How to overwrite text in a scanned document

I have a scanned document which a want to do some changes in the origin text an be able to add text. Possible???

Click on the 'A' button at top left of the tools pane. Then click in the document and type your text. Select it and use the 'Text' menu to change the font and size.
Note that once you click away from it it becomes part of the paint image and you cannot subsequently edit it. You can't move it once placed except by clicking away from it, then selecting its area and moving that (which will move anything behind it as well).
The text options are very limited and if you want to do something more advanced you will need a program with layers.

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  • How to search text content of scanned Documents in DMS

    i need to scan the legacy document and put it in to DMS.
    After that i want to search the scanned document using the Trex search.
    I want to know how to achive it as scaaed document are as like images and we can not search the text in images.
    Any helpfull ideas are welcome..

    Hi Alfredo,
    Thanks for reply..Will you please explain in brief what are the  OCR program and workflow.
    Will you please send me any docs on [email protected]

  • How can I search through a scanned document?

    I often have hundreds of pages to read through for my job and I get the files in paper format and in PDF scans.  Is there an adobe program that will allow me to search a scanned document for a key word or name?  It would save me so much time.

    Hi td1137,
    If the document is scanned pdf document, you may run OCR feature in Adobe Acrobat to make the text searchable. r-to-pdf-and-apply-ocr-tutoria…
    Then save the document and you may use Acrobat or Reader to search keyword in same pdf document.
    How to create a searchable text document from a scanned page | Acrobat X Tips & Tricks | Adobe TV   check how to make scanned document searchable.
    Ajlan Huda.

  • How does oracle text differentiate between various document formats?

    how does oracle text differentiate between text documents of various formats. does it read binary headers or a file extension is necessary?
    please comment..

    Oracle uses the inso_filter for document filtering as desribed in the documentation:
    I did a little test (included below) where I copied a .pdf file to a file with a .test extension and it was still able to index it and search it, so apparently it does not need the file extensions and must read the header.
    [email protected]> BEGIN
      2   CTX_DDL.CREATE_PREFERENCE ('test_datastore', 'FILE_DATASTORE');
      3   CTX_DDL.SET_ATTRIBUTE ('test_datastore', 'PATH', 'c:\oracle');
      4  END;
      5  /
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    [email protected]> CREATE TABLE test_tab
      2    (id        NUMBER,
      3       docs        VARCHAR2 (2000),
      4       CONSTRAINT test_tab_id_pk PRIMARY KEY (id))
      5  /
    Table created.
    [email protected]> INSERT INTO test_tab VALUES (1, 'master~1.pdf')
      2  /
    1 row created.
    [email protected]> CREATE INDEX test_tab_idx ON test_tab (docs)
      4    ('DATASTORE test_datastore
      5        FILTER    CTXSYS.INSO_FILTER')
      6  /
    Index created.
    [email protected]> SELECT id FROM test_tab
      2  WHERE CONTAINS (docs, 'meat') > 0
      3  /
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]> DROP INDEX test_tab_idx
      2  /
    Index dropped.
    [email protected]> HOST COPY c:\oracle\master~1.pdf c:\oracle\master.test
    [email protected]> INSERT INTO test_tab VALUES (2, 'master.test')
      2  /
    1 row created.
    [email protected]> CREATE INDEX test_tab_idx ON test_tab (docs)
      4    ('DATASTORE test_datastore
      5        FILTER    CTXSYS.INSO_FILTER')
      6  /
    Index created.
    [email protected]> SELECT id FROM test_tab
      2  WHERE CONTAINS (docs, 'meat') > 0
      3  /
    [email protected]>

  • I can't add text to a scanned document-I'm using textedit

    I scanned a receipt page with our logo, name & address & want to add text but when I attach the blank receipt to an email it won't let me add text to the interior of the document

    When you scan a document it makes it like a photographic file, not really editable. You did not indicate what file format the file is in so your post makes very little sense. Perhaps if  you advised what file the receipt is in now someone can provide some advice. Right now, at best if you open the file in Preview you can use Tools - Annotate to do some very minor editing.

  • How to add text to an existing document?

    On my business cards sent to me from my company, they omitted the last digit of my zip code.  I am wanting to correct the zip and then save the file so I can send it to my printer.  How do I edit the last digit to my card and then save it?

    Acrobat is not a word processing application and many times editing text in a PDF file will fail miserably, although it has greatly improved in version XI compared to earlier versions.

  • How do I upload scanned documents into SharePoint?

    Is there a way to automatically upload scanned documents from a scanner into SharePoint without the use of a third party tool? I was just thinking about this, but then couldn't figure out how the metadata piece of the scanned document would work. Has anyone
    implemented anything like this? Or is there a blog that can be recommended? I have not been able to find anything that could point me in the right direction.

    Several MFP manufacturers are releasing solutions for this. You should see what your reseller has to offer.
    Personally, I'd recommend you try Udocx. It's designed to include metadata, OCR etc when scanning to SharePoint folders. There's more information on
    Iris vH

  • Editting a scanned document

    Hello everyone i am new to this forum.  But i am going crazy trying to figure out how to make changes to the text of a scanned document but not change the background picture.  is this possible with adobe acrobat? if not any suggestions?

    Acrobat's OCR methods Formatted Text and Graphics (Acrobat 8) or Clear Scan (Acrobat 9) more readily lend themselves to editing.
    With that said it is not always like falling off a log in the river.
    You may find David Mankin's eSeminar "Scanning and OCR" helpful.
    Be well...

  • Scanned documents received

    Can I remove or delete a text from a scanned document emailed to me before forwarding to another party? If so, how?
    Thank you.

    Not possible with Adobe Reader.

  • Editing a Scanned Document

    I was emailed a scanned document and am having trouble trying to edit it in Preview. Do I need to download software to edit it, even if its not from a scanner attached to my computer? If I have to, are there any free applications or is Vuescan the only option? I doubt I would use it very often to justify buying it.

    To truly edit text in a scanned document requires using OCR software. VueScan is probably the least expensive alternative. To OCR a PDF image file you can try PDF Pen Pro - both at VersionTracker or MacUpdate.

  • I have a scanned doc that I copied onto a word doc.  the scanned document text was crooked.  I want to straighten the text.  How do I do that

    I have a scanned doc that I copied onto a word doc.  the scanned document text was crooked.  I want to straighten the text.  How do I do that

    If it is an image you could simply click on the image in word and then use the green dot that appears above the image to simply drag and rotate the image around. Alternatively, import it into iPhoto and use the rotation capabilities in that, click edit and then quick fixes and rotate. (Then export back into word).

  • How do i edit a scanned document in word

    how do i edit a scanned document in word

    That's impossible. Scanned images are pixel data, not editbale text. You'd have to run it through some OCR process first like in Acrobat, but even then it may just end up being a collection of isolated text objects, not easily editable paragraph text....

  • OCR and hidden text in PDF scans of historic documents

    I need to edit the hidden text behind a scanned PDF image of a document.  The image must remain as an “exact” copy of the original scanned document.
    I used Acrobat Pro (versions 7 and 9) to make PDF images of old typed documents from the 1940’s.  When I open those images and run OCR in version 9, then examine the hidden (invisible) text layer behind the image, there are errors.  For example, the word “book” has been picked-up by the OCR as the word “look.”  I need to change the “l” to a “b” in order to make the PDF accurate when it is searched at a later date. 
    I have checked many user forums.  Most people imply that hidden text can be viewed, but NOT edited in Acrobat Pro 7 and 9.  (Hidden text can be viewed in Version 9 by selecting “Document” “Examine Document” and then clicking on the “+” symbol next to “Hidden Text,” then clicking “Show preview.”)  Some say to use Adobe Capture 3.0 to edit hidden text.  Others say to use Photoshop or Illustrator to edit hidden text (I think these folks may have been confused, because Photoshop and Illustrator would be used, logically, to edit the image ON TOP OF the hidden text).  Yet another person seemed to say that a hidden text editor was added to Acrobat 8, but was taken away in Acrobat 9.  (I can’t verify that because I don’t have version 8.)
    The closest answer I was able to find involved using the Text Touch Up Tool on top of the image to edit hidden text behind it, but when you do that you are typing “blind.”  In other words, you highlight a spot on the image (top layer) where you THINK the error MIGHT be, and you type the correction without being able to see what you are typing over.  Then, you go back to the “Examine Document” procedure (described above) to see if you “hit” your mark, and if not, you redo it until you do “hit” your mark.  With the number of documents and corrections that we have, that procedure would be too labor intensive and thus a budget breaker.
    If we have to buy more software, my preference would be to buy a genuine Adobe product because I have experienced problems in the past switching back and forth between Adobe products and other PDF manipulation software.
    Can anyone answer any of these questions: 
    (1) Is there a way in Acrobat versions 7, 8 or 9 to edit hidden text, and if so, how? 
    (2) What Adobe software (other than Acrobat) will edit hidden text behind a PDF image? 
    (3) Assuming no Adobe product will edit hidden text behind a PDF image, is there any non-Adobe products that will do that?
    Thank you!

    Unless you use Acrobat 8 Pro's Formatted Text & Graphics" or Acrobat 9 Pro's ClearScan you will find that there is no
    practicable means of editing the OCR "hidden text" in a PDF.
    The TouchUp text tool (Advanced Editing toolbar) is reliant upon the selected text having an available system font to use during touchup. However, both Searchable Image and Searchable Image (Exact)  OCR output is of text rendering mode 3 (invisible text) that is provided from within Acrobat and not any installed system or other application installed font.
    With Searchable Image (Exact) you have the untouched image augmented by the invisible text which is provided as a user aid for search or find with Adobe Reader or Acrobat. The invisible text is not intended to support word processor like editing.
    To your questions:
    #1. There is no practicable way to edit invisible text (text rendering mode 3) with Acrobat (any past or current release).
    #2. None.
    #3. A good question. Perhaps a specialty program. Keep in mind, many products provide a promise but those those that actually deliver tend to be expensive.
    Something to play with. Using Acrobat 9 Pro or Pro Extended, try the Preflight Fixup to embed hidden text.
    Then try using the TouchUp Text tool. You may also want to see if you can change the font type of this newly embedded font.
    (use copies of the "real" files - just in case <g>).
    Be well...

  • How do I export a scanned document to Word?

    How do I export a scanned document to Word?

    Use your OS's file browser/explorer to sort the files (in the folder) by date.
    Rename each. Top down put a numeric prefix in place.
    Open Acrobat and use the "Combine" feature to combine the files into a single PDF.
    An option available with the Combine feature is to have Bookmarks used. Tick this choice.
    The single, new PDF is created. Save it.
    Open this PDF file's Bookmark pane. There'll be a bookmark for each of the files.
    The order of Bookmarks and the order of PDF pages reflects the order you set when you renamed the source files (a date sort).
    Note that you could manually position the order of files to be combined in the Combine dialog.
    I find it easier and quicker to add the prefix to the source files.
    Using Acrobat XI you'd process the new, single PDF through OCR.
    As some of the PDF pages already have renderable text they cannot undergo OCR.
    Acrobat will alert you of this when it comes to the first of such pages.
    Just tick the box in the lower left. This tells Acrobat to ignore any upcoming pages that cannot be OCRd and to keep on truck'n to OCR the page that hold the scanned image.
    Now, use Acrobat XI to export the the PDF to the Word file you want.
    (File :: Save As Other :: <make the desired choice> )
    Do not expect a 1:1 export. You have a diverse collection of source files.
    While you might get 1:1 if ALL the PDFs combined were well-formed Tagged PDF (compliant with 14.8 of ISO 32000-1 & ISO 14289-1) you don't have that.
    So --- To be expected — cleanup of the content in the Word file.
    Be well...
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  • How do I search scanned documents that Adobe Reader reads but shows 0 results from the search?

    How do I search scanned documents that Adobe Reader reads but shows 0 results from the search?

    If the scanned document was not processed for OCR, then it is just an image and cannot be searched for text.

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