HT201303 I've just credited my iTunes with 2 £15 vouchers and want to rent a film but it keeps wanting my bank details I don't want to pay via the bank

I've just credited my iTunes with 2 £15 vouchers and want to rent a film but it keeps asking for bank details n I don't want to use the bank I want to use the £30 I've credited why won't it let me do this??

Look, I understand I still need a card attached to the account. The problem is, it won't accept my card because I only have 87 cents in my bank account right now.
If I had known there would be so much trouble with the iTunes card, I would have just put the cash in my bank account in the morning instead of buying an iTunes card (I didn't expect the banks to be open on Thanksgiving of course).
Apple will only accept cards that have a balance. The balance is so small in my account that it won't accept it as a valid card.
I'm going to have to contact Apple anyway to reset the security questions. That's obvious. Your answers were not exactly helpful. You didn't tell me anything I don't already know, but thanks for trying to be helpful.

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