How do I get Firefox for Android to download and install?

I had Firefox installed on my Android tablet, an Asus TF300T. I was notified there was an update so I clicked to let in install. I avoid auto updates as I need to use a website that is always a couple of versions behind in compatibility. Well, the update would not download and I tried several times. It just seems to time out (error 495 is reported). I tried uninstalling Firefox to attempt a fresh install. This has worked with other apps that were being difficult when installing updates. Now I still can't get Firefox for Android to complete a download in order to get it installed. What's the deal with this latest version? I'd like to get Firefox back on my tablet but the options are extremely limited and frankly the amount of help on the website is also extremely limited. Any help would be appreciated.

From where you try to download Firefox for Android?
Download it from [ here]

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  • How do I get Firefox for Android to OPEN a document instead of Download it?

    I have an android tablet and am using a web application that has links to Word documents. I need this to be very simple for the end user. By default Firefox downloads the file (which is on a share on our server). The user then has to find it and open it - too many steps.
    I cannot find Tools/Options/Application as there is on the Windows version.

    From where you try to download Firefox for Android?
    Download it from [ here]

  • How can I get my iPod touch to download and install updates to apps?

    I am having difficulties with getting updates for my apps to download and install.  When requested, I supply my password for my apple ID, and select "update".  It immediately jumps to the screen with my icon, and then gives me a status bar and says "waiting" for an unending amount of time.
    I have tried power cycling our wireless router and modem, power cycling the iPod, deleting the apps from all locations then syncing the iPod, and reinstalling the apps. 
    Nothing I try seems to get me out of this never ending cycle of inability to download and install updates.
    Any ideas?

    How are you accessing the mail on the laptop? If you are using a mail client, Outlook, etc, then the mail is being downloaded to the laptop.
    If you want to read them on the iPod, then in the account on the iPod, make sure that you turn off delete from server, then after looking at them on the iPod, delete the messages. You will then be able to pick them up on the laptop. Or, as Illaass said, read them with a web client.

  • How to i get adobe cs6 premium to download and install all i can get it to do is download the 7z file but nothing opens it

    i have downloaded the large 7z file but cannot get anything to open the file or install it not sure how to do it

    there are 2 files, the exe and the 7z.  download both to the same directory and click the exe.

  • How do I get Firefox for Android to recognize the built in camera on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7plus running 4.0.4?

    The new Firefox works great on my Galaxy Pad, but does not recognize the built in camera allowing me to upload videos to the web. I do not have that problem with Dolphin.
    When I go to a website that allows me to upload videos and click on record, Firefox states that I do not have a webcam connected. The Galaxy Tab 7Plus has two cameras, one facing each direction. I do not have this problem with other browsers.
    Everything else is exemplary.

    The native Android Youtube player does a much better job of handing video playback than embeded flash in a browser.

  • How do you get firefox 4 to save tabs and windows and restore them? Don't say set preferences to open them on startup or use restore previous session under history; those do not work. Or is it no longer possible to save windows and tabs?

    How do you get firefox 4 to save tabs and windows and restore them? Don't say set preferences to open them on startup or use restore previous session under history; those do not work. Or is it no longer possible to save windows and tabs?

    This is essentially paulbruster's answer, but I've added the steps some might assume, but which aren't so obvious to those of us who are new at this, like me.
    This solution might ''appear'' to be long and complicated, but after you follow the directions once, you'll find it's quick, clean, and simple. Almost like they designed it this way.
    # If you haven't already, open a bunch of tabs on a few different subjects.
    # Click the List All Tabs button on the right side of the tab strip.
    # Select Tab Groups.
    # Create a few groups as described [ here] , i.e. just drag them out of the main thumbnail group into the new groups they create.
    # Now click on any thumbnail in any new group, but not the original big default group you may have left some tabs in.
    #A regular Firefox window will open, but'' only the tabs in that group will be visible.'' You also now have the Tab Groups button in the tab strip.
    # Right click on any tab, and there it is: Bookmark All Tabs. Click on it in the list of options. Or you can hit Ctrl+Shift+D instead and go straight to the dialogue box from the tab without any clicks. But don't go looking for this familiar option anywhere else, 'cause it's not there.
    # Now pick an existing folder or create a new one just like you would have before and '''shlpam!''' there they are. New folders are supposed to end up in the Unsorted category all the way at the very bottom, but for some reason mine show up at the bottom of my last sorted category.
    # DO NOT CLICK THE UPPER-RIGHTMOST X to close this group of tabs. This will close ALL of your tabs in all groups, currently visible or not. At least it asks if you're sure first. Instead, click your new Tab Groups button to return to the Boxes 'O Thumbnails window, and click the X in the group box you just bookmarked.
    # Click on another thumbnail to repeat the process with another group, or click on a thumbnail in the big default box to return to the original FF window. You can also click the Tab Groups button at the upper right, or Ctrl+Shift+E, which will also get you ''into'' the Boxes 'O Nails window ''from'' FF.
    # So now when you reopen FF after shutdown, simply select your folder from your Bookmarks and Open All in Tabs. '''Just like paulbruster said. '''

  • HT1267 How do I get credit for something I downloaded twice by mistake?

    How do I get credit for something I downloaded twice by mistake?

    Go to the iTunes store, go to Support and Contact. Send them an email explaining your issue. There is no telephone or email support from iTunes. You should hear from them within 24 hours.

  • Yahoo states that I cannot utilize email chat or messenger unless I have Firefox 8. How can I get Firefox 8? I downloaded 9 and now can't chat with friends and family in Yahoo...**sigh**

    yahoo states that I cannot utilize email chat or messenger unless I have Firefox 8. How can I get Firefox 8? I downloaded 9 and now can't chat with friends and family in Yahoo...**sigh**

    Hi Tgordineer,
    This sounds like a known issue reported here:
    There was a workaround posted, but I've not tested it myself. Here are the steps.
    # Go into Yahoo Messenger Options - Change the Window in the dropdown to Tab and press OK.
    # Then go back and switch it to small window and press OK.
    Once the bug is officially resolved, you could try running a Nightly or Aurora build to use the fix early.
    Hopefully this helps!

  • I can't get a flashplayer plugin to download and install properly.  Have tried several times. HELP?

    i can't get a flashplayer plugin to download and install properly.  Have tried several times. HELP?

    Please use the flash player uninstaller utility and remove any instance of flash player. html
    Then restart your system and then try to install adobe flash player again using site

  • How do I get Firefox to remember two usernames and passwords for

    Firefox remembers one username and password, does not auto-fill-in the information (which is good), but will not ask to remember the second username and password. How do I get Firefox to remember the second username and password?
    I have two e-mail accounts which use the same login page, one account is sbcglobal and the other is yahoo. I would like Firefox to remember both sets of information so I don't have to type all the username and password information for one account.

    * Make sure that you not run Firefox in (permanent) [[Private Browsing]] mode
    * You are in Private Browsing mode if you see "Tools > Stop Private Browsing", possibly grayed
    * You enter Private Browsing mode if you select: Tools > Options > Privacy > History: Firefox will: "Never Remember History"
    * To see all History settings, choose: Tools > Options > Privacy, choose the setting <b>Firefox will: Use custom settings for history</b>
    * Uncheck: [ ] "Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session"
    See also

  • How can I stop firefox for android from increasing font sizes on some pages?

    I try to get my browser to show websites exactly as they would look in my Firefox for desktop pcs. Checking "show desktop version" helps, but still, on many sites the font size is almost doubled compared to my laptop's browser. a good example would be the amazon site. Not only the font size but the whole layout seems bigger, although both my laptop any my tablet have the same screen resolution. Changing the text size setting to tiny didn't have an impact on any site at all.
    Also, is there a way to manually zoom in/out of a website like strg+ -/+ in the normal firefox does?

    This is an interesting one. I'm not a web developer so others will be able to give a more thorough answer but I think the thing is that the navigator.userAgent is not the only source of information about your device available to the site.
    Recently user agent sniffing has become less popular because browsers tend to catch each other up and, for example, you don't want to force IE10 users to view a web page designed to get around lacking features in IE6. See the following links for more info on this:
    I expect what is happening is that the site is instead using feature detection of some kind and is varying the images served based on the features it can detect rather than the useragent string of the browser you are using.
    As far as I can tell there is no setting in Firefox for Android that is default-zooming in on desktop websites. It just displays what the site provides.

  • How do i get firefox to remember personal info and fill it in automatically

    How can I get Firefox to memorize personal info (name, address, etc.) and automatically fill in forms when ordering products, registering for an account, etc.?

    Remove site(s) from the Exceptions: Tools > Options > Security: Passwords: Exceptions
    See also:

  • HT1349 New ipod user says - how do I know if I have successfully downloaded and installed the latest software update 5.0.1 to my ipod?  I am downloading it now for the third time!

    How can I tell if a software has been downloaded AND installed on my ipod?  Tried 3 times now.

    iTunes will tell you when you sync.
    For help, see iPod Support:
    specifically the "learn more" link under "Upgrading to iOS 5":
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    Mac OSX 10.7.3

  • How do I get Firefox to save a ussername and password that I didn't want saved previously?

    If I previously X-ed out of the "save user name and password" option, or clicked no on it.... how do I get it back so I can now have Firefox save a username and password for that same site?
    When I set up a computer at work and used it to check on personal accounts real quick, I didn't think I should save my personal info. Turns out I'm the only on using it and I can do whatever I want. The boss will only use Internet Explorer, if he uses my computer at all. And he said he doesn't care what I use it for during slow time. So, now I want to save my personal accounts info on Firefox. But how?

    I had exactly the same problem with YouTube, having previously deleted an account and in the process of setting up a new one at a later date. At the time of deleting I had deleted the YouTube 'Username and Password' from Firefox but could not get it to remember the new, in fact the option to save did not even appear.
    I looked in 'Exceptions' but as expected nothing was there. I then remembered that YouTube is now part of Google so went into 'Options/Security/Saved Passwords/Search for 'Google' which brought up all the different Google Usernames and Passwords, in fact some did not have Passwords, and deleted the lot. Went back into YouTube, logged in and Hey Presto was asked if I wished to retain the Username and Password.
    What other Google apps I have, I already have saved Usernames and Passwords stored elsewhere so no worries about not getting into them. Seems Google can sometimes be a pain in the neck.

  • How can I get Firefox to pass its downloads to Speed Download as all the other browsers do (it used to be able to do this)?

    Until a few months ago All our browsers could automatically pass their downloads to "Speed Download" for downloading, very handy to have them all working in one place.
    Now after recent updated in the last six months or so Firefox alone no longer does this but insists on using its own download setting.
    how can I get it to respond to Speed Download as before, along with Google Chrome, Camino and Safari?

    Have you tried the update to Fast Dial, version 4.2.1 or later? It should override the built-in new tab page: ''(Note: I haven't tested it myself)''
    If you are using a similar add-on that isn't the same "Fast Dial", which one is it?

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