How do you get different check box fields to display based upon a list box selection?

I am a relative newbie with LifeCycle Designer ES using v.8.2.1 to create interactive forms to replace manual hardcopies.  I am working on a form that has a few pull down list boxes.  I want different check box fields to display based upon the selection of an item from one of the pull down lists.
Any guidance on the best way to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a sample with script in the change event of the dropdown. You may want to clear previous checkbox choices once the subform is hidden.
It is good to group objects in a subform - that way you only need to hide the subform and not each object in turn.
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    I'm making a form for students to fill out and I want them to be able to pick from about 200 different courses. In the Field/List Items place, it would appear that you can only enter one item one at a time. I did this for 56 faculty,which took too much time, but for over 200 course titles, it would be much more convenient just to copy/paste them from an Excel spreadsheet, which is what I've tried doing. Any help or tips would be appreciated. I've attached a PDF of what I'm working on. The drop-down box is the one next to "Course." Thanks.

    The next version of LiveCycle Designer ES2 will allow user to copy and paste a long list of items into a dropdown or list box at design time. But until then your choices are limited.
    Paste them one at a time;
    You could set up a global variable in the (File/Form Properties) with the 200 items in the one variable. Then it would depend if your users have Acrobat/Reader v9 or earlier versions of Acrobat/Reader. John Brinkman has (several) blogs on this topic:
    If you are going with v9 then you can use the setItem script. However if you want your form to be compatible with earlier versions then you will need the addItem script.
    Also check out a sample by Steve Walker. and  The first one dealt with adding user entered data onto a dropdown, which is not exactly what you are after, but it will give you direction in populating a dropdown from an array.
    You would place the script in the docReady event of the dropdown, which would populate the dropdown every time the form is opened.
    Good luck,

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    I believe that this is where PC & MAC versions differ.
    The PC version  will "get from scanner" in the organizer but the MAC version has to "Import from scanner" in the editor. I don't know why they act differently.
    It has been posted on this forum (can't find thread at the moment) a fix for the windows version of copying a module from a previous version if you had one. That is not an official fix.
    If I find the link I'll post back.

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    Boo! I guess my 1st Gen Apple TV will remain my main TV device. Thanks for the reply.

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    "Someone invited you to an event using an email address that isn’t on your “me” card in Address Book. Find your email address in the following list and add it to your card in Address Book."
    The email address used is the one on my "me" card.
    It looks as if the problem is that the invitation has been sent out to a list and iCal appears to be unable to handle invitations that are sent to a list of addresses.
    Is there any way to switch off this additional processing, so I can receive ICS invitations that have been sent to a list of email addresses?

    Without actually seeing some of what is in the .ics attachment there's really no way to see what's going on.

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    You cannot

  • How do you get a line with MULTIPLE fields to WRAP ?

    How do you get a line with MULTIPLE fields to WRAP ?
    Good afternoon everyone...
    THE PROBLEM: Why doesn’t a line with multiple fields WRAP?
    If I have 2 fields on a line (this is now a hypothetical example and nothing to do with my actual report)….let’s call them field A and field B. And if field A has values of all ‘X’ and field B has values of all ‘Y’…then….the normal case would be (ignore dots – only for spacing):
    A……………………… B
    But what if A is too long? I would want to see B wrap onto the next line like this:
    And similarly….if B is extra long, can the line print as:
    A………………………. B
    I don’t want the case where B is long and I get:
    A………………… …B…
    I can see how you can wrap an individual field like that…but how can you WRAP a line of[b] fields within the frame so it wraps to the BEGINNING of the frame on next line?
    I have a report that I have stripped down to a simple structure for the purposes of this explanation.
    My DATA MODEL has the main QUERY (for plant family and species data). The columns of the query are divided into 2 groups. The 1st GROUP contains the family data. Below that is the rest of the species data in a 2nd GROUP.
    Linking from the 2nd species group (above) is a new QUERY to extract REGION data based on the common key field. Under this 2nd query is another group with all the REGION columns.
    The LAYOUT MODEL has a group frame (the main , base one)
    On top of this is a repeating frame based on the 1st group (family data).
    On top of this is another repeating frame for the 2nd group (species data).
    On top of this is 2 Frames on the same line line. The 1st frame contains columns from the species group .
    The 2nd frame on this line is a repeating frame. The PRINT DIRECTION for this frame is ACROSS/DOWN. It repeats details of the REGION where the species is found. These columns come from this group come from the REGION QUERY and GROUP.
    All fields on the report line have variable horizontal elasticity.
    The problem is that when there is too much data on the line, it does NOT WRAP to the 2nd line.. It TRUNCATES.
    Can the line be made to WRAP????..
    In my current report, 1 of 2 things is happening:
    1) All fields print on the line until it hits the page boundary and then it just stops. Truncated!
    2) All fields print on the current line, then Oracle Reports throws a new page to print the REMAINDER of the long, input line
    But I would like a LONG line to continue printing onto the following line of the same page.
    I have tried all combinations of the elasticity fields and the ‘ADVANCED LAYOUT’ properties.
    I have been focussing my attention with this problem on the frames .
    We are using REPORT BUILDER V
    Thankyou to anyone who may offer assistance.
    Tony Calabrese.

    you gain 1 thing, but you lose something else!
    This thing is SO frustrating!
    Hey Steve! Good afternoon.
    I've done as you suggested....I have a long text boilerplate item - the only 1 on the line...and it has all the column in it.
    So it looks like:
    &col1 &col2 &col3 &col4 &col5 etc etc etc
    And the line expands nicely to each field's requirements.
    And when it gets to the right page WRAPS to the next line! Beautiful!!!
    The only thing is that...when I had individual fields across the line I was able to create format triggers for those fields. And in doing so I was able to reduce the font and change the justification. I had to do that because some of the fields had to appear superscripted.
    So I wanted something like (ignore the dots):
    So the field of 'ppppp' appeared slightly higher on the line than the other fields...
    I can't see how I can do this with a single TEXT field containing all the &COL values.
    Have you ever come across anything like this?
    Thankyou again,
    Tony Calabrese 12/4/2007

  • How do you send an email to a specific person based on if a particular check box is checked?

    How do you send an email to a specific person based on if a particular check box is checked?

    Try the LiveCycle Designer forum.

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    If you are willing to manage your photos in iPhoto and transfer the albums you create in iPhoto to your iPhone (using iTunes), I think you will find that an easy solution is available.
    In iPhoto, locate the image that you want to insert into an album (or albums); for example, you may locate the image in an event, or it may be in one or more "Faces" categories, or it may already be in an album, etc. Then, drag the image into any album. Repeat to insert the image into other albums.
    I may have misunderstood your question, or the above may not provide what you're looking for, so post again if need be.

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    Go to the Settings App
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    On the right side you'll see under the Mail section "Add Account”
    Pick that and fill out the requested information

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    You can check the file prefs.js in the [ Firefox Profile Folder] and remove the line(s) related to that extension (procon.password).

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    Right-click the toolbar and you should find it there (including the short-cut, which is probably Cmd+E).

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    Sorry, that isn't the only purpose of the Master Password feature, "locking" your Saved Password dialog from being viewed.

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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    Hold Sleep and Home buttons until your iPad restarts, so you will be able to use it again

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