How to determine the credit memo and invoice in table RBKP?

Hi all,
I want to specific the credit Memo and invoice in the table RBKP using MIRO.
Does any body know that any field can be specific that ?

The Field  XRECH - Invoice will be populated with an "x" if it is an invoice else will be blank if it is a credit memo in the  table RBKP.

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  • Issue related to the Credit memo and S.O.

    I have one issue related to the Credit memo and S.O.
    We have a network of Dealers and Dealer inventory is linked with our system. When user creates S.O for Dealer1.If the item is not avail in our inventory and it is avail in any other Dealer inventory (Dealer2), then the system creates S.O wrt the Dealer2.
    In this case as the material is directly delivered from Dealer1 to Dealer2, there is no any GI in our system.
    So, the transaction with Dealer1 will be the normal as usual. But, we have to return the goods amount to the Dealer2 with any suitable way. We are considering it as a Credit memo.
    My question is, as we have created S.O wrt the partner function- Dealer1 and we are creating CR memo for Delaer2, is there any way through which we can link the se two transactions with customizing so that we need not to make any ABAP programming.
    I mean can we create Cr memo wrt S.O when the partner functions are different?
    Pl. guide me.

    You have an interesting Scenario.
    You can handle this scenario in multiple ways
    1. Third party Scenario (Here Dealer 1 becomes Vendor &Dealer 2 remains Customer)
    2. Order related sales & credit memo.
    3. Intercompany sales, where you represent dealers place as a plant in your system. (Not an ideal way to handle the scenario, but possible option)
    Rajesh Banka
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  • The Credit Memo & Original Invoice do not have the same net due date.

    The issue is that for returns of goods from the customer, the credit memo that gets created does not have the same net due date as the original invoice.  To accomplish this, in the credit memo, the indicator "V" must be entered in the credit memo field BSEG-REBZG "Invoice Ref".  This will make the credit memo due based on the payment terms. In the OSS message 50388, SAP identifies a user exit in SDVFX008 which will fill field BSEG-REBZG with the value "V".  Doing this should automatically make the credit memo for returns due the same date as the original invoice.SAP says to do the following:
    The function module called by SDVFX008 is EXIT_SAPLV60B_008
    Make the ABAP coding in include program ZXVVFU08.
    Populate field ACCIT-REBZG with "V"
    Despite doing this , we couldnt get the same net due date as the credit memo & Original invoice.
    Can anyone help? POINTS WILL BE GIVEN.

    Hi Anitha,
    Does the value 'V' gets paopulated?.
    I mean to ask whether the program goes into the user exit logic?.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.
    Karun M

  • EEWB :  how to determine the business object and the extension type ?

    I ask myself how to determine the business object and the extension type to use to add new fields in a new tab of a specific transaction ? what means each business object, does that correspond to a specific transaction ?
    I need to add a new tab in the ‘BaMI’ business activity in transaction CRMD_ORDER just after the tab 'Actions' at header level.
    Could you help me please to determine which business object and extension type I have to select during creation of the project and which business object category I have to select during creation of the extension (wizard) ?
    Thanks for your help,

    In order to determine what type of transaction you are extending, you will need to look at the customizing for the transaction.
    In the IMG:
    Customer Relationship Management->Transactions->Basic Settings->Define Transaction Types.
    You will then choose the transaction defined that you want to extend.  If you display the details of the transaction you will find an attribute called:
    "Leading Transaction Category".  This tells you the general context in which the transaction is used.  The other item to view is the assignment of business transaction categories found in the maintenance screen.
    This information general corresponds to one of the options that the EEWB will give you on the transaction type.
    As far as extensions go, my recommendation is the following:
    - Use CUSTOMER_H Customer Header Extensions for any new fields at the header level.
    - Use CUSTOMER_I Customer Item Extensions for any new fields at the item level.
    Unless you have a specific requirement to extend a segment of the transaction, I recommend placing all new fields in these segments.  The CUSTOMER_H & CUSTOMER_I segments are considered "standard" segments, that are already built into all the necessary API structures. 
    Let me know if you have any further questions.
    Good luck,

  • Invoicing: monitor Credit Memo and Invoicing posts

    Looking for an Invoice Management System expert. I would like to know the following two things.
    1. On posting an 'incomming invoice' (with reference to a PO) in SRM this Invoice will be replicated to the R/3 back-end system. The back-end will and should use this invoice to follow-up the financial administrative process, how do they go about on this. The purchase order and Invoice will be posted to f.e. G/L 'Sources, with tax 19%'. What transaction do financial administrators use to book/post bank/liquid asset changes against these invoices?
    2. Up on creating a credit memo, for example for 1 of the 2 line items that wern't delivered but where initially invoiced, do we need to create a Credit Memo in SRM with negative amounts or does the Credit Memo with positive amounts suffice (it will always be used as credit, positive doesn't mean it's debit)?
    Kind regards,

    Subsequent Debit and Credits
    After an Invoice is successfully posted and the transaction is completed, Vendor approaches with additional amount invoice or correction in Invoice.You would like to post this additional invoice with reference to the original PO and item. Subsequent Debit / Credit functionality allows you to capture this difference without canceling original invoice.
    Please check this link

  • MIRO credit memo and invoice

    Need some help with the following:
    By mistake posted credit memo in MIRO instead of posting invoice in MIRO. Then reversed the credit memo by going in MR8M. The reversal of credit memo posted an invoice in MIRO.  Now we want to post the MIRO invoice but it doesn't post because the PO does not bring up any quantities.
    If we ignore this and go straight to pay the vendor, the outgoing amount is zero (because there is a debit and credit of the same amount posted to the vendor account due to invoice and credit memo existing of the same amount). This is because of reversing the credit memo whcih generated the invoice and now the amount is zero.
    How do we overcome this. And what is the best practice to reverse a credit memo if entered by mistake instead of choosing invoice in MIRO.

    Check First Purchase order history,
    Goods Received Document,
    And Credit memo if exist first reverse MR8M then need to rise invoice.
    If credit memo allredy reversed if unable to book invoice Book Direct FI invoice through F-43 respective vedor

  • Due date calculation for the credit memo with invoice reference.

    When we create the credit memo with reference to invoice, the due date for the credit memo is getting copied from Invoice. In this case if the invoice is due on 31.12.2008 and the credit memo is created on 10.09.2009, then the credit memo due date is appearing as 31.12.2008. It should be 10.09.2009 as per the setting in VOFA billing type customisation in "Credit Memo w/vldt".
    I would like to know how to customise the below requirement.
    If the reference invoice is due after the credit memo creation, the the credit memo should due as per the invoice date.
    If the invoice due is past & then the credit memo due date should be Immediate i.e. Due Immediately.
    Thanks in advance for help.

    I doubt there is such option. From the past projects I do remember that we made a change in the form to print the document date as 'Due Date' for credit memos. Credit memos were paid at once when they were processed and I think that payment term was copied from the original invoice, which made their due date far in future.

  • Credit memo and invoice

    Hi everybody,
    I post a credit memo and I want to match it with invoice.
    Please tell me how to do it
    Thank so much

    Hi every body
    I post credit memos referred to a specific invoice. I cross reference my invoice to my credit memo on the 'Inv. Ref' field at the payment tab strip.
    Although I post it w/ clearing the invoice using F-04 choose 'transfer posting w/ clearing', but I pay my invoice, it doesn't give me the net amount.
    I post credit memos referred to a specific invoice. I want when I pay my invoice, it will give you the net amount. How can I do?
    Please tell me how to configure
    Thank in advance
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  • Need help with Query to determine Credit Memos and Invoices

    Hi All
    Thanks for all the help here.
    I need a query to determine any credits or invoices issued within a given period.
    OINV and ORIN with UNION ALL?
    Please advise any help.
    Thank you!

    Hi Daniel,
    Please check below Query.
    SELECT T0.[DocNum] as 'Invice No', T0.[DocDate] as 'Invoice Date', T0.[CardName] as 'Invoiced Customer', T3.[DocNum] as 'Credit Memo No', T3.[DocDate] as 'Credit Mamo Date', T3.[CardName] as 'Credit Memo Customer' FROM OINV T0  LEFT JOIN INV1 T1 ON T0.[DocEntry] = T1.[DocEntry] LEFT JOIN RIN1 T2 ON T2.[BaseEntry] = T1.[DocEntry] AND T2.[BaseLine] =  T1.[LineNum] LEFT JOIN ORIN T3 ON T2.[DocEntry] = T3.[DocEntry] WHERE T0.[DocDate]  >=[%3]  AND   T0.[DocDate] <=[%4]
    Hope this helps
    Atul Chakraborty

  • How to reverse the Credit memo in AR if it's created and posted into the GL

    Hi All,
    Can any one suggest on below issue:-
    If i have created a credit memo in AR and posted into the GL also. but after that i realizse that i have made a wrong entry now i want to rectify the errror .
    How do i rectify the entry if i created Credit memo in AR and it' posted into the GL also. Now want to resverse it. ?????????

    Hi Sujeet,
    Please have a look, if the process suggested below is of any help:
    Subject:      How To Unpost Transactions in AR
         Doc ID:
    Note:219307.1     Type:      HOWTO
         Last Revision Date:      29-DEC-2005     Status:      PUBLISHED
    •     goal: How to unpost transactions in Accounts Receivable
    •     Goal: How to unpost a batch transferred from AR to GL
    •     Fact: Oracle Receivables
    •     Fact: Oracle General Ledger
    •     Fact: ARGLTP - General Ledger Transfer Program
    •     Fact: ARGCGP - Clear GL Interface Table
    Run the concurrent program ARGCGP to unpost (reset the posted status) for the
    Affected AR transactions.
    1. Verify the following before running ARGCGP.
    - The AR period affected is open
    - The correct posting_control_id is identified. Otherwise, running
    the program will make the problem worse by allowing data to be
    posted twice.
    - The batch has not been imported/posted to the GL
    (N) As GL Superuser, Navigate, Journals, Enter
    Query up batch name %<posting_control_id>%
    - The transactions cannot be found in the GL_INTERFACE table
    2. To run the program, it should be setup as a concurrent request.
    Note: The program can be run from the Unix command prompt however
    it will not pickup _ALL tables in a multi-org environment.
    - System Admin Responsibility: Concurrent > Program > Define
    - Query ARGCGP (as the short name)
    - Click 'Copy To'
    Give it a new program name and short name
    For example: ARGCGP-Reverse AR Posting
    - Click on Use in SRS
    - Save
    - Click on Parameters
    - Enter these parameters and save:
    Seq Paramater Valueset Default Value Required Display
    4 Set of Books id AR_SRS_SET_OF_BOOKS_ID Constant yes yes
    5 Posting_control_id 20 Characters yes yes
    6 Reset_gl_pst_date 6 Characters Constant Y yes yes
    7 del_gl_interface 6 Characters Constant Y yes yes
    8 debug_flag 6 Characters Constant N yes yes
    Description of Parameters
    - set_of_books_id = The ID for the book posted from AR
    - posting_control_id = the unique id for the original posting run from AR
    to GL. Can be identified by querying the
    AR_POSTING_CONTROL table if value is not known.
    - reset_gl_pst_date = (Y)es or (N)o flag to indicate if records in AR
    marked as posted should be reset so that they are
    postable again
    - del_gl_interface = (Y)es or (N)o flag to indicate if records for this
    posting_control_id should be deleted from
    gl_interface table
    - debug_flag = (Y)es or (N)o flag to put additional debug
    information in the log file
    3. Add the new program to Revenue Recognition Request Group.
    - Security > Responsibility > Request
    - Query up Group Revenue Recognition, Application Oracle Receivables
    - Add a new line
    - Report and from LOV choose ARGCGP-SRS
    - Save
    4. Change the user's responsiblity to Receivables User and run the process.
    5. Rerun the GL Interface.
    * WARNING: Before updating any tables in SQL*Plus,
    * perform a BACKUP of the affected tables.
    Additional info:
    When you cannot enter any parameters under point 2, please check if there is
    clicked on Use in SRS.
    Manish Jain.

  • Credit Memo and Invoice (MIRO)

    Hi Experts,
    'We have posted many Invoice (MIRO) Vendor Credit, GR/IR Debit, also we have posted several Credit Memo (Vendor Debit, GR/IR Credit), document type of both the document is RE, how can I segregate them.
    Please explain.

    I believe you have to look at both the Header and Item tables.
    In table RBKP there is a field Invoice where X = invoice and no entry indicates a credit.
    To determine if you are dealing with a normal invoice/credit or a subsequent debit/credit you then have to go to table RSEG and there is a Subsequent debit/credit field.
    Invoice    Subs deb/cred
    X                                      = invoice
    X                      X             = subsequent debit
                            X              = credit
    X                      X             = subsequent credit

  • F110 - Clearing of Credit Memo and Invoice Document in Customer account

    The scenario is, the customer is posted with invoice amount of 3000 and a credit memo of 500. Instead of clearing this manually using f-32 can we use F110 to clear the debit and credit with in a customer account which must create a residual document for the differential (2500)
    please advice,  and the steps to be performed to achieve the scenario.
    Best regards

    Hi All,
    we have activated Business Function " LOG_MMFI_P2P " and Switch "MM_SFWS_CI_01 - Enhanced Functions in EhP4 for Applications in Materials Management" using Tcode SFW1. And followed all instructions documented when activated Business Function " LOG_MMFI_P2P ". The Busines function is activated to order to clear downpayments at the time of invoice posting in MIRO or MIR7. When I post the invoice in MIRO system is posting 2 indepedent document as below.
    1. Invoice posting,
    Dr GR/IR
    Cr Vendor
    2. Downpayment Recovery
    Dr Vendor
    Cr Vendor with SP GL Indicator "C"
    My point is, as per the link, it says "You can use the Down Payment Clearing function to clear down payments that you have posted with reference to a purchase order without going to the relevant financial accounting transactions, directly in logistics invoice verification."
    But, in my case, the system is not clearing the downpayment but instead is just posting a Credit memo account entry with SP GL indicator (refer to th Downpayment Entry).
    Please advice if SAP is designed to clear the downpayment in LIV or just to post the downpayment recovery entry.
    If advice on any corrections to be applied.
    Best regards
    Abishay Solomon

  • Technical difference between credit memo and invoice

    What is difference between transaction invoice and credit memo that are created in transaction FB60 and FB65.( is there any field that can exactly differentiate between these transaction types)

    Hi Praveen,
    I think this is not related workflow question but i know the some difference fields in b/w these two.
    Vendor Invoice (FB60)
    Incoming Credit Memos (FB65)
    Incoming Credit Memos:
    As required fields:
    · Transactn
    · Bal.
    · Vendor
    · Document date
    · Doc. type
    · Posting date
    · Reference
    · Amount
    · Currency
    · Text
    · Company code
    Vendor Invoice
    As required fields:
    ·         Transactn
    ·         Bal.
    ·         Vendor
    ·         Invoice date
    ·         Doc. type
    ·         Posting date
    ·         Reference
    ·         Amount
    ·         Currency
    ·         Text
    ·         Baseline date
    ·         Company Code
    Thanks and Regards,
    Prabhakar Dharmala

  • FV70 AND FV75 parking customer credit memos and invoices

    I have two questions related to the parked customer invoices and credit memos :
    1 )It is any way to enhance those two transactions ( FV70 and FV75 ) with a new business transactions , customer debit memo ?
    2 )When I try to use FV70 to park  a customer invoices, I am getting an error message " Document type DR not defined " even though DR is defined as a document type.
    Please let me know
    Csaba Deac

    I am getting the same error message with FB70 : "Document type DR not defined"
    Csaba Deac

  • Customer master deleted after billing how to give the credit memo

    this is my client senario
    customer master deleted  or changed after raised the billing hoe to give credit memo

    Credit Request Memo could be created with reference to a billing document, however:
    IMP: Copyng requirement must be configured within your System
    Copying Requirement from Sales Document type G2 to CR
    Another Solution:
    Scenerio 1: Customer is flagged for deletion
    GoTo -> XD06 and uncheck the entries for deletion and Save.
    Scenerio 2: Customer is blocked.
    Got to-> XD04 and uncheck the entries and save.
    NOTE: However, Customer is marked for deletion then also you may create Credit Memo request for that particular Customer under the same Sales Area as Warning is just a caution and not restricted.
    Please revert for further clarification, if any
    Best regards,
    Rewards, if helpful.

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