For loop wont loop through array built from spread sheet

im probably doing sonthing really silly but........
first i build and array out of data from a spreadsheet (RefLookup)
the spreadsheet contains 3 rows the top row is my label (to be returned later)
the second row it my maxmum value
the third row is my minimum value.
Ref in is my live feed of data to be looked up.
i then put this into a for loop, to loop through the array untill it finds which range of data the Ref in lies.....
then i simply stop the loop and output the index value.
this index value is the used to look up the spreadsheet data again and return the label for that index.
from what i can gather the code should.... work. but it doesnt seem to go passed the first itteration of the for loop 
any ideas?
please and thanks
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You need to set the delimiter to comma, else you don't get all data. (read from spreadsheet file)
You are doing this way too complicated. Here's equivalent code. I am sure it can be simplified much more!  
You don't need the outer while loop. finding it once is sufficient. 
You probably want to add a "select" after the loop that selects NaN instead of the last value if nothing is found, based on the boolean. 
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    types : begin of x_file ,
            plant(4) ,
    types : end of x_file .
      data : str5 type char10.
      data : mm type char2.
      data : yyyy type char4.
      data : dd type char2.
      data : str9 type char10.
      data : str6 type char10.
      data : month type char2.
      data : year type char4.
      year = sy-datum+0(4).
      month = sy-datum+4(2).
      dd = sy-datum+6(2).
      yyyy = sy-datum+0(4).
      mm = sy-datum+4(2).
      dd = sy-datum+6(2).
      clear str6 .
      clear str5.
      concatenate  dd'.' month '.' year into str5 .
      concatenate  yyyy mm dd into str6 .
    DATA : file type rlgrap-filename .
    data : it_file type table of x_file .
    data : wa_file type x_file .
    data : it_header type table of x_file .
    data : wa_header type x_file .
    *&  Internal Table For Define Row and Coloum Postion
    data: col_start type i value 1 ,
          row_start type i value 2,
          col_end type i value 256 ,
          row_end type i value 65000 .
    *&  Internal Table For Retrieve  Data From Excel
    *data: excel_bdcdata like kcde_cells occurs 0 with header line.
    *data: excel_bdcdata1 like kcde_cells occurs 0 with header line.
    data: excel_bdcdata like ALSMEX_TABLINE occurs 0 with header line.
    data: excel_bdcdata1 like ALSMEX_TABLINE occurs 0 with header line.
    data: it_index type i.
    *&  Define Field Symbol
    field-symbols: <fs> .
    data :   bdcdata like bdcdata    occurs 0 with header line.
    data :   messtab like bdcmsgcoll occurs 0 with header line.
    data : req_items type table of bapiebanc .
    data : wa_req_items type bapiebanc .
    data : req_acc_asg type table of bapiebkn.
    data : wa_req_acc_asg type bapiebkn.
    *data : return type table of     bapireturn.
    *data : wa_return type bapireturn .
    data : number type ebeln .
    *****************************MOVE FILES******************************
    data : xsource type string .
    data : xdestin type string .
    data : destin1 type string .
    data : destin2 type string .
    data : sou_dir_name like SALFILE-LONGNAME.
    data : tar_dir_name like SALFILE-LONGNAME.
    data : tar_dir_name1 like SALFILE-LONGNAME.
    data : sou_filename like EDI_PATH-PTHNAM .
    data : tar_filename like EDI_PATH-PTHNAM .
    data : filename1  type string .
    data : tar_filename1 like EDI_PATH-PTHNAM .
    data : file_itab like SALFLDIR occurs 0 with header line.
    data : wa_file_itab like SALFLDIR.
    data : file_count type i .
    data : dir_count type i.
    data : dir_table like sdokpath occurs 0 with header line.
    data : file_table like SDOKPATH occurs 0 with header line.
    data : wa_file_table like sdokpath.
    data : strr type string ,
           str1 type string ,
           str2 type string ,
           str3 type string .
    sou_dir_name = 'D:\barcodes\files\'.
    tar_dir_name = 'D:\barcodes\files-success\'.
        "success folder.
        DIRECTORY  = sou_dir_name
        FILTER     = '.'
        FILE_COUNT = file_count
        DIR_COUNT  = dir_count
        FILE_TABLE = file_table
        DIR_TABLE  = dir_table
        CNTL_ERROR = 1
        OTHERS     = 2.
    IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
    loop at file_table into wa_file_table.
    clear  :  strr , str1 , str2 , str3 .
      strr = wa_file_table-PATHNAME .
      concatenate sou_dir_name strr into str1 .
      concatenate tar_dir_name strr into str2 . " success
      concatenate tar_dir_name1 strr into str3 .         " failed
    FILE = STR1 .
    *&  Function For Retrieve Data From Excel
        filename                      = FILE
        i_begin_col                   = col_start
        i_begin_row                   = row_start
        i_end_col                     = col_end
        i_end_row                     = row_end
        intern                        = excel_bdcdata
       UPLOAD_OLE                    = 2
       OTHERS                        = 3.
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
    WRITE : / 'File Error'.
      loop at excel_bdcdata.
        translate excel_bdcdata to upper case .
        move excel_bdcdata-col to it_index.
        assign component it_index of  structure  wa_file to <fs> .
        move excel_bdcdata-value to <fs>.
        at end of row.
          append wa_file to it_file .
            clear wa_file.
    sort it_file by key1. "pur_grp maktx plant  .
    it_header[] = it_file[].
    delete adjacent duplicates from it_header comparing key1 pur_grp maktx
    plant .
    data : h_item(5) type n .
    data : h_pack(10) type n .
    data : line_no(5) type n .
    data : ln_no(5) type n .
    loop at it_header into wa_header .
    ln_no = 1.
    h_item = h_item + 10.
    h_pack = h_pack + 1.
    wa_req_items-preq_item = h_item .
    wa_req_items-doc_type = 'BOM'.
    wa_req_items-pur_group = wa_header-pur_grp .
    wa_req_items-MATERIAL = wa_header-maktx .
    wa_req_items-plant = wa_header-plant .
    wa_req_items-pckg_no =  h_pack .
    wa_req_items-deliv_date = str6 .
    wa_req_items-item_cat = '0'.
    wa_req_items-acctasscat = 'P'.
    *wa_req_items-distrib = '2' .
    **wa_req_items-gr_ind = 'X'.
    wa_req_items-ir_ind = '2'.
    wa_req_items-purch_org = 'TISL' .
    wa_req_items-QUANTITY =  wa_header-s_qty.
    wa_req_items-PREQ_NAME =  wa_header-req.
    wa_req_items-SUPPL_PLNT = wa_header-supl.
    wa_req_items-trackingno = wa_header-trackno.
    append wa_req_items to req_items .
    clear wa_req_items.
    wa_req_acc_asg-preq_item = h_item .
    wa_req_acc_asg-g_l_acct = wa_file-gl .
    WA_req_acc_asg-wbs_elem  = wa_header-wbs .
    append wa_req_acc_asg to req_acc_asg .
    clear wa_req_acc_asg.
    h_pack = h_pack + 1  .
    clear ln_no .
    call function 'BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE'
       number                               = number
        requisition_items                   = req_items
       requisition_account_assignment       = req_acc_asg
       return                               = return .

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    Please give some sample code for this...
    Urgent requirement....please....
    �I sense many useless updates in you... Useless updates lead to defragmentation... Defragmentation leads to downtime...Downtime leads to suffering..Defragmentation is the path to the darkside.. DBCC INDEXDEFRAG and DBCC DBREINDEX are the force...May the force be with you" --

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    Anyone could please guide me how to export more data from excel sheet.
    I tried with 50 row but only 19 rows are exported.
    Appln builder==> create ==> Export from spread sheet --> Copy paste / csv export (i tried both) but i got only 19 rows.

    Hi Manoj,
    If you're talking about the 19 rows you see while in the create wizard, that is just a sample of the data so you can see what you're working with while specifying column names, types, etc. Once you finish working in the wizard it should import all of the rows assuming there aren't any error-rows.
    Hope this helps,
    If you find this information useful, please mark the post "helpful" or "correct" so that others may benefit as well.*

  • Using a For loop to call one array element at a time

    I have been working on a VI that reads a GPS unit, parses the data, outputs what I need, compares the actual GPS location to the desired location, determines a desired heading and moves on from there.  My question pertains to the number of desired locations I can input right now.  I need to be able to input a predtermined number of locations (not just the one that I can input right now).  I was told that it is possible to use a For Loop with an array and have the first set of Lat and Long values run through the VI and when everything is complete that the next set of values will be chosen.  Does this mean that I need to put the entire VI inside a For Loop and have the array update as soon as the VI has completed its first mission?  I understand the concept of how this work from other programming languages but I'm not sure how to implement the solution in LabVIEW.  Any help would be appreciated.

    adamoutlaw wrote:
    Here is a portion of the VI.  I need two separate arrays, one for Latitude and one for Longitude, of the same size.
    I don't see any arrays in your code. Do you want to generate arrays form individual data points or do you want to process arrays, one element at a time? Both can take advantage of autoindexing. Here's a simple picture.
    Your VI contains a weird mix of DBL and EXT precision. Most likely all you need is DBL. Keep your representations consistent!
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    As input my idea was to use two text files, one containing a list of "high speed" = often updated parameters, and another with "low speed" = not so often updated parameters.
    I start with storing the parameter numbers in two arrays, a high speed array and a low speed array.
    My goal is to loop through the parameters in the high speed array and for each loop fetch one parameter name (number) from the low speed list and send that also. And so on.... continously.
    The serial-com part is OK it is just the variable fetching process that is a problem. The output from this vi should be a integer value updated at a specified frequency.
    Kind regards // Gustaf 

    Hi Gustaf,
    i tried to create an example for you, please see the attachment.
    Hope it helps.
    Attachments: ‏18 KB


    Here's the scenario, not much of a PL programmer, just basic SQL so really need some help people!
    I have 2 tables. 1 contains list of DB's and the other contains rules to follow.
    I need to create a loop that goes through the table containing the DB's and on each row a DB link is created (Only 1 link allowed!)
    Once created, the schema currently logged in with also has an account on the linked DB in order to run scripts- The scripts are stored centrally hence the requirement for the link to the target DB.
    There are numerous scripts that need to be executed and can all be called from 1 script, once executed the loop exists and the database link needs to be dropped.
    Once dropped, the first loop continues, creating a DB link for the next DB listed in the table (and all the scripts are fired again)
    This continues against all the DB's listed in the table.

    Hi BlueShadow,
    Thanks again for the response, you've hit the nail on the head. SQL scripts on a unix server, a loop goes through a table 1 at a time. Each row gets a link created and then all the scripts stored on the server are executed against the db linked to. So I'm assuming this is a loop within a loop.
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    Neha RK wrote:
    its not working , i need to check each record of table and do some task using if else loop inside that for..
    if not possible to loop each row of table using for then how to use while loop.
    please helpWhat's not working? We haven't got psychic powers so we can't see the code you say isn't working.
    Please provide more information like create table statements, insert statements with test data, the code you've tried
    and the output you are expecting from the input data.
    Read {message:id=9360002} and follow the advice there.

  • Help with a FOR loop and an object array

    I need to make a for loop that takes an array of objects that contain the parameters year, type, and model (all ints) and sort by year, then divide the array in all the objects with the same year and sort them by type, then divide the array again into the objects with the same year AND type and sort them by model.
    the object a Dress objects, the get methods are get+nameof parameter.
    the array is a 1D array called Dresses.
    I have made a paralell array to store the value of the parameters and sort that then move the array acording to that sorted array. The problem is in the division of the array.

    We'll give your request to do (or finish) your homework for you the attention it deserves.

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    Quite impresed with apple at first but they are lackingin backup for iphone when its stuck its stuck in recovery loop wont start or upgrade amasing when you look on apple forums many people in the same situation but no one knows the answers.Many people on your tube profess to but they dont they always show iphone with apps on them its not stuck in recovery you wont get app just connect to that stupid itunes that can not do that much as i said first look was impresive but not sure now

    iTunes: Specific update-and-restore error messages and advanced troubleshooting
    Error 20, 21, 23, 26, 28, 29, 34, 37
    These errors typically occur when security software interferes with the restore and update process. FollowTroubleshooting security software issues to resolve this issue. In rare cases, these errors may be a hardware issue. If the errors persist on another computer, the device may need service.

  • Loopping in an String array

    How to loop in a String array in ABAP?

    when you talk about loop....a loop is meant to traverse multiple entries....for example in a table...we can loop on rows...
    what exactly do you mean by looping on a string array (As such there are no arrays in ABAP).
    if you have multiple strings, you can put each string in an internal table and then loop through this internal table using the LOOP AT....ENDLOOP statements.
    in case of a single string, you can traverse it using offsets
    eg : STR+0(10) ---> which means start from position 0 and read 10 characters.
    please clarify a bit more on your requirement.

  • Consumer loop very slow, queue size grows. How to speed up my consumer loop? As the array grows the slower it gets.

    LabView version: 2012
    OS: Windows XP SP3
    Hardware: USB NI cDAQ-9174 NI-9221
    Application: Oscilloscope
    I'm relatively new to LabView and I'm currently experiencing some performance issues with my project. I guess it has something to do with the way it's programmed. I'm hoping to get some tips from you guys.
    This is my producer loop. It should be capable of acquiring 100 000 Samples/s. I guess I've done this the right way and can't really be improved. Or am I mistaking?
    This is (part of) my consumer loop. It's too slow, the number of elements in the queue keeps getting bigger. I'm doing two types of calculations on the queue data. One for changing the scalling (a multiplication), one for changing the y-position (a summation). Because each time there are 10 000 samples acquired I have added an extra loop (inner loop). This loop splits the array into x samples when the requested samples are smaller than 10 000 or adds them when the requested samples are bigger than 10 000. This depends on the user input (time/dev).
    For example: when the user request 100 seconds of data to be plotted on a graph we get an array of 10 000 000 x 8. Is this considered big? Enlarging the array to that size is very very slow, the queue builds up rapidly.
    I don't know what really slows it down or how to 'debug' this properly. Transposing the array twice seems avoidable?
    Maybe I'm doing this in an inefficient way? Any thoughts that might help me?
    The VI's are attached.
    Thanks for your input.
    Attachments: ‏199 KB

    Thank you for your replies so far!
    I agree it is a bit silly to plot more than 2000 points. I will change this. But even without a graph, the consumer loop seems to be unable to handle the speed.
    1. Ok, I will change this
    2. Thank you for pointing this out. I implemented your technique and have some increased performance.
    Still not the speed I would expect from LabView. The system is 'stable' with a sample rate up to 100 Hz, increasing this makes my queue overflow.
    I must be doing something else wrong... Anymore ideas?
    Latest version of program in attachment.
    Scope ‏211 KB

  • Looking for a drum loop app that will run in the background. What are you using?

    Looking for a drum loop app that will run in the background. Suggestions? What are you using? I tried Loopseque and I like it, but I can't make it run once I switch apps. Help please.

        That's definitely strange, kzmidge. I want a working phone in your hands though. I noticed you mentioned you received the suggestion to complete a reset. Did you already do that? Is it working again? Are you receiving an error message?
    If you hesitated a little longer to complete the reset, you can try to place your phone into Safe Mode and see if you can access mobile sites from your browser. This mode will stop 3rd party applications from running, so you won't be able to use the apps you mentioned but we may be able to narrow down the trouble in Safe Mode. If the mobile sites work, that means the trouble may be in a recently downloaded application and you may be able to avoid the reset my uninstalling some of your more recently installed applications. If it's still giving you trouble, the reset is the next best step.
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