ICloud backup is taking hours !!

My iCloud is taking 42+ hours to backup on my iPhone5. Its has being backing up for the past two days each time it gets one third of the way there and it decides to cut out completely therefore when it has to start up again it goes from the begining. Can any one help?

Hi Sarahtop,
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You may find the troubleshooting steps in this article helpful with backing up your iPhone to iCloud:
iCloud: Troubleshooting creating an iCloud backup

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  • TS4268 I updated my iphone 5 to the new ios 7, well now my imessages and facetime wont work!! I have tried everything! So went to go restore my iphone throw itunes and well the backup was taking hours, so i went to cancle it now it wont do anything!!

    Need help!! How do i cancle my backup? It wont let me do anything! Trying to get my imessages and facetime to work

    Hi Natasha,
    Below is a copy of my post in another thread on this topic. I'm not sure which country you are from, but hope it's helpful.
    Possible fix for Australian users on Telstra and using Tango
    I'm using the iPhone 5S with iOS 7.0.1 on a contract with Telstra in Australia and have been experiencing the problem with iMessage and FaceTime not activating. My iPhone 4S on iOS 6 worked perfectly on the same network however.
    I seem to have now fixed this issue by removing the Tango app (it is similar to Skype). Reading through this thread and seeing the refernces to TuGo triggered my solution, although I believe the 2 apps are entirely unrelated (just have a similar sounding name).
    This fix may have been co-incidental, given that I had to wait quite a while for a sync with iTunes to complete. After syncing, I didn't check the settings for Messages and FaceTime to see if they had been activated. I just went straight to the Tango app on the iPhone and deleted it - hey presto, instantly both Messages and FaceTime were activated.
    Hope this helps others in Australia who may have Tango installed, and are on the Telstra network.

  • ICloud Backup 3.8GB in 5 minutes?

    Hi all,
    I've just bought a 5S and after restoring from an iCloud backup (from an hour previous from my old iPhone 4) I then deleted the old backup which gave me 5GB free - so far no problems..
    I then thought I'd better start a new iCloud backup with my new 5S.... I hit the backup button and 5 minutes later it said it was done - showing the backup as 3.8GB. Now I know my broadband is fast but it's not THAT fast..!!
    So the question is... how did the new backup do it's thing so quickly.. My guess is that even though I deleted the old backup (which showed my account as 5GB free) it must have kept it and kind of added the new differences between the old and the new - or something like that..
    Can anyone shed any real answers though?
    TIA Steve

    Hello there, Steve.
    The following Knowledge Base article provides information on how and what iCloud actually backs up for you:
    iCloud: iCloud storage and backup overview
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.
    Pedro D.

  • My new iphone 6 plus has been restoring from iCloud backup for days.  I do not have all my apps or music yet

    my new iphone 6 plus has been restoring from iCloud backup for days.  I do not have all my apps or music yet.  How do I fix it?

    Hello Bernharp, 
    Thank you for participating in the Apple Support Communities. 
    It sounds like your iPhone 6 Plus is taking a long time to restore from an iCloud backup. I can understand why you'd be concerned after several days of waiting. 
    This might happen if your backup contains a lot of content such as pictures or your Wi-Fi connection isn't consistent.
    If the restore still hasn't completed, take a look at the information in the "Restoring my device from an iCloud backup is taking a long time" and "A message says restore incomplete or some items could not be restored" sections of this Support article:
    If you need help restoring from an iCloud backup - Apple Support

  • TS4036 I've been restoring a new iphone to my icloud backup since last night. It keeps saying 30 + hours remaining. This does not seem right. Any suggestions?

    I've been restoring a new iphone to my icloud backup and it's been taking hours. It's already been 15 hours and it keeps flashing between 30 to even 48 hours longer. I already stopped it last night and restarted but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Any suggestions???

    Correction: the message that iTunes hangs at for hours on end was "Waiting for changes to be applied".

  • Why is my first icloud backup taking FOREVER?!?!

    Why is my first icloud back up taking 49 hours? It is plugged in, on wifi and lock screen is on. I have pretty much unchecked every app but my contacts, photos, calendar etc.
    What gives?

    How time machine works is that it makes an initial back up and from there it scans your system for changes.  When it finds a change it adds the changes on top of your current backup. So if you have a folder full of pictures then rename them or change them, etc it'll resave/archive the pictures ontop of what it already backed up.  It doesn't keep a single "state" of backup.  This allows you to "look back in time" and see if you can find something you might have accidentally changed or deleted or etc.  Once the disk becomes full it will delete the oldest backups to keep archiving newer files.
    I would suggest that you partition your external drive to a size that allows you to keep free the desired extra storage space you're looking to use.  For example partition the drive to two 500GB partitions one for storage one for time machine.

  • My iPhone 4S is attempting to restore from an iCloud backup.  It's taking a very long time.  Is it still restoring?

    I began this crazy fiasco on Friday (it's now Monday). My phone didn't have enough storage to update to iOS8 via wifi, so I connected to my laptop.  Thankfully I backed up my phone to iCloud & even saved pics manually onto my laptop before beginning the update via iTunes.  My computer (PC, Dell Mini) kept making disconnection sounds (my USB ports are unreliable at times) so I began to think it wasn't going to work with the continuously broken connection (it was displaying a message in iTunes "waiting for iphone").  So I thought, well, if that USB port isn't working & it's already disconnected, I'll just switch the USB port real quick.  BIG MISTAKE.  I then got an error message saying the connection was lost & the update was interrupted.  I clicked "OK" & then I was told that my iPhone would have to be reset to factory setting before it could be updated.  GREAT...  So I let it be restored to factory settings via iTunes.  After that it updated to iOS8.  Once that was complete I began the iCloud backup restore.  It started Friday afternoon & ran for several hours, reloading many of my items.  But then I had to leave work, & a wifi connection.  My phone was away from wifi most of the weekend, but has had the spinning 'loading wheel' next to my "4G" icon in my status bar the whole time.  Several of my Apps say their 'waiting' or 'loading' but they don't appear to be actually loading (hence, they're in the same 'loading' spot they've been in for days).  When I looked online I found this:
    How can I verify that the restore process is underway?
    Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. When the restore process is underway, the iCloud Backup setting is dimmed and you have the option to tap Stop Restoring.
    But when I look at the Settings > iCloud on my phone, there's no "Storage & Backup."  Instead, where that option should be, is a message at the very bottom of the page that says "Your iCloud account cannot be deleted because your iPhone is being restored."  This is the only indication I have that it's still restoring, but like I said, the apps have not shown improvement in their loading.  My phone has been back on wifi, connected to power source, & locked since 8:45am (it's now 9:45am).
    Is my phone actually restoring??? Or is there a glitch & it's stuck???  Please help!

    Now it's Wednesday (2 days since I originally posted) & my iPhone appears to have finally restored all my apps, but it still says it's restoring from iCloud backup.  If all my apps are restored, what else could it be restoring?  IS it actually restoring anything at this point, or is it still in 'glitch' mode???  I've tried turning it off & back on & it continues to say that it's restoring.

  • How can you retrieve information from a iCloud backup on a previous iPhone? Backup from old phone is taking up a lot of space, would like to save pics to computer before deleting. How can I open up the backup from previous phone that is now on the iCloud?

    I originally had an iPhone 4 but switched service carriers back in June.  When I bought the new iPhone 4s, all my information from the iPhone 4 was saved as a backup on the iCloud.  On my new phone in the iCloud settings, Storage & Backup, it shows the backup from the iPhone 4.  This backup is taking up a lot of space on my phone and I would like to delete to avoid having to purchase more space.  However, I know I have pictures on this backup from the iPhone 4 that I would like to view and save on my computer if at all possible before deleting.  Is it possible to view the photos from this backup? If so, how? Thank you in advance for any assistance.  I hope this makes sense, lol, I'm not very computer literate.

    Unfortunately with the issues I mentioned above I don't even think I have enough space for that on the computer!  I have literally moved all moy pictures, music, etc. to another drive and all that's left are some small docs and applications.  I don't know how to find any more space on the thing and can't get things updated until I fix this...

  • Ipad Air restore off Icloud backup. How do I know if my apps are taking too long in the "waitting" part of the reboot?

    For some reason my Ipad Air decided it wanted to create used space on it's hard-drive today. It suddenly went from using 7GB to 11.5 GB. I couldn't find the solution so I decided to restore my Ipad from a backup last Thursday. Now all my apps appear but it is taking forever to download them, it wont change from waiting to downloading?
    My main question is, how long does it take in each process till backup is 100% Complete its downloading around 7GB of storage, when will my apps stop "waiting"

    Your camera roll photos - those that you take with the iPad or save from emails and websites - are in your backup.
    If you use iCloud for backups, restore from your iCloud backup after you restore the iPad. If you restore with iTunes, restore from that backup after you restore the iPad. You can read more here.
    How to backup and restore from a backup
    But the bottom line is that if you have never backed up, there is no way to save the photos now.

  • Icloud backup taking too long

    my iphone 4 has been on "icloud backup" for the past 24 hours. I can't use my phone nor interrupt the back up. How can I get out of this?

    How long it takes to restore from an iCloud backup will depend on how much "stuff" you have to restore and how fast (or slow) your Internet connection is.
    If you still have the 4S and it hasn't been wiped, it might be more effective to back it up to your computer using iTunes and restore the 5s from that instead.

  • Mail taking up too much iCloud backup space; deleting emails doesn't help

    My iCloud backup said yesterday that over 500 MB was being used by the Mail portion of the backup. So I went into iCloud.com, deleted all of the mail in my Sent Mail folder, then emptied the trash entirely. When I did that, it got worse; it said that 1.2 GB of the iCloud backup was taken up by the Mail backup. That doesn't make any sense. That is actually the opposite of what was supposed to happen.
    Today, it is back to saying that Mail takes up 609.4 MB of space in the backup, but there is next-to-nothing in any of my iCloud email folders, and nothing with any attachments.
    What is going on?
    There does not appear to be a way for me to delete the "Mail" portion of the iCloud backup. And there are almost no emails left in any of my iCloud email folders, even the Archive, Sent and Trash. How do I free up this space?

    I did some quick calculating. It says:
    Total Storage 5.0 GB
    Available 4.2 GB
    5000 MB
    - 111.6 MB (the space taken up by the iPad backup)
    - 38.7 MB (the space taken up by the iPhone backup)
    - 3.8 MB (the space taken up by documents backups)
    = 4845.9 MB
    4845.9 MB
    - 4200 MB (the storage space that it says I have left)
    = 645.9 MB
    So, 645.9 MB is curiously close in size to the 609.4 MB it says for Mail. So either it IS backing up the Mail to the iCloud, or else something else (or several somethings) that is similar in size is taking up that space, but is not accounted for in the list of things that are using my iCloud storage space.
    So what are my options? I can try the buffering thing you mention, check back again on Monday and see if it is still showing a mysterious disappearance of 600-650 MB of storage space.

  • ICloud backup is going to take 20 hours!!

    Hi folks,
    Hope you can help with two iCloud problems.
    1) iTunes was happily running on a Vista laptop.  Everything worked fine.  I removed the hard drive and installed a bigger hard drive running Windows 7.  Installed iTunes (ver on the new hard drive.  I was able to swap the old and new hard drives to get the laptop to boot into Vista (old HDD) or Win 7 (new HDD).
    I now get a message using the new HDD that if I want to synch my iPhone, it will delete the content on the phone and it will synch with the new iTunes on the new hard drive.
    I don't want to do that.  What I want to do is backup the phone to iTunes on the new hard disk and add another album which I am trying to rip and import from CD (subject of another question in the iTunes forum).
    2) the last iCloud backup was in January (using the old hard disk).  When I try to do an iCloud backup on the new hard disk, it is telling me it will take 20 hours !!!
    I have backed up the phone to my pc using the iTunes installation on the new hard drive.
    For both questions, the old hard drive is non-bootable - Windows Vista has scr*wed up and although I can browse the files and folders on the drive when I use it as an external HDD, when I swap it into my laptop, Windows boots to a black screen with an arrow cursor and won't do anything else (and no, it won't boot into Safe Mode either, nor will Windows Recovery Centre sort it out) - sad times!
    Any help gratefully received. Treat me as a 'noob' and please give any instructions in clear, step-by-step manner (assuming complete ignorance on my part).
    Thanks in advance,

    Try a manual install, as outlined in link below.
    Basic troubleshooting steps  
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    Got problems with your Apple iDevice-like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Try Troubleshooting 101
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  • HT4946 I am trying to update my Ipad 1 but it is taking hours on the backup - why would this be, how can I make it faster so I can get the latest IOS update?

    I am trying to update my Ipad 1 but it is taking hours on the backup, what can I do to make this faster?

    I'm thinking that you have a corrupt backup. You can try this if you want to give it a shot.
    Without connecting the iPad to the computer, launch iTunes. Go to Edit>Preferences>Devices. See how many backups you have for the iPad. If you have multiple backups, delete all but one. Click on the backup in the window and then click on Delete.
    Quit iTunes, connect the iPad and then try again.

  • Having problems doing an iCloud backup it keeps showing the estimated time thing but the blue load bar hasn't budged in over a half hour is there a way to correct this

    Having problems doing an iCloud backup it keeps showing the estimated time thing but the blue load bar hasn't budged in over a half hour is there a way to correct this

    You might try a forced shutdown to begin with, hold down the top and home buttons together until the device shuts down, then restart it.
    First check that your device is correctly connected to the wifi/internet (settings > wifi)
    If your back up continually fails, you might try turning off back up on your mobile device (settings > iCloud > storage & backup) and then deleting the backup file from iCloud by swiping the backup file on the mobile device (settings > iCloud > storage & backup > manage…) and then turning back up on again.
    If this doesn't help, try turning off some items for back up in a pattern to try to establish if your problem is being caused by specific data on your device.
    Being able to back up to the cloud can be very useful, especially if you don't have access to a computer or have infrequent access to one, however unless you specifically need to use iCloud for back up, you will find backing up to iTunes significantly more convenient and possibly more reliable.
    More about iCloud v iTunes Back Up

  • HT1766 I started a iCloud backup of my iPhone last night before I went to bed and when I woke up it said 15 hours remaining and stayed that way for over an hour and has not changed

    I started a icloud backup of my iphone last night before I went to bed as I was told at the apple store yesterday that it could take up to 3 hours to backup.  When I woke up this morning it was still going and said 15 hours remaining.  After an additional hour or so the screen still read 15 hours remaining.  I need to understand how I am suppose to backup the device to icloud without having to take this long as I cannot be without my phone for an entire day or longer due to work requirements.

    If you're in recovery mode, all data is ALREADY lost.  You've no choice but to restore.

Maybe you are looking for

  • My bluetooth is stuck on searching. Need help on this issue?

    I have been facing issues with the Bluetooth on my iPhone 4. I recently upgraded to 6.1.2 and the bluetooth is stuck on searching and never shows up phones around. Can you please provide a solution or fix for this. I did restart the phone and resetti

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  • Terminate called after throwing an instance of 'NSException'

    sharedlibrary apply-load-rules all warning: Unable to read symbols for /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport/4.2.1 (8C148)/Symbols/usr/lib/info/dns.so (file not found). 2011-02-05 17:45:36.006 TicTacToe[1748:307] * Terminating app due