How do I get rid of adobe's "improve our products" popup window which keeps freezing CS6?

How do I get rid of adobe's "improve our products" popup window which keeps freezing CS6?

In theory it would have to come up at least once and then you could choose yes/no. You can also choose that when you install it, so try to reinstall to put the respective configuration in place.

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  • How do I get rid of the trial question on my Premier elements - which I purchased in Jan 2014

    I purchased my Adobe  Premier Elements in Jan 2014 - but now every time I use the program for editing and DVD burning it confronts me with a trial program (saying I have 2 days left on the trial) - how do I get rid of this trial Advertisement/program so that I can continue with the Premier Elements that I have already purchased?
         Thanks Brian [email protected]

    The answer would be expected to be....
    When you are given the Trial Message, click on the tab that says License The Product (or something like that) and then follow the instructions which will include inserting your purchased serial number.
    Have you been there and done that?

  • How do I get rid of the '' home page? It just keeps coming back.

    I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 OS and my firefox web browser is compromised with this '' home page which I can't get rid of. I've been into the cache, deleted all my cookies, manually changed the home page and the backup home page in the preferences folder. Still keeps coming back. Where is this nasty bit of code lurking in my machine and how can I get rid of it?
    Thanks for any help

    Thanks ideato
    I tried this and lost all my bookmarks and stuff! But found them in a backup file.
    I've solved the problem by creating a new firefox profile and importing my settings and bookmarks from the old one (carefully, so as not to import the virus as well)
    Now the old profile has the virus and the new profile is just fine.
    I could just delete the old profile... but I'd love to find out exactly where this bug is lurking, so maybe I'll keep the old profile for a while and see if I can find half a day or night free for detective work.

  • How can I get rid of that row of icons below the bookmarks, which has Startnow on the left and Twitter on the right?

    I sought help among the available articles. I was informed that right clicking on a vacant part of the toolbar would give me the option to delete or hide it. Doesn't seem to work with this one. In fact, right clicking anywhere on this row isn't working. If I right click the "startnow" icon, it takes me to that page. I really don't want this toolbar, as it wastes my desk space. How do I get rid of it?

    Do you see that toolbar in View > Toolbars or Firefox > Options if the menu bar is hidden?
    Can you attach a screenshot?
    Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot and make sure that you do not exceed the maximum file size (1 MB).

  • How do I get rid of the annoying Improve Images tooltip?

    The improve images tooltip is sooo annoying!
    How do I get rid of it?

    Hi gdav, it depends. If you don't mind having the images compressed and just want to get rid of the messages, you can try to filter or block the script that generates the tooltips. If you want to get the original images, you need to figure out whether you can change the settings in your connection software.
    If you search on the following page for AdBlock, you will see a suggestion for one way to filter the script. Note that each ISP might have a different name and address for its script, so you probably need to take a peek at the source code (Ctrl+u) for a simple page, or a few different pages, to spot the one that's coming from your ISP's server.
    [ SHIFT+R improves image quality]

  • How Do I Get Rid of Adobe Reader X

    I have absolutly no idea how to get rid of it and I need help!!!!!!

    Assuming that you are in a Win and not in Mac machine, you may try running this fix from Microsoft:

  • How do I get rid of the blue "downloading the latest applications" bar which won't go away even after uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox?

    Can't get rid of the blue "downloading the latest applications" bar that seems to be just hanging and won't go away. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, but the bar is still there after 2 days. I updated something (can't remember what!) on I.E., and it had the same blue bar, but it had a box I could x out of so it went away on I.E. I don't know why the blue bar is there on Firefox, as I did the update while on I.E.
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == I updated an application while on Internet Explorer.

    #In the menu bar, at the top of the Firefox window, Go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions.
    # Locate ''each ''of the following extensions by name and click the disable button
    #Restart Firefox as prompted and see if the undesired toolbar has been removed.
    #The extensions to disable are: '''Crawler Toolbar''', '''MP3 Rocket Toolbar''', '''MSN Toolbar''', '''Search Helper Extension'''
    If you don't need some / all of those toolbars, consider leaving them disabled.
    You can probably remove these toolbars permanently from Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs.

  • How can i get rid of adobe community?

    i need to disable adobe cummunity help. it seems to be currupt and pops up and freezes my computer.

    You can change the preferences of your email notifications from your profile after logging in on forum from right hand side grey panel.

  • How can I get rid of an important improvement idea concerned with online banking - preferably eMail address?

    So here comes the idea:
    When in online-banking (quite commonly!) the page/portal of the Bank has to be abandoned f.i. to look up something else, or this happens acccidentally, the connection is forced to break with a timeout. No good for the system, worse for the user as all entries are lost and have to be done again. And to get into the portal again may take some time until on server-side the user-gate is closed, and next time the entry is usually hampered with stupid and tedious explanations.
    Solution: An extra list in 'Extras' to hold all URLs where 'warnings' are wanted.
    'Warnings': When a portal or page (URL) listed here is commanded to be closed or this happens unwanted, a prompt for y/n with "do you really want to close?"
    Preferable structure of the list: Optional in addition to the URL i.e. in quotes or other appropriate delimiters the text of a deliberately chosen message to replace the standard warning.
    PS: could be useful for many other applications also!
    Rgds, Dietrich Gottstein

    You can submit feedback to Mozilla here -

  • How do I get rid of these annoying virus scan pop-up windows?!?

    Every time I get on my laptop, these stupid virus scan windows pop up and they won't go away! No matter if I press Eject or Cancel, and as you can see, there is NO option to x it out! Only the yellow and green buttons show up, but the red X button does not! I took a picture of four of them and then all ten that are open. It seems more keep opening up whenever another program opens or seems to be running in the background! It's so frustrating! Has anyone else ever experienced this? I have the 2008 black MacBook. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    You have some kind of anti-virus software installed, which should probably be removed. I can't immediately identify the icon, though. When these scans are running, open Activity Monitor (found in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder), click the CPU tab and make sure the items with high CPU usage numbers are sorted to the top. Then take a screenshot of the Activity Monitor window and post it here.
    Make a screenshot by following the directions here:
    Be sure no sensitive personal information is displayed. To add that image to a post here, click the camera icon in the post editor toolbar.

  • How do i get rid of a virus that gives me popups

    i downloaded something to watch a video for free (not smart, i know lol) and i get a million popups of things like mackeeper.  My computer buggs out all the time and asks me for passwords and to download more things.  Help me please!!

    Click here and follow the instructions, or if desired, run Adware Medic; the second link is a direct download.

  • How do I get rid of the repeated Microsoft R6034 Runtime Error appearing when starting Photoshop CS6

    I have detailed the problem and the attempted remedies in an earlier request for help
    (15th Nov,PS6 R6034 runtime error, in Photoshop General Discussion) but none were coming.
    It is extremely frustrating and disappointing that Adobe can not be more helpful and effective in solving this problem.

    I just got off of chat with adobe support. Very disappointed.
    Nobody can find the correction for this error. Shame on adobe!
    What happened to a once great company.
    It is extremely frustrating and disappointing that Adobe can not be more helpful and effective in solving this problem.

  • How can I get rid of 'Ask' in the list of search engines, which always comes back (and at the top of the list) even though I check the 'Remove' box in 'Manage Search Engines'?

    I don't think I can add anything relevant to the question

    You can open the <b>about:config</b> page via the location bar and do a search for <i></i> via the Filter at the top of that page.<br />
    You can reset all <i></i> related prefs via the right-click context menu to their default values.
    To open the <i>about:config</i> page, type <b>about:config</b> in the location (address) bar and press the "<i>Enter</i>" key, just like you type the url of a website to open a website.<br />
    If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access that page.<br />

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    I have two users listed in my admin group, but the undesired one doesn't show up in users and groups settings pane. How do I get rid of it?

    Well, I found a link which showed me how to find the hidden/unwanted user and get rid of it (remove hidden users: Apple Support Communities). Now when I get info from the drive on my network I find this:
    Is this normal? I would expect to find something other than (unknown).

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    Look at the manage your account on each to determine which one is the right one for you. and then use the delete account option on the iCloud account you dont want

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