E6, Help configure email

Can anyone guide me on how to configure email manual on E6. Have a lot of problem with the email and configuration wizard configuration on E6 - pity the E71 doesn't work any more, there was no problem with this on the E71. I had to delete a email account on the E6 since it stopped working after 2 month - could not get any more email down to E6.
I now need to configure an mail account, type Other that uses pop3, and cant get around the wizard! It keeps telling me that the mail box is not available - try later. I know that the mail box is available and working. So how do I get around the wizard so I can configure the mail manually?
The E6 is updated, the SIM is in and I'm on the ear, and I know that the mail box is up and running since I using it with other devices.
An other question.
When I configure an mail account (telia.com) I get different functions in the E6. In some accounts I can just do simple configurations, in some accounts I also get an option "advanced set up".
How do I do the installation to get the advanced set up option in the mail account?

Try to set up the e-mail manually
Start the e-mail guide, choose e-mail type 'Other'
When asked for the e-mail address type a non existing e-mail address
as an example: [email protected], and as password type anything .. like: 123
The automatic configuration will then fail and is forced to ask you for manual settings.
Choose e-mail POP/IMAP
then enter all e-mail settings you have gotten from your e-mail provider.
(and change the e-mail adress to the correct one.
When asked in the end if you accept the terms of use ... choose No

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    Abhinav | MCTS-Server Virtualization

    You can configure delay in channel wizard, step (Channels) add the command channel we created in step 1 and specify the desired delay (1440 minutes in this case). As shown below:
    Click “Next”, in the summary step make sure “Enable this notification subscription” is checked and click “Finish”.
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    Dear friends Pls sent me details of how to configure email output in SD module.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Idoc Def :Standard SAP format for electronic data interchange between systems (Intermediate Document). Different message types (such as delivery confirmations or purchase orders) normally represent different specific formats, the IDoc types. However, multiple message types with related content can be assigned to one IDoc type: For example, the IDoc type ORDERS01 transfers the "logical" message types ORDERS (purchase order) and ORDRSP (order confirmation).
    Idocs are of two types basic type and the extension type .we need to configure the system settings for this process .
    IDOC (Intermediate Document) - A data holder.
    IDOC is divided in to three parts.
    Control Record
    Data Record
    Status Record
    Control record (Table: EDIDC):
    - Every IDOC has only one Control Record
    - Each Control Record contains header information like:
    o IDOC Number
    o Direction of IDOC: Inbound or Outbound
    o Date and Time of creation of IDOC
    o Date and time when the IDOC was last modified.
    o Message Type of IDOC
    o IDOC type and extension of IDOC
    o Sender and Receiver Partner
    Data record – (Table: EDID4):
    - Data Record contains Data to be processed.
    - Every IDOC has one data record with multiple segments in hierarchy.
    - Segments and Hierarchy of Segments are defined by IDOC Type and Extension.
    - IDOC created has to strictly follow the hierarchy; else IDOC fails with Syntax error.
    - Segments which are repetitive have qualifiers attached to it
    Status record – (Table: EDIDS):
    - Status Record describes the status of IDOC.
    - Each IDOC contains one status Record with multiple status information.
    - Status at each level is appended to IDOC. E.g. When IDOC is created in SAP, Status is “This IDoc has been generated through a test transaction”, When the IDOC is added to system it is “IDOC added”, “IDOC ready to be transferred to Application”……
    - Status should always be read bottom-up. Status at the top is the latest status.
    - Some Example of Status Records:
    o Inbound:
    § 53 - IDOC successfully posted
    § 51 – IDOC Failed
    § 64 - IDOC ready to be transferred to Application
    § 30 – IDOC ready for Dispatch
    § 03 – IDOC passed to port OK
    § 12 – IDOC Dispatched
    § 16 – Functional Acknowledgement Positive
    § 17 – functional Acknowledgement Negative
    IDoc Type: Defines the segments and hierarchy of segments
    o Transaction Code:
    § WE30 – To create, change or display the IDOC type and the extension.
    § WE31 – To create the Segment
    - IDOC type defines the segments to be used in the IDOC.
    - It also defines the hierarchy and syntax of the segments.
    - IDOC extension is nothing but to add segments to standard IDOC types.
    - Transaction WE31 allows you to create segments.
    - Program RSEIDOC3 documents the use of each IDOC type.
    Attributes of a Segment:
    - Mandatory Segment: If checked, this segment should always exist in the IDOC.
    - Minimum Number:
    - Maximum Number: Maximum number of times this segment can be repeated in IDOC. -
    Parent Segment: Parent of this segment
    - Hierarchy level: Level of hierarchy.
    Segment Definition (WE31):
    Messsage Type: Defines the type of data in the IDOC
    o Transaction Code:
    § WE81 – To create, change or display the Message type and the extension.
    § WE82 – Using this transaction you can link Message Type, IDOC Type, IDOC Extension and version.
    - Message type identifies the type of data IDOC holds. E.g. Orders (ORDERS), Delivery (DESADV), Invoice (INVOICE). It also defines what needs to be done with the data in the IDOC, in case of Inbound IDOC, and which data to be extracted in case of Outbound IDOC.
    - Message Type is linked to a process code, which in turn is linked to a Function Module. This function module extracts from or posts data to SAP depending on direction of IDOC.
    - Relation between Message Type, IDOC type and IDOC extension needs to define. Without this relation Message type or IDOC type cannot be used.
    Message Type Create, Change or Display (WE81):
    Setup link between Message Type, IDOC Type, IDOC Extension and Version (WE82)
    Process Code: Function Module is linked to a process code. This function module in executed for inbound or outbound IDOC.
    o Transaction Codes:
    § WE41 – Outbound Process Code
    § WE42 – Inbound Process Code
    - Process codes are linked to a Function Module.
    - Relationship is Message Type is linked to a Process Code which is linked to a Function Module.
    - In case if you are using a stand alone code to trigger an IDOC, you need not define a process code.
    RFC Destination: System definition of destination.
    o Transaction Code: SM59
    - RFC destination identifies the destination of IDOC.
    - In case of ALE:
    o In ALE the communication mode is IDOC to IDOC, hence the type used is R/3 Connections.
    o It is the destination SAP system which will receive the IDOC.
    o In RFC destination you define the destination SAP system details like System, Login and Password.
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  • How to configure email Alerts in OEM Cloud 12c for Database Servers up/down

    Hi everybody,
    How to configure email Alerts in OEM Cloud 12c for Database Servers up/down status?
    Miguel Vega

    Hi Miguel Vega,
    Information regarding the notifications:
    Configuring notification rules in 12c is different from earlier releases.
    The concept and function of notification rules has been replaced with a two-tier system consisting of Incident Rules and Incident Rule Sets :
    1. Incident Rules: Operate at the lowest level granularity (on discrete events) and performs the same role as notification rules from earlier releases.
    By using incident rules, you can automate the response to incoming incidents and their updates.
    A rule contains a set of automated actions to be taken on specific events, incidents or problems.
    The actions taken are for example : sending e-mails, creating incidents, updating incidents, and creating tickets.
    2. Incident Rule Set: A rule set is a collection of rules that applies to a common set of objects, for example, targets, jobs, and templates.
    To help you to achieve the Notification Rules configuration, refer those notes :
    How To Configure Notification Rules in 12C Enterprise Manager Cloud Control ? Doc ID 1368036.1
    EM12c How to Add and Configure Email Addresses to EM Administrators and Update the Notification Schedule ?Doc ID 1368262.1
    EM12c How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe for Email Notification for an Incident Rule Set ?Doc ID 1389460.1
    EM 12c How to Configure Notifications for Job Executions ? Doc ID 1386816.1
    Best Regards,

  • Unable to configure email in OATS administrator

    Hi All,
    I'm using latest version of oats, configuring email settings in OATS administrator,I'd given my SMTP sever name and tested with valid email address.But the result is failed and an error screen pops out with a message "error while sending email".I just want to figure out the error.Where do i find the error log of this?Please help me on this.
    Thanks in advance...

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for the reply.
    It was a bug in the previous versions of OATS.This bug was fixed and I'd successfully tested it in OATS build 58.The testing was done on a windows XP machine.But when i tried to test E-mail configuration on a Windows 2008 R2 server,test fails and the system gives "Error while sending mail".Is there any error logs that would help me find the cause of the error?Are there any OTM specific error logs?

  • Configuring email functionality in CHARM

    Hello Gurus,
    We are at SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.1 ,ST 710 07 and have charm configured and operational.
    we need to configure email functionality for change in charm status .
    So need your help and guidance tu understand the scope such as
    1.whom we can send mail
    2.content of mail alerts
    3.pre-requisites if any
    and standard documents  that could help me configure the same.

    Hi Prasanjeet,
    The email functionality is almost same for ServiceDesk & CHARM.
    You can check the below link for more details -
    Pep Up Your ChaRM - Part 1: HowTo Create a Smart e-Mail Action
    Best Regards,

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    I need your help.....I'm not able to configure email....I can send messages but I can't receive them

    iOS: Unable to send or receive email
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    iPad Mail
     Cheers, Tom

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    I want to configure email in OBIEE delivers.
    I am looking forward to send reports from ibots directly to email.
    Kindly help in configuration steps !
    Thanks in advance

    Below links are useful for you,

  • How to configure email and calendar to use my Yahoo mail box

    Please can someone help me to configure email and calendar sun microsystem edition on solaris 10 to access and send email through my yahoo inbox.
    I have tried configure it with yahoo POP and SMTP address but still i am receiving error message fetching the mail from the server.
    Yahoo Incoming Mail Server (POP3) - pop.mail.yahoo.com (port 110)
    Yahoo Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - smtp.mail.yahoo.com (port 25)

    <b>Creating E-mail transport:</b>
    also do <b>SMTP confiduration:</b>
    <b>Activate Calender Repository</b>
    Goto System Admin>System config>KM>Content management>Repository managers>Calendar Repository>New
    <b>Calendar Repository Manager</b>
    Rewars points if its udeful
    Senthil K.

  • ECC: Configuring Email

    HI Experts:
    I am looking for some troubleshooting help in configuring Email functionalilty from SAP.
    I have already read and implemented note 455140
    The following profiles were added:
    icm/server_port_1 = PROT=SMTP, PORT=25
    is/SMTP/virt_host_0 = *:25000;
    System User has been created with profile S_A.SCON.
    SICF/Sapconnect is active
           Host data is entered
           Service data is entered
           Handler list is entered
    SCOT is configured
           Domain is defined as the ID
           SMTP Node is configured
    Send Job
           Configured with SAP&CONNECTALL
    In SCOT We have noticed in the emails are stuck in "Waiting"
    We are able to send and receive messages in SO01, but not been able to send it out (either to outside on within the Domain)
    Test Routes were successful as well.
    I would really appreciate any help in figuring this out.

    The domain was already defined. 
    The job had been scheduled to run every 5 minutes.
    The system is now sending emails but it is taking for ever. 
    Could the problem be at the Exchange Server side.  They have included our SAP servers in their approved list of senders and and added an external domain to send emails too.
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  • Need to configure email alerts for app/web server shutdown

    I need to configure email alert notification, so that whenever application server or webserver is shutdown/restarted, an email is sent to the group/userid.
    I am aware that in Peoplesoft, there is no parameter or functionality which sends an email notification whenever application server & web server restart & shutdown. This is where I need help.
    Did anyone setup the email alert notification in any of your environments? If so, please let me know how did you do the setup?

    Please find the below sample batch program.
    this helps to start the appserver automatically and if the status fails this will send email automatically.
    This is the another way of findting the status of the app server.
    In the below program, by finding the "Done" value on the output screen we can decide if the server is running or not.
    Hope you understand this, Kindly let me know if you need further information.
    @echo off
    REM Set a temporary variable
    REM Check the status of the Application server
    psadmin -c sstatus -d PSEPM | FIND "Done" > NUL
    REM If the server is down boot the server
    ERRORLEVEL 1 SET CONNECT= psadmin -c boot -d PSEPM
    REM Check the server again for status
    psadmin -c sstatus -d PSEPM | FIND "Done" > NUL
    IF ERRORLEVEL 1 goto sendmail
    goto end
    REM Sending mail to Administrator
    REM setting the path for email command
    SET CONNECT= cd D:\PT849\bin\client\winx86
    REM Below command will send mail to the Administrator
    SET CONNECT= psemail -server < server ip> -from [email protected] -to [email protected] -subject "Server Down" -body "Hi, Server is down at this time, unable to boot."
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    Edited by: Soundappan on Feb 19, 2011 10:40 AM

  • Programmatically configure email instance settings

    I am looking to configure the Email Instance Settings of our Production apex environment and am hoping this can be done programmatically to reduce the complexity of the pending release.
    Is there an API, Procedure or Package I can call that will set the required values (Servername and Port) without having to unlock the builder, log into the INTERAL workspace and make the changes via the GUI?
    Thanks for any help.

    Hi Duncs,
    you may have a look into the APEX Administration Guide concerning managing runtime environments, especially section "Configuring Email in a Runtime Environment".
    The above link is for APEX 4.0. If you use an older version of APEX, use the corresponding document.
    P.S.: I just found a little doc-bug. The documentation refers to
    END;where of the call should be
    END;Parameters SMTP_FROM, SMTP_HOST_ADDRESS and SMTP_HOST_PORT appear to be correct.
    Edited by: Udo on 13.10.2010 13:27

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    If you mean that Find My Phone is asking for a password to a different Apple ID to your current Apple ID and that ID is a previous version of your current ID, not an entirely different one.
    This feature has been introduced to make stolen phones useless to those that have stolen them.
    However it can also arise when the user has changed their Apple ID details with Apple and not made the same changes to their iCloud account/Find My Phone on their device before upgrading to iOS 7, or if you restore from a previous back up made before you changed your details and some other circumstances.
    The only solution is to change your Apple ID back to its previous state with Apple at My Apple ID using your current password, you don’t need access to this address if it’s previously been used with your Apple ID, once you have saved these details enter the password as requested on your device and then turn off "find my phone" and delete the account from your device. It may take a short while to remove the account.
    You should then change your Apple ID back to its current state, save it once again and then log back in using your current Apple ID. Finally, turn "find my phone" back on once again.
    This article provides more information about Activation Lock.
    This is answer is provided from my own database of boilerplate responses and the content was last reviewed and tested on: 2014/05/23

  • Problem in Application Help Configuration in Solution Manager

    Hi Experts,
    Here I facing one problem during Application Help configuration..
    When I am going through application help for Solman Configuration it's taking me to standard erp help..
    Where as in SR13, under PlainHtmlHttp,
    In path tab I had given <b>saphelp_sm40/helpdata</b> for solution manager document.
    But for other standard t-code it's giving actual application help.
    where for SMSY,SOLAR01 etc i am not getting the application help.
    Looking for advices.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sumanta Chatterjee

    Dear Sumanta,
    This depends on how you want to (or how you can) use this http://help.
    sap.com site.
    At first you must be aware of the different areas on this site, these
    areas have different URL structures, for example:
    - http://help.sap.com/saphelp_erp2004 <<< for mySAP ERP
    - http://help.sap.com/saphelp_47x200  <<< for R3 Enterprise
    - http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04    <<< for SAP NetWeaver 04
    - http://help.sap.com/saphelp_sm32    <<< for SAP Solution Manager 3.2
    The main problem is that in the area "http://help.sap.com/saphelp_sm32"
    there is only online documentation for the Solution Manager
    Can you please check the table SBAON_CCHK with transaction SE16.
    The following record must exist:
    MANDT COMPONENT                NAME_EN
    xxx   ST                       Solar Help
    If this record does not exist, please create this record manually.
    This should help resolve the issue.

  • Configuring Email and Notifications in SCSM 2012 R2

    Hi all,
    There appears to be three places to configure email in Service Manager 2012:
    - Administration > Settings > Incident Settings > Incoming email
    - Administration > Notifications > Channels > Email notification
    - Administration > Connectors > Exchange Connector
    Could someone provide a quick rundown on what each of these pieces is designed to do, and why they are separated? Perhaps some are even legacy, or shouldn't really be used at all.
    Any insights are much appreciated.

    Yes this is by design, You can't provides access rights on field levels in SCSM. You may use:
    1. read-Only Operator: Read-Only Operators have read-only access to work items in their queue scope and to configuration items that are in their group scope.
    2. Incident-Resolvers: Incident Resolvers can edit and create incidents, problems, and manual activities that are in their queue scope. Incident Resolvers also have read-only access to other work items such as change requests that are in their queue scope
    and to configuration items that are in their group scope.
    3. Advanced-Operators: Advanced Operators can create or edit any work items that are in their queue scope and any configuration items that are in their group scope. They can also create, edit, and delete the announcements that are displayed on the Service
    Manager Self-Service portal.
    Any custom Role will inherit the permission basics from the built-in roles.
    Antoine AL Ibry

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