a lower quality. So I did a small amount of editing and exported the video. After watching the exported video, the weird distortion IS there. So I am not sure what to do about this. I did see one post on the forums that suggested simply changing the file extension to AVI might help. I did this and odly enough, it did fix the video issue, but then the sound was completely out of synch.
    I have looked around the forums and seem some references to MPEG file issues but none seem to describe the issue I am having and most seemed related to trial versions of the software not having the MPEG codec licensed. That would not be my situation.
    Just as a last note. I know that MPEG files are highly compressed and are usually and especially in the case of DVD's the final product not meant for further editing. However, in this case I am just cutting sections out so I didn't think there would be an issue. Also, as I mentioned above, I have done this without issue on Pinnacle.
    If anyone has any suggestions. I would appreciate it.
    Thanks again.

    It sounds like it could be a CODEC issue. I'd start by getting a bit of freeware, G-Spot, http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ and installing it. Run your MPEG-2 in G-Spot and see what it says about it. Your capture card could be doing the compression in a CODEC that PP does not work nicely with, or that it does not/can not access on your system. G-Spot will give you the CODEC used/required. Also, it will render the file with just a few mouse clicks and you can view it, with audio, in G-Spots viewer. How does it look there, just like in WMP?
    I assume that you are doing all of the work on the same computer, right? If so, any CODEC available to WMP (and G-Spot) *should* be accessible to PP.
    Actually doing a "conversion" to AVI would be better than just chaning the extension of the file. The Premiere-pedia has a full set of FAQs on file conversions. Eddie Lotter, the "gate-keeper" of the pedia offers this link:
    http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ%3aHow_do_I_import_%E2%80%9Cxyz%E2%80%9D_format_files %3F
    Hope that the forum does not truncate the URL.
    As for sync issues, if the Audio & Video are out of sync by a constant amount, you can alt-click on the Audio and adjust it, until the sync comes in. You will want to Zoom the Timeline and also turn off the "Snap" feature, when you begin adjusting the sync. Find a point that is pretty obvious, like a sound that has a distinct visual associated with it. Dialog can be used, if the visual is shot tight enough to see the actor's lips. Do this BEFORE you do any cutting of the Clip. Once you have matched the sync, then you can cut and all should stay the same. However you should not have to do this, if your file is something that PP can play with. PP likes DV-AVI footage, that one shoots with a DV tape camera best, but should work with what you have, to a lesser degree.
    Doing VHS captures to PP on my system (Turtle Beach A-D card) yields an 8 frame sync issue, that I have never cleared up. However, with the above syncing technique, it edits fine. These captures are done AVI uncompressed, but the sync problem exists with all of the possible formats from the TB card. Some day, I need to address this problem, rather than just do the workaround.
    As for the exact distortion, that you describe, I have not seen that, but maybe others have and can tell you that I'm full-of-it, but give you a fix. Hey, that's all that's important, right? Believe them.
    You might want to go up a level in the hierarchy of this forum (to get ALL versions of Premiere) and do a search for "MPEG + distortion," and similar, to see if someone else has had this problem. The Premiere-pedia is another good source of info too, though its "search" is not as good. I often find that Google does a better job, searching the P-pedia. Premiere-pedia:
    Good luck,

  • Video import issues w/ LR5

    Hi all -
    I've been trying to import a number of videos into LR5 (all .mov) and am running into a bunch of iissues. First of all, the import takes an extremely long time - imorting around 150 videos took over 4 hours, for example. Secondly, once I've imported the videos no thumbnails are created -- they're all grey squares -- and Lightroom then has problems finding the original file for playback, even though the location (on my local drive) hasn't changed.
    Anyone else have issues importing video? Are there any workarounds or tips?

    use the search luke.
    there are plenty of users who have issues with video.
    i for example have reported issues about importing videos and with audio sync in LR5.

  • Itunes video import issues

    The Apple sample QT file can be imported into Itunes and copied to my new classic 160gb no problem but files generated by Videora and/or Xilisoft Ipod video convertor from Xvid/264 sources both fail. They are either ignored by itunes when I try to add them (.mp4 files) or cannot be copied to the Ipod because they are "not in a supported format". As both these products are specifically designed to produce files that are compatible with the IPOD, there is surely somthing wrong with ITunes
    Anyone any ideas ?
    (I tried reinstalling itunes, no change)

    You're probably not doing anything wrong. Videora and other programs that lead us to believe they are "specifically designed" to create iPod-friendly video often don't. I tried Videora's basic iPod mode on half a dozen sitcom AVIs before giving up. None of the resulting MPEG-4 files would import into iTunes. Thank goodness for Pinnacle Studio, whose iPod output setting is simple and perfect.

  • Video Import issue

    I am currently capturing video on FCE 3.5.1
    Have never seen this before while capturing which interrupts the process.
    "File Error: The specified file is open and in use by this or another application."
    Anyone know why this is happening?
    Importing DV from a Sony DCR-TRV120 camera.

    No I don't have other apps running when using FCE.
    Although I might have had Skype open in the background this time around.

  • Video import issues

    Please I can't open mp4 video file in my adobe cs6, someone should kindly help me out. Thanks in advance.

    Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037
    What is a CODEC... a Primer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/546811
    What CODEC is INSIDE that file? http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037
    Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... a screen
    shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing
    For PC http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en or http://www.headbands.com/gspot/
    For Mac http://mediainspector.massanti.com/

  • Video Import Timeout Adjustment?

    Is it possible to adjust the timeout value that iLife 08 uses when importing from video? I'm trying to import my entire video tape, but I'm having problems with iLife 08 stopping the import due to gaps that are just a little too long in between the recorded segments. iLife 08 stops importing after aprox 15seconds of unrecorded tape. I know I can manually import each segment, but I'd like to take advantage of iLifes capability to auto import the entire tape. Any hints would be appreciated!

    vdubgeek wrote:
    I'm surprised nobody has any ideas.
    this is a user2user board... no Apple engineer here..
    no, there's no pref to set iM to ignore such huuuuge gaps.
    I had a look in the iM plist - even there, no manual setting.
    .. Would upgrading to iLife 09 help with my video import issue?
    usually 'noise on tape' means 'end of recording' => end of import.

  • How not to import a duplicate video?

    A while back I connected my still digital camera which contained a few videos along with my photos. After importing I deleted almost all my photos and none of my videos, I wanted to leave some of the photos and the videos on the camera.
    Now when I import photos from my camera it asks if I want to import duplicates, I select "No", and "Apply to all". This works for the photos but not the videos, it keeps importing duplicate videos into iPhoto.
    Is there a setting I can change to fix that?

    Is there a setting I can change to fix that?
    No. You will have to change your workflow to get around that issue. Upload from the camera to a Folder first then where you can cull out the duplicate movies before importing the folder.
    I've found that all of my movies get caught by the duplicate filter when imported from a folder on the hard drive so you may not have to manually cull them out.

  • Heat issues with video import

    Ive had my Macbook pro for about 3 weeks now and as far as I can tell its getting hotter (idont know how to find the exact temp but I know hot and my Macbook is!)
    The heat has not been an issue until recently. And then when I was using the machine last night to import some video from a mimiDV camera and the heat was simply unacceptable the vent under the screen was so hot it was almost untoucable and also the hard drive was throwing out heat.
    Now Im not sure if this has anything to do with the 7200rpm HDD I have installed in the machine but I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with video importing.

    It has nothing to do with video editing per se. It has everything to do with heat generated from constant hard drive activity and higher CPU utilization. Check temps with CoreDuoTemp both under load and also idle.
    You can simulate loads also to get various temp readings.
    You can check your hard drive temp with Temperature Monitor.
    In fact if you start CoreDuoTemp first, shut it off, then run CoreDuoTemp you can see both your CPU and Harddrive temps in your dock or menubar with Temperature Monitor.

  • Import issues, Audio/video Unsynced

    Having major import issues, audio and video won't play in sync. Working with MP4 and MXF on most recent version of Premiere CC. Everything plays fine in quicktime/vlc but goest haywire in premiere. Have been through tech support twice, updated drivers, cleared cache and Premiere still has trouble playing back video/audio in sync. Any idea what's going one? Our company recently switched to adobe for the supposed "ease" it handles different codecs and so far have had nothing but issues? Sorry if this is already addressed in one of the forms, am at my witts end now having lost multiple days trying to troubleshoot premiere.

    Hi Adobe4,
    Having major import issues, audio and video won't play in sync. Working with MP4 and MXF on most recent version of Premiere CC.
    Sorry for this issue. Tell me, where did these files originate? From a video camera? Do they have a constant frame rate or a variable frame rate?

  • TIMECODES are important for audio and video sync issues

    Hello, just wanted to pass on what I learned so that others can avoid the trouble that I've had to go through. Perhaps this may help someone who is stuck on the launch pad. :)
    BOTTOM LINE: Info for the beginner. Audio and video not in sync in Premiere Pro CS3 V3.2.0
    PROBLEM: Capture works great it seems. When I go to the folder that contains the captured file and view in Windows Media Player audio and video are in sync. BUT when viewing the video asset in the source and program monitors, the audio and video are not in sync.
    Before capturing a tape make certain the following is checked:
    (1) Edit->Preferences->Capture->Use device control timecode
    (2) Edit->Preferences->Device Control->Options->Timecode Format
    (3) Project->Project Settings->General->Video->Display format
    As for the devices timecode choose something other than Auto Detect. Then match the project timecode with what was chosen during capture. The projects display format could of course be set to frames.
    I searched everywhere for audio and video sync issues in google, adobe forums, F1 help, and hv20.com and everyone was talking about:
    (1) Presets: 1080p30 vs. 1080i30 (60i).
    (2) brakes in the tape where timecode for the audio and video get misaligned during capture.
    But choosing the correct hardware settings and timecodes to solve audio and video sync issues never popped up.
    MY HARDWARE: Canon HV30, HDV

    >Audio and video not in sync in Premiere Pro CS3 V3.2.0
    Must be an HDV only issue because my synch is always perfect.

  • New Macbook video import problem.

    Hi all,
    I have just gone and bought myself a new Macbook Pro and I am very pleased with it. From a video standpoint I plan to use it to import and edit HD video from my Canon HV20. The new Macbook only has a Firewire 800 port and so the cable that I would normally use to connect computer and camcorder will not work as it is 'mini' Firewire to Firewire 400. I am assuming that there is/will be a 'mini' to FW800 cable available, but in the interim I am using a Firewire hub that is connected to the Macbook by a 400-800 cable. And herein lies my problem ! Although iMovie8 detects my HV20, it will not display or play or import any footage from the tape ! It just remains on the blue import screen and although the camcorder is merrily 'playing', no footage is actually making it across to the computer. I think the issue is the Firewire hub part of the connection but I thought it best to garner an opinion from users of this forum. Help !!
    Many thanks in advance, kroguk
    I will also post this on the Macbook forum, so apologies if you see this post twice

    Well, I can't find my Belkin FW800-to-4-pin (9-pin-to-4-pin) cable right now ..I'm doing some "tidying up" ..which is always hopeless for finding things afterwards!.. but I DID buy the other day - in the German Mac specialists, erm, can't remember the name - a Sonnet Fast-something (..which I've just put down, and now can't find..) teeny 9-pin-to-6-pin adapter (..so small that I can't find it!..) and I've just tested that with a Sony HC1 HDV camcorder.
    Using the Sonnet adaptor..
    ..which is mentioned on their website at top-left here: http://www.sonnettech.com/product/adapters/index.html ..on a normal 6-pin-to-4-pin FireWire cable.. I just connected my camcorder and successfully imported HDV from the Sony.
    I tested it twice with iMovie HD 6, in the most adverse conditions: 1; connecting to the 9-pin FW800 socket on a G4 17" laptop (..which is generally too slow to import HDV in real-time..) and 2; looped ("daisy-chained") through the 9-pin FW800 sockets (..one socket from the drive to my Mac, the other socket from the drive to the camcorder..) of an external iOmega FireWire drive connected to my Quad G5 Mac, also with iMovie HD 6. Both imports worked perfectly.
    I'm also trying it as I write this - I just found the adapter again! - to import into iMovie '08 on the G5, daisy-chained through the external disc (..the G4 is too old or underpowered to run iMovie '08..) and that works as well ..though I did have to "kick" the program into starting a new Event; at first the camera transport ran, but no video imported, so I just Stopped and re-imported.
    I bought this adaptor "on spec", as no previous device or adapter had worked properly for me (..converting between 4-pin on a camcorder and 9-pin on a Mac..) and this is the first to have worked, for me. But I have great faith in Sonnet, as they make the extra S-ATA driver card and other bits and bobs which I put in my floorstander G5, and that all "just works".
    Ah; the shop where I bought it is ..hold on a moment.. the "m store" in Munich. (Karsten may know them: when Gravis moved from Lindwurmstrasse to Im Tal, the m store opened up right next door to where Gravis had been before) and they're at Lindwurmstrasse 5a, their phone number - they speak English, too - is 0049 89 24 22 35 24 and their website is ..aaaarggh; they don't seem to have one.
    Anyway; the Sonnet SimplyFast FireWire 400-to-800 Adapter works perfectly - for me - on the end of a normal 4-pin-to-6-pin FireWire 400 cable, and importing works flawlessly every way I've tried it ..even daisy-chained through an external drive.
    I can heartily recommend it.
    But - as always - "your mileage may vary" ..meaning that it might not work so smoothly for you.

  • Multiple video playback issues

    Hi All,
    I would dearly appreciaty any light anyone could shed on this issue - I have run into a couple of Flash bugs that have stumped me for quite a while, and my deadline is aproaching fast.
    Essentially, I would like to play back 3 reasonably high res videos (On2 VP6-S) simultaneously in one Flash App (using flash.video, netstream and netconnect - code only). Unfortunately, when I do this, the video playback drops a lot of frames, however, CPU usage does not go much above 50% - spread over both cores. I'm using a Core2Duo. If I play the same 3 videos simultaneously in 3 separate flash apps (FP10), they play much better (and use close to 100% CPU). I even tried creating it as an AIR app with 3 separate windows (NativeWindow), but that made little difference. I have lodged this as a bug via the Flash Bug Reporting System (http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-2341).
    And yes, I do need to be doing something as crazy as this - it is for a pretty cool kiosk app, so I know what hardware will be used (and it has a good Graphics Card).
    One promising workaround appeared to be playing back a single NetStream in multiple Video instances, as it is NetStream that does the decoding, so I could decode once and present it in 3 places. Two of my video objects are actually the same flv (on different monitors), so there would be a 33% saving right there. If necessary, I could encode both flvs into a single 1920x1200 flv (I've checked - it would play back ok) and then use video.mask to show the relevant bits.
    However, another bug has been reported at http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-920 saying this does not work - Video in the object that last called attachNetStream(ns) will play, all others will freeze. They do mention a workaround that gets both videos to play - reset the size of freezed videos on ENTER_FRAME event. However, I cannot get this workaround to work - my first video is empty (not even frozen).
    So there are a couple of things I would love any feedback on. Firstly, if anyone has insights on how I could get this to work. Secondly, if anyone could try the "multiple videos on one netStream with workaround" code below (simply copy, paste and point to a relevant flv) and let me know if it works and the versions of software they used, I'd be very thankful.
    ---------------Code Begins-------------
    import flash.events.Event;
    import flash.media.Video;
    import flash.net.NetConnection;
    import flash.net.NetStream;
    showRedrawRegions(true); // both the placeholders and the entire window redraws every frame.
    // When only video1 is attached, only video1's region is redrawing
    // When both videos are attached, both video's regions are redrawing, BUT video1 is empty.
    trace ("Capabilities.version = " + Capabilities.version); // = WIN 10,0,22,91 // in Flash CS4 10.0.2
    //var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection( null ); // Got Eror: 1137: Incorrect number of arguments. Expected no more than 0.
    var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
    // Connect nc here ...? Unnecessary in this case?
    var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);
    ns.client = new Object(); // Simplest way to deal with cuePoints and metaData by doing nothing. For more, see http://blogs.adobe.com/pdehaan/2006/07/playing_back_flvs_with_actions_1.html
    var stream:String = "test.flv";
    var video1:Video = new Video(); // Defaults to size of 320x240
    var video2:Video = new Video(); // Defaults to size of 320x240
    video2.x = 320;
    // PROBLEM: Video in the object that last called attachNetStream(ns) will play, all others will freeze.
    // See WORKAROUND below for solution:
    //WORKAROUND to stop the first split stream from freezing:
    addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onEnterFrame);
    function onEnterFrame(e:Event){
    video1.width = 320;
    video1.height = 240;
    trace ("video1.videoWidth = " + video1.videoWidth);
    trace ("video2.videoWidth = " + video2.videoWidth);
    // When only video1 is attached, video1.videoWidth = 1920, video2.videoWidth = 0
    // When both videos are attached, video1.videoWidth = 0, video2.videoWidth = 1920
    ---------------Code Ends-------------
    Letting me know what exact versions of the following software was used would help a lot:
    - Windows/OS (e.g. XP SP3).
    - App code was written in. (e.g. Flash CS4 IDE 10.0.2, Flash Develop 3.0.1).
    - App code was compiled in. (e.g. Flash CS4 IDE 10.0.2, Flex SDK
    - Type and Version of Flash Player used (e.g. Standalone Debug Flash Player v10,0,22,91).
    The versions I used are listed above.
    Lastly, for what it is work, I found three interesting/informative results, but they didn't help me:
    - When only video1 is attached, video1.videoWidth = 1920, video2.videoWidth = 0
      When both videos are attached, video1.videoWidth = 0, video2.videoWidth = 1920
    - When only video1 is attached, only video1's region is redrawing
      When both videos are attached, both video's regions are redrawing, BUT video1 is empty.
    - var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection( null ); // Got Eror: 1137: Incorrect number of arguments. Expected no more than 0.
      So I had to change it to:
        var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
      Does this mean my NetConnection class is different and maybe incompatible with this workaround?
    Many, many thanks,

    How to view/hear pretty much everything:
    Assuming you already run OS 10.4.9 or above and have Quicktime 7.2, and are using Safari 2 or 3, download and install (or re-install even if you already had them) the latest versions, suitable for your flavor of Mac, of:
    RealPlayer from http://uk.real.com/player/
    Flip4Mac WMV Player from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/wmcomponents.mspx (Windows Media Player for the Mac is no longer supported, even by Microsoft)
    Perian from http://perian.org/
    Adobe FlashPlayer from http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1ProdVersion=ShockwaveFlash
    In Quicktime Preferences, under advanced, UNcheck Enable Flash, and under Mime settings/Miscellananeous only check Quicktime HTML (QHTM).
    In Macintosh HD/Library/Quicktime/ delete any files relating to DivX (Perian already has them).
    The world should now be your oyster!
    You should also have the free VLC Player from http://www.videolan.org/ in your armory, as this plays almost anything that DVD Player might not.

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    I have extended class HttpServletRequestWrapper for custom implementation I have neither overriden the method getRealPath(java.lang.String) nor has this method been used/accessed anywhere. I still get following warning [javac] /home/pangav1/dev/upgra

  • How to pass a Connection variable from a servlet to a class?

    Good day! I have a class named ExecQuery for executing an sql query. This class accepts an sql statement and a Connection variable as its parameters. It has a method to return the resultset. Then, I also have a servlet that establishes the connection

  • Current Delivery times on 27 inch iMacs through David Jones

    Hi All I am new here and just wanted to ask a question. I ordered an iMac 27inch (the standard configuration) though David Jones Last month (mid month). They advised of a 2 week waiting time. I rang today and was told they have no estimated delivery