EWay field Mapping for Invoice Number

We are currently setting up the eWay and BC integration and we have found we are unable to map the invoice number fields and invoice description fields from our website form to the transaction email generated by eWay. I have spoken with eWay who have advised they offer this as part of the API but the BC integration does not allow us to take advantage of this.
This leaves our customers with a receipt of their transaction and a randomly generated invoice number that doesn’t correspond with the invoice number they have paid. Seems a bit strange as this is information that is important for us and the client. 
Will there be any improvements to this integration in the future or has anyone encountered a similar issue and found a way around?

Am interested to know if you ended up finding a way around this?

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  • Field for invoice number

    hi all
       can any body say wht is the relevent R/3 field  and corresponding infoobject for "INVOICE NUMBER"  
      thank you

    Invoice number = VBELN  = Billing Document in VBRP table.
    so you can use either of these two infoobjetcs.

  • Field Selection for - Invoice Verification (MIRO)

    Dear Experts,
    Can anybody please explain how make Field selection for INVOICE VERIFICATION (MIRO).
    I want BUSINESS AREA field mandatory in MIRO.
    Thanks in Advance

    Business area is linked to other organizational units (plant, division,
    distribution chanel, cost center). It can be defined using assigments
    (e. cost centers to the business area) or combinations of information
    (like plant and division determination).
    It is usually derived from the account assignments of the cost items
    and inherited from there into the vendor line item.
    For MIRO,to automatically fill the business area it must be able to
    uniquely identify a business area.
    This means that for multiple materials each one must have the same
    business area for IV to fill the vendor line item.
    This is the way the system is designed.
    The business area can be set as 'optional' field and is not 'mandatory'
    by design.It can be customised according to the individual needs.
    Please check the field status in tr OB41/OB14 and  OB23 for the vendor.
    Best Regards,
    Arminda Jack

  • FMS into UDF for Invoice Number

    Hi All,
             I need to retrive the Invoice number of the documnet into anothe rfiled by FMS. The Filed i am using is Customer Vendor Ref Field.
             I am using the following query.
    SELECT $[OINV.docnum]
    The problem with this query is.
    When 2 user open A/R invoice simultaniously they get same doc number and hence the CV Ref filed gets that number .
    And when they save the entry tehir entry gets different OINV DocNum, but my FMS stores old number.
    Can i have a Query which will give the value of the number when adding it.

    Hi Aslam........
    Here you can have a work around.
    In order to avoid copying same no. into the Customer and Vendor Ref. No. Field you can apply SP as per Customer.
    Else if you do Document setting for this document so that system will restrict to enter the same No. but it wont bbe BP specific then.
    For this setting just go to Admin> System Initialization> Document Setting--> Per Document Tab.....

  • Error in mapping for floating Number calculation

    Hi All,
       I have a small doubt in floating number calculation in Mapping.
    Actually i am geting a floating point number and calculating the SUM and generating the output. The input is of 2 decimal places(Ex: 26.02  and 26.03 ), but when it is adding all the values it is generating a three digit decimal number (Ex: 52.050003)
    I dont know from where it is geting one extra number "2" in the output.
    Please find the code for the same and let me know if i need to do something else to get ride of this.
       //write your code here
    float sum=0;
    if(a != null && a.length > 0.00)
       for ( int j =0; j<a.length;j++)
        sum  =  sum + Float.parseFloat(a[j]);
    Thanks in Advance,

    Please use the below code and let us know, if it helps.
    BigDecimal sum= new BigDecimal("0");
    BigDecimal bd;
    if(a != null && a.length > 0.00)
    for ( int j =0; j<a.length;j++)
    bd=new BigDecimal(a[j]);
    in import section - java.math.*;
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  • FB01- LSMW - RFBIBLOO: Field mapping for WBS Element

    Iam using the standard program RFBIBLOO for Balance Sheet and Profit n Loss uploads thru LSMW.
    I have a field in the source structure which needs to be mapped to WBS element in RFBIBLOO.
    Could anybody tell which is the field to which i need to map this WBS. It is not present in BBSEG..
    When I check the data element of WBS in FB01, it is in structure COBL.

    You can map the WBS in RFBIBLOO for this BBSEG-PROJK (Project Account Assignment (PS_PSP_PNR Batch Input Field))

  • How to extend field lenght for serial number?

    Is there any possibility to extend serial number length to 20 char. Std length for Mobile Sim cards ICCID number has the length of 20.
    Any suggestions?

    No serial number involved in the Cloud, just the subscription connected to your Adobe ID
    As start, you should try to update the data in your profile.
    Or just wait for more expert advise

  • CUP - field mapping from request to SU01 for Accnt No worked only once

    CUP - field mapping from request to SU01 worked only once. I configured the Field Mapping for Account Number with Account Id. First request worked fine in DEV systems, 2nd and 3rd requests failed. Same thing happened in QA systems. Not sure whether the difference in SP on GRC and ECC is causing this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    We are currentky on GRC 5.3 ABAP stack SP 14.0  
    ECC - SAPK-53315INVIRSANH VIRSANH 530_700: Support Package 0015
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hi Diego,
    Yes, we are on VIRSANH SP15  also VIRSAHR SP13 for SAP_HR . My connector type is SAP HR System, Version ECC 6.0.
    We are on GRC 5.3  Support Pack 14.0 . Our GRC 5.3 installation is running on ABAP stack.
    It is very strange that in QA client, SU01 got updated atleast 3 times with new account number , user group. Tried 4th time, did not work. In DEV client, it worked only once.

  • Freeze Invoice Number Field

    How to freeze the INVOICE NUMBER field after entering a value in it but BEFORE it is SAVED.?

    Hi Emgee,
    I believe this is spin off issue from Automatic Numbering thread.
    In the same personalization you have done for Invoice number add another action to Freeze the Invoice number:
    Select the field in the Item LOV and select Disable as TRUE.

  • Vendor invoice number

    where should i enter the vendor invoice number during invoice verification
    i am not able to see any where the vendor invoice number which i entered in invoice verification
    Pls guide me

    Yo can enter your Invoice number in reference field in MIRO  on basic tab
    If you want report for invoice and vendor reference ( vendor invoice ) then you can get from following way
    1) MIR5
    2) from Po history tab in Po scroll at right  hand side you will get reference for Invoice number
    Kailas Ugale

  • Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules//LSMW

    Hello Friends,
    I want to add new fields in the step.no.5(Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules).
    Indetail i'm going to upload the GL balances, for DR and CR line item fields are same so system is not accepting the same field value, so i have added 1 for the CR line item fields like in the below example.
    BSEG-WRBTR(Dr line item)
    BSEG-WRBTR1(Cr line item)
    but BSEG-WRBTR1(Cr line item) field not displaying in the step.no.5 to mapping to source field.
    please let me know the solution for this.

    I would like to ask few questions.
    1. Are you using batch input recording or using any program for uploading. (through LSMW)
    2. Whether all your debit or credit line items are same every transactions. I believe they should be same, because you are uploading the balances.
    You should not have two similar fields for example, if it is WMBTR, then again WMBTR should not be there, it should WMBTR1 and WMBTR2. Make sure you have done the field mapping properly. When you have done the field mapping all the fileds must have been mapped. If any one of the fields are not mapped, then it will not be uploaded.
    Please see the following LSMW sample guide:
    Maintain Object Attributes Do the recording - Make sure that you do not have two fields with the similar name. If you have two fields with the same name double click on the field name and add1 or 2 to differentiate between field names. Just Copy those fields and descriptions in excel sheet, delete the blank lines, then in excel data => text to columns, your field names and descriptions will be now in two columns. Copy them, then put your cursor on the next sheet, then edit => Paste Special => Transpose, all the columns will become your rows. Now your file structure is ready. Maintain Source Structures Give some unique structure name and description Maintain Source Fields Here you add the fields that are being used in EXCEL first sheet, just copy them and make all the fields as C (Constant) and then give length of 60 for all fields. Maintain Structure Relations Though structure relations are already created just go to this step, click on edit, then click on create structure relation, just accept the message stating that the structure relation has already been created. Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules Do the field mapping for all the fields, all the fields willl be stretched and you will see five rows against each row. In case if there is any row that has NOT stretched means, there is something wrong in the mapping. Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines There is nothing to be done at this step. You can simply ignore this. Specify Files Make you must have saved your excel file as .txt (before saving make sure you have copied data from sheet2 to sheet 3 and then sheet 3 is saved at tab delimited file. Text (Tab delimited) Select your file, make SURE that you have select "TABULATOR" radio button and say OK. Assign Files Go to this step and click on Create assignment button and accept the message and say ok. Read Data Remove two check boxes and just click on execute button. See the log. Make sure you have number of entries (lines) in your excel file are matching with this. Display Read Data Display data give 1 to 999 lines and double click on one of the line and see whether fields are mapped correctly are not. Convert Data Execute and see the log match the number of entries. Display Converted Data Display converted data, give 1 to 999 and double click on one of the line and see whether fields are mapped correctly or not. Create Batch Input Session Check on Keep Batch Input sessions check box, then execute. If you select that check box, even after execution it will be there and you can analyze what happened. Run Batch Input Session (Takes you to SM35) Go to SM35 select the batch and click on process button (execute), make sure you have checked right hand side first three check boxes and FOREGROUND (because you want to save what it is creating) Say OK Keep on press ENTER on your key board in order to move the session further. If you follow these steps along with the guide, surely you should be successful. There may be small difference between the file and what I have explained but ultimately the purpose is same. Hope this is useful and let me know in case if you have any issues.
    Regards, Ravi

  • Printing invoice number and purchase order

    Hi All,
             I am newbie to SAP scripts.By using standard script ( f110_prenum_chk  ) modifying the script layout.and also need to print some extra fields.those are ,
                                --  Invoice number
                                --  Purchase order number
                                --  TDS
    from the above  i am able to display TDS by using the field &regud-sqste& .Is this right field to print the TDS ?
    and from which table i can fetch the details of invoice number ,and PO number ?i have the document number (reguh-vblnr).can i use this field to fetch the details of  invoice and PO numbr.please Help me out.
    Thanks and regards
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    You ERP system should be upgraded to Enhancement pack 3 to avail this datasource. Could you confirm the patch level of your ECC system. Or you can use 2lis_06_inv datasource to get the PO Number and accounting information.
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    Edited by: Rammi on Feb 18, 2010 10:12 AM
    Edited by: Rammi on Feb 18, 2010 10:12 AM

  • Standard report for invoices against a quantity contract

    dear experts,
    is there any standard report for how much invoices(billing) should be made against a quantity contract.
    my requirement is suppose if  i enter a quantity contract number then it will display all the invoices against that contract with
    invoice values.if any please let me know so that we make make our process much better.

    Dear Amar,
    In SAP, this contract to Invoice their is not standard report.
    If you enter a quantity contract number, to get a list of invoices with qty and invoice amt
    Prepare a SQVI REPORT
    VBRK for Invoice qty amt
    VBRP for Invoice number, dates...
    VBFA to get the intial document number
    VBAK - to get the contract number
    VBAP - to get the material.
    Its worth spending little time to create the report.
    Ensure standard SAP contract to Invoice is like compartments

  • R/3 - MDM field Mapping

    Hi All,
    I am looking for latest R/3 and MDM field mapping for Customer, Vendor, material and Product. I already have IDoc to MDM mapping included in SAP business content. But i am looking for R/3 and MDM field mapping. it would be of great help for me if anyone can send me this on my id [email protected]
    Points will be rewarded for helpful answers.

    Hi shiv,
    When u unzip the business content for Customer,material,vendor then in the repository u have remote systems which have a list of standard remote systems namely R/'3,Data warehousing..etc.
    Now in the Import Manager select type as <given data format> and the remote system as R/3 since u r importing the data from R/3.
    After doing this you can import the maps and then u will get a list of all maps in a sequencail order .selecting this map will help you to map the R/3 fields to MDM for customer/material/vendor.
    note the mapping has to be done in the given sequence in the list.
    Please award points if u find these blog helpful.
    Thanks and Regards
    Deepankar Pandit

  • SAP GRC 10 - Field Mapping

    we have defined field mapping for User type but when request got closed ....still its provisions user type "dialog" , But i have selected user type as "service" in request .
    And also define field mapping  for user type AC custom field with system field name USTYP and table is IS_LOGONDATA  @Governance, Risk and Compliance >Access Control>Maintain Mapping for Actions and Connector Groups.
    Please let me if I am missing any configuration for field mapping.

    Hello Aman,
    Thanks for the reply.
    As per my knowledge there is no direct way or configuration in GRC10 for provisioning the non-dialog useru2019s , So thatu2019s why we have created Custom field and map this field to Su01 field in SAP.
    FYI u2026.We did all the configuration related to field mapping u2026but still by default itu2019s taking user type as dialog. Do you know any SAP Note related field mapping released by SAP for GRC10.

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