I lost my iPhone 5 how can recover my photos from the iCloud

I lost my iPhone 5 how can recover my photos from the iCloud?

The only way photos are stored in icloud is in a backup from an ios device.  This assumes that icloud backup was turned on and that camera roll was turned on.  Note that photo stream is a slightly different service that is used to sync photos from one device to another, it's not really a storage service.
To retrieve photos that are in a backup, you need to reset a device (wipe all data from it) and perform a restore.  Note that many users have had problems getting their photos back from a backup - for one reason or another.  Remember, the suggested way of storing photos is to sync them to a computer or service like Dropbox.
Go to Settings>General>Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.  This will erase your device.  Then you will go through the setup screens again as you did when your device was new, and when given the option, select Restore from iCloud Backup.

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    How can I copy photos from the camera roll to an already existing album in ipad?

    If you are in thumbnail view in the Camera Roll, tap the Edit button in the upper right corner. Tap the photos that you want to add to the existing album. Tap - Add To - in the upper right corner and then tap - Existing Album.
    You can only add camera roll photos to albums that you have created on the iPad. You cannot add them to albums that you synced from iTunes.

  • How do you download photos from the icloud back to your phone?

    How do you download photos from the icloud back to your phone? I want to save my photos on my hard drive and not in the cloud.

    iPhoto 9.2 (and higher) can move your Photo Stream files and store them permanately on your computer and move them to your phone.
    You can also move them on your iPhone from Photo Stream to Camera Roll.

  • How can I copy photos from the iphoto to my flash memory

    How can I copy photos from my iPhoto to the flash memory?  I had tried to drag the photos from the iphoto libraty to the flash memory but failed.

    Select the photo(s) and export (file menu ==> export) to a desktop folder and drag that folder to the flash memory

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    Contact your carrier and the police. If it was lost in a specific building, ask the people running it.

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    I was blown away when I started using the new remote app with Apple tv to play music from my iMac on my best music speakers in the living room!!!  However there are still 2 things required to make things ultra simple:
    1 Not to have my iMac switched on to have to stream music to the Apple tv (I've now started using iTunes Match which has almost fixed this one)
    2 Not have to have my TV switched on to control my amplifier through the apple tv.  (I can do this using the remote app on the iphone but only for music streaming from my iMac it wont work for music I have in iCloud, apart from music now playing.  I can't search/browse any other music)
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    Hi, I don't have this bug. I can play music through my apple tv with the TV switched off and use the apple remote app to control the apple tv.
    My problem involves:
    icloud music ----> broadband router ----> apple tv ---->music amplifier.  Using the remote app on the iphone to control whats playing.  This almost works but in the remote app you can only see the currently playing song, you can't search/browse your music in the icloud (itunes match).
    What does work is:
    iMac-itunes music ----> apple tv ---->music amplifier controlled by the remote app in the iphone with teh tv off.  I can view my itunes library with the tv off using the iphone remote app. I would like to do this but using my music in iCloud. That would be awesome!!!

  • How to recover deleted photos from the iPhone 5s?

    I have taken many photos over the last few days on my Iphone 5s. However, i deleted these photos off photostream as i needed the space on my icloud for my apps. When i went onto my camera roll around 12 hours later, all my  recent photos had dissapeared (including the photos taken earlier that morning). Does anyone know any way of recovering these photos???

    Sorry, your photos are gone. You should have imported/saved them to your computer before you deleted them from Photo Stream.

  • How can I copy photos from the Photo Library to a new computer(located elsewhere)??

    I use 2 PCs and an iPhone 4S
    I added photos to the phone which appear in the Photo Library, but want to copy them to my second computer (different place).
    How can it be done?

    Problem is that the photos do not appear on the computer.
    I tried using the autoplay window that opens when the iPhone is connected and then clicked to import the pictures.  This finds more than on Camera Roll, but as far as I can judge only the photos on the present computer, not the ones I need.  But they are there on a folder in the Phone.

  • HT4906 how can I delete photos from my icloud account

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    This is the iPhoto for Mac forum. None of the services that use iPhoto in iCloud use up any of your space, so I suggest you try here:

  • How can I remove photos from the istream

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    You can't remove individual photos from Photostream.

  • How can I remove Data from the iCloud?

    I want to remove Calendars and some Contacts from the Colud so whenever I turn on the cloud some of the contacts or some calendars won't appear

    delete them from the iDevice or go to iCloud.com and delete them. good luck.

  • "Over capacity": How can I delete photos from iPhone / set the maximum capacity of iCloud photos to be downloaded to iPhone?

    My iPhone regularily goes over capacity because it stores, or tries to store, too many photos/videos from iCloud on the device.
    How can I delete photos from the iPhone (but not generally from iCloud/Photostream). How can set the maximum capacity of iCloud photos to be downloaded to iPhone? (I am searching for a setting like "keep the last 2GB of photos/videos from iCloud/Photostream, but not more than that. I know how to turn iCloud off in total, but that is not what I would prefer to do, I just would like to set reasonable maximum.)
    Thank you for your ideas!
    Generally, I someone could point me to a good tutorial on how local photos vs. iCloud photos vs. Photostream are supposed to work that would be great as well, because I have many other problem with Apple's system in that regard as well (esp., despite that obviously a lot of space is taken up by photos/videos on my device, my iPhone still downloads recent photos/videos over 3G... I also have the problem that all photos appear double if I try to copy to my Mac with ImageCapture or iPhoto, but there is only a single copy (no HDR, burst or the like) when seen with the Photos.app of the iPhone itself... I came to believe that Apple's photo system is somewhere between counterintuitive and plainly not working... (/rant off) )

    Sorry there are no settings to set max capacity.
    My Photo Stream FAQ - Apple Support
    Get help using My Photo Stream - Apple Support
    iCloud: iCloud storage and backup overview

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    I have downloaded some Apps that i didn't like and i deleted them from my IPad. But they are still in the iCloud. How can i delete these from the iCloud?

    If you mean they are in your purchased list in iCloud, this can't be deleted.  The iTunes and App stores keep a record of all your purchases.  If you don't want to see them listed you can hide them if you want, as explained here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4919.  (Note: you can no longer hide purchases on an iOS device if you are running iOS 6 but you can still hide them on your computer.)

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    If you need the IMEI for an insurance or police report:
    how to find IMEI, etc
    But as Carolyn Samit said above, you cannot track the iPhone by IMEI.

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