How can I use the procedures and functions in my library

hello, all
I have a pl/sql library MYLIB.pld, MYLIB.pll and MYLIB.plx.
How can I invoke procedures and functions there in JDeveloper?

I am indeed using ADF BC to re-develop the oracle application.
Here is my situation:
We have an oracle form application.
Our objective is to try to re-use the existing sources in the form application as much as possible:
1. tons of procedures and functions in a pl/sql library(a file with extension name portfolioLib.pll or portfolioLib.plx);
2. tons of form-level triggers, data-block triggers and item-triggers;
3. tons of database stored procedures and triggers;
After doing a research on JDeveloper, we decide to use ADF Swing+ADF BC to re-develop the application.
My opinion for the above three kinds of sources in our form application is:
for 1: we try to move most of procedures and functions into database(except Form build-in);
for 2: we try to wrap those triggers in a SQLJ class;
for 3: we try to call database procedures and functions with PreparedStatment or CallableStatement;
I just do a test on a post-query trigger on a data-block:
I created a sqlj file, named testSQLJ.sqlj in the test.view package;
I tried to call it in createInstanceFromResultSet of which is test.model package,
I was told that testSQLJ cannot be found there. why?
How can I call some classes from test.view package in some classes of test.model?
I read some documents about how to deal with post-query trigger in JDeveloper: create a view with SQL statement, but it seems that it does not support pl/sql statement there.
Can you give me some opinion about the above stuff?
I really appreciate your help.

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    Use the step reference to get a PropertyObject reference using the Step.AsPropertyObject. With this PropertyObject reference you can then get the values of Limits.High and Limits.Low using the PropertyObject.GetValNumber() method.
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    Not sure why you are charged for calls on this, as standard you would get free evening and weekends and there are packages for unlimited anytime.
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    Why not ask over at the registered developers forum?

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    This is a followup to my own posting above.
    Thanks to Dave Sawyer for posting information about re-downloading an app which has been deleted.  I deleted the app from iTunes.  Then, when I synched, iTunes asked me if I wanted the items on my ipod touch copied back into iTunes.  I said yes and then synched.
    Readdledocs is now working again.  It is no longer frozen.  However, I have learned my lesson.  I will download only pdf's from now on.  I don't think it works so well with epub files.  The text reflow feature of Readdledocs is exactly what I need to use for my work documents on my ipod touch.

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    As I wrote above, I think you should look into the Apple TV yourself. The best place to find information about what it can and can't do and to ask your own specific questions is probably in the Apple TV forum, here:

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    Once this is done go back to the main page where you should read "Primary ID" and change the email address that is showing to the new email address youo want. "Save" Done
    I learned this not to long ago and worked for me. Hope this helps you!

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