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Hi Try this
Installations & Upgrades-> Entry by Application Group-> Installations and Upgrades" SAP Technology Components" -> SAP SOLUTION MANAGER" SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 4.0-> pick your platform
You have to configure the Maintence optimizer
Check the sim files at
You can download the sim files so that you can configure the maintenance optimizer.
Do you have SAP Tutorplayer installed ? If not install it from the below link

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  • Download Manager-Showing Download in Progress, but nothing being downloaded

    I am trying to download 7.10 GUI. The DM is able to connect to the Marketplace and gives the message that download in progress.But at the bottom giving another message "The request failed 401/An error occured while reading the object from the marketplace.
    Can anyone please help in resolving the issue?
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    Hi Try this
    Installations & Upgrades-> Entry by Application Group-> Installations and Upgrades" SAP Technology Components" -> SAP SOLUTION MANAGER" SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 4.0-> pick your platform
    You have to configure the Maintence optimizer
    Check the sim files at
    You can download the sim files so that you can configure the maintenance optimizer.
    Do you have SAP Tutorplayer installed ? If not install it from the below link

  • EM12 - Self-Update problem.  Stuck with 'download in progress' state..

    I just setup EM 12 and I'm having an issue with the self update. I attempted to download the linux 32bit agent in online mode. It ran for a few minutes than failed. The problem is self update thinks it's still in download progress even tho the job failed. I even deleted the job after it failed. It's still in "Download in progress.." state.
    So I decided to download the .sar file manually and to install it in offline mode using emcli. So when I use emcli import_update to install the .sar file I get "Entity already exists". Same resulsts even when using "-force". The entity actually doesn't exist, it was never downloaded.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Please log an SR from MOS and update this post with the SR number. I'll get this assigned to the appropriate team.

  • Want to download Defauld Progress Bar from Oralce Site

    I am trying to download Defauld Progress Bar From Oracle Site, but it is showing message
    alt="Your browser understands the <APPLET> tag but isn't running the applet, for some reason." Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag!
    Please suggest and how can I use that progress bar on my existing 6i form .

    then Applet will not work in any case....
    For 6i there is online help available for Progress bar
    To create a progress bar:
    1     In the Layout Editor, click the Text Item tool.  Drag to create a text item of the maximum size of the progress bar.  For a raised style bar, set the Bevel property of the item to raised.
    2     Click the Rectangle tool and create a rectangle slightly larger than the maximum size of the progress bar.  For a flood style bar, set the Bevel property of the rectangle to Lowered.
    3     Add trigger code to set the size of the progress bar as appropriate.  Change the size by programmatically adjusting the Width property.  Depending on your application you might do this within a PL/SQL loop, or in a WHEN-TIMER-EXPIRED trigger.  For example, use the Set_Item_Property built-in:
       x NUMBER := Set_Item_Property(‘PROGRESS.PLAIN’, WIDTH);
      if x <  120 then
        Set_Item_Property(‘PROGRESS.PLAIN’, WIDTH, x+5);
      end if;
    Tip: Form Builder does not normally update the display while a trigger is executing.  To update the progress bar while a PL/SQL loop is executing, use the Synchronize built-in.
    To create the spinning wheel animation:
    1     Using a drawing tool such as Microsoft Paint, create an image file containing all of the different pictures, or frames, that you want to show for the animation.  To create a smooth animation, use at least four and preferably six frames. 
    2     In the Layout Editor, display the content canvas where you want the animation to be displayed. 
    3     Click the Stacked Canvas tool in the tool palette.  Click on the content canvas to create and position the stacked canvas.
    4     In the Property Palette, under the Physical node, set the Width and Height of the stacked canvas to the size of the image or larger, and set the Viewport X Position on Canvas and Viewport Y Position on Canvas to show the initial frame.  Under the Viewport node, set the Viewport Width and Viewport Height to the size of each frame. 
    5     In the Layout Editor, display the stacked canvas.  Choose FileImport to import the image file.  The image will appear in the upper left corner of the canvas.
         Tip:  If you have boilerplate images that you use frequently, such as a company logo, add them to your object library by dragging the boilerplate image object from the Canvas node in the Object Navigator and dropping it on the appropriate page of the object library.  To reuse a boilerplate image from an Object Library, simply drag it to the Object Navigator and drop it under the canvas where you want the image to appear.  This is faster and simpler than importing a file.  See the Gallery page in the DEMO20.OLB object library for an example.
    6     Add trigger code to show each frame as appropriate.  Depending on your application you might do this within a PL/SQL loop, or in a WHEN-TIMER-EXPIRED trigger.  Change the frame by programmatically adjusting the Viewport X Position on Canvas and Viewport Y Position on Canvas properties to position the viewport visible on the content canvas over the desired frame. 
    if responses are helpful or correct please mark it

  • Stuck in initial download in progress

    I have swapped my upstairs and basement tv.  I never had problems before but haven't used the basement tv in several months.  It seems to be stuck in the" Starting moment please initial download in progress ,it takes about a minute" except that it has been several hours.  Any suggestions?

    The Initial Download in Progress screen appears to be the Interactive Media Guide (IMG) and its data being started and updated after an STB (Set Top Box) reset. But it should never take much more than a minute.
    Did you swap your STBs or just the TVs? Was the box that is stuck working before the switch, or was it with the TV that has not been used in a while?
    I would check all of your coaxial cable connections. Then I would reset the router. Then I would reset the STB. If you are using an HDMI connection to the TV, make sure that it is secure as well.
    If the problem is still present, swap the STBs and see if the problem follows the box stays in the room. It could be a bad STB.
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  • Org. unit and associated material groups download from Org. structure

    I want to download the material groups and associated material groups(Defined in External attributes) from organisation structure.
    Please suggest how to do it.
    Best regards,

    Hi. There's a point. You said you wanted to download a list so I presumed you wanted all the org units and all the material groups assigned to them.
    If you only want to do it 1 org unit at a time the function will work perfectly.
    I f you do want to see all I have had another thought actually.
    You could run program RHOMATTRIBUTES_REPLACE.
    This allows you to replace 1 attribute with another, but if you do not press the "change" button it works as a good report on attributes.
    If you just put in attibute PRCAT and then Old Value = Logical System of backend and New Value = Logical system of backend and tick substring then execute, it will show you all the org units and all the material groups.
    Just be careful not to press the replace button on the output, that would actually change data.

  • Mac OS X Lion Download Not Progressing

    I have installed Lion on at least 5 other computers and have never ran into this issue. I am attempting to download Mac OS X Lion and the download has not progressed any. When hovering over the download icon it has just simply displayed " Mac OS X Lion - Downloading..." without showing a percentage and the progress bar has stayed empty/blank the whole time. I have attempted to pause/restart, cancel and start over. Nothing has worked. I would be willing to send screen shots or give more information by other means. I am in desperate need to have this installed before I leave town. Please help. Thank you.
    A few things to note:
    No Firewall is Running.
    I have a 75MG internet connection.
    I meet system requirements.

    I have found my answer. The progress bar displayed on the Mac OS X Lion icon really doesnt show progression that well. I found that you are able to open the Mac App Store and then click purchases and see a much better progression bar, actually showing the progress. The download is moving extremely slow considering my internet connection but I can see progression is made at least.
    I would really like to state that having to open the Mac App Store, open purchases, and then see the progress is really not congruent to how things should work. You shoud simply be able to see the amount downloaded on the icon.

  • FTR_SUBSCR  Function Group Download in a EHP4 version

    Hi Guys
    Im facing an upgrade from 4.6C to an Ecc 6.0 and unfortunally my client had the brilliant idea to install the EHP4 in your QAS system but ddnt installed in the DEV system...
    I dont need to mention that transporting the requests from DEV to QAS some of them gave errors..
    What i need now it's the FTR_SUBSCR function group EHP4 version in order to compare in the DEV system version but im not getting to the original version thru SE95..
    Can anyone donwload this function group in and version with the EHP4 instaled  and send it to me? i'll be appreciated.
    thanks in advance
    Best Regards
    João Martins
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    Z program to download all Z programs,
    refer the post by " Arun Sambargi"
    check this link,will be useful for you.
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  • CRM: Acount Group download

    Dear Colleagues,
    In R/3, there are 20 acount group(a/c group can be chacked in trx. ovt0). Table name is T077D.
    I have downloaded these acount group from R/3 to CRM with inital download of object DNL_CUST_KTOKD. So CRM a/c group table CRMC_T077D gets populated with 20 entries. And then corresponding CDB table SMOT077D also populated with 20 entries.
    So far so good. But now I realize that I need only 10 a/c group in CDB table SMOT077D. Rest are unwanted entry, so now how to proceed?
    There is a object <b>DNL_CUST_KTOKD1</b> which transfer entries from CRM to CDB, but I am not able to set the filter condition on this object. Also, even if I am setting this filter, this is not going to remove the entries which are already there.
    Please suggest...

    have you tried:
    1. Adjust the filter settings for object DNL_CUST_KTOKD (R/3 -> CRM) to your requirements
    2. Run the synchronisation R3AS4 for this object --> check whether CRM tables only contains your desired values
    3. Run the synchronisation for DNL_CUST_KTOKD1 --> check whether CDB tables are populated correctly

  • How to solve mountain lion not start downloading(white progress bar)?

    Dear All,
    I cannot install Mountain Lion with this error "This Copy of the Install OS X Mountain Lion Application can’t be verified"
    Then I delete it and redownload and downloading never start. In App Store->Purchase tab, "DOWNLOADED" is shown for mountain lion.
    But in Luanchpad, the white progress bar at Mountain Lion icon is shown.
    Please help. Thanks in advance.

    Restart your modem and router. If you can connect with an ethernet cable, try that.
    If there is an icon in LaunchPad, hold down the option key and click the x over it.
    Then, try to download again.

  • Stopping Software Updater download in progress?

    I accidently clicked Install on an update for software I'll never use. It's pretty large and I not only want to just ignore the thing, but stop the download already in progress.
    There doesn't seem to be anything in Help on canceling a started download. Is this even possible or is un-checking and Ignoring the only way to keep this monster from getting implemented?

    Restart the computer from the Apple menu. It will ask you if you want to continue the download. You can later ignore it from the Software Update or File menu.
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  • How to delete unwanted movie downloads in progress on my iPad

    I have several TV Show downloads that I no longer want downloaded on my iPad.  How can I del

    If they are still in the Downloads tab in the iTunes store app on your iPad then try swiping/dragging across them from right-to-left and they should get a Delete button show on them

  • I am trying to download foxfire on a Mac. I have tried several times. It shows downloading in progress but never finishes.

    Trying to download foxfire on a Mac. It begins but goes for hours and never finishes.

    You may need to consult a Safari forum for your download problems.
    Possibly consider as a work around downloading from another device and transferring on removable media or by wifi/bluetooth etc to your Mac. (Take care to obtain the correct Firefox installer, the one for a Mac and not the one for the downloading device).
    The Firefox related advice on downloads is:
    *[[Find and manage downloaded files]]
    *[[What to do if you can't download or save files]]

  • Firefox 29.0.1 Cannot view download in progress, nor access downloads via browser

    I am running Firefox 29.0.1 in a Windows OS. Up until a few days ago, the grey arrow (green when downloading) worked fine, dropped down a menu that showed recent downloads, and allowed me to access them. Now I find I cannot do this. I would prefer to use the native "download button", but am open to suggestions if this is not possible.

    You can check for problems caused by a corrupted localstore.rdf file.
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem.
    *Switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window

  • How do you delete a download in progress?

    I recently "bought" the premier episode of Mr. Sunshine.  It has taken forever to download and I keep stopping it.  I no longer want this - how do I delete it forever?  I can't seem to make it go away completely.

    Once an item enters the download queue, the user cannot remove it. Either let it complete the download (easiest) or contact the iTunes Store customer support department through the Contact page  (select the category and subcategory closest to the issue you're reporting and you'll find either an "Express Lane" button - just follow the instructions to get to the contact form - or an "Email Us" button)  and ask them if they'll remove the item(s) from your queue for you.

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    I follow these steps to make a hyperlink to open MS Word document. Step 1: go to shared component Step 2: go to static files Step 3: click on create and upload the document file here eg demo_file.doc Step 4: now create a new html region and put follo

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    hello! i am using userexit mv50afz1 in the FORM USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT.  i am using transaction vl09 and thourgh this transaction  i am using a bi for updating a field in transaction vl02n. since both transactions are connected i used the fm in updat

  • Horizontal Nav items swapped around but code lists them fine...weird

    I must of changed something but don't know what.  My Horizontal navigation bar is supposed to be: Home   Promotions/Mailings   Annual Report   Directory   Click   Questions It was viewing correctly, then out of the blue they swapped around: Questions

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    Hi, To estimate shipping cost in sales order, i use the shipping cost information under extras tab in sales order, ofcourse had to do intial set tup like creating shipping profile. But why is the shipping price calculated only in billing document? I

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