How can I attach an image without the image is in the email body? (using the new mail the Lion)

How can I attach an image without the image is in the email body? (using the new mail the Lion)
I want in attachment, not in the body mail.

I think your only solution is to zip the image files first and then attach them.
Read this from a site I found:
Sending Graphical Attachments -- When you attach a graphical image to your message, the recipient of your message sees the image inline (that is, in the body of the message) if her email client supports inline display. ("Take Control of Email with Apple Mail" contains a table listing the capabilities of popular Mac and PC email clients.) If a client does not support inline display (or the recipient has turned off the inline display option), the file appears as an attachment that must be opened in a separate program.
On the one hand, an inline image is easier for the recipient to see - all she has to do is look at it. On the other hand, inline images can be frustrating to scroll through. If you do not wish to send a graphical image inline, you must compress the file before attaching it - Mail, sadly, lacks a built-in compression option, though fortunately for Panther users, the Finder offers Zip compression without requiring a separate application.
Note that when you compose a new message, Mail always shows attachments in the body of your message. You can manually drag them somewhere else, but many email clients display all attachments in a separate list, regardless of where you place them in the message body.
If you paste an image into a message or drag & drop an image from another window (say, a Web browser), Mail converts the raw image data to an attachment in TIFF format. On the other hand, if you drag & drop the icon of an image file (or use the Attach button to locate the file using the file browser), Mail leaves the attached image in its original format. This difference is significant, because although most email clients can display JPEG images just fine, support for TIFF - especially in non-Mac email clients - is less common. If possible, I suggest attaching image files as opposed to pasting or dragging in raw image data.

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    Is this the first time your friend receives e-mail from a Mac user?
    It is certainly the first time I have sent her emails from a Mac.  Not sure if she has ever received messages from another Mac user before.
    You've sent her e-mails with pictures before, but only now you're having a problem
    Yes, that's correct. offers two settings you can try to manipulate: Edit > Attachments > Always send Windows-friendly attachments, and, Always insert attachments at end of message
    I had already tried that and it didn't work.
    e-mail client your friend is using
    I will find out on Monday when she goes back to work, but I wanted to look at solving the problem firstly from my end.
    very likely you're dealing with a problem others have dealt with
    Yes, very likely - I searched the site before I posted my own question, and there were quite a number of posts on the same issue.
    Again, thanks everyone for your help.  Hopefully we can find a solution.  I am not making you all grope in the dark just to annoy you!!!  I'm just a new Mac user trying to work something out.  I am sorry if it seemed otherwise.

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    You best ask the windows gallery people. Thunderbird opening more than one window is based on yhow the request is made, not on Thunderbird,
    Selecting multiple files in explorer simply adds them to a mail, therefore the Windows gallery is the problem.

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    No answer yet. Paging Acrobat support.... Where are you?

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