I have change some fields in  (Production order component )

I have change some fields in (Production order component overview)

do you want to hide or disable the fields or add new fields ??? by the way can you please let us know the transaction that you are referring to ??

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  • Profit center field in production order master data in KKF3

    Hi GUrus,
    is there any way of mass updating the profit center field in production order master data in KKF3 transaction. PLease help

    HI charlie,
    When i try to change the profit center, the system gave this message. We already have a profit center for a production order and we need to change the profit center, That is when we are getting the errror message.
    You have changed the profit center from AR00620800 to AR00620301. This is only allowed when the corresponding configuration was made in Customizing. Then this message is only a warning, which you can ignore.  PLease help

  • Cost Center field in Production Order CO01 and PO tables

    Hi SAP Consultants,
    Is there any Cost Center field in Production Order transaction CO01 ?
    What are the tables where Production order data is stored/saved ?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    Need to understand your purpose first. Let's not make it any more technical than it should be, talking in terms of fields and layouts.
    All the replies given before mine are referring to the operational costs - which are what are passed on "for performing each operation" of the production order. These are the costs coming to the production order from the work center where the operation is performed. At the end of several operations, the production order would have collected all these costs of different operations, and also those of the materials used in the process. There may be other (overhead, etc) costs coming on to the production order too.
    If you're looking for one "cost center" for the entire production order, what cost center is this? Is it the department to which you want to settle the production costs? This is possible, that all the costs accumulated in the production order over the course of its life are finally "settled" to a different cost object, which can be an inventory account, or a sales order, an internal order, or a cost center etc. (There are exceptions, where a production order need not be settled but lets leave this to save us some complexity).
    What exactly are you looking for? What is the business purpose you are trying to achieve? Or is it just a purely technical reason to write a report or something? Even then we need to know the purpose and objective of the report/enhancement before being able to answer your question.

  • Function Module /BAPI for changing the components in Production order

    We are in ECC5.0. We have requirement wherein we want to change /delete the existing component of the production order and add new component through RFC call from an external system. We tried to use CO_XT_COMPONENT_ADD FM for adding new components and when we tested this FM in SM37  with data there were no error messages . When we checked the Production order ,no changes were made to the production order component. Tried to use Commit statement and there is no change in the system behavior.Can some one help me to  understand the system behavior . If possible kindly suggest me some alternate FM/BAPI .
    With regards,
    Joseph Anand B

    Please check this link,

  • Negative quantity in deliver field in production order - CO02

    Hi All,
    I am doing production confirmation and goods receipt for production order through back ground using standard BAPI.While doing GR for production order in background the following error occured.
      System is throughing dump - Arithmatical logical conversion problem.when we analysed through ST22 we came to know that negative quantity appearing in field of delivered in production order.
      Screen name.............. "SAPLCOKO1"
      Screen number............ 0120
      Screen field............. "CAUFVD-GWEMG"
    As per standard, delivered field in production order is always in display mode only. So there will not be any chance for user to change the delivered field.
    Pls guide me how to overcome the above issue and what is exact root cause for the above problem.
    System is throwing error in change mode ( Co02) and display mode ( CO03 ) for the respective production order number

    This inconsistency can be solved with the following correction report. If you want to try by yourself, then implement it manually in transaction SE38 and execute in test mode first to check if the inconsistency is found. And obviously, in a TEST system first.
    If you are NOT confident about it, I recommend you to submit a support message for SAP for further investigation since this is a database inconsistency.
    *& Report  ZPCON_076B                                                  *
    *& This report checks goods receipt quantity (WEMNG) and value (WEWRT) *
    *& of an order item for consistency with the corresponding material    *
    *& documents. In UPDATE mode, the quantity and the value calculated    *
    *& from the material documents will be written to database table AFPO. *
    REPORT  zpcon_076b LINE-SIZE 90.
    INCLUDE lcokotyp.
    TABLES: afpo.
    SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT /1(80) text1.                      "#EC NEEDED
    SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT /1(80) text2.                      "#EC NEEDED
    SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT /1(80) text3.                      "#EC NEEDED
    SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT /1(80) text4.                      "#EC NEEDED
    SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT /1(80) text5.                      "#EC NEEDED
    SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT /1(80) texta.                      "#EC NEEDED
    SELECT-OPTIONS r_aufnr FOR afpo-aufnr.
    SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT /1(72) texty.                      "#EC NEEDED
    SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT /1(72) textz.                      "#EC NEEDED
    DATA: BEGIN OF ls_afpo.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE afpo.
    DATA: END OF ls_afpo.
    DATA  lt_afpo LIKE ls_afpo OCCURS 0.
    DATA: BEGIN OF ls_mseg.
            INCLUDE STRUCTURE mseg.
    DATA: END OF ls_mseg.
    DATA  ls_mseg2 LIKE ls_mseg.
    DATA  lt_mseg LIKE ls_mseg OCCURS 0.
    DATA  ls_mkpf TYPE mkpf.
    DATA l_initial_ltrmi TYPE co_ltrmi VALUE IS INITIAL.
    DATA l_orders TYPE sytabix.
    DATA l_entries TYPE sytabix.
    DATA l_sum_wemng TYPE wemng.
    DATA l_sum_wewrt TYPE wewrt.
    DATA l_error TYPE xfeld.
      text1 = 'This report checks goods receipt quantity (WEMNG) and'.
      text2 = 'value (WEWRT) of an order item for consistency with the '.
      text3 = 'corresponding material documents. In UPDATE mode, the'.
      text4 = 'quantity and the value calculated from the material'.
      text5 = 'documents will be written to database table AFPO.'.
      texta = 'Please specify order numbers of orders to be processed.'.
      texty = 'If TESTMODE is set, no database update will occur.'.
      textz = 'Set radio button UPDATE for updating the database entries.'.
      title = 'Mode'.
    orders specified?
      IF r_aufnr IS INITIAL.
        MESSAGE e889(co) WITH 'Please specify order numbers'.
    select order items
      SELECT *
             FROM  afpo
             INTO  TABLE lt_afpo
             WHERE aufnr IN r_aufnr
             AND ( dauty = auftragstyp-fert
                OR dauty = auftragstyp-netw
                OR dauty = auftragstyp-inst
                OR dauty = auftragstyp-rma
                OR dauty = auftragstyp-bord ).
      DESCRIBE TABLE lt_afpo LINES l_orders.
    check order items
      LOOP AT lt_afpo INTO ls_afpo.
        REFRESH lt_mseg.
        CLEAR l_sum_wemng.
        CLEAR l_sum_wewrt.
        CLEAR l_error.
        SELECT *
               FROM  mseg
               INTO  TABLE lt_mseg
               WHERE matnr = ls_afpo-matnr
                 AND werks = ls_afpo-pwerk
                 AND aufnr = ls_afpo-aufnr
                 AND aufps = ls_afpo-posnr
                 AND kzbew = 'F'
               %_HINTS ORACLE 'rule'.
        IF NOT sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
        no goods movements --> nothing to do.
          DELETE lt_afpo.
        LOOP AT lt_mseg INTO ls_mseg.
          IF ls_mseg-shkzg ='S'.
          inward movement
            IF NOT ls_mseg-dmbtr IS INITIAL.
              l_sum_wewrt = l_sum_wewrt + ls_mseg-dmbtr.
            IF NOT ls_mseg-bstmg IS INITIAL.
              l_sum_wemng = l_sum_wemng + ls_mseg-bstmg.
              IF ls_mseg-erfme = ls_afpo-amein.
                l_sum_wemng = l_sum_wemng + ls_mseg-erfmg.
                IF ls_mseg-meins = ls_afpo-amein.
                  l_sum_wemng = l_sum_wemng + ls_mseg-menge.
                  WRITE: 'ERROR - Order', ls_afpo-aufnr COLOR 6.
                  DELETE lt_afpo.
                  l_error = 'X'.
            ls_mseg2 = ls_mseg.
          outward movement
            IF NOT ls_mseg-dmbtr IS INITIAL.
              IF ls_mseg-dmbtr NE ls_mseg-bualt AND
                 NOT ls_mseg-bualt IS INITIAL.
                l_sum_wewrt = l_sum_wewrt - ls_mseg-bualt.
                l_sum_wewrt = l_sum_wewrt - ls_mseg-dmbtr.
            IF NOT ls_mseg-bstmg IS INITIAL.
              l_sum_wemng = l_sum_wemng - ls_mseg-bstmg.
              IF ls_mseg-erfme = ls_afpo-amein.
                l_sum_wemng = l_sum_wemng - ls_mseg-erfmg.
                IF ls_mseg-meins = ls_afpo-amein.
                  l_sum_wemng = l_sum_wemng - ls_mseg-menge.
                  WRITE: 'ERROR - Order', ls_afpo-aufnr COLOR 6.
                  DELETE lt_afpo.
                  l_error = 'X'.
        ENDLOOP. "AT lt_mseg
      only continue if no error in the calculation occurred
        CHECK l_error IS INITIAL.
        IF ls_afpo-wemng = l_sum_wemng AND
           ls_afpo-wewrt = l_sum_wewrt.
        values are correct, no update necessary
          DELETE lt_afpo.
        FORMAT: COLOR 1.
        WRITE: / 'Order', ls_afpo-aufnr, 'material', ls_afpo-matnr.
        WRITE: /3 'Order item data   : quantity',
                  ls_afpo-wemng UNIT ls_afpo-amein, ls_afpo-amein, 'value',
                  ls_afpo-wewrt CURRENCY ls_mseg-waers, ls_mseg-waers.
        WRITE: /3 'Material documents: quantity',
                  l_sum_wemng UNIT ls_afpo-amein, ls_afpo-amein, 'value',
                  l_sum_wewrt CURRENCY ls_mseg-waers, ls_mseg-waers.
        FORMAT: COLOR 2.
        WRITE: /3 'Material doc.  BWART', 30 'stock qty  UoM',
               52 'entry qty  UoM', 77 'value  Curr'.
        LOOP AT lt_mseg INTO ls_mseg.
          WRITE: /3 ls_mseg-mblnr, ls_mseg-zeile, ls_mseg-bwart,
                   ls_mseg-menge UNIT ls_mseg-meins, ls_mseg-meins,
                   ls_mseg-bstmg UNIT ls_mseg-bstme, ls_mseg-bstme,
                   ls_mseg-dmbtr CURRENCY ls_mseg-waers, ls_mseg-waers.
        IF NOT update IS INITIAL.
        set delivery date
          IF l_sum_wemng IS INITIAL.
          initial delivery quantity --> initial delivery date
            UPDATE afpo SET   ltrmi = l_initial_ltrmi
                        WHERE aufnr = ls_afpo-aufnr
                          AND posnr = ls_afpo-posnr.
          read posting date from last valid goods receipt
            SELECT SINGLE * FROM  mkpf
                            INTO  ls_mkpf
                            WHERE mblnr = ls_mseg2-mblnr
                              AND mjahr = ls_mseg2-mjahr.
            IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
              UPDATE afpo SET   ltrmi = ls_mkpf-budat
                          WHERE aufnr = ls_afpo-aufnr
                            AND posnr = ls_afpo-posnr.
            leave LTRMI untouched
        set quantity and value
          UPDATE afpo SET   wemng = l_sum_wemng
                            wewrt = l_sum_wewrt
                      WHERE aufnr = ls_afpo-aufnr
                        AND posnr = ls_afpo-posnr.
          WRITE: /3 'Order item data corrected from material documents.'.
          FORMAT: COLOR OFF.
      ENDLOOP. "AT lt_afpo
      WRITE: / 'Number of checked order items     :', l_orders.
      DESCRIBE TABLE lt_afpo LINES l_entries.
      WRITE: / 'Number of inconsistent order items:', l_entries.
      IF NOT update IS INITIAL    AND
         NOT l_entries IS INITIAL.
        WRITE: / 'Inconsistencies were corrected from material documents.'
                  COLOR COL_POSITIVE.
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  • FM to change Confirmation number of Production order

    Hello Experts,
    I have a requirement where I need to change the confirmation number ( which is already created for a production order) AFVC-RUECK.  I could see that the confirmation number is not modifiable once it is created and no opition to change it by BDC.  But my requirement is to change it for a production order. 
    1.  Is there any FM or BAPI to change it? 
    2.  Or directly changing in the database table AFVC is the only option?
    3.  Or is there any other method in which we can do it.
    Awaiting your reply,

    Hi Balaji,
    Please check whether the below link is helpful,
    Re: How to modify a wrong confirmation of a production order
    Also for the relevant tables, check the link,
    confirmation number of production order
    Best Regards.

  • Some of my contacts are not displayed in my contact list, but I know they're in memory because when one of them calls me my phone recognizes the caller.  This happened a few days ago, so i must have changed some setting,but I have no idea which one. Help?

    Recently some of my contacts are no longer displaying in my contact list, but I know they're in memory because when one of them calls me my phone recognizes the caller.  This happened a few days ago, so i must have changed some setting,but I have no idea which one. Can anyone help?

    Why start a new and very similar thread to your other one which you have not responded to (have you read the replies?)
    I suggest that no response is made to this duplicate thread. 

  • Production order component batch determination : Over delivery allowed in b

    Iu2019m using production order component batch determination in CO02. System is not allowed to allocate an excess component split batch quantity. System is always allowed to allocate exact requirement quantity where to make open quantity is 0.
    It generates the following massage once click enter after selecting an excess component quantity. My requirement is to add the excess quantity in component batch determination.
    Massage details:
    Quantity of batch 0052902459 is reduced to 9.300 KG as split qty > req. qty
    Message no. LB034
    The split quantity of the chosen batch has lead to the split quantity total exceeding the required quantity.
    System Response
    The quantity is rounded down by the system.
    An overdelivery is not allowed by the current business transaction.
    Procedure for System Administration
    If necessary, check the batch search strategy to see whether an overdelivery is allowed.
    I have maintained the configuration in transaction COB1 as follows to enable over delivery batch determination.
    Strategy type: CO01- OrdType/Plnt/Matl
    Key combination:     Order type
    Over delivery allowed in batch determination: Tick on
    Please let me know the configuration to enable to do component batch determination with minus open quantity (Excess component quantity)

    As I understand it seems that you do not have batch split allowed in the auto batch determination for component materials. And you need to have batch split on a need to basis?
    If thats true, then on the line item in the component overview. Select the item details for the Batch that has been determined (general view, there is a field for split in terms of %, change that from 100% to a the lower value you want to pick from that batch). It should then allow you to add more batches.
    let me know if my assumption and answer helps.

  • Batch Determination in Production Order Component Overview Screen on the basis of FIFO, Thickness, Grade, width etc.

    I am facing a difficult scenario. Pl. help me out. In my Business Process I am assigning Batches in Production Order Component Overview Screen. Here I am assigning relevant batches to BOM Components manually, My Management want SAP to suggest batches automatically on FIFO basis, thickness, grade, width & first batches should automatically assign to Production order.  Can you pl. tell me how to configure this scenario.
    Or can I pull stock overview screen at Production Order Component screen to assign relevant batch to BOM Components
    Once batches assigned in Production Order component screen cannot be changed. It can be changes by specific persons only.

    Automatic Batch Determination for production order components is possible by configuration.
    You can also refer below discussions to map your scenario.
    Batch determination in production order | SCN
    Automatic Batch Determination in Production order

  • Production Order Component Overview

    Hi All ,
    Could you please guide to understand the following will be grateful.
    In the production order component overview screen-MENU BAR is having following list
    Order, Functions, Edit, Goto, u201CCOMPONENTu201D, Environment, System, Help.
    In the above, if you left click the COMPONENT option there will be drill down option, in that there you have u201CCharacteristic Value Assignmentu201D
    u2022 What is the functionality of this option (u201CCharacteristic Value Assignmentu201D) ?
    u2022 If I select the BOM component in the component overview and I left click the COMPONENT option in the menu bar and select the u201CCharacteristic Value Assignmentu201D what will happenu2026.
    Thanks in Advance....

    Hi ,
    This is for the Component selection according to the Characteristic Value it will take you to Class to which Characteristics are
    assigned , say if your component selection based on the characteristics value say if your Hardness of the Raw material is
    99% based on that your Yield would vary for the Finished Product .
    You have created MIC 's with Hardness with characteristic value 95% , 96% , 97% and 98% etc....
    Your Quality lab has given test value for this component as 99% so your component selection will be this characteristic value
    as master data .
    Assign Characterisctics to Class , Assign class to class type 023 / 022

  • Default Production Order Component Long Text

    Dear guru ,
    Whose are the defaults for production order component long text ?
    Can I copy this text only from bom ?
    Can I copy this text also from material master ?

    The defaults are from the BOM item text 1 & 2. POTX1 & POTX2 fields.
    I suppose no option from material master.
    Hope this helps

  • Production Order Component long text

    I'm an ABAPer trying to find the long text of a production order component.
    I'd expect to find it as a text with object "AUFK" id "MATK" but that's not the case. I can't find it anywhere in table STXH where it would show up if it were kept like any other text. So where is it kept?

    Whenever you maintain a Production Order Text in CO03, system generate a unique HEADER details for that particular text with unique values of fields-Text Name, Language, Text ID & Text Object.
    You can see 4 unique values by first double clicking on Production Order Long Text and then Goto --> Header.
    Once you've these values, run FM- READ_TEXT (transaction-SE37) and put Text Name, Language, Text ID & Text Object at required places and execute, you will get desired Accounting Text.

  • FM or BAPI for production order component split batch

    I'm trying to split a production order component quantity into batchs with FM or BAPI.
    Using BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN i can create or modify components but i can't set field split batch flag SPLKZ and reference SPLVR.
    Can you help me?

    In standard product order process in CO02 when i split material with standard function I obtain several lines. These new lines refer to the originale one by fields SPLVR and SPLKZ.
    Eg. In operation 0010 i've 10 PC of MATERIAL1
    Batch Key (SPLKZ)
    Itm no stock (SPLVR)
    10 PC
    In CO02 i take MATERIAL1 from BATCH1 and BATCH2 the final result is
    Batch Key (SPLKZ)
    Itm no stock (SPLVR)
    7 PC
    3 PC
    So I'm trying to reproduce this standard behavior with BAPI or FM.

  • Adding new column in production order component overview

    Hi Experts,
    Please let me know any enhancement or badi available to add a new column to production order component list. There is a business requirement to display the fixed bin in component list.

    Check the MRP parameter 'Individual/Coll' in MRP4 view for the components. This should be set as 2 for collective planning. If this flag is left blank then planning will be based on the parent material (If the parent material is planned for special stock then the components will also be planned for special stock)
    Let me know if this helps.

  • Function about production order component material

    WHO can tell me the function about  production order component material?
    When import production order number , the function export tables about component material.

    you can use FM CO_SF_RESB_READ
    or directly from RESB table
    select single rsnum  into lv_rsnum from AFKO where  aufnr = aufnr.
        SELECT * FROM resb INTO TABLE lt_resb WHERE  rsnum =lv_rsnum AND xloek NE 'X' .

Maybe you are looking for

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