Error in opening the adobe form to create a PCR

I m getting an error while i open the adobe form to create a PCR as follows.
Script failed. accessor '$record.ENAME.DATA.FIELD' is unknown.
Please help.
<b>Points are sure.</b>

I m getting an error while i open the adobe form to create a PCR as follows.
Script failed. accessor '$record.ENAME.DATA.FIELD' is unknown.
Please help.
<b>Points are sure.</b>

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  • Error while opening the ADOBE FORM via mail

    Hi to all,
    I have created a program to attached ADOBE FORM to mail.
    When I execute the program, it sends ADOBE FORM to my mail ID successfully.
    But when I open my mail and try to open attached ADOBE FORM, it gives error
    ADOBE READER COULD NOT OPEN u2018PDF FORM (1). PDFu2019 because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged ( for example, it was sent as an email attached and wasnu2019t correctly decoded).
    Please can any tell me, what the problem is and what the solution is for that?
    I shall be thankful to you for this.
    Pavneet Rana
    Edited by: pavneet rana on Aug 1, 2011 2:22 PM

    Thanks for reply,
    below is the code.
      l_fm_name         TYPE rs38l_fnam,
       l_formname   TYPE fpname VALUE 'ZTESTF1' ,
      fp_docparams      TYPE sfpdocparams,
      fp_outputparams   TYPE sfpoutputparams.
    data:  I_ATT_CONTENT_HEX  type SOLIX_TAB.
    data: st  TYPE  ZTABFM11.
    data: it type table of sflight.
    data: wa like LINE OF it.
    data: wa_st like LINE OF ST.
      fp_docparams-langu   =      'E'.
      fp_docparams-country =      'US'.
      fp_docparams-fillable =      'X'.
      fp_outputparams-nodialog = 'X'.
      fp_outputparams-preview =   'X'.
      fp_outputparams-device   =  'LP01'.
      fp_outputparams-getpdf  =   'X' .
      fp_outputparams-dest   =    'LP01'.
      fp_outputparams-reqimm  =   'X'.
      fp_outputparams-reqdel  =   'X' .
      fp_outputparams-xfpoutdev = 'LP01'.
          i_name     = l_formname
          e_funcname = l_fm_name.
      E_INTERFACE_TYPE           =
          ie_outputparams = fp_outputparams
          cancel          = 1
          usage_error     = 2
          system_error    = 3
          internal_error  = 4
          OTHERS          = 5.
    select * from sflight into TABLE it.
      loop at it into wa.
        wa_st-CARRID = wa-CARRID.
        wa_st-CONNID = wa-CONNID.
        wa_st-FLDATE = wa-FLDATE .
        wa_st-PLANETYPE   = wa-PLANETYPE.
        append wa_st to st.
      CALL FUNCTION l_fm_name
          /1bcdwb/docparams  = fp_docparams
              st               = st
          usage_error        = 1
          system_error       = 2
          internal_error     = 3
          OTHERS             = 4
        E_RESULT             = result
         usage_error          = 1
         system_error         = 2
         internal_error       = 3
         OTHERS               = 4
          BUFFER                = FP_FORMOUTPUT-PDF
      APPEND_TO_TABLE       = ' '
      OUTPUT_LENGTH         =
          BINARY_TAB            = I_ATT_CONTENT_HEX  .
      lo_send_request TYPE REF TO cl_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL.
      lo_send_request = cl_bcs=>create_persistent( ).
    Message body and subject
      lt_message_body TYPE bcsy_text VALUE IS INITIAL,
      lo_document TYPE REF TO cl_document_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL.
      APPEND 'Dear,' TO lt_message_body.
      append ' ' to lt_message_body.
      APPEND 'Fill the details.'
      TO lt_message_body.
      append ' ' to lt_message_body.
      APPEND 'Thank You,' TO lt_message_body.
      lo_document = cl_document_bcs=>create_document(
      i_type = 'RAW'
      i_text = lt_message_body
      i_subject = 'flight details' ).
      DATA: lx_document_bcs TYPE REF TO cx_document_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL.
          i_attachment_type = 'PDF'
          i_attachment_subject = 'flight details'
        CATCH cx_document_bcs INTO lx_document_bcs.
    Add attachment
    Pass the document to send request
      lo_send_request->set_document( lo_document ).
    Create sender
      lo_sender TYPE REF TO if_sender_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL,
      l_send type ADR6-SMTP_ADDR value 'mail id '.
    lo_sender = cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_internet_address( l_send ).
      lo_sender = cl_sapuser_bcs=>create( sy-uname ).
    Set sender
      i_sender = lo_sender ).
    Create recipient
      lo_recipient TYPE REF TO if_recipient_bcs VALUE IS INITIAL.
    lo_recipient = cl_sapuser_bcs=>create( sy-uname ).
      lo_recipient = cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_internet_address( l_send ).
    Set recipient
      i_recipient = lo_recipient
      i_express = 'X' ).
    i_recipient = lo_recipient
    i_express = 'X' ).
    Send email
      DATA: lv_sent_to_all(1) TYPE c VALUE IS INITIAL.
      i_with_error_screen = 'X'
      result = lv_sent_to_all ).
      message 'Form sucessfuly send to person' type 'I'.
    plesase can any one, provide the soultion.
    i shall be thankful toy you for this.
    pavneet rana

  • The Adobe Forms was created with Disable Fields!

    Hi All,
    I am new in Adode Interactive Forms ABAP.  I am trying to implement a simple scenario using Web Services published by RFC on ABAP side and simple form with one field  MATNR to bring a Description MARKT, and button to call the Web Services.  I configured ADS on Server, installed  Adobe LifeCycle 8 and SAP GUI 7.1.  I created the  Adobe Form and it was actived.
    My issue is,  when a run the program  to generate a PDF, using the FMu2019s 'FP_JOB_OPEN'
    , 'FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME', CALL FUNCTION i_funcname, the Adobe Forms was created with disables fields. I canu2019t fill it and canu2019t press the button to call WS on ECC.
    Could you help me?
    Thank you!
    Fábio Ferri
    SAP Consultant Netweaver

    Hi fabio,
    When you say the example ran successfully is it without any error messages..?
    Did you check in spool "SP01" if there something sitting out there.
    To my understanding PDF rendring is dependent in 2 aspects.
    1) the output device type you select (this should be a PDF enabled printer)
    2) Programatically if you say it should go to a printer or spool.
    Just try with FP_TEST_00 either in sfp or SE38 and try both print preview and print.
    in print priview it should display the PDF on the screen.
    In print it should display as success message and in spool it should have the corresponding PDF. if both are working fine then the ADS and output device config are correct and it all depends on how do you handle the PDF output.
    Just try the above approach and post the results,

  • Error when activate the Adobe forms

      I am getting the below error message when activate the adobe forms,and the message tells that to install a forms design tool,please tell me which tool in need to install and where i will get this tool.
    Could not start Layout Designer (see long text)
    Message no. FPUIFB086
    The forms design tool for developing the form layout could not be started; either it is not installed or there are errors in the installation.
    Make sure that you have the forms design tool installed on your desktop (the tool is part of the SAPGUI installation).
    Also read SAP Note 801524.

    FIrstly, you have posted the question in the wrong forum. There's an entire forum in SCN only for Interactive Forms: .
    Secondly, this is a frequently asked question, especially in the Interactive Forms Forum. There's enough information there to get your query solved by searching.

  • Error whicle executing the adobe forms

    Iam executing the adobe form from the genereated functionmodule , after giving the print parameters LP01, error is coming like
    SOAP RUNTIME EXCEPTION : Csoap exception transport : ( 1001001), Please let me know what does it mean.. i have installed Adobe forms newly in my system, is there any installaiton missed.. Please help in this.

    This error is due to missing some basis configuration of adobe forms. Besides you need to install Adobe Live Cycle in ur presentation server. So for ur error u need to contact ur basis consultant.
    you can see below links which might be helpful to u.

  • Error Opening the Adobe Form

    Hello Everybody,
    I have created an Adobe form and try to open it from the program with FM but I get and error
    "Job already open".
    Can someone tell me what could be worng.
    Sneha SIngh.

    in my opinion you get the error when you test it from se37.
    create a small testprogramm and it will work!

  • Error :-The requested resource does not exist while opening the adobe form

    hello Experts,
    We are in Portal implementation face with ECC6 EHP4 and Portal EHP1
    We have developed adobe  form using HCM forms and processes and done the required configuration in SPRO
    When we are trying to open the form from ESS we are getting below error
    404 not found
    The requested resource does not exist.
    Please look into this issue and let us know any thing we are missing

    is ADS working correctly?
    1.  Use transaction SA38 to execute the program FP_TEST_00.
           Detailed information about this test program and about how you
           should then proceed is given in the Adobe Document Services
           Configuration Guide in the Help Portal under:
           94facfdc09a359b1/frameset.htm -> Adobe Document Services
           Configuration Guide -> Configuring the Web Service -> Securing
           Access to the Web Service ->Configuration Check -> Configuration
           Check for PDF-Based Forms in ABAP
           -  If the FP_TEST_00 form is displayed in the print preview, the
              ADS configuration is correct.
              -> If you use scenarios with an interactive PDF, proceed with
              point 5. Otherwise, proceed with the test under point 6.
           -  If the system displays an error message instead of a form, the
              configuration of ADS is incorrect.
              -> Carry out the additional tests from point 2 onwards.
    2.  Use transaction SA38 to execute the program FP_PDF_TEST_00.
        This enables you to check the RFC connection to ADS  (see the
        reference to the documentation given above).
           -  If the system displays the version number of ADS, the
              configuration of the RFC connection is correct.
    read the note 944221
    Please paste the whole error? Is any dump in ST22

  • Unable to open the adobe form in NWDS

    I could  not open a pdf form which is developed in NWDS. Its throwing the following error stack...Can anyone help me out on proceedings over this? Any ideas what can be the problem?
    javax.xml.rpc.soap.SOAPFaultException: Exception in method rpData.
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at Method)
    Deepthi Lakshmi.A.

    Is any updattions nwds  inbetween time then that might be problem.
    can u please check that ADS configuration once again.
    that error meand webservices are not wroking and pdf services not able to capture.
    In NWDS goto the webservice prosperctive and test the Adobedocumentservicesec . If it works fine then ok ohterwise some problem in ADS.

  • Getting Error While Opening the Oracle Form 6i in 10g

    Hi All ,
    FRM-10102: Cannot attach PL/SQL library XXX. This library attachment will be lost if the module is saved.
    I am getting above error message while opening Oracle 6i Form in 10g.
    I get the following Alert message when I try to attach the library to my form -
    Attached library name
    S:\ contains non-portable directory specification. Remove path? Yes/No?
    If I select 'No', the Form compiles and runs without any error.
    But if I select 'Yes', I get the following error message:
    FRM-40039: Cannot attach library xxx while opening form.
    All files (fmb, fmx, pll, plx) are on the same path. I detached and then re-attached the library but this didn't work for me?
    Help Appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,

    use the shiped batch program frmplsqlconv.bat to convert all your forms/librarys from Forms 6i to 10g.
    you can call it in wizard mode from the start menu (e.g. OracleDeveloperSuite <OraHome> => Forms Developer => Forms Migration Assistant (GUI Mode) and follow the instructions step by step
    or you can call it by batch to convert all your forms/librarys. The batch file is found in
    frmplsqlconv.bat <formname>

  • Error while opening the custom forms-''function not available to this respo

    Error: Function not available to this responsibility , change responsibility or contact ur system administrator
    While accessing the custom forms in release 12i we are facing the popup error and the form is not getting opened up: "Function Not available to this responsibility. Change Responsibilities or Contact your System Administrator"...
    I check the custom top path in $APPL_TOP/admin/adovars.env... its fine there..
    but the $Apache_top is not there...
    can u plz tell me the solution....
    Meenakshi Verma

    user609981 ,
    If ur referring to forms, u need to search in appropriate forum, as this forum is only for OAF queries, and if its realted to OAF page, check the the function of oa page is attached to the specific responsibilty .

  • Getting javascript error while opening offline adobe forms sent via email.

    ERROR: script failed(language is formcalc,context is xfa[0].form[0].data[0].FORM[0].
                  script = BODY.instanceManager.addInstance(1);
                  Error:accessor "BODY.instanceManager.addInstance(1)" is unknown.
    I have written the code in Javascript and run at client.
    Below is my sample code:
    var nlength = ROW.BODY.nodes.length;
    var nrow = 0;
    for(var nCount=0;nCount<nlength;nCount++)
    {nrow = nrow + 1;}
    if (nrow == 7)"Maximum allowable rows is 7","Warning",3);
    xfa.form.recalculate(1);"Row added");}
    Rows are getting added.
    I am not getting the problem,Pls help me.

    Hello all,
                Thanks for your replies.
    I have made Show -> click and Language -> Javascript and Run at -> Client  for the button 'ADD'(this button inserts line) and in the blank space i have written the code as stated above.
    Then,i have activated the form.
    As per the Submit button it is working fine...
    I am new to adobe forms and i have done a self-training for this..
    Maybe I am doing something  wrong...
    Pls help.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Error at Opening the same Form (add Items)

    i add a Folder and items to the Form BusinessPartners.
    When i open the Form BusinessPartners second Time i get an Error:
    System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException Data Source Alias Already Exists
    at the line with ouserdatasource = .....
    What´´s the Problem and how can i  fix it ?
    if (pVal.FormType == 134 && pVal.EventType == SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_FORM_LOAD && pVal.Before_Action == true)
                            oForm = SBO_Application.Forms.GetFormByTypeAndCount(pVal.FormType, 1);
                            ouserdatasource = oForm.DataSources.UserDataSources.Add("FoldersDS", SAPbouiCOM.BoDataType.dt_SHORT_TEXT, 4);
                            oItem = oForm.Items.Add("PJ", SAPbouiCOM.BoFormItemTypes.it_FOLDER);
                            oit = oForm.Items.Item("9");
                            oItem.Left = oit.Left + 40;
                            oItem.Top = oit.Top;
                            oItem.AffectsFormMode = false;
                            oItem.Width = 150;
                            oFolder = (Folder)oItem.Specific;
                            oFolder.Caption = "PV-Projects";

    You have only added user data source by:
    ouserdatasource = oForm.DataSources.UserDataSources.Add("FoldersDS", SAPbouiCOM.BoDataType.dt_SHORT_TEXT, 4);
    However, you can not add it again when you run it the second time. You need to release it before you exit so that you can run more than one time.


         An error occurred in the desktop application while opening a document.
         Check first whether you can insert a document from this desktop
         application as an embedded object in another application. The necessary
         menu item is usually 'Insert   > Object'. The application then lists all
         of the OLE document types. Choose the type corresponding to the desktop
         applciation. If the insertion fails, the error is in the desktop
         application itself.

    Most of the times this kind of error comes if some of the DLLs got corrupted.
    Only solution is to reinstall Adobe Live cycle designer.
    Srikanth KV

  • Syntax error while running the Adobe Form

    Hi to all,
    I have created an interface for adobe from
    Example:  F4_HELP type ZST
    Where ZST  is structure type.
    ZST structure has following field.
    1)     MATERIAL type MATNR
    2)     BASE_QTY type BASMN (BASMN of type QUAN, length 13 with ref table RC29K, and ref field BMEIN)
    Interface and form successful activated.
    But when I run adobe from it give syntax error for ref table RC29K, and ref field BMEIN
    Field u201CRC29K- BMEIN u201Cis unknown. It is neither in one of the specified tables nor defined by a "DATA" statement.
    Please can anyone tell me the solution for that?
    I shall be thankful to you for this.
    Pavneet Rana

    Thanks For reply
    I have already maintained the ref table and field for field BASE_QTY type BASMN
    Ref table RC29K, and ref field BMEIN.
    But still error is coming.
    please can any one tell me the solution for that.
    i shall be thankful to you for this.
    Pavneet Rana

  • Getting 'Out of memory' error while opening the file. I have tried several versions of Adobe 7.0,9.0,X1. It is creating issue to convert PDF into TIFF. Please provide the solution ASAP

    Hello All,
    I am getting 'Out of memory' error while opening the file. I have tried several versions of Adobe 7.0,9.0,X1.
    Also, it is creating issue to convert PDF into TIFF. Please provide the solution ASAP.

    I am using Adobe reader XI. When i open PDF it gives "OUT of memory" error after scrolling PDF gives another alert "Insufficient data for an image". after clicking both alerts it loads full data of PDF. It is not happening with all PDFs. couple of PDFs are facing this issue. Because of this error my software is not able to print these PDFS into TIFF. My OS in window7*64. I tried it on win2012R2 and XP. Same issue is generating there.
    It has become critical issue for my production.

Maybe you are looking for

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    So this only started happening recently and the only thing I can think of that I have recently done is update my Adobe Flash (directly from their website) and Firefox auto updates itself. I'll be watching a Twitch steam, browsing YouTube or Tumblr an

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