External monitor/display for a 2012 MacBook Pro?

I want to know if I can connect an Acer S201HL to a 2012 MacBook Pro i7 2.9GHz 8GB memory OSX10.8.1 - I will be using a magic mouse and apple wireless keyboard as well - if this setup will work what specific cables and adapters do I need to get? If at all possible I would consider running 2 displays. also running Parralells with Windows 7 Home Premium.

With athundebolt diplay there might be some info here that might help.
If you have a mini DVI port you would need a moni DVI to VGA adapter, and a VGA cable

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  • Whats the maximum resolution resolution supported @ 60 Hz on an external display for mid 2014 macbook pro retina 13 inch ?

    whats the maximum resolution supported @ 60 Hz on an external display for mid 2014 macbook pro retina 13 inch ?

    I don't know where you found 1920x1080, but that isn't the max. The INTERNAL display can even support more than that.
    The maximum resolution is really hardware based, and since Thunderbolt 2 has a Mini displayport connector (Mini Displayport 1.2), the max resolution for Mini Displayport is 4k (3840x2160).
    PLEASE NOTE: Not all adapters can support that resolution, most monitors that can run 4k @60Hz have Displayport 1.2 (The most recent revision), Mini Displayport 1.2, and HDMI 2.0. DVI dual link can run 4k, but only 24-30Hz, depending on the monitor.
    Hope this helps!!

  • Should I get a 2.0 or 3.0 USB external hard drive for my 2011 Macbook Pro? I need it to be compatible with the USB ports of both a PC and a Mac.

    Should I get a 2.0 or 3.0 USB external hard drive for my 2011 Macbook Pro? I need it to be compatible with the USB ports of both a PC and a Mac. I was thinking of getting a Seagate becuase apparently it is compatible with both systems, but I want to know which would be a better investment.

    Using USB 3 devices on Mac computers FAQ

  • Late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 15' will not boot an external disk from a Mid-2012 MAcbook Pro. What should I do?

    In order to simplify moving all my files from the previous mid-2012 macbook pro 15' when moving to my new late-2013 macbook pro, i superdup-ed the full hard-disk to an external ssd. Unfortunatelly the new mac resuses to boot from this external disk (i get the grey disk with a line over it). The external disk works just fine so if I boot the new mac from its internal SSD I can read/write the external disk without problems.
    Old OS X is 10.9 as is the OS on the new mac.
    What I need to do is to boot the new mac from the external ssd, use the same superduper to copy the external content onto the internal ssd.
    How can I solve this issue?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    If you made a backup of your files with SuperDuper, use Migration Assistant (in /Applications/Utilities) to transfer your files from the external drive > http://pondini.org/OSX/MigrateLion.html It will create a new user account with the transferred files, so you may want to merge both user accounts > https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-5472
    The Late 2013 MacBook Pro uses a special OS X Mavericks version which makes OS X compatible with it, and older OS X versions do not work with it. That's the reason why you cannot start up from the external drive created from the Mid 2012 MacBook Pro

  • Where Can I Buy Replacement Keys For Mid 2012 Macbook Pro Retina?

    Hi Recently my macbook pros right arrow key fell of, i didnt hit it or anything it just came of. i placed it back on and a day later it fell off agin, now i have lost that key. Where can i buy replacement keys for my mac?
    Mid 2012 Macbook Pro 15 inch Retina Display

    Ask your local Apple retailer.
    Check iFixit.com.
    Try searching Google.

  • I've connected my external monitor (LG) to my new Macbook Pro 15" laptop, using the adaptor for VGA...the display now has a large black bar along the left side.  No adjustment on the monitor will fix it, no "options" on System Prefs either...any ideas?

    I've just purchased a new Macbook Pro, and connected it ot my external monitor (24" LG HD) using an Apple VGA adaptor.  The only resolution that looks good is the 1920 x 1080, but the image does not entirely fill the screen.  There is a large black gap on the left side of the screen now.  It worked fine with my "last generation" Macbook Pro...no adjustment on the monitor will help, and cannot find any System Setting in displays such as "options" or widescreen setting.  I've gone to the LG site, but no "Mac" related tech support issues come up...no forum here seems to deal with this particular issue either...any ideas?

    I have the same thing but with a 23 inch HP, worked fine with my MBP 13 from 2009 but the 2011 2.4 i5 does the exact same thing as yours!
    Very confused and hoping that some one else can help.

  • Need advice for external display for my retina Macbook Pro.

    I got my 15-inch retina Macbook Pro (Mid 2014) two months ago. It’s a fantastic machine but I am having some regrets concerning screen size. I want to be able to enjoy movies on my computer but 15-inch is just too small. So I am considering purchasing an external display for my Macbook Pro. I am thinking about a 25’’+ monitor (or TV) which can offer me closest experience to the retina one on my Macbook. I don’t want 4K monitors though, as most of the contents I consume are full HD 1080P. But I do care about PPI a lot (for browsing).
    What kind of display can help me obtain this similar experience I get on my Mac? Any recommendations? Thanks.

    I have the 15" MacBook Pro, Retina, Mid 2012 also, same exact model.  Kind of the same thing is happening with me.  I will intermitentyl get a flickering on the bottom 1/3 of the screen, all the way across.  It flickers/flashes on and off on the bottom half or third of the screen, when I am typing or when I am perfectly stil, doen't really matterl.  Only happens for a split second, but can do it multiple times, or sometimes not at all.  I can go tens of minutes without i hapenning, but I can also go tens of seconds with it happening multiple times.
    It never goes black or grey or "out" at all, just randomly flickers throughout the day.
    I do get burned-in images all the time, but they disappear within seconds.  But this flickering is definitely worrysome.  I did get the the Apple Care, so I am not too worried as Apple is usually good about this kind of thing, but I do have a similar problem to you and wanted to document this.  I didnt find many other people oiut there with this problem, so let me know what has gone on since your post on the New Year.  Any solution?  Did you call Apple?
    Thanks webrian.
    2012 Retina MacBook Pro
    500GB Flash Drive, 16GB memory
    2.6 Ghz Intel Core i7

  • If I buy an external hard drive for my new MacBook Pro with the retina display, can I play The Sims 3 on it?

    I recently bought the new MacBook Pro with the new retina display, but since it does not have a dvd/cd drive, I was going to buy an external one. I think I will be able to use it to watch dvds, but can I also play the computergame The Sims 3 on it? If not is there anything else I can do?
    Thank you!

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    You can try formatting the external drive on your eMac using Disk Utility and choosing a well-known format > http://pondini.org/OSX/DU1.html. It's quite possible that your new iMac would be able to read it, but first, tell us which formats Disk Utility lists.
    If you have those songs in iTunes, simply go to Music folder and copy the iTunes folder to the external drive. Then, connect it to the iMac and copy the iTunes folder to Music folder.
    If they are not in iTunes, copy your songs to the external drive. Then, connect it to your new iMac, open iTunes and drag the songs into it

  • External monitor resolution in Vista on MacBook Pro

    I am running Vista Ultimate on a MacBook Pro. I have a Dell 24" external monitor plugged in, which supports a top resolution of 1920 x 1200. But Vista thinks it's a generic non-PnP monitor with a top resolution of 1024 x 768. I have installed the Windows drivers from my Leopard disk, but neither the Vista Displays control panel nor the nVidia software think the resolution of this monitor can go any higher. I tried looking on nVidia's site for newer drivers, but they said for the M series video cards to go to the computer manufacturer for drivers because they modify them for power consumption and other special needs.

    I found the solution.
    Go here:
    Click on Driver to download it.
    Extract it
    Go to
    http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17701 again
    Click on Modded INF to download it.
    Copy it to the extracted folder.
    Run setup.exe
    You now have full control over your nvidia card. Which also means you can plug in external monitors
    Tested on Macbook pro 15" with nvidia 8600M GT.
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  • Can't connect external monitor to Windows 7 bootcamp Macbook Pro 15 - ATI 6770

    I recently puchased a Macbook pro 15 in 2012.  I have bootcamp set up and am running windows 7 home on the bootcamp partition.  When in windows I am unable to use an external monitor or overhead projector.  I have updated all of the ATI drivers and have fiddled with screen resolutions and display refresh rates to no avail.  I am using a cheapo mini displayport to VGA adapter which I have confirmed works while I am using the mac side of the machine. 
    Unfortunately I have to use windows while at work and using a projector to display data is essential.
    I am out of ideas at this point --  Help - - Please!!

    I was hoping some of the multi/monitor people would show up and help you but I guess they missed it.
    Have you gone into the Properties of the video drivers (via the Device Manager) and let it Update Driver either through the internet or migrate to the newer Boot Camp video drivers you recently downloaded?
    The only other thing I can suggest is to completely delete the video drivers then reinstall them manually either through the Programs and Features control panel or in the Device Manager/ Video drivers and see if it "takes".
    Don't forget you do have an Apple Software Updater in Windows also. It updates the Windows support software from Apple. (Boot Camp)
    Sorry I can't help more........

  • Getting an Acer external monitor to work with a MacBook Pro

    I just made the switch from PC to Mac and while I'm excited I'm having a few growing pains. Here's one thing I'm trying to figure out.
    Both at home and at the office I have external monitors configured. These worked well with the PC but I having some problems with the Mac. I get the screens to work together fine (i.e. I can drag things from the laptop screen to the external monitor). However, the resolution on the external monitor is grainy. I've tried all the resolution setting and can't get it to work any better.
    The Mac is a MacBook Pro with a 15.4" screen and the external monitor is an Acer AL2216Wbd.

    two possibilities>
    1. you're using analog cable to connect to external display (via dvi to vga adapter-but that is not the case obviously, because otherwise you could set the ref. rate for 60 or 75Hz - now its greyed out) anyway, when I used this set up, I noticed huge degradation of displaying quality. kinda washed out and blurred. but not grain at all
    2. but what is more presumable in your case, you're using photo background provided by apple...these pictures are grainy by themselve. and when you extend your desktop from 15" to 20" it's clear that you notice it, all the more, if the external is not widescreen, therefore background image has to be stretched and cropped even more, therefore the grain is even bigger. This is my personal experience.
    try to test it. put to the background for example some gradient made especially for that purpose in ill or ps. make two versions for both screens.
    thats all
    good luck

  • External Monitor RGB Noise Flickering with MacBook Pro

    Hi folks,
    I recently bought a MacBook Pro and plugged into it an HDMI converter to DVI, so I can plug into the MBP the LCD Apple Cinema Display of 22" and have 2 monitors working or, just one while using the hardware of the MBP.
    The MBP has 8 GB of RAM of 1333 MHz and an additional ATI video card of 1 GB.
    So, when working with the Apple Cinema Display plugged into the MBP, some kind of fast graphic anomaly occurs, which looks like an RGB noise. And that happens in a blink, each about 5 to 10 minutes and only in the Apple Cinema Display.
    I'm wondering why happens this, because I need the big screen to work. Also, the MBP costs me a lot of money (US $4000 because I live in Argentina) and we don't have here the easiness to go and buy another or change the product because of a "just in case" thing due many other implications from the actual government.
    So please, let me know why this happens and if it's dangerous. I don't wish my hardware get broke because I use it to work an there are no replacements here.

    I ended up buying the HDMI cable and adapter for the mac and the screen quality is GREAT! It auto sets itself to 1080p. Don't use VGA. Get the HDMI cable and adapter.
    Again, the horizontal lines are from me taking a picture of my monitor from my iphone.
    I hope this solves your problem.

  • I downloaded the new osx mavericks system, and it would not recognize my external monitor.  I have a macbook pro.

    Any ideas on how to get my new osx mavericks that i just downloaded to recognize my external monitor?

    Hello maggiefromloudon,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    Best of luck,

  • Format external hard drive for use with macbook pro

    I have an old external drive that has been used with a pc.
    Now I have formatted the disc on the pc, but seemingly, I need to format it for the MacBook Pro, as well.
    How to?
    Rgds Jan

    Go to disk utility
    Format it in Mac OSX extended journaled
    Warning-- doing so will erase all data on the drive

  • HT3131 how can i connect 2 external monitors(VGA) to my 2007 macbook pro

    I would like to use 2 external monitors simultaneously with my clamshell closed. I have external keyboard and mouse but need to know how to and what to buy in order to achieve this.....havent found anything straight forward on apple site, like a vga dual monitor splitter, so am in need of some advice on how to do this please!

    Thanks for the reply. Haven't gotten anything as yet. Just that I burned out my older PowerBook using it as a primary screen w/ a secondary 20" monitor. Would be nice if the MacBooks could be used as a CPU only, connect 2 different monitors, and use the LCD screen when portability is needed. But I suppose that is why Apple makes different types of computers. I know I can rig the video SCSI cable to bypass to LCD screen and use the other built-in monitor. But there goes the warentee and any kind of AppleCare... not that I have ever used it, (until a day after it has expired!)
    But thanks for the feedback. Your reply is what I expected. Being that I am a mercenary graphic designer and need to be able to work whenever, and where-ever I need to, the MacPro is not my hardware of choice. As well, I don't have $4000 in my budget. But man do those machines rock! Just think of what NASA could have done with one of those in 1969 when we were going to the moon! But now that the U.S. has decided that manned space travel and even scientific space exploration is not worthy of having a budget, the MacPros are religated to creating new episodes of Jersey Shores!
    Thanks again for your feedback!

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