How to configure purchase requesition in third party order

dear expert
can you explain how to configure purchase requesition in third party order.

Kindly check the below
Maintain the purchase requisition doc type in the  third party order  schedule line category  in the t code VOV6 as below
Sched.line cat.        TP    Third party schedule                                                                               
Delivery block                                                             
Movement Type                                        Item rel.f.dlv.       
Movement type 1-step                                                       
Order type            NB    Purch Req                P.req.del.sched       
Item category         5     Third-party                                  X     All aux.acct.assgts.                                                                               
Incompl.proced.       31    Sched.Line w/PurReq.                           

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  • How to configure purchase requistion in third party sale pls send me detail

    dear expert
    how to configure purchase requistion in third party sale pls send me details. waiting your valuable reply

    you can find the details in the below links
    Re: THird party sales complete scenario

  • How to code document flow for third party order

    Hi, I need to extract data from VBKD, but the creteria is document has been completed. as in third party order, it will only has sales order, purchase order no, invoice no. how to do ?
    thanks a lot! kitty

    Look at the status of the document in the table VBUK. It should give you all kinds of status - Confirmation status, Delivery status, Total goods movement status, Billing status.
    Also if you want the status at the item level you can look at the table VBUP.

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  • Issue with purchase requisition for third party order (Item category S)

    Hello Experts,
                         When I am trying to create purchase requisition with document type NB , item category S (third party) , I am nokt able to assign source of supply as contracts.
    That means when I click on the assign source of supply button , I am seeing only info records although I have contracts cretated for that vendor/material combination.
    How can I assign contract as a source of supply instead of infor records ?
    Please help.

    You have to assign the contract in source list and make it Fix
    use ME01 transaciton to assign the contract in the source list
    and make sure that contract is release if you have release strategy activated

  • How Billing doc.created from purchase invoice in Third Party Sale

    Hi All
    Our client requirement  has been mapped as sap third party sales process .
    But if the vendor is delivering less qty .  than the qty. for which Sales ordered  has been  created, How to create the  Sales billing Doc.  according to the purchase invoice so that Sales Billing  Doc. should be created for the delivered qty. only .
    Please suggest the configuration  & how the data is flowing from the Purchase Invoice to the Sales Invoice.
    Thanks in advance

    you can achieve your requirement by following
    T-Code  VTFA (copy control Order to Billing)
    use you Third party order type and billing type
    Go to Item category (if Standard use TAS)
    there is a option "BILLING QUANTITY"
    user there "E" Goods receipt quantity less invoiced quantity"
    Hope it will solve your problem
    Shambhu Sarkar

  • How to configure third party order ?

    how to configure third party order ? and how the business know that the customer has received the goods so that invoice to be raised?

    hi shoban,
    Third party order processing is as follows:
    Assume three companies X, Y and Z
    X - The company,
    y - The customer
    Z - Vendor
    When ever X gets a PO from Y to supply some goods, X has an option of either manufacturing those goods or procuring those goods.
    If he is procuring the goods, there are two methods that are generally followed:
    Method 1) After receiving the PO from Y, X creates a sales order against Y.
    Now at the same time he also creates a PO to a vendor Z to produce the goods
    Z produces the goods and supplies to X
    X receives the goods from Z
    Then X delivers the same goods to Y.
    After that X invoices Y and Z invoices X.
    Note : Here there is no direct/ Indirect relation between Z and Y.
    This process is known as Trading Process. and the Material here is created  with Material type HAWA.
    The other method is a Third party order processing method:
    Here the glaring difference is that instead of Z supplying the material to X and X in turn supplying the same material to Y.
    X authorizes Z to supply the material to Y on his behalf and notify him once the delivery is complete.
    Now Z supplies the material to Y and acknowledges the same to X.
    Z  will send a copy of delivery acknowledgement and invoice to X.
    After receiving the delivery confirmation and invoice from Z, X has to verify the invoice and this process is known as invoice verification and is done in SAP through Tcode MIRO.
    The next step for X  is to create an invoice and submit to Y
    Only after the invoice verification document is posted  then only X can create an invoice for Y.
    This is the business flow that is followed for third party order configuration.
    There are few steps that have to be configured to enable the system to function as mentioned above.
    If you are always followwing a third party process for a material then you have to create the material using item category group BANS.
    The procument type should be marked as External procurement (F) in MRP 2 view of the material master record.
    if you are not always allowing third party order processing then u can create a material master record with item category group as NORM and the procurement type should be marked as ( X) meaning both types of procurment ( in house manufacturing and external procurement).
    step 2)
    the item category in the order should be manually changed as TAS.
    For that you need to confugure the item category determination
    ord type + item cat grp + usge + Hiv level = Item cat + Manual item cat
    OR + NORM +      +       = TAN . + TAS
    OR + BANS +       +       = TAS
    Step 3)
    make sure that during the item category configuration for TAS  you need to mark relevnat for billing indicator as F
    step 4)
    The schedule line cateogry for this type should be CS.
    make sure that you mark  subsequent type as NB - purchase requisition  in this schedule line category as this will trigger the purchase requision order immediately after the creation of the sales order and the PO to vendor is created against this purchase requiesion.
    Hope it helps

  • Excise configuration in case of Third party sales

    In case of third party sales of a excisable material, where the goods are supplied directly to customer by the vendor.
    However the customer invoice is sent to the customer my organization
    How will the excise entries take place?
    Because in this case goods are not supplied from my depot, Also i need to charge the customer for excise, since the goods are excisable.
    Can I claim the excise benefit for the above sale process?
    Please revert
    Sudhir Chavan

    As the goods are not delivered from your factory premise and are delivered for vendor.
    Means in system there is no outward goods movement from your plant.
    So, logically you should not create Excise invoice for this.
    But, you may need to consider VAT/CST based on the sales.
    And that doesn't require any excise invoice.
    Thus, no requirement of Excise configuration in case of Third party sales.
    Yes, from procurement point of view, you would be paying excise to the vendor for this purchase.

  • Third party Order Configuration

    Hi Gurus,
                 In third Party Order Configuration i want to Configure in such a way that PR00 pricing condition type which I have maintained in my pricing Procedure must trigger the price maintained by the vendor in the incoming invoice?
    How to do the above configuration?

    In such a scenario, you have only one option of maintaining your PR00 = PB00.
    PB00 is vendor's price maintained in the purchasing document.
    with this you can have a control over this.
    Else i dont think there is a configuration option avaialable if your vendor price is variying every now and then.
    Always ensure PR00 = PB00
    Hope this will help you out !
    Syed Nasir

  • Cost center not populated in Purchase requisition for a third party order

    We are currently testing the Third party order flow which includes :
    1. Creation of a sales order with item category TAS
    2. A purchasing contract is maintained for a sales order item at the schedule line level.
    (In the purchasing contract, account assignment is already maintained for each contract item, meaning a G/L Account and a cost center).
    3. Automatic creation of the Purchase requisition when the sales order is saved.
    >> The account assignment is not copied from the contract to the Purchase requisition. Do you know why and how I can do that ?
    Best regards

    Hi Palani,
    if i am not wrong This WBS in location or additional tabs are used for settlement purpose. For PR creation by maintenance Orders can have Order number as account assignment.
    Please reply

  • How SAP handles AFS Third Party Orders in ECC system?

    Hi All,
    There is a user exit EXIT_SAPLJ3AM_003 which exist in 4.6C version of SAP for AFS.
    This user exit is for Third Party order processes. This is called within the include LJ3AMFD1 of the main program SAPLJ3AM.
    But this User exit is missing in ECC version of SAP for AFS.
    Basically when the Dierct ship Sales Order is created, corresponding PR is created for it and using this User exit certain fields in this corresponding Purchase Requisition is filled from Sales Order but this user exit is missing in ECC system.
    Could anyone please let me know how SAP handles the Third party Orders in ECC AFS system?

    Hi Ameesha,
    Did u find out any solution for it? bcoz, am also hving the same issue!!

  • Configure sap xi with third party application?

    Hi fredz,
    Can any pls explain with technical details and steps how do i configure sap xi with third party application and what type of connectivity and interfacing communication channel is preffered?
    Is there any option to web-services for interfacing between <b>SAP system-SAP XI system-Third party Application</b>.
    Pls be specific if and only if u have done this scenario.
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            Ameet Jassani
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            Ameet Jassani

    This is a very generic question. There are some getting started guides available in the main XI section on SDN, and also some step-by-step guides in the wiki section. A quick search will get you tons of information.
    The choice of connectivity and interfacing communication channel is really dependent on the capabilities of the third party system.
    Also, to get good results on this forum, please read the <a href="">rules of engagement</a>

  • Error while Creating PO from Purchase Requistion in Third Party  Sales

    Dear Team,
                          While Creating the Purchase Order from Purchase Requistion in Third Party Sales. When I am saving the PO I am getting the Error in GL Account Cannot be Used. I have disabled the field G/L Account in settings of Account Assignment Category of Third Party. Still I am facing that Error while Creating Purchase Order.  Can you guide me where we do this Assignment of G/L Account so that I can change the G/L Account.

    Dear Farhan,
    1. Go to T. Code: FS00 and enter GL number and Company Code and go to Tab: Create/bank/interest, write down the field status group.
    2. Go to T. Code: OBC4 and Select your Field Status Variant and Double Click: Field Status Group (From Left-hand Dialog Structure)
    Double-Click on to Field Status Group (as noted down from in Step 1).
    From Select group, Select Additional account assignments and make Earmarked Funds, as optional.
    Best Regards,

  • How to stop Third Party Order PR creation in Data Migration

    Dear All,
    We are having an issue with Purchase Requisition's which are getting created automatically when Third party sales Orders Transaction data is uploaded into the new client. The Third Party Orders already have PR's from MM side in Database. Kindly guide me a known practice to stop this Redundancy.

    Dear All,
    We are having an issue with Purchase Requisition's which are getting created automatically when Third party sales Orders Transaction data is uploaded into the new client. The Third Party Orders already have PR's from MM side in Database. Kindly guide me a known practice to stop this Redundancy.
    In the query, I think the above underlined sentence might gave you a different perception. what i mean is in the source database i.e in The table EBAN  we have PR's for the Third party Orders. its my bad if it made you misread.

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