Flash player not loading videos after firefox update to 32.0.1

I use Firefox portable and use it for work. I do moderation of videos. I open a page with 5-20 videos that load with Flash Player and view them. Today there was a Firefox update to 32.0.1 version. After update when I open a page I only get 1 video loaded and the others are blank. When I right-click on area where a video should be I get "Movie not loaded..." greyed (can not click) and "About Adobe Flash Player"
I checked and I have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player plugin. It was updated few days ago and worked fine until Firefox update. I also checked to open a page with SRWare Iron (also portable browser) and everything works.

I tried reinstalling Flash twice. Did it as on the link for Windows. The second time I erased also a Flash folder in SysWOW64. Tried installing Adobe Shockwave Player, didn't help and when I disabled Flash plugin and left only Adobe Shockwave Player plugin, didn't get any videos just a link to get Flash.
Tried this with ProtectedMode=0, also didn't help, everything was the same.
So still, what ever the number of videos I open on one page/tab, I only get to see one video, the others are blank.

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    Maybe an issue with Flash 11.3. What's your Flash version in Firefox? (type about:plugins in location bar)
    If you have Flash 11.3, follow https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/flash-113-doesnt-load-video-firefox

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    I noticed that whenever I tried to load a video yesterday, I kept getting the "The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed" message. This morning, I installed the new Adobe update and I am still getting the problem. I have never encountered a problem running flash player until yesterday. What should I do? My browser, Firefox, is also up-to-date.

    Would you also mind reporting this as a new bug over at bugbase.adobe.com?  Please include a copy of your dxdiag report, the exact url where the crashes occur and a crash log.  You can find instructions for getting the crash log for firefox here:
    http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/839/cpsid_83975.html#main_Mozilla Firefox on Windows

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    I just installed the latest version Flash Player and still a page is not loading it. Where the player should be is totally blank, but the rest of the page loads. Here's the page that did not load Flash:
    YouTube works fine, as other web sites with Flash. I opened the link, above, in Safari and it played with no trouble. Why am I having this problem?

    I see the Flash player if I reload the page with a click on the Reload toolbar button or Ctrl+R (Cmd+R on Mac)

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    I recently added some RAM to my computer, and now flash player isnt working very well. It will work fine for a couple of minutes then the video starts to become jumpy, like its skipping frames, and eventually becomes so bad its unwatchable. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I switched my memory back to, neither of those worked. The only thing I can do is pause whatever I may be watching for long periods of time then start back up, but the problem persists after a few minutes. Im only having a problem with adobe flash player and am at a loss as how to resolve this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Check if a newer device driver for your display adapter is available; see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/945765

  • Flash player not loading on http but works on https

    I have an issue where flash player shows "movie not loading" on http pages but works fine on https.
    I am using windows 7 64 bit, ie9 64 bit, i have tried it with the latest firefox and chrome and i still get the same issue.
    This started with flash player 10.3, the 10.2 version did not have this problem and all subsequent versions have the same issue. i am currently using the 11.2 version of flash.
    Example: Any flash video on youtube with the address beginning with HTTP, the video screen is black and when you right click you get movie not loading and the correct version of the flash player. If you change the header over to HTTPS the video works fine. this wouldnt be much of a problem except when going to any other website that has flash as its main element but does not have an HTTPS version, you cannot use the page or its features.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, done a clean install, deleted all files and updated every area of my computer but this issue remains. I have read the forums here and done any suggestions listed to no avail and noticed many people have this type of problem. This issue has now been going on for almost 6 months. Can anyone help?
    I may have posted this in the wrong forum and I appologize. If so can you please move it to the correct location?

    I don't claim to know the solution to your problem, but in your situation I would try either or both administrator install methods: 1) Right-click the downloaded install file, choose "Run as Administrator" and install the software as usual. 2) Try using a different Windows account that you are positively certain has full administrator rights or the actual Administrator login name, install with that account.
    Also, make sure you empty the browser cache before retrying the http pages. What about other browser settings, like security or privacy settings? Any add-ons or antivirus browser helper objects?
    Do you only use Internet Explorer, or is this issue the same in Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari?
    Good luck, hope you get the error fixed.

  • Flash Player not loading or working- windows 7 IE8

    Several months ago, after some update I assume, Adobe Flash Player stopped working. I've installed and uninstalled repeatedly and tried to follow help instructions, no luck.
    When I download flash it goes through the process and says I'm successful, but then when I go to any page that needs Flash, it tells me I don't have it. And on the flash info page, www.adobe.com/software/flash/about I see the "f", but its not animated and the image that I guess is supposed to show that I have flash installed shows as a blank.
    I uninstall and that seems to run through a process too...  says its been succesfully uninstalled, but I just sat here and ran and re-ran that uninstall, each time its telling me its successfully uninstalling.. I think it would run 100 times so either its doing nothing or I've got an unlimited number of these flash programs installed.
    I have Windows 7, IE 8, IE does not show 64 bit any where so I assume it's correct.
    I just changed security in IE to medium from medium high... tried to load again, restarted the computer, no luck.
    When I go to view addons as I saw in earlier suggestions I don't see Shockware Flash listed any where, not blocked, not showing at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    First thing to check: do you have the "kill-bit" for Flash Player set (e.g. by some malware): http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/
    If you have, don't fix it manually (unless you are very confident using the Registry Editor); just post back, and someone will post an easy way to remove that "kill-bit".

  • Flash Player not playing videos (Mac OSX / Chrome)

    Last week Flash would display a pop-up telling me that I needed to update and would I like to use
    Flash Player this time. I would choose (Run Flash Player this time).
    Then updated flash to find that it now does not work at all. No videos or flash sites work.
    • I have gone through the optioins in my browser as well as the Flash Player options from the application.
    • I have looked through forum posts and self help via the Adobe site.
    • I have contacted Adobe in an online chat, waited 20 minutes only to be
    told that because I am not a paying customer they didn't care enough to help. (not a direct quote)
    • I have uninstalled and reinstalled.
    Clicked on ever option and restarted my computer.
    So far I have found nothing that will help.
    ~Adobe forums, your my only hope. *holigram cuts out*

    I am having trouble seeing any of the videos on Adobe. I tried viewing in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I'm using Mac OS X 10.6.8. I followed the Adobe Flash Player Help and it didn't help. I am also using the latest version of Flash Player (11.4.402.265). Any suggestions? I would really love to watch some of the Adobe TV videos.

  • Flash player not loading websites like pandora or memrise

    On those websites, the flash player just continues to load until the website times out. I've done the pandora troubleshooting, and I've reinstalled the flash player multiple times. The only thing that worked for awhile was uninstalling and reinstalling chrome. However, if I happened to close chrome, it would not work the next time I started chrome. I have no idea why. I tried firefox and internet explorer and went through the adobe page on proper installation for them as well. I've deleted all cache data, and changed my settings in chrome to clear browsing data, I disabled ad block, I have plugins set to run automatically, I have memrise and pandora allowed in the pop up blocker.
    Here is the plugin information from chrome:
    Adobe Flash Player (2 files) - Version: 11.7.700.179
    Shockwave Flash 11.7 r700
    I also tried disabling my avg and spybot from running too, but that didn't work either.
    I also tried running chrome as administrator.
    I restarted my computer multiple times while attempting to fix this.
    I cannot think of anything else to do.
    Please help me!

    "Install Flash...", nope...enable Shockwave.
    My experience is my own, but this may work for you.
    Opening Pandora in Chrome a link to download Flash v10 or higher appears. Huh? It worked last week before I re-installed and slimmed down the add-ons/bloatware on my laptop. Turned off and allowed EVERYTHING including plug-ins like Pandora suggests as a test. Still nothing. Tried again but on a whim instead of allowing all plug-ins, I clicked "disable individual plug-ins" and found my post-install slimming last week wasn't being reset on the previous page so incrementally I re-allowed each one individually and found allowing the Shockwave add-in fixed it.

  • Adobe Flash player not loading on most websites but loads fine on youtube.

    I read as much articles about this as I can. I cleared my browser cache, deleted cookies, disabled fire-fox addons, disabled Kaspersky, uninstalled and reinstalled Flash using the uninstall tool from adobe website, deleted that cpl file and exe programs from macromedia folder.  its all gone. reinstalled Flash, still same problem. Updated to the most recent version, autoupdated, still nothing.
    Flash won't load on websites like Gametrailers, ign, BBC, livestream, CNN and msn websites. 
    I can only see video, perfectly, clearly and very nice only on youtube. It wont even load on any other website, it just shows a black screen where the video would show. It doesnt ask me to update either. I try tinkering with the settings like hardware acceleration but whenever I switch it around, it reverts back to being on. I check global settings and delete all I can on that and still nothing. It just seems like my flash player is out to piss me off.  I've had this problem for a good 2-3 months and I'm thinking this problem will just go away but of course that's a dumb idea.
    I'm upset. I dont know what to do.

    Can you try to disable Hardware Acceleration to see if the problem goes away; see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/891337
    If it does go away, update the device drivers for your display adapter; see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/945765

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    I have used flash player in the past, up until yesterday, and today when I connected, and tried to use YouTube, firefox froze up, and after waiting for several minutes, I force closed firefox. I tried again with IE, and the same thing happened. I also tried on chrome, and still freezing, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the flash player, AND firefox, but the same thing happened.
    This is very annoying. Does anyone have a solution?

    Derek,IE11 is having some compatibility issues with the share point.Apart from IE11,it should work on IE10,9 and Firefox and chrome as well.
    Please check the links below that explains the issues with IE11 and the functionality of Drag and drop and limitations as-well.
    1.Since SharePoint 2013 fully support IE 32-bit version above 7, there might be compatibility issue with other browsers. I’d recommend you use IE 8,9,10 32-bit for optimal Performance.
    2. Open the same document library in Internet Explorer as this functions does not work with Firefox or Chrome by default
    3. Make sure the IE (Internet Explorer) Version should be 32-bit and not a 64-bit
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  • Flash Player not loading in IE

    I have reinstalled IE and also Flash Player, still the flash
    does not work, I can only see a blank space where the flash has to
    load, anyone had this issues?

    function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}
    eidnolb wrote:
    Hi Tw0tone, I'll try again and hope my post goes thru this time! Thanks for marking your thread as answered. I know the procedure was like flying to New York from Atlanta to get to California, but you got there
    This is to Uze DaFarce in case you didn't get the post I sent you. Before you try this procedure you will need to make an adjustment, to let me know.
                             EDIT: I know browsers freeze, but I guess the Flash Forum is freezing also I see my latest post brought up the other two.
                             Do we have a Spam filter? LOL
    Message was edited by: eidnolb
    Yeah, this forum was really having troubles.  I checked the site when I got the email notifications, but the last few posts (including solution) were missing, and I didn't catch it cause there were new posts from the previous time I had checked.
    I am excited to try this, but it will be a while before I can as I was helping my sister fix her laptop, and after days of trying to resolve this, I finally had to give it back to her.  I will fix it next time we get together, until then she's going to have to do without flash in IE. 

  • IE10 - flash player not loaded

    I have a Acer Aspire E1-522 64 bit laptop running windows 8 with  Internet explorer 19 version 10.0.9200.16921 with up to date updates.
    So the latest security patch was updated yesterday and several of my favourite websites are no longer allowing me to see content with the general error being "Error loading player, No playable sources found".
    Having seen that a few times today I visited the Adobe help page and checked the Active X controls and the check Shockwave flash object is enabled. Yes the Active X is NOT selected and the status of the flash object is listed as..... Enabled, publisher unknown, for 32 bit and 64 bit, updated 31 may 2014.....
    Next thing is the flash player test doesn't work and instead says Flash player disabled OR Active x is on. Now of course I have checked that as seen above and when I visit the download page it simply says you don't need to download because the flash player is included in IE 8.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

    If ads are breaking your content, then this sounds like antivirus/firewall/adblocking software is the culprit.  I'd start by resetting your hosts file:
    Then reboot your system into safe mode with networking enabled and try again.  If it works and you're able to get past the ads, then a third party utility/service is to blame.  I've done minimal testing against IE 10 on Win 7, but I have played a few YouTube files without any problems.

  • Flash Lite 2.0 Content in Flash Player not loading PNGs

    I have a Flash Lite 2.0 Application, that I'm running on a
    Phone. I'm loading local PNG files, which works on the phone and in
    the emulator. The problem is as soon as I run the SWF from Flash
    Player on my PC it's not working. It seems like it's not able to
    load those PNGs, because it's acting like Flash Player 7 (because
    Flash Lite 2.0 is basically Flash 7), even though I have Flash
    Player 9 installed.
    Anybody has any hints?

    Yes, thare are alternatives. Adobe has licensed 03 companies
    to provide Flash Lite content for the Verizon network. These
    companies are certified to delivery games, apps, screensavers, and
    such using Flash Lite for BREW and they aggregate developer's
    content. You can check details at:
    Wireless page at Adobe.com

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